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that's right. i've thought. i did i. i think i did. i've i've i. became foreign secretary is grilled by parliament over weapons deals with saudi arabia but admits britain's in no position to negotiate you to come and show interest. or anything just on the trade deal with if you reach for human rights.
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because a british we're going to. trade deals with everyone. on death row to a country wide scandal a christian woman blasphemy case in pakistan sees a right wing islamic party called for the judges to be killed after they overturned her conviction. and kurdish forces in syria hold their operation against islamic state claiming they've come under fire from turkey just as i still gaining ground in the latest offensive. it's eleven o'clock and you're watching all t. international live from our moscow studio with mean a day or two to welcome to the program. the british foreign secretary has expressed shock over the latest information to emerge in the murder case of society journalist jamal khashoggi istanbul's chief prosecutor says khashoggi was strangled
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as soon as he entered the gulf states consulate in the turkish city and his body was then dismembered and disposed off. the show he. is. incredibly shocked. i think i've spoken more openly and more strongly about it. in the foreign minister that i'm aware of but i made it very clear that if the press stories were true. he is increasingly large. it would be completely contrary to all of. the dissident journalist was killed in the society consulate in istanbul at the beginning of october riyadh still claims he was murdered as a result of a fistfight by roque staff members despite international condemnation and pressure to stop arms sale society arabia jeremy hunt says the u.k.
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can't afford to and if the see a choker has the details because such a murder may be quote completely contrary to british values but it doesn't look likely that this will be affecting the trade relationship between the u.k. and it's a long time ally saudi arabia any time soon despite the renewed criticism of this trade relationship with the u.k. selling weapons to the saudi regime having been renewed following this latest scandal one of the issues is that there are some countries which have a very good human rights record that would end up being very salty if we said to them that we're only prepared to sign a trade deal with you if you agree to a human rights clause and i think there is a particular issue that because it breaks it we are going to be a we just signed trade deals with everyone well there we have it u.k. foreign secretary say. saying that trade relationships with everybody are going to be continuing especially in light of bragg's it but this issue of the u.k.
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support of the saudi led coalition in yemen has been at the forefront this week they also saw the middle east minister alistair burt appear in parliament where he was also questioned about the trade relationship between the u.k. and saudi arabia and he also insisted that this relationship is something that does not affect the dire situation with the conflict on the ground the only thing that we don't do is actually press the button to drop the bomb supplies for those who need to defend themselves the amount of rage targeting civilians is going up north if these are aware of is there seem to be an awful lot of them well the u.k. government continues to be insistent that there is no link between the khashoggi murder and its involvement with the saudi led coalition in the war in yemen which as we know now has led to the deaths of as many as fifty six thousand people making
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it all the more shocking to hear that u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt was saying in westminster that it's necessary to wait and see what kind of investigation results are going to come out of the khashoggi case and he also said that it's important to see how saudi arabia will react and potentially promise to not act similarly moving forward in the future or. is still. sealed from britain still. but within the rules i don't see a member of parliament good to. put six thousand people in my constituency out of work so you have to actually get. the product in office probably in your lion. downing street always is to be. exerted pressure behind closed doors and closed doors or of the megaphone diplomacy
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which is practiced by the americans that's not actually the british way of doing things. blasphemy case against a christian woman in pakistan has got one political party calling for so-called religious justice the judges who overturned the woman's death penalty and now facing calls for their own sentencing from islamic hardliners correspondent has more on the scandal. this is us here baby she's just been taken off death row but instead of celebrating a second chance at life sparks anger outrage and mass protests across pakistan i i i think began to fall apart nine years ago while out picking fruit it was a hot day and she drank some mortar yes that was enough to sentence her to death and put her in solitary confinement for almost
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a decade but the real reason is that us here is a christian the other women who were with her that day said she had touched a cup which meant they could no longer drink from it i was beaten and accused of blasphemy with her sentence now overturned how the islamists are demanding what they call religious justice. this is a very sad moment for us we were shocked to hear this news regarding the release order. but we are calling for our government to change their decision. was that it. was pakistan is a religiously conservative country there are only around two point five million christians. making them a minority of just one point six percent of the population to protect islamic authority thus formulas were introduced in the nineteenth century and sara monk the
