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tv   News  RT  October 23, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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twelve euros fifty per month. president putin in the u.s. national security adviser hold talks in moscow amid tensions over american plans to . kill journalist despite being suspects in the ongoing investigation says the turkish president says the murder of the saudi. plan. a british man after being exposed to toxic chemicals working as a contractor at the military base we speak to the whistleblower.
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moscow. go first we're going to bring up to speed on what's been happening here in the past few hours the u.s. national security adviser has told reporters in moscow that the united states is still going ahead with pulling out of a nuclear treaty or playing down fears that it will spark an arms race. meeting with president putin but despite the tension surrounding the two countries right now they still managed to lighten the mood. you know as far as i remember there is an eagle on the us national emblem and there are thirteen arrows in one foot and an olive branch with thirteen olives as a symbol of peaceful policy in the other my question is did your eagle eat all the olives and leave just the arrows. i'm grateful for the opportunity to speak with
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you on behalf of president and hopefully i'll have some mentors for you but i didn't bring any more all of. them that's what i thought. all the two eventually got down to the serious business at hand they even discussed prospects of a new trumpet meeting in the coming months correspondent a ghost on off was that news briefing in moscow. well it certainly looks like the united states and russia did as much as they could to result their differences when it comes to the i.n.f. treaty in the course of the past couple of days in front john bolton came here to this media venue in central moscow not far from the kremlin just after a nine hour and a half long conversation with president putin and he revealed john bolton i mean revealed to main factors as to why the united states still looks to abandon the deal one he says that russia has already deployed in europe some missiles that a band under the deal and two with the united states see this treaty as outdated he
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says that the deal should include other nations like for example china and also john bolton talks about the key difference between russia and the united states when it comes to the understanding of the agreement with respect to the question of russian compliance as i said it is the american position that russia's violation it is russia's position that they're not violated so one has to ask how do you convince the russians to come back into compliance with obligations they don't think they're violating well the way russia sees the situation is kind of vice versa mosco has accused washington of minor violations when it comes to the ion of treaty and has said that it is in turn abiding to withstand it also russia views of the deal as key to international stability addressing that john bolton combat the situation too when the united states pulled out of the antiballistic missile defense treaty back in two thousand and two back then he said that deal was
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viewed as absolutely crucial to international stability but apparently when the united states abandoned it nothing happened also important to avoid some of the rhetoric of people who are comfortable with the treaty and what what it what the implications of us withdrawal it take. way the cornerstone the entire construct of international stability collapses which was not true was not true then it will not be true now with the. since two thousand and one russia has been raising security concerns over the challenges the world is facing because the united states once decided to abandon the a.m.d. treaty now with the i and never deal in charm school says europe doesn't want any more escalation we've heard a lot of reaction coming out of the e.u. overwhelmingly it's been about how the i.n.f. treaty these key to the european stability and security so whatever happens next if europe doesn't want to be part of the united states and russia judy it out. a
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reaction this hour from military analyst and retired u.s. army major general paul welcome to the program again a few hours ago we heard john bolton compare the u.s. pulling out of the i.n.f. treaty to when the u.s. pull out of the antiballistic missile treaty back in two thousand and two says it will have no effect on international security so his troops move being overhyped. no i don't think it is the. president noted stations. he mentioned lot of these. really it is an equation in order to get a. new agreement twenty eight more in the future and that is its primary purpose not to go backwards make these treaties are much better. just to remind people what we heard a few hours ago john bolton claim that the real threat is not america pulling out
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of the treaty but of russian missiles that are based in europe let's just take a quick listen to what he said. the problem is there are russian i never filed missiles in europe now the threat is not american withdraw from the island three threat or the russian missile threat is the russian missiles already. the thing is russia. what about the american weapons station that. happens there or as well as the european country so again as we look to today and tomorrow we want to look at. missiles which in many cases are defenses. which can be office of the new true piece of conflict with iraq and so when we look at. the strategy behind rocher or early united states is trying to drive senate.
