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tv   News  RT  October 18, 2018 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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and you. know. in film there is a trait in young girls sold into an underground sex in the street sometimes by the people they trust the most. like. you're still just a shouldn't be doing you should just. be treating you particularly. speak to survivors of the tragic attack in the crimean city of curch and those who lost their loved ones that is people mourn over twenty people were killed and many
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more injured in that shooting at a college a warning you might find the following for each. chilling similarity to the columbine massacre in the u.s. almost two decades ago in which fifteen people died. i'd also to come venezuela drops the dollar in its official exchange transactions in retaliation against u.s. sanctions we look at how ever more countries are also trying to lessen their dependence on the cover. on the u.s. state gives riyadh space to complete an investigation over the saudi american journalists. went missing in turkey two weeks ago putin has criticised the west differing approaches to suspects assassination and the poisoning. a former double
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agent suggests that. the welcome she's gone six pm here in moscow you're watching r.t. international now three days of mourning are underway in crimea after a student carried out a bloody attack in the city of twenty one people were killed and dozens injured the moment of the shooting was captured on video by one of the students who was inside the college at the time a word of warning though you might find the following footage disturbing. the attacker also detonated a homemade bomb in ecologies canteen after his shooting spree he turned the gun on himself the impact of the assault was devastating as you can say from these pictures. but just to you from the hood you'll encourage people have been mourning
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the victims and the priest has been waiting press for those that died. in the city for us for the latest. words anguish sorrow grief don't begin to cover what has gripped the city all the pain all the tears here the chief question as it was in the beginning is why why when the first bomb exploded when the first shot sounded and when the first teenager is the first use in the college behind me jumped out of windows and scaled the fences in an attempt to get away. to shouldn't be to shoot is the border. patrol in our studio we're treating it particularly teaches it exhibited for special but i watched it and we were solution always to leaves it over to go down looking good i don't see which is unit but it could be q. instructions. which got
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a lot. more. the problem with so much testimony so many witness accounts is that it gets more and more difficult emotionally draining to listen to them he had friends describe how they witnessed their classmates died the facility is a little globe a visual muppet most. of the should be on the. move. below you know. it up as a slide that they gave. the notches about us if you will community bust as i was binoy a. teacher. but him was just in the know it you're right about that it was a way to bring us into a bow on the trio system but you know which gives me what you got the isa chests see if you don't forgive you and me and a pretty particular put for you go to beautiful can own movie in them they don't go
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to for. you you can anything but what you will but those of us who need you and me what's the point when you put it for us when we need a strong will indeed hear about the scale of this calamity how first year medical students were enlisted to help deal with the wounded but may get overboard just told them each one is i'm not quick with a bit of a bomb i should know but if she does so i've got a problem we'll call it the ugly studio and idea of. the sloman and i get sick pull up on you can you get that it will be amazed at what i've been sick but in my sin as i believe i see those. unconditionally bought a new. meaning to make their dish on the bill i stated can it get that it was the low volatility. what is clear is that no one had any sort of hint that this was coming nobody put the suspected shooter into the maniac category but while
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everybody asked the question why. i think that most of them. were pretty. typical that i simply must look stupid but it's not like that that's really. how it was. it. was going to be there's been a bit. i. think. that you were. the most recent of not you grew up and it gives you know the of the of all the
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holiday. clothes that your give you probably thought it was you just did yeah yeah bizarrely video of the leap was the bothered. though. but the logo. was. a member of what was the design of the i know you are the boy if you thought. he would see you look good you really believe. that. the gunman was identified as nineteen year old student of the college she committed suicide after carrying out the atrocity earlier we spoke to his grandmother and
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they produce. what could have to do with the storm going to the start of the gulf. region and so. you. could refer to people who he was were just just so much going bush was talking just you know but he just wanted. to stay out of the just. incidentally but that he put them in nigeria. so i guess with the particular struggles to. move. we have more. national merit you. know nobody not us not more. money i am not winning one more. video has also emerged reportedly showing the
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attacker buying i mean ition it was taken here on saturday we went to the weapon store there and spoke to the seller. should be able to get me into but normally the dog bites you always look good to the visiting store doing drugs is a booger just a little. in. the proverbial. knisley ability really because we will. look at me i'm game you bro you can actually. but i will put a new political book on computer only be sure. meanwhile seven people injured in the assault have been airlifted to moscow for further treatment comparisons with wednesday's attack have been made with another atrocity to carried out almost twenty years ago.