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strictest in the muslim world it means insulting a religious belief can lead to imprisonment or even death and harsh punishments also stand for those who support the baby take the punjab governor some on to say if he was assassinated by his bodyguard in twenty eleven for wanting to reform these laws the federal minister for religion but they was also killed off the simply calling for her release but from support for the assassinations the rights when pakistan's islamist party or the tail pay began to grow they've called for mass protests if the blasphemy law is touched they even say the country supreme court just as if to himself that they've attending a sentence the patron in chief of t.l.p. mohammad off sol qadri has issued the verdict that says the chief justice and all those who ordered the release of us year deserve death mobs with the basij of
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losing trust in the overall governance and they feel that if there is a problem then the d. d. system may not be. efficient to pick up the issues and come up with the kind of justice in fact. there are cases in matters also via the mob has. killed people but this is not confined to just go on because it is the trust of the on the system . stool. people coming to the courts and coming to the law enforcement agencies and this law has certainly put a why did their best which. there's a course for babies conviction to be held grow as expected that office of asylum abroad will to. the us bag syrian democratic forces which are mostly
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made up of kurdish troops have announced a temporary halt to operations against islamic state on wednesday several kurdish villages were reportedly attacked by turkey near its borders with syria the u.s. has supported kurdish forces in the region washington considers them to be effective fighters against isis or particularly india's or a province. meanwhile on the opposite side of syria i saw terrorists have gained ground close to the border with iraq killing of a forty us by fighters during an offensive but washington had previously claimed eisel was close to total defeat as eagle explains. from all of the boasting you may have gotten the idea that ms alarming state in syria is so two thousand and sixteen the coalition to defeat isis has liberated very close to one hundred percent of the territory we've done a good job with those as we have just absolutely decimated those but the latest
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carnage is a clear signal that the terrorists are not ready to buckle just yet they've squeezed every drop of profit from the victory they've been craving for so long from obvious territorial gains to a massive p.r. push they filmed their operation and spoils of war from all thinkable angles it seems even with reinforcements america's proxy ground force the kurds couldn't hold off the surprise onslaught hard for its incursion tuesday both sides but we will continue to go after them in the weeks ahead i saw the latest propaganda video even includes a not so subtle threat a skyline view of the government controlled town but hold on just how much of a surprise was this latest isola tag really short they moved in under the cover of a sandstorm but it's not like the kurds which are in charge of eastern syria didn't know i still was on their porch they have been fighting terrorists in the area for
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a whole year but despite their best efforts to little success and that could be due to the fact that their effort has been dwindling gradually apart from i saw the kurdish fighters have been focusing on skirmishes with the syrian army and repelling the turkish operation against them in the north this plays into the yard as sounds perfectly since assad's forces are not going anywhere and neither is turkey as president erdogan te's the next phase of what he calls an anti terror operation in syria but don't use them as you know we have started active intervention operations against the terror organization in the last couple of days we will. soon come down hard on the terror organization with more extensive and effective operations the united states also has been convincing the world it's hell bent on cleansing syria of terrorists yet years on it's their area of responsibility where i still strikes well with its bloodiest attack in months and i
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wonder could it be because american troops are in fact miles away from all the action we don't have a contouring in mission here we have a defeat isis mission that competition between all these forces allows for isis to play back and forth every surrounding neighbor of syria including the syrian government have had other enemies to fight in other concerns isis is always calm number two it's a difficult problem it's also a divided syria because you have a border region where you rocks on one side the syrian the democratic forces on the other backed by the united states and a syrian army backed by russia and iran are on the other there are many players in the syrian conflict and all of them are hungry for geopolitical bounty in syria and writing off eisel early means risking another wave of terrorist resurgence as we
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talked with baron s. caroline cox and i'm of the u.k. house of lords has been heavily criticized of our stance on this on syria she hopes that the major powers in the conflict will sit together to find a peaceful solution. i've had very vicious articles about me in. the newspapers like the london times there is a big media that he's very biased and deed and it really does not give an equal representation of the horrific atrocities perpetrated by the jihadists but it's not going to stop me trying to be a voice for the people of syria. many people out there who do supporters and i do find when i do speak in different contexts people just say thank you so much for putting. all the truth from the b.b.c. we knew there was more to it than that in thank you for telling us the other side of the story so there's a lot of appreciation and a lot of latent support waiting to be mobilized and i'm sorry to say that u.k.
