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tv   News  RT  October 22, 2018 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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in an investigative documentary. ghost war on r.t. . with the u.s. saying it's dropping a landmark nuclear arms treaty with russia president trumps hawkish national security advisor john bolton's in moscow for talks. on trouble. in new york as a coven of witches pro-forma hexing ritual on supreme court judge read. the event is met with protesters condemning the black magic. and hundreds rally in the u.k. to protest the british government's pressing ahead with a controversial gas extraction process after
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a seven year suspension. the state's really doing something the people don't want and the reason why is because there are fifty six. executives in you take up. and they have financial interests. around the clock across the world this is r.t.d. international from the team and myself and you know neal hello and welcome our top story donald trump's national security advisor john bolton's in moscow for talks with russia's foreign minister the visit comes after president trump announced he was taking the u.s. nuclear arms treaty with russia while also going to develop new weapons well the treaty was signed back in nineteen eighty seven between then soffit union and the united states under the agreement to all range nuclear conventional missiles were
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eliminated apart from those launched from the sea. well all ice they know on this john bolton's visit to see what comes of that for more on this has crossed our t's igor down off igor well indeed as you said sergey lavrov russia's top diplomat is expected to meet with the man seen as one biggest champion of for scraping all of this i.n.f. treaty i should say and this is of course john bolton the national security adviser for the u.s. president donald trump but while the big debate is ongoing whether or not the american president is indeed making the right call while russia's top diplomats aguilar of this morning's press conference here stressed that this could be indeed too early for any speculation have a lesson. in usual in regards to the u.s. position on the i.n.f. treaty i have yet to see the decision by the u.s.
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president i have only heard about his intentions as i have also seen some of the reactions to it that's been mixed some support that others have urged the u.s. not to turn down the whole system of arms control both nuclear and conventional you but let's not speculate at this point as that would be counterproductive let's wait for official clarification if john bolton is ready to do so we are happy to hear it and we'll make our position clear based on a clear statement of withdrawal procedure has so far not been activated. well russia's foreign minister has also stressed that russia has been committed to this deal from the moment it signed it and he also pointed out that russia also has been calling for the problem geisha in of the deadline of this deal which is right now twenty twenty nine circular of did also add though that if trump puts his money
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where his words are well russia will will respond with counter action and in fact we action is already has been pouring from all over the globe the chinese have warned that the unilateral pull pulling out of the deal on behalf of the united states will have a multi lateral effect sort of like a chain reaction and one thing to understand about this deal is many experts view it as a very one sided deal in favor of the united states to cut the long story short is it does not really effect america's key military strategies while it does impair russia's and then back then soviet union's ability for a quick military build up and that's why the european union right now it feels increasingly threatened for example the french president i'm annoyed mccrone has called this i.n.f. treaty key for european security and also he's not the only one the announcement by the us that it's going to withdraw from the i.m.f.
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accord is regrettable the i.m.f. agreement has been important pillar of our european security architecture for thirty years for us in europe it's of great importance we call on the us to consider the possible consequences. so indeed right now the only thing to do is to look forward to this meeting between the sergey lavrov and john bolton and whether or not john bolton's hawkish stance will stand here and mosco he had a few talking points are certainly expected you are showing off bringing us the latest. of tension has indeed been growing between moscow and washington over the pact for quite some time here's a look at how we reached this point. this is how you sort out a major nuclear crisis and make the world a bit more of a safer place ninety eighty seven the u.s.
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and soviet leaders got together and banned ground launched intermediate range ballistic missiles and this is an example of how leaders can perhaps make the world more dangerous brush as violated the agreement they've been violated to get for many years that i don't know why president obama didn't negotiate or pull out. and we're not going to let them violate a nuclear agreement and go out and do weapons and we're not allowed to wear the ones that have stated in the agreement and we bonded to agreement but russia has not fortunately honored the agreement so we're going to terminate the agreement we're going to pull out well donald trump does have someone to learn from i have concluded the a.b.m. treaty hinders our government's ability to develop ways. to protect our people from future terrorists or rogue state missile attacks the united states of america.
