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tv   News  RT  October 26, 2018 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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the headlines this hour donald trump's trade was showing no signs of abating foes japan and china are making the best of a bad situation signing new economic the woods together. also to come italy refuses to back down over its budget plans despite them being rejected by brussels want to tell you. to demonstrate just what he thinks of the response and in germany
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polls predict the anti immigration a the party will end up with seats in all sixteen of the countries regional parliament that is the last remaining region votes on sunday and this campaigning full throttle. today should include strong discriminative. if. i welcome good afternoon issues come four pm here in moscow you're watching international. now japan china relations are written historic turning point that's according to japan's prime minister speaking at a summit with his chinese counterpart is the first visit to the country by japanese leader for bilateral talks in nearly seven years the current thaw follows years of
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territorial disputes. takes a look at what's led to the czech. the japanese prime minister is in china and he's smiling. that was him with the chinese premier who was smiling too. so why of course these kind of guys put up a happy face for the cameras during the protocol handshake well sometimes things between countries get so bad that even handshakes can save the day. but both leaders surely would have preferred not to stand there together like that just a few years ago the gloves were off between beijing and tokyo because of these tiny islands in the east china sea just to realize how much i hate that land dispute
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generated have a look at this. i really wouldn't want to be a japanese car owner in china back in the days the two thousand and twelve conflict was spiraling out in all shapes and forms mr mr she didn't even talk on the phone up until may this year today though we're pretty much back to seeing the new un friendship with the chinese state run media telling us this kind of stuff so what happened what kind of magical friendship did the several in the dragon get prescribed maybe it was the donald trump pill the world knew mr trump was on a mission to give beijing a real business beating the united states has just announced tariffs on another two hundred billion dollars in chinese made goods china's market distortions.
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and the way they deal. cannot be tolerated but who knew the president will then take aim at his biggest asia ally japan in his economic bowling well last month the media got a trade war to pay off and anyway the steel and alimony on tariffs had already kicked in you know how it works now america first. we understand that president trump wants to reduce the trade deficit but i think it's very important for president trump and his administration to find out the root cause of why there is a trade deficit in america i think there is a possibility that they do not yet understand why and so the world silver and bronze medalists in g.d.p. are shaking hands smiling and are possibly even ready to team up what will the golden boy have to say in
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a prank that will asia pacific expert rob told us that trumps only got himself to blame for china and japan cozying up to each other u.s. did not expect that that other countries would be able to set aside their differences and get to get to the table with each other as relatively easily as they have been able to do so but at the end of the day it is the u.s. which has to be there and have a chance to which has to carry the blame for this book the countries are frankly facing uni lateral and hostile trade enforcement action from the trumpet ministration china primarily but i would also suggest that part of the reason for the coming together is because both countries realize the important players. and that without speaking to each other the relationship their relationship with each other as well as the larger geo political environment in
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which they operate becomes a little more now. now shoes whether flung speak his or banged on podiums to make the occasional appearance in politics and after the rejected italy's proposed new budget it was the turn of an italian m.e.p. to put his foot or rather she. well it is the first time european commission has rejected any member states budget proposal to block three weeks to revise its spending plans on course it breaks down the dispute brussels is sharpening its knife in preparation for a new battle with rome for the first time the e.u. has flat out rejected a member states budget demanding
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a resubmission. for the first time as a commission is obliged to the. contrary that it was off budget. but we seen nor. to do so it is. the e.u. claims that italy's debt situation is out of control and that salvias government needs to tighten its purse strings and fulfill its obligations the euro skeptics say it doesn't have anything to do with money since there are other states with bloated budgets that have never felt such a heavy hand from brussels this is the first time in budget the e.u. doesn't like no surprise this is the first italian budget written in rome and not in brussels. the italian economy is healthy and this is an economic move that will give. needs we won't change one comma in this document.
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be. you know to go to. the. future. it's spain belgium portugal and slovenia have all been in violation of the e.u. agreements in the past and for years france has broken the three percent deficit threshold imposed on it by the e.u. as for debt it's been in the red since two thousand and two and only this year the second largest european economy received a carefully worded letter in response asking all very politely to reduce its debts . we thank you for sending we from twenty nine thousand draft budget that we received on october fifteenth we would like to ask you for more details the commission's preliminary assessment also indicates that the growth rate for france does not respect the reference rate of did reduction in twenty nineteen so italy
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refused to be taken to heel by this double standard. except the e.u. commissioner in charge of budgets didn't seem to find the stunt very funny even connecting the italian shushan and against to a potential quick path to fascism the episode of the made in italy shoe is grotesque at first you smile and we trivialize it because it's ridiculous but then we start getting used to this kind of muted symbolic violence and one day we wake up with fascism stay alert democracy is a fragile treasure or the draft budget would have seen over five hundred million dollars worth of cuts to defense spending while putting more money towards social welfare and tax cuts not exactly a sound way to revive fascism and certainly not a good way to be a shoo in with the new donald quarter r.t. . germany angela merkel's hard fought grand coalition could be in for another
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setback because polls are predicting a poor show in regional elections in the state of hesse on sunday among the main contenders the green party allied with other left wing forces but the right wing alternative for germany party is also expected to strengthen its position as peter oliver reports the party known for its anti immigration stance is said to chalk up another milestone in german politics just over a year since they shocked the country by entering the border start for the first time polls predict that this sunday alternative for germany will enter the state parliament in ahead for the first time that will mean that they have representation in all sick. steen german states as well as the national parliament head of the vote in her alternative for germany have been campaigning aggressively. but you just want to just come in here and that momentum and.
