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president putin and the u.s. national security advisor hold talks in most good as america's plans to pull out of a key nuclear missile treaty rushing to trigger an arms control crisis. donald trump makes his toughest statement yet on the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi in saudi arabia as istanbul calls me that. it was carried out poorly in the cover up was one of the worst in the history of cover ups. and a british man sues the u.s. army off to being exposed to toxic chemicals while working as a contractor as
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a military base we speak to the whistleblower. when i was just a bunch who's going to system medical checks. be just in the weeds as well it was just. as the life that you see someone else. a very warm welcome you're watching on t.v. international with me. our top story this hour the u.s. national security adviser has told reporters in mosco that the u.s. is still going ahead with pulling out of a key nuclear treaty while playing down fit is it will spark an almost race john bolton earlier held a meeting with president putin but despite the tension surrounding the two countries right now they still managed to lighten the mood. the. as far
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as i remember there is an eagle on the u.s. national emblem and there are thirteen arrows in one foot and an olive branch with thirteen olives as a symbol of peaceful policy in the other my question is did your eagle eat all the olives and leave just the arrows so. i'm grateful for the opportunity to speak with him on behalf of president and hopefully i'll have this mantra for you but i didn't bring any more all and. that's what i thought. well too eventually got down to this serious business at hand they even discussed prospects of another amazing between presidents trump and putin in the coming months correspondent john of was it john bolton's news briefing in moscow. well it certainly looks like the united states and russia did as much as they could to resolve their differences when it comes to the i.n.f. treaty in the course of the past couple of days in front john bolton came here to this media venue in central moscow not far from the kremlin just after a nine hour and a half long conversation with president putin and he revealed john bolton i mean
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revealed two main factors as to why the united states still looks to abandon the deal one he says that russia has already deployed in europe some missiles that a band under the deal and to the united states see this treaty as outdated and he says that the deal should include other nations like for example china and also john bolton talked about the key difference between russia and the united states when it comes to the understanding of the agreement with respect to the question of russian compliance as i said it is the american position that russia is in violation it is russia's position that they're not violated so one has to ask how do you convince the russians to come back into compliance with obligations they don't think they're violating what the way russia sees the situation is kind of vice versa moscow has its. used washington of minor violations when it comes to the
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island of treaty and has said that it is in turn abiding to with sterns it also russia views of the deal as key to international stability addressing that john bolton compared the situation to when the united states pulled out of the antiballistic missile defense treaty back in two thousand and two back then he said that deal was due to us absolutely crucial to international stability but apparently when the united states abandoned it nothing happened also important to avoid some of the rhetoric of people who are comfortable with the treaty and what what it what the implications of us with her over there to take away the cornerstone the entire construct of international stability collapses should was not true was not true then it will not be true now with withdraw from history and this is yet another point where russia and the united states just don't see eye to eye on since two thousand and one russia has been raising security concerns over
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challenges the world is facing because the united states once decided to abandon the a.m.d. treaty now with the deal in charm school says europe doesn't want any more escalation we've heard a lot of reaction coming out of the e.u. overwhelmingly speaking about how the i.n.f. treaty is key to the european stability and security so whatever happens next if europe doesn't want to be part of the united states and russia judy it out. only kevin owen heard from john laughlin does the think tank the institute of democracy and cooperation if things erupt will find it tough to back washington over the treaty pull that. it's lee america has a full spectrum dominance and trump has repeatedly said he wants to maintain that he wants to maintain a position in which no country can come even near even group of countries can come near challenging american power so i think there's a very clear line in trump's foreign policy that he thinks that international relations are determined by force and the treaties come about when there is
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agreement but agreement comes about when there is a balance of power there is an argument for saying that america does not have an interest in withdrawing from this treaty because with the treaty it can prevent russia if what russia were to want to from deploying these intermediate range missiles it could be that america is shooting itself in the foot let's not forget that mccaw and merkel are going to next week to talk to mr putin and mr erdogan about syria this was unthinkable only a few months ago and the europeans do not like trump ism in foreign policy they prefer the world of multilateral treaties international agreements and so on. the long term protégé is to have toughened his stance on saudi arabia over the killing of journalist john mark and the kingdom's it's done bill consulates speaking in the oval office on tuesday the u.s. leader delivered his harshest words yet but stopped short of committing to punish