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the pattern or understanding. or office of defense of. entirely threaten everybody just puts everybody in stronger position to protect their own country. it is an old treaty and as far as john bolton is consent and may be president from two it's now not fit for purpose because that was a treaty designed for united states and russia and now this china as iran there are other countries with nuclear capabilities as well is it feasible to refresh that treaty and compass all of those countries or is that just too big an oscar. no i don't think it's too big i think best which should be pursued because we have nations now which are much stronger especially over the last five years china has increased its military capability in what we call a sphere or power we're tension of power through the subjoined of c. and no worse into. afghanistan actress to new soon so
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on so her last point we should include here is industry so we have an understanding who will serve the best interest of protecting each country but also understanding between those. questions if any conflicts arise and in one country would dated beverage of the press like iran and watch missiles you know against the us a use real or were other countries so i'm not sure rondell participated i think china will go with korea seems to be doing that certainly japan. but we're not sure about pakistani missiles that's a big problem for all of us and i whether if i'm able to get through it for congress in the first place all right thanks very much good time at my general time ok all of thank you. donald trump appears to have toughened his stance on saudi
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arabia over the killing of genest jamal khashoggi and the kingdom's estoppel consulate and the pasta the u.s. leaders issued a statement condemning the act. the original concept . it was carried out poorly and the cover up was one of the worst in the history of cover ups first. big deal should have never been thought of. somebody really messed up. and they had the worst cover up ever. and we're shouldst back is at the deal stand when they thought about it because whoever thought of that idea. i think is in big trouble and they should be in big trouble. ok let's bring in enough he's kind of moping over this high that a couple of weeks ago donald trump was very guarded in his words these comments in the magazine. certainly now we recently heard donald trump speaking about the importance of saudi arabia and their of their purchases of
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weapons from the united states but this is a rather harsh turn of words we're hearing from donald trump and he's not alone now we also recently heard from mike on peo he was speaking at the u.s. state department about possible sanctions and other measures that could be taken against saudi arabia you floated the possibility of revoking visas meanwhile there's been a global reaction to the incident we're now hearing that a number of corporations have pulled out from an upcoming business forum set to take place in saudi arabia now it is confirmed at this point that there was a meeting between u.s. treasury secretary steven nutrition and the heir to the saudi throne the crown prince mohammed bin solomon and they stressed the importance of the strategic partnership between the usa and saudi arabia so it remains to be seen if indeed there will be a follow up of actions we are hearing language from u.s. officials condemning saudi arabia for the incident we're hearing you know the statements we've just heard from trump as well as others but the question remains
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what will actually be done will there actually be consequences for saudi arabia that is something people are waiting to see. ok for now caleb maupin in new york thanks for that. well the turkish president earlier said that saudi dissident journalist shogi was murdered in a vicious manner in a pre-planned operation because she was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul at the beginning of october riyadh denied any knowledge of the incident for more than two weeks and we know it got more details earlier from correspondent. most people thought that president erred was and will shed light on the details probably even groundbreaking details that could have been revealed by investigators it is stay a bowl well he didn't instead his speech was more of a political message in which he basically made it clear that turkey skull footed that mr khashoggi these death was
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a preplanned political murder but. the evidence that we have so far indicates that your molecules shot jews was slain in a vicious violent murder did over those responsible from the highest level to the lowest level blue brought to justice and will get the punishment they deserve incident was not a momentary recent article but rather the result of a planned operation right to recal we didn't see the whole thing you said the punishment the people who carried out this deserved are we any closer to knowing who he thinks who thinks the should go to is behind it he mentioned the people are responsible for this three people in the cause of that. group of fifteen people were set from saudi arabia although mr aired fell short of directly blaming the saudi royal family for this. still though he was clearly eager to put
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pressure on saudi arabia he made an outright bad to hold the perpetrators responsible for this and also came up with a list of direct questions for the saudi government who gave instructions to those people to come to istanbul why were the consulate premises not open to examination on that day or the following day we need an answer to this it's clear now it was a murder where is the body why do we still not have a bit of information that the body was given to a local operative who is he snowden ordering or. saudi arabia needs to reveal his identity so right now saudi arabia's earlier version that jamal khashoggi was killed as a result of some sort of brawl or a fist fight would really do after such comments made by mr aired on now picking up on this story before it all kicked off to a lot of people around the world the name jamal khashoggi was not particularly well known remind us who we is why you all this trouble around him jamal khashoggi is
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a journalist noted for his criticism of the saudi royal family he was flood to the us and was a columnist for washington post but in order to get married he had to go to the consulate bowl to get some documents side his second visit to the cause that happened on october the second that was when the tragedy happened.