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if he. holds a special place for alternative for germany or the air it was at a meeting there back in february twenty fifth the party was formed setting themselves out from the get go it's an anti establishment group focused on the economy. the parties in the bundestag and bundesrat don't do any politics in the interests all consideration of germany and europe. in the five years since its formation alternative for germany has been widely criticized by those who call them damn what they see as its populist and racist stance dva enjoy many has the rhetoric of the one nine hundred twenty s. and we'll move to karl and the continent. even have a blatant problem with anti semitism the whole of the anti liberal anti civic party in the us here.
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was here. despite that they have enjoyed steady growth in the polls here in germany at times even coming in as the second largest political group in the country while taking up seats in has so would see them represented in all sixteen of germany states they aren't going to see this as job done all right. they just are ruling. who've the heads of the people they are doing things well the people don't want as a politician we have to serve to be able to do what the people want is not only of all the. did if you look. at other european countries in whole or in hungary in children already this are our ruling the same in our studio with the f.b.i.
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oh. and we see him now also in italy. and. all those movements all those new products which are behaving the same way like the eat they're becoming stronger and stronger and in many countries in europe they're already on the flour. a white supremacist running is the republican congressional candidate in the chicago area is trying to appeal to voters in the arab community with anti israeli and also anti-gay rhetoric jones placed a campaign ad in an arab american newspaper although he didn't quite get the reaction he wanted. the holocaust is a fact. you know it's real. ridiculous . how white superior blacks. know course you know that's racist.
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you know that's true but i consider myself a white. international we're going to. be discussing with
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a guest the path ahead for syria. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to
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stand out on the news business is just the dance the right questions demand the right answer. the. question. well again welcome back now after years of bloody war in syria the country slowly beginning to look to the future on saturday for world powers in fact russia turkey france and germany are meeting in an attempt to get a lasting political settlement back on the agenda where for more now on what lies ahead for the country we're joined by ilya at e.a. he's a member of the orthodox community in syria and he lives in damascus he's a very good man to talk to you regards to the feeling in the situation in syria
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right now welcome thank you just let us know then what is the humanitarian situation as you can make out in syria at the moment in which are the worst affected areas well i think the problem with the very end is now that things are looking more like settled in military except for to region majorly people are coming back to their home a lot of the region are destroyed so people are not seeing anymore where they could live the international building of syria that they were there was expecting that would shore up the european and american are refusing to move anything out of it without having all the dickel settlement the return of the refugees from abroad which is something is going to take time in the meanwhile they're still city is where people can go back to their home because they need some financial support to rebuild so as for things are better security wise i mean in damascus we used to
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have sometimes were you would worried about having someone being from the. area. but now nothing like this but people are not seeing enough where is we're heading. in the reconstruction because no one is really worried about it as if the big people were worried about how to finish or to get the war today and know that the war didn't end up the way the were expecting people are not giving any much help to human they're in even though we don't feel that we don't receive him very and we used to have during the war can you then give us an idea of the sort of conditions people are living in because you say that people are returning to their homes you can understand it at home has been completely destroyed but also we see pictures where it's the street isn't it and the risk there was shells of buildings or people going back into those buildings who has not been able are going trying to rebuild
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to repair the house they have to live in but even that the infrastructure is not there so the government is doing their best to rebuild their infrastructure for those street like for example we don't have any more power problem for it kristie water things are slowly but the problem with the level of destruction the syrian government alone no matter how they want to do it they can not go far with there are a good person at the financial you know after seven years of war the economic situation of the government and the country has been told to leave. vanish so we need more international help and psychologically i know it's very hard to generalize but. while the war and we know the war is continuing but many people hope it will be over they can see an end in sight and during that time people were sort of in survival mode they just wanted to get through it but now they appear to be through it and they shocked at what's on the other side yes i think
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a lot of people now look like they are lost because when it was worth it was survival the lives they per day now they are looking on the future and they are trying to see the special the psychology everyone think that it's all over especially for for get to a region of syria all the rest it's look like safe area people are going back to normal life but this normal life people can't really understand what's out of it where we are i mean ok the children are going to school but still some people. did not have jobs due to the situation so people are not really capable of seeing look further down the road in the future which is where we are going and i suppose there is a danger to that. people told her you can return to your homes now but they might not actually like what they're returning to and i might think well our lives could be better outside of syria we might leave the country anyway well the problem is now