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is withdrawing from this almost thirty year old treaty. at the turn of the century george w. bush pulled out of a nine hundred seventy two pact designed to put the brakes on both countries from constantly outdoing each other's nuclear forces freed from the shackles of the treaty washington announced the deployment of a missile defense system in europe and there's no better symbol of our desire to work for peace and security than working on a missile defense system a missile defense system that would provide. security for europe for russia having new nukes right on its doorstep posed a new security threat plans to expand certain elements of the missile defense system to europe cannot help but disturb us who needs the next step would be in this case and inevitable arms race the us missile shield started operating in romania twenty six staying some elements were also deployed in poland and for
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a long russia's western borders were pretty much taken care of moscow began to respond by modernizing its weapons to match the belittling of the humans and the possession of such weapons provides major advantages and wolfen to phenomenal speed make them on still people from missile and defense systems washington wasn't happy at all russia has developed been developing destabilizing weapon systems for more than a decade in direct violation of its treaty obligations ickes ations came in one after another the white house and the country learning of that new threat from russian president warning adverse reason and in the west in particular not to mess with russia computer graphics of missiles flying over mountains and heading over ocean. and he says he's not bluffing and so we got to the point when another nuclear safeguards bit the dust is the world now up for another arms race it might
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well be a question of when not if the security architecture of the european. writ large space is a very important thing and the problem is that security architecture is broken there shouldn't be a western front for russian security there shouldn't be an eastern front for european nato these things shouldn't exist at this point in the twenty first century we don't need this class of weapons why don't we just do away with it and find other ways to get along better that don't involve voluntarily you know eliminating classes of weapons. graveyard soil coffin nails and some revenge oil what a coven of witches in new york used to place a hex on us supreme court justice brett kavanaugh this past weekend he was recently appointed to the lifetime position after facing sexual misconduct allegations well
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the event was met with protesters condemning at the sorcery well a catholic priest an exorcist attempted to conjure the dark magic by seeing a mass heal up and for one last spell behind. so we're here in brooklyn where a group of pagan witches have gathered to place a hex on the newly confirmed supreme court justice brett kavanaugh now in the statement for the event ascension today said that black magic is a mechanism for exacting justice by women who have been wronged by men just like him now the ceremony is taking place at this a cult bookstore behind me. now here in liberal brooklyn witchcraft wicca might just be considered be another hobby or fascination but in some parts of the country it's no laughing matter there are schools around the country where the harry potter books are forbidden from the
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school library because christian parents are offended by the witchcraft content and there's been cases where satanists and wiccan practitioners have gone to court demanding their religious freedom needless to say tonight ceremony did not sit well with a number of trump supporters it is a scary time right now i mean there's a list of things going on now you've got witches that are placing a head on brett kavanaugh now a catholic priest who's been trained in rome as a bonafide exorcist says he will be conducting a mass to protect brett kavanaugh from the witches he says that witchcraft is not a matter of free speech conjuring up personified evil does not fall under free speech satanic cults often commit crimes they murder and sexually abuse everyone in their cult we decided to talk to some of the people attending the ceremony or gathered outside the bookstore and see how they feel about cursing kavanagh do you think the ceremony tonight will actually impact brett kavanaugh no one night but it
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will make everybody feel like they have accomplished something and you know people need to feel like they've accomplished something possibly could backfire and help brett kavanaugh people leaders yes i mean he. trump three times three now what is so tempting to be doing the little pretty well for guys but heck sometimes i'm hopeless i i don't i don't want to die it is why i'm so i be paralyzed the rest of his life so we can talk or something so you're coming out to counter the the witch ceremony it's not an act countering is sincere in the love of god so we just want to say instead of like curses we want ads you get these blessings and we want to show to love of god because we're not about hate because that's what that's about we're showing that we're actually about love i encourage everyone to also go out and register to vote magic is one thing but you know. the polls are another so will brett kavanaugh us ten year on the u.s. supreme court be impacted by tonight's ceremony or is he going to be protected by that catholic mass conducted by an exorcist or is this all just
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a bunch of silly superstition it means absolutely nothing well like with most spiritual matters there's no way to be absolutely sure but what we can be sure of is that americans are increasingly becoming divided caleb mop and r.t. new york. meanwhile back across the atlantic county fracking advocates in northwest england helping demonstrating out a site with a controversial gas extraction method is set to resume today monday after a seven year nationwide ban on. their sites in lancashire is the first to be given the green light to restart operations that were suspended in the science environmental costs campaigners have warned of a dangerous link to earthquakes believed to be caused by the drilling process involved in fracking last year a number of activists were arrested during a peaceful demonstration on we spoke to one of the i spent three weeks in prison
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for fracking protests we managed to shut down operations at this cracking site every day of the month for a whole month of july last year it took me take them over a year to take me to call. for the action i did i did a piece production i climbed on top of a lorry that was that was delivering. i stayed up on the eighty four three in our face that we stopped a convoy of seven carrying the main training supports for the drilling rig it was a deterrent sentence and they were hoping that by putting activists in prison they would. direct action protests against the fracking industry richard roberts there is one of three campaigners charged last september with public nuisance offenses he was sentenced to sixteen months in jail for blocking access to a fracking site in fact the trio were the first environmental activists to be jailed in the u.k.