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the saudi royal families met with a brother to express their condolences the journalist son was pictured shaking hands with the saudi crown prince who suspected of orchestration in the killing of his father along with the saudi king there are reports that the shoji son is not allowed to travel out of sight the kingdom from a turkish government minister edge of a backlash told us there are still many questions to be answered because the probe is very much ongoing. turkey needs to find out what really happened all we wanted justice and that's what the whole world wants and needs because an innocent man was killed and there are reports that he might have been be mylan to kill and we don't even know where is remains are so there are many questions that need to be answered and present you are asked the saudi kingdom for full cooperation you see mr trump even president of the united states has been confused if you follow his
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statements first he was backing them hundred percent but he has questions has led to look germany has announced that they will not sell any military equipment to saudi arabia until those issues are this is a question about justice global dusts of human rights. a british man who's taking on the u.s. military over claims he was exposed to a dangerous chemical as had his latest test results back david patterson says he has high levels of cadmium in his body a carcinogen which can damage the central nervous system of the first airing in the case is reportedly due to take place later this week i have no received or medication for stress or high blood pressure and other ongoing to use i want to know that i am not ill i do not have some ticking bomb inside my body b. my colleagues are still working on site they really cannot see anything the have
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higher blood cadmium level than i did it goes and through the body through risk retract that it was and to your other parts of your body it could take a month a year it could take up to five years but be in a house the journey is very watery weathers a small pot or a lot of like we worked on the floor for two weeks without any protection. in may last year david who was working as a contractor was inspecting equipment at a base in germany he says the boxes were covered in a white dust but no warning was given as to the nature of the powder stuff or working with no protective gear that wasn't until a year later that the u.s. army told him that it was kept me him david fall the lawsuit after he was sacked for complaining about the incident the army says it's now changed how it handles equipment. we know we won't earn your trust if we don't perform better so we will the contractor has redoubled efforts and safety training and proper methods for receiving processing handling in cleaning items there are possibly contaminated
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with cadmium only a year later to be frightened. this is had been a problem ongoing with the us army going back to two thousand and eight when i asked about who's going to assist on medical checks that they just simulate whatever just look you know as not my problem go see someone else it was like i hope it will be the last one to another to another until i eventually had to go to my own doctors myself and pay for all my own medical expenses we breathed this in and we don't know what was happening to others it'll happen when allowed and hope i will be no one no one seems to queue no one is cheating responsibility no one is assisting us the managers have said we are helping them and put them through a medical they have done nothing we have had to just have a blood tested every one ducking and diving
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a no one is cheating responsibility. the u.k. government says it is winning its fight against this information and fake news in response to a special parliamentary report but the committee behind the document says britain is not doing enough to battle foreign influence campaigns and meddling things on us to say if you're going to have the details the british government's detailed response into this latest dissin from mission and fake news interim report that was published by the digital culture media and sport committee released back in july has now published its response to that and that has left m.p.'s here in westminster quite disappointed so if we try to break it all down a little bit we have this parliamentary select committee that has been working on an inquiry and fake news for almost two years now and the chairman of this committee has consistently pushed for more action when it comes to think muz seeing it as a threat to democracy and specifically in the u.k. and particularly
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a threat from russia and this committee has try to dig up proof of any involvement and interference from russia when. it comes to elections specifically the last general election in the u.k. as well as the brat's that referendum but now that the government has had the time to analyze that the recommendations that this committee has published they said there is no russian interference let's take a look in november twenty seventh teen the prime minister accused russia of meddling in elections and planting fake news in an attempt to weaponize the information and so discord in the west we want to reiterate that the government has not seen evidence of successful use of this information by foreign actors including russia to influence u.k. democratic processes we recommend that the government makes a statement about how many investigations are currently being carried out into russian interference in u.k. politics there has been no evidence to date of any successful foreign interference well moreover the british government was not just underwhelmed when it came to the
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russia league ations but according to the committee they had actually outright accepted only three out of the dozens of recommendations that were made in this fifty interim report being presented by this committee and it has to be said that one thing they did these two parties agree upon was the difference that the term think news has become redundant and really lost its meaning in this damage nonetheless this committee is refusing to give up they are going to keep working on this topic and have said that they're planning to publish the final report on this issue towards the end of this year. violence on the shock incident at a metro station in rome of ma this tuesday evenings champions league football match between us roma and c.s.k. in moscow one russian fans being reportedly stabbed in a fight outside the stadium while a collapsing escalator in the metro has left at least twenty people injured as told more now with our sports correspondent lexi irish rescues across this first off
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take us through what happened outside the stadium it's a really bad night for see. ok mosco in rome this time not only their team lost three nil to. big defeat but also to very bad incidents for the fans first of all the fight outside the study only because stadium the roma stadium. there were reports that one of the c.s.k. moscow fans was stabbed two were severely injured in the fight over the russian embassy in italy later denounced this information they denied the stabbing incident but acknowledged the fight i saw some videos on social media the water cannons had to be used by the police so the fight was pretty intense i have to say but there was also a separate incident far more serious than i should say in a more. subway station is on the way to the stadium about one hundred fans were going down an escalator when it malfunctioned sped it in the normal speed downwards and at the end of the escalator there was something of a stampede at least thirty c.s.k.
