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i'm going to get other men out of these times or better but. nothing to them if you can you give them but. i looked up. the title of the struggle to go i'm going to spend it was pretty typical of my b.-o. but it was good fun if you're going to do it because. her. good her it was serious don is the mountainous region between pakistan and afghanistan a self-proclaimed but i'm recognised states populated with disaffected custom tribes it's been deemed as a taliban stronghold since two thousand and one the pakistani government has so far been unable to regain control of the area. malik claims to have been personally targeted by at least four drone strikes since two thousand and ten. was it a stunning to go in this time it was no.
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but to be a. long hill . to face like. sean westmoreland is a former drone communications technician since leaving yes he struggled to come to terms with the role he played in the u.s. drone program. yeah i was i was sleeping in the back of this truck all the way for about a quarter of last year's. growth in fear i mean psychological issues. so yeah the fed back there a little space here and sleeping on top of the mountain wasn't getting the help i needed and you know i'm so sick. kind of funny
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a lot of issues back in october and. you know i had slipped at the the bridge. a couple of nights and i was. seriously planning on jumping. and. i decided that. i shouldn't do it i should i should get help than i should. you know you probably have somebody else. taking care of me for a certain amount of time. there is a member of the community that was nice enough to allow me to basically say this place and be that the groundskeeper here for about a year. i haven't really had a stable place to stay up until now but i had gardening knowledge so you know when you're in the military your chief purpose is mostly to destroy things.
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you know i have been dealing with that for a while. so. having i mean you know the ability to work on plants and stuff like this is kind of feeling for me. because i'm going you know from using my creative energy to destroy things to creating life. well so it was thank you very much for directions i look forward to meeting you. yeah thank you very much. i arranged to meet at the new mexico state university flight center the sense of where integrates an unmanned aircraft into regular international airspace and these people know everything there is to know about joe. i did twenty nine years the united states navy any type of intel is good intel when you're not
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choosing a pilot's life that's even better plus when you think about it in the future is unmanned an f. sixteen can take a probably a fifteen or twenty degree turn the problem is the pilot passes out at nine or ten g. so if you take the pilot out does that make it a better fighter aircraft well sure it does because now it turns tighter it goes faster it just doesn't want. these are excellent tool some not so we always say this isn't a solution it's a choice. the flu the tiger shark in afghanistan or iraq and this aircraft and so iraqi police get to go without leaving the base you can see you know countryside out there. without having to worry about get shot down yeah yeah. so the b.s.a. is they keep people safe yeah there are some operations were when i was flying. you
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know troops are in contact you know they told us to go down and fly low you could try to draw fire oh really ok and they were able to get people out because they were. firing at us from. the movement for justice is a political party in pakistan it's taliban branded its leader opposition politician emraan khan and infidel and even wanted him dead we met at his home in islamabad now under constant armed guard he's one of pakistan's most popular politicians organizing rallies that attract thousands of followers he doesn't believe the conflict can be solved militarily neither in afghanistan or pakistan i feel that this is a violation of human rights it killing people by these drones basically sitting on a screen and eliminating people dehumanizing them treating them.
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as if you know from some other planet not giving them basic rights approving the innocents i mean it violates all norms of justice they claim they have intelligence that shows that there are terrorists. they're bombing villages their villages their their houses their mud houses the bombing them and then that think that the bone when it's when it busts when it's spent is that the shrapnel knows exactly who was a terrorist and who's a woman and who's a child who's a grandmother i mean there is so many instances of people being killed who had nothing to do with the terrorism and and then those who call terrorist sometimes they claim that they've killed a terrorist and then you see he's alive so who have they killed. i received a performance report resist which was intended for like promotional purposes. that was it said that isis and she doesn't want to close air support missions and two
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hundred plus enemy kills we asked there are several of us that ass you know how many civilians died and they wouldn't tell us but if you understand the areas that we're covering and you were to look at the unanimous report on the amount of civilian casualties that happened that year. there would be somewhere around three hundred fifty nine. you can understand in a way that ok americans maybe don't see that their actions are in fact fewer langmore terrorism but why does the pakistani government's not put more pressure in order to stop this program and on its own land all the seas dollars and if you pay them enough dollars they're willing to. allow americans to bomb their own country which is an ally of the u.s. i guess that is a u.s. ally in this war on terror so it's never happened in history where we're
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a country is bombed by its own ally god god god oh. oh . but blackout. knew about from as a journalist from north waziristan whenever there is any drone strike local people call him so he can document the number of innocent civilians killed. some money was used on me but. for those hoping that i come to be drawn from gold at the top of the models was essential to one minute i did that they are like a taxi home for you are drawn compliment. the other cup of argument will happen. maybe they need think that i think you may need.