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and almost ninety years on the people judge slam the ruling as excessive under extraordinary and replace the prison terms with conditional discharge is another aspect to this as well the judge behind the original sentencing could also be. some distance in the reaction a recent revelation shows he may have a close connection to the energy industry several members of his family reportedly work for an oil and gas corporation that prompted calls for the u.k. just the secretary to launch an investigation richard roberts again sais the energy lobby goes well beyond the caves. this. is clearly infighting in the industry that nobody won. on communities around the u.k. every finding out the case and it was protests around this country was rejected sometimes you know in the city but always by a large majority and now we have county councils such as lancashire. who have outright rejected the fracking in the street and yet west it says i've returned to
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the station implies industry on the and that's why when i was standing on top of a lovely so many cars were going past peeping in suppose they were waving out their window south saying keep it up and i stay up there he puts out there for some as you can there are just fifty x. all currently oil and gas executives in u.k. government and they have financial interests. will be the one it's. the latest twist in the case of journalist jamal khashoggi coming up who study arabia finally admitted was murdered during a visit to its consulate in istanbul the details after this short break.
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seemed wrong. just don't. let me. get to seep out of the attic and in detroit because the trail. when something is find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground .
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we're back with our t. international in another extraordinary development in the case of slain journalist jamal khashoggi saudi arabia's foreign minister sais the i'd spoken columnist was murdered by a rogue operation of its consulate in istanbul adding it was a tremendous mistake he also said they did not know the whereabouts of these remains. who did this to us outside of the scope of their authority there obviously was a tremendous mistake made and what compounded the mistake was the attempt to try to cover up that is unacceptable and to be government these things unfortunately happen we want to make sure that those who are responsible are punished well on friday riyadh finally admitted that the journalist died in a fistfight inside the consulate he was last seen there alive on the second of october the saudi response came after weeks of denials on munting international pressure the saudi king crown prince mohammed bin sultan both phone shuggie song to
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express their condolences while yesterday the turkish president followed to reveal the truth behind the killing. what we are looking for justice and this will be revealed in all its naked truth not through some ordinary steps but in all its naked truth the u.k. france germany have issued a joint statement condemning the killing calling for a probe the german chancellor is also among those urging further action against syria. firstly we are outraged by this case we made it clear yesterday secondly there is no need for details and those responsible are still not being held accountable thirdly i agree with all those who say that arms experts which are already limited must not take place in the current circumstances and fourthly further reactions should be internationally coordinated i feel certain that the crown prince was involved in it he directed it and that's why i think we cannot continue to have relations with him i would cut off arms
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sales as the only thing the saudis will listen to find it very surprising that somebody six thousand miles away can be certain about an event that happened six thousand miles away with no access to information or intelligence so this is a judgment call on the part of senator. this is not based in fact we see comments coming out of germany france and britain condemning in the strongest terms germany's once a suspend arms sales even even voices inside the u.s. president all the republican party are calling for sanctions and not buying what the saudis are selling. with the u.s. midterm elections near of her the state of texas has found itself at the political epicenter of the crucial poll examining how encouraging voters has landed the state's democratic party in hot water. never before have the u.s. midterm elections gotten so much attention and they're now just weeks away this november election is more important than any midterm in our lifetime they have to
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know that going out for the midterms is very important it's almost like going out for the twenty twenty election that's coming up we have a chance to restore some sanity in our politics. such hype in the states is usually only reserved for presidential elections or black friday maybe but this time around we're seeing politicians grappling over every last voter and the great state of texas is no exception texas is traditionally a staunch republican state but this year the democrats are stepping up efforts to paint it blue our mission of the texas democratic party is clear fire up the base permanent infrastructure and of course when elections that means aggressive communications and smart messaging their aggressive communication includes an extensive line of mirch attack means that gifts and the occasional puppy genius until now the texas democratic party are being accused of encouraging under age and now in u.s. citizens to vote after they sent out forms with the boxes saying i'm over eighteen
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an american pretext for voter convenience and the governor of texas is calling this a big deal this is being investigated if true there will be serious consequences but those serious consequences likely won't fall in the party but those who receive their letters democrats say every mailing had a warning explaining that voting requirements must be met aka you must be a u.s. citizen but was the last time you actually read all of the terms of agreement in fine print most would say never you just click agree and hope you didn't just sign away your firstborn so it's no wonder people got confused and friends have been ringing off the hook sense the spokesman for the texas secretary of state said in the run up to that deadline they received a pretty large volume of code somewhere non-citizens who were wondering whether them a woman they had been some change and they were now in fact able to vote and what about those who didn't bother to check in with the authorities and just decided to wing it well they could find themselves in a whole world of trouble. the texas democrat party unintentionally or otherwise is
