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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  October 29, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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small business i'm show business i'll see you then. greetings and salutations see the world can be a very very scary place hawke watchers but it's in these times of uncertainty that we must remain diligent in our fight for peace and not get distracted and subdue spy the constant headlines of fear and terror because it's buried behind and beneath these headlines of fear that by little information about the future stability of peace can often get lost take this headline for example recently seen in the united states air force is very own website. armed and ready stain receives largest ammo shipment in years the article goes on to quote the eighty six that
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money munitions operations sex and ship section chief one master sergeant david head excitedly lamenting that this is the largest shipment of its kind since operation allied force which took place in one nine hundred ninety nine he is of course referring to the nato bombing of yugoslavia against serbian president slobodan milosevic and his ethnic cleansing campaign master sergeant had went on to inform air force readers that the munitions that we received will be used for future theater operations and the evolving u.s. european command presence. in future theater operations whatever could that be so so what exactly will these theater operations consist of well because if there was one thing we know hawk watchers you do not move massive amounts of ammunition unless there is a massive amount of fighting on the horizon could it be syria iran ukraine africa
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take your pick of the u.s. military machines latest propped a bogeyman and you could make a legitimate argument for how these latest arms shipments could be used. remember former prime british prime minister david lloyd george once famously declared you're not going to get to peace with millions of armed men the church of peace cannot have still road littered with. sea pieces not found my friends through fire superiority contrary what the bumper stickers may say peace can only be found if you start watching the hawks. to. get the. real deal with. the blood of. the like you that i got. with that we. would.
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welcome everyone to watching the harks i am tyrone ventura and i'm south while it's . well it's really it's what is the theater operation to take a wild guess it's not a production about probably probably be impending or expected or feared conflicts in ukraine and syria as you said possibly with russia i've been sort of you know bullets saber rattling we've got the ball it was the those kind of things to have that when you see these headlines they seem real innocuous of first leisure oh you know big shipment of military hardware whatever but as we've seen through history it's always that big you know you've got to watch the movements of arms in order to figure out what is going to be on the horizon why do you need these many arms over so much because they can move from one place to
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the next to the next not so you end up with world war two ends well where do all these tanks come from for the korean war because they were over there and they moved them and. fletcher prouty you believe wasn't talked about that low dose and all the invasion military hardware was going to use in japan and suddenly mysteriously shipped off to life or korea vietnam of all these places where did we end up using all. of those are it's interesting because master sergeant arthur mirrored the eighty six missions squadrons flight chief of the stockpile of ramstein would be added to the air force's war reserve material in europe and would support this interesting phrase european deterrence the european deterrence initiative now the e d i was previously known as the european reassurance initiative and that's funded military projects in europe suits the russian intervention in ukraine in two thousand and fourteen so you already see
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that groundwork by the full is over crimea. you can make the benefits that over there it's interesting good mothers also remember that we're looking at places africa is another and i think people forget exactly how many bullets are actually made and now much munition will be needed for all of those things the eighty six munitions squadrons fight chief which is master sergeant arthur myrick actually said we're major airlift for u.s. air forces in europe air forces africa so these are real world munitions to fulfill real world objectives bat's the reason we're downloading these things to make sure we have the capability to move the fight forward if need be so what they're saying is that we need the for conflicts in wherever mostly africa. i and europe and if we need to push those even for other and more more. terror disgustingly and mar destructively we
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want to make sure we have enough bullets to do it. and that's the thing you know that's the thing that gets me. stuff like this because it's like when you read lives like push the fight forward right you know right now i care ok we're what fight you know like water with like that's the biggest thing and we're going to follow this story we'll keep following the story just to kind of get you know as we got to watch where the stuff goes because of the most important thing you can do when you're watching the hawks yet is you've got to follow not just the money but the military hardware. and one of the things i think people should know about is what that basis is really like yeah base this rump state not the bay and but the american military base that's in germany yeah it was opened back in fifty three and as essentially the headquarters of the u.s. air force in europe and africa nato is allied air command the base is like the rural part of south was germany and is that maybe a little america because it has something like fifty thousand u.s.
