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earth headline stories this. coming mid-term election season is the media. the voters even long running since the big bang theory weighs in by sneaking on trump message credit. heisler against territory in
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syria killing more than forty american close to the border with iraq we look into the reasons behind the group's research and. while nato is large scale war games played. iceland's capital. for every year churning in from right to run the world this hour a warm welcome to moscow and to r.t. international on. our top story. with just the week to go until the midterm elections in the u.s. it seems everyone who's anyone else an opinion even the popular t.v. comedy series the big bang theory has an message and it's credits. been reports much of the rhetoric is feeding public this guy. unsocial division but the mid-term
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elections approaching things are getting intense across the united states bombs are being sent through the mail shootings are happening and talk of division is everywhere now in this context you would expect that american media would try to calm people down bring them together well not this time just turn on c.n.n. this president has radicalized so many more people than isis ever did the commentator has sense apologized but trump wouldn't be trump if he didn't fire back there was a woman who was just on c.n.n. a short while ago saying that you have radicalized more people than isis that was c.n.n. tonight well let this be some kind of a sick woman that's media and politicians but entertainment is where americans go to relax maybe have a few good laughs but now a lot of comedians have found a new soapbox to stand on even a show that's about nerds with poor social skills is starting to put up anti trust messages. if you knew of
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divine wisdom believe a fascist hate filled fan mongering demagogic truth shuttering socratic govt cheeta is what we need right now then you know they will be done but if there was inclined to more freedom more love more compassion i submissively oscon that though encouraged to turn out in that general direction h.b.o. comedian john oliver did a piece about state attorney generals there on the ballot in thirty different states come november for some reason he decided to criticize exclusively republican candidates across the country if you live in wisconsin just google brad she will tend thousand dollar coins and you'll learn about how your money is to spend ten grand of taxpayer money on coins reading. which stands for his actual personal motto kicking ass everytime. and music is now all about politics r. and b. star farrah williams is threatening to sue donald trump. because trump supporters
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were listening to his hit song happy while they were waiting for the president to come on stage it seems that some musicians would like to band the make america great again crowd from listening to their music if only they could for a row has not and will not grant you permission to publicly perform the worries broadcast or disseminate any of his music hate campaign advertising in the united states is very closely regulated by law however it seems that a lot of american t.v. not just news but also comedy shows celebrity gossip is taking sides and throwing punches no matter where you go in the united states you can't escape the great american divide say or it was a report of one particular story that donald trump had actually recruited more terrorists than isis ok that was then met with an apology and the apology was then covered and then we covered the coverage of the apology and then whether the coverage of the coverage of the apology over the first statement was excessive so
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the media now are consuming our nudes and you see we talk about living in the bubble we are in the media we believe that everyone sees things the way we do or that they care about things that we do it's for them sounds you think america cares do you think somebody is going to say you know what i was going to vote for whatever but doggone it i watched the big bang theory and i watched this one flash and i changed my mind come on it's vanity license plate. staying stateside it looks like the republican party has lost perhaps its most high profile celebrity supporter in a twitter rant the rapper kanye west said he's being used after being linked to a campaign to convince african-americans to ditch support for the rival democratic party conservative come this owens who was behind the campaign earlier praise the collaboration with west i'm blessed to say that this logo
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these colors were created by my dear friend and fellow super hero kanye west was the word in one tweet west said his eyes were no wind open he's distancing himself from politics it comes just a few weeks after west had a much publicized meeting with donald trump in the oval office in which he preys on the president but he claims he's been used to spread messages he ses he doesn't believe in. well hillary clinton is also facing a backlash after joking that african-americans all look alike many suggested if it had been donald trump uttering the same line the outrage would have been greater she was correcting an interviewer who mixed up two democrat politicians you think of cory booker's and you can comment to him in your kill file i don't know anything
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about him saying kick them in the shins essentially start to get to that kind of political i was eric holder eric holder sorry i know they all look alike no they don't i. made the joke. i was trying to. president i want to go to david to. produce a david duke hillary clinton made the joke. some people think all the chinese thinks the same i mean that is pretty offensive yet one has a mustache one doesn't can't be that. six it's pretty insensitive. especially when they don't look alike at all. i still terrorists gain territory in syria close to the border with iraq killing over forty u.s. box fighters during an offensive there washington had previously claimed almost completely decimated. explains. from all the boasting you may have gotten the idea that muslim mixtape in syria is so two thousand and sixteen the