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well experts also tell you just told us that this tragedy does echo the columbine massacre and any response needs to be very carefully thought through. the fact is that in the days of the internet particularly it's relatively easy to discover the means and then indeed acquire the means to make rudimentary weapons such as these basic explosive devices these incidents particular perhaps with young people such people are susceptible to some degree see carrying out or being inspired by
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previous instance to copycat attacks or copycat incidents or shocking event because we were there is something of a pattern developing and it is very difficult to gnaw what hope we can respond to that i mean we don't want schools and colleges to become fortresses the places of learning which we were children and young people are exploring their lives developing their lives they shouldn't be fortresses are just you know jails in that sense but also i think we need to look at the culture i mean it's very early to draw any conclusions but the powers of. obvious as a young man who carries a terrible cry it seems but also ended his own life you know he didn't deserve that and really he needed our help before we got to this stage and i think we need to be looking at that as a society all of. the present had to peyton has spoken out on the russians school
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tragedy the closing session of the valdai discussion club. mr yesterday's tragedy is the result of globalization relations strange what we see communities have been created on social networks and internet it all began from lone tragic events in american schools mentally unstable young people have created some fake heroes for themselves so believe that all of us not only in russia all over the world on not reacting in the right way for a change in conditionals it means that we are not creating useful needed and interesting content for children and they grabbed this solar eclipse heroism in this result. ok let's get further details now on what was said this afternoon by the russian president. joins us from sochi where he was speaking . again you go just run through then some of the other key points. and in naturally the conversation covered all sorts of international topics the
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obvious one is syria the russian president has said that he's happy with what russia cheve did in that country saying that the primary goal of course was to stop the terror threat way before it reaches the home soil he also thanked turkey for helping russia broker peace to help avoid anything any any bloodshed in the syrian province of idlib the last stronghold that anti assad forces have in the country and well in fact just a couple of months ago politicians and journalists they were screaming with bloody murder really warning that russia is about to decimate the place to commit to basically carry out a bloodbath if they're killing civilians and with all these scaremongering russia really is portrayed now as the biggest and baddest wolf ever could be for example like with all the meddling and everything and of course the biggest concern here is russia's nuclear potential so for all those who portrayed russia as an aggressive
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labyrinth. i had a response. from the chicken services there is no preemptive strike in a nuclear strike strategy only a counter strike we already removed nuclear weapons will only when we are sure that the aggressor is a typo but i see. well russia is big and scary not only because of its weapons it will also hack your computers brainwash your nation and probably steal those pictures you have in that secret folder on your phone to basically of course that refers to all these stereo about russia hacking elections and meddling in other countries affairs and lattimer putin was asked how he feels about that whether he weighed by that in any way here's what he had to say. i'm going to show you just you know there's an old joke the question is how do you relax the answer is i just don't you get nervous all the same for tensions the international
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relations we don't create problems for anyone but we are the ones being accused with the phrase highly likely they say when we are there and no one is ready to show any evidence for me it is just the result of political struggle which is that you probably are. well by the way of lattimer putin also mentioned r.t. in this context will probably because it is viewed as russia's main meddling tools so to speak he said that he'd love to meet the newest channel in the r.t. family that being r.t. france given his if he's invited of course now also putin gave his opinion on the suspected murder of the saudi journalist. in turkey i mean he disappeared a couple disappeared a couple of weeks ago and right now the world the general understanding the general suspicion is that it was he was killed in the saudi arabian consulate putin said
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that the united states should bet least partly the responsibility for whatever happened to the journalist because he was living in the united states hands you chose the united states as his asylum you also said that russia that russia is going to maintain a good relationship with the saudi arabia until and if until any proof of its guilt is is there is basically said that russia is not going to follow down the road that some western countries followed when it came to the script poisoning case vitamin producer but it's the wrong approach that if there is no investigation no proof but action is being taken so in total i think he spoke for just about two hours he was taking questions and that was also a new format for this platform because it was just him. and the audience and apparently the change in the this format was done because the audience wanted.