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we at. the original concept. it was carried out poorly and the cover up was one of the worst in the history of cover ups first a. bad deal should have never been thought of. somebody really messed up. and they had the worst cover up ever. and we're shouldst it is at the deal standpoint when they thought about it because whoever thought of that idea. i think is in big trouble and they should be in big trouble well these are harsh words from donald trump now at this point people are recalling how not too far in the past just a couple weeks back he was actually emphasizing the importance of arms sales to saudi arabia we've also heard mike pompei o u.s. secretary of state speaking up and talking about the possibility of sanctions against the kingdom saudi arabia we have identified at least some of the
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individuals responsible including those in the intelligence services the royal court the foreign ministry and other saudi ministries who we suspect to have been involved in mr can show you is death. we are taking appropriate actions which include revoking visas entering visa lookouts and other measures the position of donald trump has certainly evolved during the past two weeks let's kind of review how the position of the u.s. president has changed sounds to me like this is grossly. terrible and disgusting about that if that were the case so we're going to have to see we're going to get to the bottom of it and there will be severe punishment but he'll be able to get to the bottom fairly soon but i have to be very severe i mean it's bad. but we'll see what happens consider very seriously or do i do i mean it's again it's early we have been for the show review or investigation
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but it's. i think it's a very important first step and it happened sooner than people thought it would happen but there's been a strong reaction around the world we've seen a lot of top executives pull out of the key economic forum that's taking place in saudi arabia however those who are participating did not comment on the incident furthermore we've seen steve the u.s. secretary of treasury sit down and meet with the crown prince of saudi arabia and their meeting emphasize a strategic partnership between the usa and the kingdom of saudi arabia so at this point people are waiting to see what will happen next will the united states back up these critical words of saudi arabia with action so while he was the storage critic of the saudi royal family had fled to the gulf kingdom for the u.s. where he worked as a columnist for the washington post he was killed off to having been called into the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul on the second of october to collect
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marriage documents. well we can discuss the matter further now with our guest u.s. defense analyst ivan eland mr allen thank you for joining us on the program and as we've seen the u.s. is that turning more to increasing the tough rhetoric but do you think this is going to translate translate into concrete measures that any point. well as jumping
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says i'm selves will have to see he seems to be deferring more to congress because both parties are pressuring me here to do something about this which is unusual it's analogous to the russian situation with the election until the alleged election meddling because the congress forced them to do something there but the republican controlled congress has been very supine on the all the other issues except the russia yes you and also this issue of well we'll have to see as you recall us didn't put sanctions on russia. for the election and in this case we haven't seen say sanctions yes but. trump as waffling around simply because he really doesn't want to sanction the saudis and also he has not he's still not blamed. the crown prince of saudi arabia m.b.'s
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for any of this he said this was today said the sooner i think the strongest comment was they just botched the cover up but he never. really. admitted that it might be connected to the crown prince so but there are there is a move in congress to put some sanctions on and he seems to be deferring to congress of course he has veto in our system he has veto power over any sanctions and also if you wanted to he could put probably put on some sanctions i'm self just unilaterally as an executive but the strong sanctions would have to come from congress but he does a veto power over that hearing is the case that saudi arabia is just to crucial an ally for washington washington to impose really severe penalties. well i think it's in our own mind it's traditionally been since one nine hundred forty three we've had this oreo for security trade we the saudis supposedly sable
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eyes the oil markets and we provide their security for them including so arm sales of course we have the law actually the leverage in the arms sales as a negotiator trump ought to know that but he thinks that we need to kowtow to the saudis to do for have to have them buy these weapons the problem with them buying from other countries they could do it at certain systems but most of their systems are us system doesn't require spare parts training experts etc so when you get most ever to be. you know a buyer of foreign military equipment there's a whole train that comes with that over time so i don't think saudi arabia is really that important with oil certainly now with the u.s. but even before that i mean though packed like most resource cartels can raise the
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price in the short term but really can't control the price and long term that sort of the myth that many people in the u.s. government other governments and bought into but it's not sure the saudis power in the oil market is much lower than people think it was even before the us fracking boom so i don't think you know the arms of the oil really should. be dictating this and as far as the iran the ball work against iran that's mainly for israel's benefit there's no reason why we couldn't have a better relationship with iran and of course barack obama in their run nuclear agreement was attempting to do that but the u.s. hopes and hold out there so there's really no reason to call the saw at all john i mean and u.s. defense analyst thank you for sharing your thoughts on the mountain we appreciate it thank you. now as outrage over the murder grows the saudi royal family has gone into damage control they met with his thought geez son and brother on tuesday to express their condolences to journalists son was pictured shaking hands with the