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and saudi arabia big time have been supporting the jihad is that just prolongs the suffering the people of syria i think it's unacceptable and my bottom line position is that the people who decide. let's stop intervening proxy wars and i've managed to find out questions in parliament that the british government has used at least two hundred million pounds of taxpayers' money to support the hardest related groups i think this is unacceptable i think a lot of british people would be very worried by that and the truth must come out to have a democratic and open discussion and i've said in the houses of parliament in the house of lords that i think russia's been doing the right thing in syria russia's been helping the syrian army to get rid of the jihad is that must be the priority and i really respect russia for doing that and i just hope very much that other interests that influence british and us foreign policy prevent
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a constructive move forward one of the very positive developments again that doesn't get at the publicized. very widespread reconciliation program places that reconciliation programs but it's. well into the hundreds of nazism it's important for rebuilding the community. in syria takes courage minister of reconciliation. and they risked their lives going to some of these places to initiate reconciliation but that is a myth simple way forward and again that doesn't get covered in the western media. tensions erupted as jews arabs protested a local election in the golan heights a disputed territory between syria and israel dozens of locals denounced the vote as illegal and pro israeli. i.d.f.
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soldiers used tear gas to break up demonstrations when crowds tried to block the entrances to polling stations and several villages many people living in the israeli occupied area have refused to take up israeli citizenship and consider themselves syrian is the first local of action since israel took control of the golan heights in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven the israeli government approved the poll last year after an appeal from israeli villages. we spoke to political analyst who says israel's actions in the golan heights are clearly against international. it's definitely illegal well it's not it's and it's not an opinion by the syrian government it is the decision by the security council of the united nations the united nations issued resolution two forty two that calls upon israel to withdraw immediately from the golan heights from the west bank and therefore under international law they are under occupation the occupying force has no right to interfere with their representation they are supposed to pick their own presentation that is according to international humanitarian law geneva conventions
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that is on one side there on the other side there is also the people in. the golan heights perceived these persons who are who are so-called running for the so-called the elections they are corrupt elements they are collaborators with the enemy with the collaborators with the occupying force they are expecting the people to vote for people who are collaborating with the occupying force that is completely illogical it's impressive that these people in the occupied golan heights. holding on to their national city and identity at a time when so many arab countries are you know are making deals with the israelis it's really interesting that the citizens in the golan heights are not really buying all this they really believe that their rights rights of syrian citizens in syrian land they have the right to be to be in their own country to liberate their country from foreign occupation the syrians are taken to the streets they are not
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just boycotting they're rejecting the entirety of the population that is falsely called a democratic process that isn't there is no democratic process under international law when it comes to occupation the process is supposed to be a local mall between the locals there without any interference from the occupying force. nato has opened its doors for the day with the alliance inviting international observers to monitor its largest military drills since the end of the cold war block secretary general accused moscow of never being transparent with its exercises over the last twenty five years but just last month observers from fifty seven countries attended russia's latest journals and nato was invited to. made to always invite of service to our. exercises russia has not invited the national service to end the exercises the end of the cold war period nato and russia exchanged reciprocal briefings on military exercises in may allied
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military attachés in moscow have been invited to a voluntary observation of the exercise the nato exercises are already underway stretching from the baltic sea in eastern europe all the way to iceland in the west of the continent military forces from thirty one countries are involved in the fortnight long intervals with over fifty thousand personnel two hundred fifty aircraft and sixty five ships involved political analyst chris bambery thinks that will fit into a larger picture of nato has built up on russia's periphery what they are troubled by is the i'm to thrash around to explain why it's needle who's launching the biggest military exercise they've hired since the cold war along russia's borders and that military exercise isn't just a one off what we're seeing here we should remind ourselves is the creation of a permanent needs or presence on the very borders of russia they're in violation of promises given to former soviet president gorbachev that nato would not expound
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into eastern europe that has happened and therefore all of this must be put inside a perspective of that need to expansion and the fact that no need to are in the very borders of russia and that is something which is glossed over so it's not just a simple question of a one of military exercise this comes on the back of a build a building up of a permanent build your presence while it will focus on restoring the region sovereignty after an attack by a fictitious aggressor the icelandic capital has had to plan issue one of its core supplies.