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ok thanks hugo she has done a force there in sochi. meanwhile the u.s. is refusing to publicly put pressure on saudi arabia over alleged role in the disappearance of journalist into the secretary of state wouldn't be drawn on the existence of a recording supposedly handed over by ankara to the us of a suspected murder and dismemberment in the saudi consciousness in the stamboul and it does put washington in a tricky situation between two allies with privately accusing riyadh of killing the distant sidey reporter two weeks ago so let's get more thoughts on this now with a columnist and political commentator john white who joins us saving hello john you're very welcome thanks for coming on to r.t. tonight what do you make of america's stance on this given the saudi or giving the saudis time to do their own investigation before deciding what action if any should be taken. well the aftermath of those grisly events which if the turkish authorities are to be believed involved be monitored by dismemberment of the
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unfortunate mr tissue and within the sody conjoined he stand to it proves and confirms what many of us already knew which is that the sooty government enjoys an unassailable position of influence when it comes to washington and london and other western allies who know why on so do any bia to buy their weapons that they sell them by the billion dollars worth on a regular basis and also so these influence as the dominant partner within opec in order to meetin global oil prices at seneca librium and this is especially true when it comes to washington because washington is weighted itself to the saudis as part of its axis of germany when it comes to for maintaining germany in the middle east and a part of that drive involves the isolation of iran and oversee that we know that the trunk of ministration has unilaterally withdrawn from the j.c.
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. the iran nuclear deal which means that iran's oil has been removed from the world market and loot and therefore the right even more and so does to maintain production levels to maintain that equilibrium and crises so that the shot and bottom of it is andrew is that this confirms that the saudis enjoy an almost unassailable position of influence when it comes to the foreign policy of washington and london as a very willing indeed because we know regardless of the whys and wherefores of mr key shorty's their minds you know what's happening in yemen where hundreds of thousands of civilians are being slaughtered millions are threatened by a famine of biblical proportions at the hands of the saudis and nothing is being done about her and yet when it comes to other foreign policy issues such as a simple poisoning then all hell is let loose show and it can suggest on that point just. sorry to interrupt just on that point of the script hours i mean it does seem to be a sharp contrast and have the two stories that in issues are being dealt with because
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obviously with the scooter powell case before any investigation was completed all started in fact practically sanctions were imposed on russia and it does seem to be a very different take from america when it comes to this story about. the possible murder of a journalist in the saudi consciousness stumble. what would be introverted only with an invaluable lesson as to foreign policy and asked to the real issues which rich dr foreign policy in the west especially in london and in washington regarded the two partners of the atlantic alliance is nothing to do with truth and justice is everything to do with geopolitics and the unfortunate events are to please and soulsby a few months ago have been used as a pretext to carry out further attacks on russia which has been designated the enemy of the moment in western capitals not for anything to do with it russia me
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because to the people of the west but the thing that russia is used to the power of western elites who have enjoyed. a young unassailable position of you don't a lot of pieces in the minds of the sunni and to the extreme to the extreme disadvantage of the world it look at what's going on in the middle east over the last thirty years and what's going on here in the west with that resulting terrorism list emanated from that disaster so this is less to do with truth and justice and everything to do with geopolitics and a drive for germany which drives the foreign policy of western capitals ok john look good to talk she will have to leave it at that was john white a political commentator there in the thank you. of the news because venezuela is dumping use of the dollar in its international trade them a visit in retaliation for the severe u.s. financial sanctions imposed on the country's official was including the president but caracas is far from alone in the evening away from dollar dependence daniel
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bushell expects. nor must the land of the world's top of oil reserves the now there's no more buying author ling in greenbacks you know let us be free we will not be anyone's colony again the latest in a now apparently nonstop barrel orgy of hits to the pin yat-zar of the dollar system the in pregnant. will tender since world war two and guess whose currency correctors these ousting it for. after trump threatened anyone dealing with iran brussels drops a bombshell on its old us chum in iran trade e.u. simply ditching the dollar e.u. member state will set up a legal entity to facilitate legitimate financial transactions with iran and this will allow european companies to continue to trade we had done in accordance with european union low and could be open to other partners in the world.