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saudi crown prince who is suspected of orchestrating the killing of his father the saudi king was also there meanwhile the turkish president promised to bring all of those responsible to justice. the evidence that we have so far indicates that jamal khashoggi was slain in a vicious violent murder of those responsible from the highest level to the lowest level would have brought to justice and will get the punishment they deserve incident was not a momentary resource but rather of the result of a planned operation. now a british man who's taking on the u.s. military of a claims he was exposed to a dangerous chemical has received his latest test results back they would pet patterson says he has high levels of cadmium in his body carcinogen which can damage the central nervous system the first hearing in the case reportedly is due
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to take place later this week i know who received or medication for stress or high blood pressure and other ongoing saying i want to know that i am not ill i do not have some ticking bomb inside my body b. my colleagues are still working on site they really cannot see into the. they have higher blood cadmium labeled and it goes and through the body it's risky trying to that it was and to your other parts of your body it could take a month or it could take you up to five years but be in a house that janet is very watery whether it's a small part or a lot of like we worked on the floor for two weeks without any protection. and may last year david who was a contractor was inspecting equipment at the base in germany he says boxes were covered in no wise dust no warning was given us to the name of the powder star for
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working with no protective gear it wasn't until a year later that the u.s. army told him it was kept me i'm david follow suit after he was sacked for complaining about the incident the army says it's now changed how it handles equipment. we know we won't earn your trust if we don't perform better so will the contractor has redoubled efforts in safety training and proper methods for receiving processing handling and cleaning items there are possibly contaminated with cadmium only a year later to be fighting. this is had been a problem ongoing with a us army going back to two thousand and eight when i asked about who's going to assist on medical checks and. they just sent me away and said whatever just not care not is not my problem go see someone else it was like a hot potato being passed from one to another to another until i eventually had to
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go to my own doctors fight myself and pay for all my own medical expenses we breathed this cadmium in and we don't know what's happening to us it will happen when all happen and how bad it will be no one no one seems to care no one is taking responsibility no one is assisting us the managers have said we are helping them and put them through a medical they have done nothing we have had to fight just have a blood tested everyone is ducking and diving and no one is taking responsibility now the british government has claimed its winning the fight against fake news spread not everyone's convinced but the story for you coming out after a sold great story with us.
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when i was. wrong. i just don't. get to shape our. education and in detroit it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart week to look for common ground.
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welcome back the u.k. government says it's winning its fight against this information and fake news in response to a special paula mentary report but the committee behind the documents those burson isn't doing enough to battle foreign influence campaigns and meddling artes and this is their check in now brings us the details. the british government's detailed response into this latest dissin from mission and fake news interim report that was published by the digital culture media and sport committee released back in july has now published its response to that and that has left m.p.'s here in westminster quite disappointed so if we try to break it all down a little bit we have this parliamentary select committee that has been working on an inquiry and fixed news for almost two years now and the chairman of this
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committee has consistently pushed for more action when it comes to speak news seeing it as a threat to democracy and specifically in the u.k. and particularly a threat from russia and this committee has a try to dig up proof of any involvement and interference from russia when it comes to elections specifically the last general election in the u.k. as well as the bracks that referendum but now that the government has had the time to analyze that the recommendations that this committee has published they said there's no russian interference let's take a look in november twenty seventh teen the prime minister accused russia of meddling in elections and planting fake news in an attempt to weaponize their information and so discord in the west we want to reiterate that the government has not seen evidence of successful use of this information by foreign actors including russia to influence u.k. democratic processes we recommend that the government makes
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a statement about how many investigations are currently being carried out into russian interference in u.k. politics there has been no evidence to date any successful foreign interference well moreover the british government was not just underwhelmed when it came to the russia league ations but according to the committee they had actually outright accepted only three out of the dozens of recommendations that were made in this fifty interim report being presented by this committee and. it has to be said that one thing they did these two parties agree upon was the difference that the term think news has become redundant and really lost its meaning in the steamy age. of the last this committee is refusing to give up they're going to keep working on this topic and have said that they're planning to publish the final report on this issue towards the end of this year. violence under shocking incident at