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military personnel observed williams that makes it the largest such community outside of the u. this is like one of the this is the major all of us lack of a better term imperialism can you see fifty thousand soldiers and civilians of one bases were dequeue was ridiculous and sounds well we have like have to have we have a dozen or more more is quite nonsense somebody has got to organize the. crude oil for. the american society of civil engineers infrastructure report card of twenty seventeen gave the vital infrastructure of the united states of america a lovely d. plus a being the best as being well failure so deep plus which is also the grade the several civil engineers gave america's hazardous waste programs and infrastructure a d. plus so isn't any surprise that recently folks here were greeted to headlines of panic and problems that they hand for inside
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a decommissioned nuclear production complex operated by the us government on the beautiful columbia river in washington well here is the america strain child those with more. one of the largest nuclear plants in the united states is telling r.t. it's back to business after steam escaped from a tunnel containing radioactive waste employees were told to take cover for several hours employees received this text message friday morning telling them that the site is in take cover to go to the closest take cover facility and to avoid eating or drinking anything until further notice i spoke to a rep for the company and he said there was a growing operation underway which was giving off heat and the steam was a result from the heat mixed with the colder air outside that caused the vapor for the past few weeks workers have been filling the tunnel with grout to guard against the tunnel from collapsing the tunnel still houses several railcards that are filled with radioactive plutonium the u.s. department of energy later said inspections revealed that no evidence was found
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that any radioactive material was released the company said in a statement like thing cameras placed in find the tunnel to support stabilization efforts showed in the tunnel resulting from the curing of the engineered grout recently placed in the tunnel to stabilize it curing process generates heat and moisture when the warm air left the tunnel and interacted with the cool early morning hours fear steam was visible and for officials said the building where the steam was spotted houses appointment designed to move a massive door used to access the tunnel and the rail cars containing contaminated equipment were last place here in one thousand nine hundred six work in the area returned to normal operations just after the precautionary take was lifted the company did say that surveys continued throughout the weekend verify that there was no release of hans or vista material and they are now using the term water vapor as opposed to steam the latest incident comes more than a year after a twenty foot section of another tunnel caved in no major injuries were reported to
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him for nuclear sites which has been decommissioned employs about nine thousand workers whose may not. object is to clean up the toxic waste reported in new york trading charges are t. . bone least like clarify between steam i don't water vapor growth here biology is to. have fun trying to figure out the difference to those two. here so one of the things you know about this they hampered say it is that it was a plutonium manufacturing site so the first nuclear bomb tested at the trinity site was put on me and was from there as well as the plutonium that went into which would be the bomb that was the nuclear bomb detonated over nagasaki japan seventy three years ago this is one of the i mean thankfully no one was hurt thankfully you know apparently there with no radioactive materials or energy was released into the
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air. you know but cars have to go i understand marijuana so i am not really you know now by and after everything we've seen over the years i understand a sick scepticism look i mean the united states has over ninety thousand metric tons of nuclear waste that requires disposal the us commercial power history alone has generated more ways than any other country with nearly eighty thousand trees. the spent nuclear fuel is enough to build a football field about twenty meters deep. according to the department of energy the u.s. government's nuclear weapons program is generate about fourteen thousand metric tons that there's a lot of nucular waste and a d. plus infrastructure to yeah and the biggest problems is that the waste is stored where it's made so you've got about eighty sites in thirty five different states which covers a lot so the amount of waste is expected to go up about one hundred forty or forty
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thousand metric tons over the next couple of decades obviously if the new nuclear war brave whatever it is goes on that. the more because the more that is produced and the more weapons produce the more waste we will have and the worst thing to talk about earlier today is that we don't like you mentioning most nuclear waste all stored at these sites run across the country as opposed to even just one site but contains are we going to have one site no i mean there's the yucca mountain in nevada but that. hasn't so. they don't know it's going to be. you know but don't worry we have made sure that you know servers full of all of our information that's stuffed up there somewhere in caps trade or maybe just put it where the. t.v. . watchers are going to let us know what you think about topics recovered facebook
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and twitter see our poll shows that r t coming up author and human rights lawyer dan koval like joins us to discuss the recent resilient presidential election the controversial kind of the year. and then we will look at the human kindness that can come out of tragedy stay to. what politicians do something that. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some wanted. to go right to the press this is like the full story in the morning can't be good.