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coalition to defeat isis has liberated very close to one hundred percent of the territory we've done a good job with those as we have just absolutely decimated but the latest carnage is a clear signal that the terrorists are not ready to buckle just yet they've squeezed every drop of profit from the victory they've been craving for so long from obvious territorial gains to a massive p.r. push they filmed their operation and spoils of war from all thinkable angles it seems even with reinforcements america's proxy ground force the kurds couldn't hold off the surprise onslaught hard choice in casualties down both sides but we will continue to go after them in the weeks ahead i saw the latest propaganda video even includes a not so subtle threat a skyline view of the government controlled town but hold on just how much of
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a surprise was this latest isola tag really short they moved in under the cover of a sandstorm but it's not like the kurds which are in charge of eastern syria didn't know i still was on their porch they have been fighting terrorists in the area for a whole year but despite their best efforts to little success and that could be due to the fact that their effort has been dwindling gradually apart from i saw the kurdish fighters have been focusing on skirmishes with the syrian army and repelling the turkish operation against them in the north this plays into the yard as sounds perfectly since assad's forces are not going anywhere and neither is turkey as president erdogan te's the next phase of what he calls an anti terror operation in syria but don't use them as you know we have started active intervention operations against the terror organization in the last couple of days we will. soon come down hard on the terror organization with more extensive and
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effective operations the united states also has been convincing the world it's hell bent on cleansing syria of terrorists yet he has own it's their area of responsibility where i still strikes well with its bloodiest attack in months and i wonder could it be because american troops are in fact miles away from all the action we don't have a contour a new mission here we have a defeat isis mission that competition between all these forces allows for isis to play back and forth every surrounding neighbor of syria including the syrian government have had other enemies to fight in other concerns isis is always calm number two it's a difficult problem it's also a divided syria because you have a border region where you rocks on one side the syrian the democratic forces on the other backed by the united states and a syrian army backed by russia and iran are on the other there are many players in
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the syrian conflict and all of them are hungry for geopolitical bounty in syria and writing off early means risking another wave of terrorist resurgence. i want to stay in syria a little bit longer because elsewhere in the country tensions are wrapped it just druze are a protest of a local election in the golan heights a disputed territory between syria and israel dozens of locals the nuns to vote as a legal. really. i.d.f. soldiers used tear gas to break up demonstrations when crowds tried to block the entrances to polling stations in several villages many people living in these really occupied area have refused to take office release of this and ship consider themselves syrian it's the first local election since israel took control of the
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golan heights in one nine hundred sixty seven these really government approved the polling last year after an appeal from a prolific relief. that. after more than three years of a devastating war the united states has cold done so to. stop its strikes on populated areas of yemen washington is urging all sides in the civil war to reach a cease fire agreement in the coming weeks according to a just really study the war in yemen has claimed fifty six thousand lives in the past two years riyadh says' it is working hard to reduce civilian casualties.
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however neither concern for yemeni citizens nor the murder of a saudi journalist working for the washington post are enough to stop the united states from dealing on its lucrative weapons contracts with saudi arabia political science professor colin campbell so yes the u.s. has no interest in sanctioning the saudis or ending yemen's war something has triggered this and the only thing possible is that it has to do with. this is more of a message to saudi arabia that what the u.s. is going to do is this. it's all other was the u.s.
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they have to. i would doubt that they're going in this conflict because if they really want to be in this they can just kind of sending weaponry to saudi arabia well as. so i mean it's one of you and. an independent movement on the. what they're trying to do. and then. the war in a different way. with. guidance. the british government is also under scrutiny for its role in arming the saudis it is the second largest supplier of arms to riyadh the u.k.'s middle east minister was grilled contentious parliamentary committee hearing on tuesday do you have a problem with condemning an international violations of international
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law incomplete mistakes and made the only thing that we don't do is she press the button to drop the bomb i'm surprised that all those who need to defend themselves . or graves targeting civilians is going to know if these are where they seem to be a lot of i do not agree with you know i think that was simply to. deny support for the. under threat and so gauged in support of the legitimacy government if we didn't. get to that but it's. nato is holding its largest military exercise since the end of the cold war the drills kicked off last week stretch from the baltic sea to i explained military forces from thirty one countries are involved in the fortnight long maneuvers with
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over fifty thousand personnel two hundred fifty are craft and sixty five ships taking part in all the alliance has even made its own video guide to norway where a large part of the exercises are being held. need to know we're both norway. well while the drills focus on restoring the. aggressor capital has had to replenish one of its core supplies.
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devastating floods it's been a tough twenty four hours for its early reports after the break.