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russia's backing brussels for them a pittance already talking dollar trade with major allies adding washington's just shot itself in the foot. but american partners are making a colossal strategic the rake and believe the credibility of the euro is a universal and essentially the only reserve currency of mine and trust in it they can sing the branch they're sitting on this is the typical mistake of any empire when people think that nothing will happen but they believe that everything is so powerful so strong so stable that there will be no negative consequences but you know sure they will come sooner or later but the whole days to wallop of all maybe from america's biggest rival china. beijing shop window now plans an ample dollar free range from old trade in petrol you won the online crypto you won the new silk road colossus and beijing's own swift world banking network even u.s.
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media admit washington's now waging economic war on one tenth of the world and one in four people on this planet now live on the government's committed to drown dollar dominance mainstream economists pooh pooh any future without a glorious greenback ensuring any smash will only be more shocking. now a senior senior official in the german defense ministry has faced a barrage of criticism after paying tribute to the nazi general general when rommel but all served as a field marshal during world war two he came to prominence following his successes in the north african campaign where he even reputation to chivalry among british soldiers in one thousand nine hundred four he was involved in a plot to assassinate hitler given his achievements and public fame hitler wanted to wanted him eliminated quietly and not publicly executed. although he was a vengeful force by the nazi leadership to commit suicide. peter tyrer with the
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defense ministry official who landed himself in hot water marking on twitter the seventy fourth anniversary of wrong moves death the leading left wing politician condemned the tweet saying romo was a war criminal and even questioned whether tied his account had been hacked while in an interview tambour defended his tweet saying then r.c. general repeatedly disregarded criminal orders and heroically plotted against his hitler so let's. get together what's what on this story with political commentator to david novak with a thesis from the di link party i believe and he's with us now. good to have you on david first what do you make of the reaction of that tweet. yes there has been a shitstorm and that has some profound reasons because. in the scientific community there is no consensus on an rahman's role and
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allegedly he was involved or knew of the resistance against hitler but he was not really involved in the plots on the twentieth of july nine hundred forty four which then led to the nazis and you're forcing him to commit suicide but his role in the war on was very ambivalent and he was not suppose a boy he was a propaganda figure used by governments for their propaganda campaigns and that's why i think we should not honor him today seventy four years after his death. generally speaking in germany is that the impression people have of him i notice. other people have been sort of more sympathetic to him i understand there is a german military base even named after him. yes there are several military bases later named after him but others have been you know are have and or do not have
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his name anymore so even in the armed forces there are his role as not or there is no common approach and towards him and the problem is that for decades after the war the nazi propaganda and yes more fruits and people were even op people who wanted to like him because he was considered to be sure a civil or you know some kind of a white knight in the war because it even the british accepted that and yet some kind of military genius which may have also been because the british were not sufficient armed and equipped and they are just german battlefields so and there are several factors but for decades and germany was you regard it as you as a great general and but the problem is that. even now more than seventy years after his death there isn't isn't sufficient research because there are not this also its sources and german or in other languages and there are no no new
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approaches to a bit history and there are many things which kind of truth there are theories that you might have known of the twentieth to life but these kind of be proving that you knew it cannot be proven that he did not knew it so it's around that it's you know it's complicated yeah ok we'll tell you thanks for explaining to us tonight. dialing party member in germany thank you. and thank you for watching we're going to be back again with more news in the headlines in half an. hour what politicians do to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. for something i want to.
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get it right to be cross this is like the four three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. should. have faith in this government official of president i don't have faith in the system. i've got a job approval system designed for people like. this was very. different for different reasons. most people in philadelphia are only about two paychecks away from homelessness.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy you confront a shouldn't let it be an arms race is on off and spearing dramatic development only personally and going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. to jesus or.


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