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i'm interested always in the why is it the. first sit. in twenty four to you know bloody revolution of. the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know lawyer here i mean you know liz put the video in the new bill is that i'm spoiling you know to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four. those who took part in this today over time. a billion dollars to assist ukraine in these another goal that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. i've been saying the numbers. they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten thousand dollars more in tempe
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each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the old bridge the point six percent market sorry thirty percent was one of your somewhat four hundred to five hundred three per circuit for sure and one rose to twenty thousand dollars . china is building two point one billion dollars a are you industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember it was one show you know for a minute the one and only. i . know liberalism used policies like fiscal austerity financial deregulation free trade and the privatization of public assets in order to shrink the size and reach of government as
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a whole but while you liberalism has had some success in other countries brazil is not one of them and fact male liberal policies caused massive debilitating inflation when implemented in the one nine hundred ninety s. by two thousand and fifteen the majority state owned oil company petrobras was mired in a scandal so big it's called the largest corruption scandal in brazilian history in the end then president dilma rousseff was impeached and removed from office and twenty sixteen since then many of wondered what direction the latin american country would take and with the election of what many are describing as a. far right naslund naro to the presidency many wonder if a swing in the opposite direction is the answer vote or and brazilian citizen carlos alberto does silva told the atlantic quote i don't think he's great but i want to see if he can change things because we have to do something about security and about education and the economy to me every tries to install a dictatorship the senate and every one else would stop them right now joining us
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now to help us understand the future and brazil's past is author of human rights attorney dan koval and whose new book the plot to control the world how the u.s. spent billions to change the outcomes of elections around the world has shelves this november welcome dan thank you very much tabitha there always a pleasure to have you on the show and i want to start by saying look like most politicians you know brazilian president is are your boss know made a lot of promises bold statements from the some of his wealth the least we can say is in some very common during the election you can use the same excuse trouble well it's all just talk blah blah blah blah blah is. as dangerous dangerous to democracy in brazil from what you've seen and what you've studied down there. well tyrrell i believe he is i believe he's a threat to democracy in the entire region. he's been very open about the fact that he supported. the nine hundred sixty four d'etat which was
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a military coup against a democratically elected president i should describe this in my book the us was very much behind that coup and we see echoes of that coup today in fact it has to be pointed out that while an arrow was democratically elected as you know in terms of the vote. right now that there were two preconditions to his even being you know in the ballpark to run and that was the impeachment of president dilma and the jailing of former president lula da silva. both of those were many of us believe were improper. amounted to soft to say that were supported very directly by the united states by the way and had little of the sylvan up in jail had he been able to run.
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for office he would have won with about eighty percent of the vote and so this was really a coup by the right wing and they are now in control of the government in brazil and i think are very open about the fact they're willing to use the military to exert their will in their country. well some of the polls in brazil are showing that only about about twenty at least twenty five percent of people who voted for both did it not because they supported his vision but to punish the sort of politics as usual in fact example exit polls actually said that because you know it's mandatory or compulsory voting there that thirty percent of voters cast either blank votes or abstained completely is this more of what we've seen from the bracks that vote the election of trump in the u.s. and and show that these votes are about really the system is broken these
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governments are broken and not about sort of turning back the clock to these. days earlier days of social horribleness come up with a better term. yeah i think that's a fair statement i don't think that you know most people were intentionally voting for fascism in brazil and i think many people will rue the day that they spoiled their ballots or voted for both scenario but again i think it's important to note that they do see a system that broken ironically though it's the right wing that's now in power they broke it. by their attack again still ma and lula disengaged and it's strange that they were rewarded for that. by this vote but yeah i do think that there's going to be a lot of buyer's remorse amongst the voting population and you're going to see that
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very quickly you know it's interesting when you look at like the you know when governments are leaders kind of want to push something the the populace doesn't necessarily want one of those controversial ideas that you expand gun ownership in brazil to combat crime but polls show that most people there don't support that. will it matter at the other day when it seems that the left and the right voting blocs in brazil want something done about the crime rates but you know their leaders are going to do the exact opposite of what they ultimately want and we see that across the border around the world you know why is there such a detachment here do you think even in countries like brazil from like the leadership to the people and what the people ultimately want. well again under under the presidency of louis silva brazil actually did a very good job of combat ing inequality combat in poverty. it did make inroads into combating crime did a lot to protect the environment so actually there was