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i have the honor to once again the interview alister croaky is a former e.u. diplomat and founder and director of conflicts forum and of course we're going to discuss the middle east. seems wrong. just don't call. me. yet to stamp out this day become educated and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. join me every thursday on the alex simon shore and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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we're back with our two international a fracking company in britain is calling for rules on gas exploration to be relaxed despite a string of tremors resulting from its drilling activities operations resumed earlier this month after a seven year ban over safety concerns picking up the story for us this hour pauline boyo. what happens when a company's just been given the right to start shale gas extraction but tiny earthquakes keep getting in the way that's the situation in lancashire in the north of england where energy company quadrille are off to months of legal wrangling and protests. started commercial exploratory fracking two weeks ago since then there are already been two so-called microseismic events
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microseismic enough to hold drilling twice. the boss of course driller has the answer the government should just relax the rules and allow the company doing the fracking to frack on even after larger tremors because all the reports of seismic activity are scaring people it may well be that we have reached that time not only for the u.k.
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show gas industry but also to address the concerns of local people who are becoming increasingly worried by reporting of tiny movements in the us which is thousands of times across the u.k. every day as if they were harmful so here's how the traffic light monitoring system works right now think of it as the government's dangerous scale for shale gas extraction anything i have a nor point five on the richter scale is classed as a red light event and means an immediate suspension to drilling so drill now once the red light event to be anything starting from two. two point zero on the richter scale environmentalist on so sure where could reduce fracking at the moment it's a worrying situation and it seems to be going very slowly and cautiously as they should. if you if you then over ground all terrain that's already been historically weakened significantly by
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a historic coal extract conses consequences could be very devastating. and that effectively covers the entire bottom fill you hold of the for king licenses in this country knows where the real problem is. the fracking fam has reasons to be hopeful though over the summer the u.k.'s energy minister said that the current monitoring system is cautious and could be adjusted up puts but the government came to prove that its policy of supporting shale gas extraction is bearing fruit a change in the safety threshold could mean christmas coming early for the fracking frustrated by delays. realistic and exaggerated is how an independent watchdog describes claims by the british government's a bosses they were caught boasting about a scheme for women in the vela ping countries allegedly knowing that the number of
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people who actually benefited from it have been misrepresented. d.f. i.d.'s maternal health programs have had a limited focus on strengthening national health infrastructure and institutions to ensure a sustainable improvement in maternal health. hundreds
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of look sheree sports cars have been destroyed by fire in the northern italian port city of soften up. well the cars were awaiting exports when seawater flooded a storage area causing the trees to explode. in northern italy has been gulf by heavy storms that left eleven people dead the
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harbor a ton of rock below near agenda was badly after its reinforced walls collapsed dozens of the else were left battered on sea front roads while other side aerial pictures show the scale of this struction in the country. as a trade dispute over u.s. metal targets reaches the world trade organization several countries are pushing the global body to review the charges. this collective results of disputes sense woman reflects the serious concern of the membership of the united states actions norway is worried that the united states would offer a proposal to justification that is so evidently divorced from real world security concerns. you may recall donald trump slump the name portraits of ten percent of the many among twenty five percent on steel bach in march america's biggest trade partners retaliated with taxes on a long list of u.s.
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goods by king strategist peter strike thinks trump is not motivated by economic gain to become a highly political highly charged environment you know there's additional political threats that you know if if the rulings don't go in the u.s. is way. that the u.s. would withdraw from the deputy oh it's important to realize that everybody recognizes that the tariff moved in the name of fair trade in the name of security is more from a change of america's strategic position then it is about trade this idea of a read examining a bilateral relationships and redetermine and of these sort of historical relationships and trump is basically blowing them apart and the world is creating a new order where the u.s. is not the central figure and i think you know these so small but powerful moves by the. and other international communities is
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a clear sign that it's moving shifting away from the u.s. as as the primary axis of power. all right our business markets everything in between show starts in a moment spoon bust and i'm back in just over half an hour's time with more global news from r t h q. i wouldn't make this manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling classes can protect themselves. in the final go round certainly the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. million.
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this is says harlan kentucky. voices people were very funny. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the wiser said. that it was a laugh to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened.
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while give easy voth and this as. for unions one thing. yes. the rational. designer one of the few. that the new. zealand. is full of. fortune for the out number a lot of. more than enough to actually.
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put on. this is born boss broadcasting around the world covering the world of business and finance and the impact upon all of us i'm part children washington thank you for being with us we're glad you're on board coming up today we take a look at global homeownership rates and then at some new u.s. housing numbers and we also look at the big apple event in the.


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