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fans have been injured that is also confirmed by the russian embassy in italy interesting enough the mayor of rome pin the blame onto the russian fans but there are many conflicting eyewitness reports even people including the people who were on that escalator saying that the escalated just went because they said and went down injuring all those fans so definitely and i forget to do forget for the for the most go fans. the last time these two teams met in the champions league was in twenty fourteen there was trouble then as well is there an indication the maybe the italian police were prepared for this it is really strange but it seems that they were not if we go back to twenty fourteen there was a major scuffle outside the stadium there was a major scuffle inside the stadium it all started when several c.s.k. moscow fans were stabbed by roma fans outside the stadium and then as a retaliation they instigated a massive fight inside the stands as a result seventeen c.s.k. fans were arrested in rome and c.s.k. fans were banned from away games for three consecutive matches by you wait for
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afterwards there were no fines for almost the time but if we talk about the roma. fans there are pretty and notorious for this kind of stuff just earlier this year in april they went to liverpool to play a champions league semifinal and they injured several people including one fan who is still in a coma he still hasn't recovered and guess what there were no repercussions for all i went to the return leg to roll for liverpool playing there and i saw a heavy police presence it seems that they were prepared for this kind of stuff this time they have a history with c.s.k. moscow and it seems that they were not adequately prepared they did stop the fight with water cannons but the fight still happened so you have to ask all the questions to the roman police ok so both teams sets of fans have reputations will there be any ramifications for the clubs over this interesting to see because in these cases you wait for usually bans the fans from traveling away that happen to see it again twenty fourteen even though probably rather fans were asked culpable again if you refer to the early incident the c.
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and liverpool roma fans did not get any repercussions but if we look at the current champions league lineup red star belgrade the team that liverpool actually plays to morrow night they have the same band their fans are banned from traveling away to toulouse champions league games so you know it's interesting to see what the u.s. will actually act because lately it's not been really vigilant when it comes to off the pitch violence by fans hopefully this will act again ok again as you said a difficult night in rome. thanks very much for that. it could also former president rafael correa believes there's a good chance that whistleblower julian assange and may be turned over to the united states that came after u.s. lawmakers wrote a letter to ecuador's current leader not him or a no demanding that he hand over the wiki leaks co-founder if he wanted to avoid hurting the country's relations. we are very concerned with julian assange just continued presence at the embassy in london and his receipt of ecuador in
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citizenship last year it is clear that mr sands remains a dangerous criminal and a threat to global security and he should be brought to justice. we feel that it will be very difficult for the united states to advance our bilateral relationship until mr sanchez handed over to the proper authorities there is an agreement between the. american government we were by suppressing my has said a month ago and they are released to turn over as you have to remember that no science has. citizenship. right now is prevented by the prosecution because he said oh it will it seems to me has to protect us according to our constitution or to mccauley because of the behavior of this government he's absolutely submitted to the american government is going to turn over. american government. the song has
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been holed up in ecuador's london embassy since two thousand and twelve where he's been granted political asylum he became an ecuadorian citizen last year but since then his relations with the country's current government have worsened last friday a song filed a lawsuit against ecuador for violating his human rights he's been restricted from seeing his lawyers and communicating with the outside world and he's been given some new housekeeping rules as well which former president correia calls humiliating these groups are really. all they try to him and they are human so they. won't because. these rules are really human rights and they're trying to isolate. to push. our embassy ok that's it for now i'll be back to update you after max and stacey on the whispers in the financial press about dislodging the dollar from its reserve currency purge the latest kaiser report it's just ahead.
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pranking gave americans a lot of job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year truck so i chose to drive trucks people rush to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent like gold rush is very very similar to gold but this beautiful story ended with pollution and
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devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here anymore just slowed down so much they lost their jobs got laid off and the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and it's a tough reality to deal. those are this is the guys report of the show that takes you down deep to worse bunged lives and then drowns stacey hey max you know here in kaiser report we often cover things that are not part of the orthodoxy we are we cover heterodox economics and things that are not part of what the mainstream media might say so this is quite alarming for a mainstream media headline and it's from peter coy the business editor economics
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editor i'm sorry it bloomberg and his headline reads the tyranny of the u.s. dollar the incumbent international currency has been american for decades is it time for regime change and it's a very bizarre just two paragraph article and it doesn't really say anything other than this sort of paragraph by the latest tally of the european central bank america's currency markets make up two thirds of international debt and alike share of global reserve holdings oil and gold are priced in dollars and euros or yen when somali pirates hold up ships at sea as dollars they demand and threats to be cut off from the dollar base global payment system strike terror into the life of iran north korea and russia it's no exaggeration to say that the dollar's primacy is at least.


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