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only the fighting the overwhelming force. of fracking company in britain is calling for rules on gas exploration to be relaxed despite a string of tremors resulting from his drilling activities operations resumed earlier this month after a seven year ban over safety concerns but now those tremors have come back again. takes up the story. what happens when a company's just been given the right to start shale gas extraction but tiny earthquakes keep getting in the way that's the situation in lancashire in the north of england where energy company quadrillion after months of legal wrangling and
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protests. started commercial exploratory fracking two weeks ago since then there have already been to microseismic events microseismic enough to halt drilling. u.k. shell gas industry but also to address the concerns of local people who are becoming increasingly worried by reporting of tiny movements in the us which is thousands of
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times across the u.k. every day as if they were harmful so here's how the traffic light monitoring system works right now think of it as the government's danger scale for shell gas extraction anything over nor point five on the richter scale is classed as a red light event and means an immediate suspension to drilling so for drilling wants the red light event to be anything starting from two point zero on the richter scale environmentalists aren't so sure where quite true is for a king at the moment it's a worrying situation and it seems to be going. very slowly and cautiously as they should. if you if you then over ground or terrain that's already been historically weakened significantly by historic coal extract conses consequences could be very devastating.
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and that effectively covers the entire boman fails half of the for king licenses in this country knows where the real problem is. the fracking family has reasons to be hopeful though over the summer the u.k.'s energy minister said that the current monitoring system is cautious and could be adjusted up woods where the government came to prove that its policy of supporting shale gas extraction is bearing fruit a change in the safety threshold could mean christmas coming early for the fracking frustrated by delays. news for now i'll be back at the top of the hour with more but first here a lot international it's a middle east trajectories peter lavelle interviews i was to put.
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you on the union once like your self so yeah. rational. design for a lot of the media. that the new doc was a. dumb the cool mutable up like peter zimmer. to them. small fortune in the. fortune for the arts maybe a lot about this movie and she just felt she was.
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what the whole. to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more somehow i want to press. you to go on to be press was like well before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. first sydney. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to tikrit the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just the war here but i mean you are liz put in the new bill is that i mean you explain you know to the former ukrainian president
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recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took boat had invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. iraq. thank you but i don't think. i. remark that sometimes. i have the honor to once again the interview allister croaky is a former e.u.
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diplomat and founder and director of conflicts forums and of course we're going to discuss the middle east. i was sure it's great to have you back in moscow and i think continued the conversation we had about seven months ago because everything we talked about some months going still going on now i want to i want to mention istanbul for politicians and one country in that country obviously in syria we had this meeting with merkel want putin krohn in istanbul the us wasn't there what do you take away from the i think it's very symbolic first of all i mean it says very clearly that the whole political process has moved away from geneva from new united states to sochi to a stand to rusher in the leaves and know the very important symbolic event of two european leaders being present patted participating i don't think much
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substance came out of this meeting but the importance was that the europeans took part in this starting to engage with a sad and with president putin and that is very much the key thing and it's really part of what we see happening to i think also quite striking.


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