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the european and i think you just mentioned about the meeting this weekend into dirty the european are insisting on the returning of the image of their people the refugee in turkey jordan i'm talking about the biggest number. eleven on but also in europe the problem the big part of those people don't want to come back for different reasons some of them they just settled if we talk about europe more than the region we have a big part of the syrian intellectual the syrian we id griese those countries wanted them by all means so for example germany is in need form and you need it for doctors some of them like canada pulled up some problems with on one texas jury and they took those community because they think they would integrate the better we have done about minorities australia is doing the same things or the return of. syrian refugees is not as simple as we expect like to morrow everything
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is settled they want to come back and this is one of the condition that the european and i think the problem that the france the french and german want talk about is majorly the return of the refugees because germany has a very big number france it's not a very big number actually it's a small number compared to the rest but that the one thing they want to talk about the other thing they want to talk about is there. aren't people so when you talk about french europe you know people who left their country to come to syria to fight part of them are in need lip but they are going to do so the problem is more complicated than appearing and some people now are thinking really about leaving syria even though after seventy years they never thought of. leaving syria because the they are thinking about finding a place where they could survive that's not good and i think for syria mozzie to be
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changed as it was this could be shaking for the future of syria well absolutely i mean when you talk about the future of syria if you go to a country that people don't want to return to and you feel that your most professional. civilians have been cherry picked if that's the right word to use by other countries in the they're given asylum there's potential for further problems big problems in syria more conflict is there in the future well the problem is rebuilding syria. talking about rebuilding the stones if i may use this word you're building buildings is something you get money you can do it but rebuilding the. social. between people the relation between people which was in syria in the past and syria was very proud of that having say one of the biggest the oversteer religion in any group and all those people lived really well with each other now to rebuild it it's not anymore it's not as easy as it was but without it syria want to
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be syria where it was. other things that people in here i mean everything we've talked about just over the last few minutes sounds desperate but other things you've seen that give you hope i think what give hope to people that we syrian has syria during history if we go back to the syrian history all over the thousands of years syria was always the middle point of fight between superpowers up to the. one nine hundred twenty we could see that there was a big fight in the middle east in syria between the british and the french even like we say you know which was between the free after six because they still forth between each other but syria was rebuilt damascus was the twice by the french in one thousand twenty five and one thousand nine hundred two one they bombed damascus completely but it was rebuilt i think the syrian people has a strong feeling of survival they will rebuild it they will do it but the time that
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the people abroad they should leave us alone and i think till now some people don't believe that they should do that sure and just lastly we have got this meeting taking place this weekend for major countries talking about. potential rebuilding syria do you have what are your expectations or will i think each one is looking for his part of the cake which means his problem france germany have their own problem which is the. cell of his who are all regionally especially france they have a big number of people who went to fight in syria and now they're afraid that if they go back to france what's going to happen we're talking about sixty to eighty thousand fighters still in need if they go back even if we talk about five hundred out of them france will be in trouble they cannot handle this problem germany about immigrant turkey is about also how they should keep their influence in syria but i
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think the russian are still trying to talk about the unity of syria where they don't accept like syria in which the syrian government or the accept not a single syrian would accept that syria will be a part of syria will be taken up part. of what part of the kurds are doing or ellipse or syria will be united but i think they are meeting just because each one has a problem we're not talking about a global problem each one will be talking about his own problem and that's what the meeting will be about and just lastly i think we've got just a minute or two left with regard to the politics within syria itself. is that a situation that can be resolved after this horrendous civil war while i think the syria will decide by themselves were talking about like european we don't want. this president we don't want this people we have to do it so syria will find the solution and be a pure syrian solution but for the moment nobody's giving the possibility for the syrians will that own problem and it should be all the syrian solution between
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syrians ok look we really appreciate you coming in it's being created. l.t.a. i'm sorry member of the with iraq's means in syria. also a resident of damascus we wish you all the best thank you thank you. and thank you for watching without going to be back again with one you see in the headlines and often. running to the closest to the best out of georgia. to the concerts i was preparing to perform i had actually prepared myself to die i. don't know said he'd what. sorry to trust when i asked him. as mr.
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sloan and homo stuff how do you know her because. this country was. really good so don't solution. so we'll see of getting. more traditionally if it was any good with us here. yes more here to depreciate. to education you know and there are a couple toilet b.s. get. a job was. one else chose seemed wrong when all was just don't hold. any new world yet to shape out just to become as a kid and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find
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themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. with this manufactured consensus of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round if suddenly the one percent. we can all middle of the room sit. in the real news room. you know world of big partisan lot and conspiracies it's time to wake up to
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dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. are welcome to socio are not set sexual abuse in the catholic church is once again in the spotlight was encouraged and europe and north america what can be done to make a big thing of the past call himself a survivor insider against said.


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