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offering votes registration to non citizens without some form of official intervention confused known citizens rather than the texas dems who end up paying the consequences of this not generally speaking in the election form you are required to check a box and to sign your name if you do both of these things you have committed fraud and you're prosecutable and certainly subject to expulsion from the united states not being a citizen there is a suspicion you know that many people voted legally because we have a very easy and lax voting laws in this country and we have so many non-citizens living here people who are otherwise you know which will to vote. we believe many of these people do vote because they have a deep seated interest for years the republican party has required or would like to see a requirement of people signing applying a signature or having some some kind of i.d. to prove who they are so that it marries against registration every country in the
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world does this and the democrats fight it tooth and nail because. they feel that this sort of activity will drive down with their vote thousands of mostly honduran migrants have resumed their journey through mexico they are hoping to reach the u.s. border despite vocal opposition from donald trump the president threatened to halt aid to honduras and guatemala and close the u.s. border with mexico if the march is not stopped the refugees arrived on mexico's southern border on friday they say they're fleeing poverty and violence in their central american countries mexican authorities a large dozens of women and children to enter the harbor many migrants cross the border. cabins here in just over half an hour's time with all the stories making headlines this monday in the meantime we're going underground once more.
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pranking gave americans a lot of job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year truck so i chose to drive truck people rush to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent like gold rush is very very similar to. this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here and just slow down so much they lost their jobs that laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and it's a tough reality to deal with. what
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politicians do so. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to go right to be precise this is what the before three of them can't be good. i'm interested in the water. question. i did the war planning for the principle force provider command in the united states military for four years i've worked on this region for years i do not understand this saudi arabia is the greatest state sponsor of terrorism in the world still today and yet we call here on that we lie when we say that we right blatantly lie when we say that and moreover we know we're lucky.
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prosecution. to. his show the fault is all. over you push us off the thread you'll find somebody no longer seemed to i mean yeah i mean i mean political pressure on that god you don't need him on call told you know through security genocide knows when to pull your bundled up business models used by american corporations jadhav wasn't called police sold them could be mental disease or use some controls on the scene and the solution. lies up in a situation. i noticed when he saw small dogs it is just really his ability to maintain an investigative documentary. ghost war on oxy.
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time after time if you want you're going on the run of the evil results from swiss multinational investment bank u.b.s. coming up on the show the woman who knew too much in person u.b.s. whistleblower stephanie gibeau on the lies and corruption of capitalism and do we really need to be selling arms to the saudis to bomb in yemen we speak to the director of the new film the plant about workers fighting back against new liberal government policy. plus the new orleans starved documentary and what you're going to do when the world's on fire on the battle scars of social plans and racism and violence from louisiana to london the first ahead of tomorrow's u.b.s. bank results joining me is the u.s. whistleblower seven zero who fought a battle for her life after uncovering a trail of corruption at the investment bank her book whistleblowers the manhunt is out now stephanie i've got to ask you first of all how you change from being
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a luxury brand liaise or person at the bank and you turned into someone who was preventing your b.s. from shredding documents and twenty you know it well high thing there is you know you somehow have values and whatever your job might be one day you just decide not to be come place of things you discover because if i had known that my job as a p.r. person as a public relations person was to help french clients to evade tax i would never had taken the position it's because i was asked to delete those documents that i asked myself what could be wrong and i you know pulled a thread and i met the bankers who explained to me that indeed i was like you know like the spider in the. one of a big incredible world wide what it's. vision
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raising yeah. you make it sound so easy there but in the book you recall the psychological experiment the milgram syndrome so there are other workers maybe watching this who maybe work for either of the big four ordered to go but as well you raise the subject of the milgram syndrome you might have to explain the experiment because the violence that i have gone through because what i have been facing somehow makes me what doctors call survivor i should not be here anymore because what i went through is somehow impossible to find when you are a single individual and namely because all the ones you trusted your colleagues your internal clients your management your company all are against you and obviously they are much more powerful because they are richer and well surrounded and they have the means to press.


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