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these days that i know where you are in the world the chances are you're being watched and with a seemingly unstoppable proliferation of drones privacy may be a thing of the pasta military jones who resorts in the deaths of thousands of innocent people and to strike anytime anywhere so it's one thousand meters in the yeah you probably won't have the slightest idea you'll be watched and if the itzhak won't see it coming. relationship banks but recommend trouble couples to keep talking to each other this advice would also apply to president putin and president truck on the eve of the second meeting is it enough to pull the us russia relationship out of crisis.
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be global economy's been dead since two thousand and eight and through the. a lot of money has been animated and kept alive it looked like something was going on there but now those transfusions of cash are ending because interest rates are going to start ticking up so now that rotten stinking corpse of the global economy is going to start smelling really bad people are going to start bailing out of stocks technology stocks housing stocks. semiconductor stocks yeah right they just like sell sell sell sell sell sell sell and then of course you could have markets out twenty thirty forty fifty sixty percent. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and that was one of my goals hoping when the board doesn't implement because of the dog of this is going to do through the. woods as that's gone into the sea at the most of them proprietary software you don't know the source code
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isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating who probably go to microsoft's dependency puts governments on to cyber threats not only that think. more. and so this is an easy sell in the sense this is a woman who will soon be looking to move south and these two will do. with. these this is the i still. don't miss the old vision stopping the wars in student loans and fund is up and these cards of the fund. the talk of impending war around the world is on the increase the great power speak openly on the need to prepare for a conflict what does this tell us if anything it appears to be a sign the global order they came into being optimist second world war and the cold
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war has come to an end what is replacing it. what do you think through the back room front right. thank you well maybe m. back you're going to. be shown a bill in the paper if it's your choice the minute it is your wedding that american brand will be made if you don't come to the world and wear it in the back that way when we do we're going up for stamps we have to turn around and come back this way . forty fifty me mostly. see the face just behind me is a sign with those statistics the number of victims killed in all the different countries where drones have been used on
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a sign that says just say no war. so it is not just the far east to. a killing up to nine outs and innocent people it's the fact of the killing people anyway the fact you know the united states does not have the right to defend no sometimes i think i get frustrated because the the most tragic part of the children that get yeah but sometimes the civilian is you know imprecise too much and it's just the idea of assassination of women you know. they say is code pink an organization founded and run by a group of women campaigning to end u.s. wars and militarism today they're protesting against creech air base but of all the people i met i was keen to talk more to underwrite a former army colonel and u.s. diplomats. creech drone base is the only place really in the world where you can see drones taking off and landing they're the practice vehicles for drone
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pilots that are just learning to control them you know and then we'll start controlling them in afghanistan or pakistan and somalia yemen who knows really where they will. it's also the base not only for u.s. military pilots and contractors and cia but also the british for years have had drone pilots and if you look way back in there at those facilities you know back in there somewhere are the actual control pods where the pilots that are controlling them in afghanistan and pakistan sure. we know that in this midst of thousands of cars to come in every morning and believe. that there are drone pilots that may have just killed somebody in afghanistan or pakistan may have killed a wedding party or. whatever you don't know he's a kid i don't know. if you know here to protect you.
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if you're at the end if you know everybody so i just like the deal with them for. me. to tell my children or your own merits implies. that you're on the clock i mean i think that anything to be called think lady people might think. well i think that person almost like to go yeah it's crass here you didn't hear it it went yeah it's amazing you're compassionate what do you think that we're like ally sorry to interrupt him is like faceless mosques is kind of the face of the victims of the jones i don't want force mr best. the commissioner is a criminal is pretty good you can come out with fascinating in the evil he should be arrested let's not it would be treated with the funds watch anything nothing else to man up there right there you know right. from
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the current you. my last thing. really i was expecting the protests to be a bit bigger if i'm honest or about the people you know. what affects small protests is going to have on the people people entering the base the government. karim khan lives in waziristan and there's another drone victim his relatives still i
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didn't want to track. in that c.b.o.t. them c b bus but i've got to be. you know took the. butt of the michael that could even bend this in a meter mouthpiece kill us once again. i am. focused on the lawyer for defense the rights of drone attack victims he says the problem is almost never discussed because victims simply have nowhere and nobody to turn to. drone strikes have been taking place in more speed north.