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a metro station in rome marred tuesday's evening's tuesday evening as champions league football match between roma and c.s. good moscow one russian found was reportedly stopped in a fight outside the stadium on a collapsing escalator and the metro left at least thirty people injured r.t. sports correspondent. joined colin bray in the studio with more details. it's a really bad night for c.s.k. mosco in rome this time not only their team lost three nil to. big defeat but also to very bad incidents for the fans first of all the fight outside the study only because stadium the roma stadium. there were reports that one of the c.s.k. moscow fans was stabbed two were severely injured in the fight over the russian embassy needs in the late denounced this information they denied the stabbing incident but acknowledged the fight was also a separate incident far more serious and i should say in a more. subway station is on the way to the stadium about one hundred fans were
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going down an escalator when it malfunctioned sped it in the normal speed downwards and at the end of the escalator there was something of a stampede interesting you know the male role in the blame onto the russian fans but there are many conflicting eyewitness reports even people including the people who were all that escalated saying that they escalated just when because they said and went down injuring all those fans the last time these two teams met in the champions league was in twenty fourteenth there was trouble then as well is there an indication that maybe the italian police were prepared for this it is really strange but it seems that they were not if we go back to twenty fourteen there was a major scuffle outside the stadium there was a major scuffle inside the stadium at this time they have a history with c.s.k. moscow and it seems that they were not adequately prepared they did stop the fight with water cannons but the fight still happened so you have to ask all the questions to the roman police. well those are the headlines for this hour if you have anything it likes they would love to hair is they do get in touch by following
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us on social media when we talk about top of the out the latest. rush definitely on the d. dollar ization camp they are warning goal they're building a goal as the play to dollar rise they are looking for the dollar to trade significantly lower. than kentucky. do the voices of the world
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in st. louis. a co money city it was almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal miners it showed. that it was love to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that is anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business
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and finance and the impact upon all of us i'm part chilton in washington and we're glad you're on board with us coming up today there is new data out from the organization for economic cooperation and development some of it troubling alex mile of it just standing by to discuss and there are new consumer credit just announced today molly barrows will join us to talk it over plus a massive food recall spread kaufman's for a bet the farm will discuss the very latest and is take on what it means to all of us and well cryptocurrency seem to be multiplying like rabbits how do financial regulators look at it and look at the new players around the world will be joined by new york walk professor ron schiller will tell us and later the car coach is back to talk chrysler earnings the missions and a way to avoid voicing your warranty lots on our plate let's go.
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we start with the markets and volatility seems to be the name of the tune in china which saw the largest one day gain in the shanghai and chen's and composite index since november of two thousand and fifteen but the progress slowed some yesterday hong kong's hang seng also rose but is now down from last week as are other asian markets including the japanese nikkei down under down under a sex in australia and sensex in india both down since last week the same downer tune at the french german dax u.k. what c n t s x in toronto and the cold kept in colombia a global aberration today with brazil's ibo best slightly up u.s. markets have been volatile they were down big time for most of the day are coming back close as the close one of the final numbers. the break but the dow and the s. and p. are more than seven percent below the all time highs of just
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a few weeks ago the s. and p. is having the worst month since november of get this twenty ten plus the tech heavy nasdaq is having the worst month since november of two thousand and eight. trade negotiators from the european union are meeting with their u.s. counterparts in washington today to discuss reducing technical barriers hoping greenman on less difficult issues will lubricate later more difficult talks on automobiles but a clear mismatch of expectations on either side may frustrate all parties and only leave them further apart u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross is leading the american team and last week tartly relayed president trump's demands for quick negotiations that produce tangible results e.u. trade officials have however seen progress on another front on friday the prime minister of singapore and the president of the european council attended the official signing of a new trade agreement between the e.u. and singapore. earlier today the european commission exercise for the first
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time its power to veto the italian budget proposed by the coalition government of prime minister good sepic conti the vice president of the european commission told the media quote today for the first time the commission is obliged to request a euro area country to revise its draft budgetary plan but we see no alternative elate elected italian leaders now have three weeks to adjust the budget in abandon campaign spending promises in order to meet brussels preferred limits on spending increasing productivity is a diet desire of many but according to the organization for the economic cooperation and development which encompasses thirty six countries promoting democracy and market economies some always see the countries are much more successful than others are to tell us about hail that joins us from toronto with the latest alex thanks again for being with us as always productivity it's important to all.


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