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a lot of progress towards what people wanted under lula's terms in office and in fact time magazine several years ago to lula da silva is the most influential leader in the world he is now sitting in jail. illegally in fact noam chomsky just went to visit him. a few weeks ago so again i think that that context just has to be out there and people have to realize that in fact brazilians goals were being met under lula and he now rots in jail and there's been almost no protest in the western media or by western governments about that fact about this very popular leader sitting in jail as a fascist comes to power in brazil one of the things i thought was really interesting is in your new book the plot to control the world you did talk about
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you know they nine hundred sixty four crew that you know the one that a wall of paulson are saying like a big worry we could go back to that that coup was literally a u.s. backed government coup. do you consider these votes for someone like him to be kind of the backlash to u.s. interference as an elections. well what i see it as more of as again in addition to the there popular leader being sidelined they also see the vote as desperation you know we let's face it world capitalism is now in huge crisis throughout the world. and the sad thing is that in other times in fairly recent history there was a choice you could move towards the left. to try to solve those problems
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of capitals crisis or you could choose the right the problem is right now the right is much better work throughout the world than the left again that's true brazil in large part because of what the right wing did to undermine the left there and will continue to do but in general after the collapse of the soviet union to put a finer point on it. you know a lot of people saw their only protest against you know that the left needs to reorganize in brazil and in the united states to give people an alternative to to an economic system that is failing them. well let me ask you a real quick i want to you know we've got a caravan of of refugees that are coming from central america obviously up through mexico at the united states what we have a couple minutes left what are your thoughts on that and do you think this is you know that that is part of an organized effort to sort of show you know is this
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a protest or is this just literally be a fact of interfering in the drug war is than or and elections and all of that we got a couple minutes left and. yes i think it's all the above first of all and again i do happen to mention this in my book most of the refugees are from honduras and they are fleeing a very repressive government that again the u.s. very much helped to bring to power in two thousand and nine with the two against president and well the lie of others are coming from guatemala which the u.s. interfered in for many decades supporting very brutal military dictatorships there . so yes what we're seeing is the results of very. negative interference by the u.s. in these countries. people are i believe in this
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caravan as it's being called one to protest but also yes to legitimately flee unlivable situations in countries that we have made on livable not only by political and military intervention but by global warming which is making it impossible for many farmers to grow food in these cuts. yes and again the u.s. has been historically the biggest contributor to global warming and so we see the effects of u.s. policies of failed u.s. policies in this caravan the snow now coming to the border and i fear what the u.s. might do to prevent them from entering the u.s. i could but you know i think we're all a little scared of what's going to happen there especially when you're suddenly sudden you know troops to meet people coming to the border ben i got to say thank you so much for coming on to day which is going to new books coming out the plot to control the world how the u.s. but billions to change the outcome of elections or old world who chose works week
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thank you so much jim for coming on. thank you. the qur'an says that the equal not equal are the good deed and the bad and the case of this weekend's shooting at a pittsburgh synagogue that left eleven dead the good deeds that came and the tragedies way were much more powerful than the bad man's actions within twenty four hours of the shooting the muslim american community of pittsburgh had raised twenty five thousand dollars for the victims' families in forty eight hours they had increased and surpassed a new goal of seventy five thousand dollars increasing at a rate of two thousand dollars an hour it is now sitting around one hundred forty thousand with a no new goal of one hundred fifty thousand dollars and initially organized by celebrate mercy and m. power change the campaign hopes to help provide for the immediate and short term needs of the injured victims and their grieving families and while the campaign is
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open to all faiths nearly seventy percent of the contributors are coming from those of muslim faith may the losses of daniel stein choice feinberg richard godfried roy smiling or jerry rubin to cecil and david rosenthal bernie and sylvan simon melvin wax and irving younger bring about more love than the hate. that made it possible made their communities become stronger in their struggle may our love always be much more valuable than our hate it's. beautiful stuff to see if there's like the false apostles that are just of the it. like a sub my goodness come come from tragedy and we need more goodness the word of the tragedy is that part of her body that is our show for you today remember of all of this world we are not told we love them up so i tell you all i love you i rolled winter up and on top of the lawless keep on watching those logs of the great day and night it was but.
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as a trumpet ministration pulls out of a key arms control agreements nato conducts a massive exercise in the arctic is a new front being opened up and it seems the saudis get away with murder after all . seemed wrong why don't we all just don't call. me that yet to shape out these days to come as a kid and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground.
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just. to get a. look at. that. to them at the next edu party convention i will not run for the chair of the party this fourth time is the last one for me and all merkel says that she will not be running for.


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