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of the country because many reasons but. to put it very simply it's a black hole of information. so this is what's been recovered from waziristan you know from most of our sites we actually have. pictures of people who have been killed by these and as i was as well so what we did is like in two thousand and twelve we did. negative vision very powerful so for example in this religion on such and such a date this was i was at a word from a house that killed six people including cleared those. one child. the nightmares about standing in
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a village trying to get the kids to come home to me. and to some shelter in their own just standing out want to be drones and. you know before anybody could really get them to come in they. exploded. so i would need to make matson was also. to basically don't let just goes on the country lecturing about drones so we should people in stores house. i was expensive and you go. put the drug yeah like a drone i won't make a lower speed so these are the four hellfire and the two bombs i'm assuming yes it's all right these are all these are all laser guided bombs and missiles ok and
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i'm in the hellfire missile. it was made for use against trucks armor you know tanks and and buildings and so when it's used against people and then the course this is the camera. here ok you know it was used to target people so the whole message of this tip to people in other countries is terror this shows places in africa where. it's known that there are drone bases or drone operations of some kind. and one of the questions was about fram stein i think most people in germany are not in favor of drone war but the united states has. a. drone relay information control center and rob stein and it seems to be very critical
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information coming from creech air force drone control center in the united states to rob stein and then through satellite the drones might be controlled to attack in yemen or afghanistan or iraq somalia. so it seems that rob stein is very critical node in this. to find out more about germany's role of consequence simply to address it without a lawyer defending the rights of the survivors of
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a drone strike in yemen. you. complaining against sea german government especially as they bring forward so use of the ramstein air base can you explain to last the legality or illegality of germany allowing the u.s. to his ranch that as a relay base yes we see that see use soft drones of thrones buzzing united states for example in yemen. it's a violation of international law because. many people are killed say or menacing. millions are killed in yemen and that's unlawful under international law standards it's also unlawful under drama law standards. to get cancer then i didn't read the book you think we had better. just. stop ramstein activists call me schmitz is driving us to the airbase on our
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way he tells us that the movement has grown dramatically in the few months since it was founded and see thousand and fifteen the groups first rally in september was one of the biggest protest marches against the american air base for twenty years so many things i think that. there is. a little more american than german really yes it is totally true but it is you guys are so out there i leave it at eighty dollars and into town and with these hours and americans. to mention i didn't. even know what happened. you know that they control they killed maybe four dollars and people would buy drole india icon told buy it i'm shot i am born in. the navy we reach for mom stein. and it is my duty to say no to the. i don't know if i need to be
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successful my success is to do wheat every year fourteen thousand airplanes go in over my house. well not necessarily there's a very small drone call this an eagle drone activist named matson says you a piece will soon be capable of making autonomous decisions about who to carry and there is. research that goes on around you know as far as we can gather using. digital imaging people's faces to be put into the computer so that they can the drone can identify individual people ok on if. the idea there would be if you are drone pilots who don't want to fly drones just yet there are other drone pilots and what the drones do the job. form
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a drone communications technician shawn westmoreland still haunted by night mess believed to tomorrow's drones will not be troubled by human conscience. machine learning. machines designed to make kill decisions. that's a little time for us to talk. about. thank. the police the moment i've seen lately can you imagine what will happen later on the loop we've seen this happen for how many years now you must wonder what will it save for them it's put on them so it was special no know how much money gums interest making from me exactly just recently we had once again another example in pakistan the drone strike and we had this i don't want to kill the guy from
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afghanistan exact exactly right so we had the pakistani government slamming the u.s. for violating its sovereignty but the current this all different war how many times i want to believe a challenge. i find. so incredible the. people in the united states except this as a we're fighting to. this should be some growth the bill winning the war on. no no. of course with support for the bubble for them i'm out of but true but i had a bill on the album of the i'll let it out by july but that is kind of been trouble did anybody but not be on the web.
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even. because i live the good feel confident. we have many things in this world this is an email for everyone why don't some peoples also take our things all the power just for themselves and to see another
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human. being. and. rational. desire for one of the thief.
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fortune for the op maybe a lot about this more than any of such financial. people .
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given the way in which the last ten recent acts were programmed structured using european logistics these as you can see and for me there's a certain desire to change the way of life change the society in frogs. was. a small english town gets a shock as its run down streets appear in a republican attack ad in the u.s. . russia space agency says a faulty sense that caused a failed rocket launch last month in which the two man crew safely ejected.


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