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with. these this is. the host i'm done with the all business stopped and there was a sting of all the fun is up in these crowds and the fine. subscribe to read people also get already called in for just twelve euros fifty per month. six talk here a moscow in the headlines this hour a flood of fakes make it on to facebook as an independent test of the site's new to try to curb misinformation discovers it's far from robust we've got the story coming up as well a rundown english seaside village ends up front and center in the u.s.
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midterm election come after mistakenly being used to illustrate a dystopian future in the states we pay a visit to said village. a lot plainer we don't want to eat in america how. many want to come study would say become a sticks in people's faces yes just you know. south korea or does japan to pay significant damages to steel workers who were coerced into forced labor during the second world war we look at what's reigniting the country's future right now. and for more and makes us juvenile detention center when a payout to stuff forced them to take part in fight nights for the entertainment of . the guards would be laughing and keeping watch so prominently it was for entertainment of the guards.
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good evening this is international live from moscow as the first of our headlines than today people posing as political candidates russian trolls even i still facebook struggling to live up to its transparency pledge it made of late but continuing it seems to approve fake advertisement from fake sources the tech giant introduced a new tool us months to curb misinformation on his platform doesn't hold his takes a closer look whether it's working on will remember how the zouk evolved to protect your news feed from fakes arguably the biggest problem of modern times we're going to take a number of measures from building in deploying new ai tools that take down fake news to growing our security team to more than twenty thousand people to making it so that we verify every advertiser who's doing political an issue well the issues but again we can't prevent all governments from all interference but we can make it harder we can make it much harder and again baseball is unveiling
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a new so-called war room facebook has created what it's calling the war room where teams of patrolling for fake news misinformation and meddling to multiple scandals in a big brainstorm but also it was finally found now will no shady sponsor can post political ads without proper vetting and verification the social media giant even made this sleek video to make sure you appreciate their efforts there was never anything that delivered the same kind of visibility into who paid for political content on facebook until today ads really had to politics have information about who paid for them with crucial u.s. midterm elections just around the corner surely no one would be allowed to get the upper hand out of round the new controls except they did. big time facebook's not meeting that higher standard of transparency we received approval by political ads on facebook and claim they were paid for by major political figures in just about an hour they passed facebook's approval process that's
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a little awkward but while the few posts slipping through the net could be understandable some of the ads were just obvious the journalist took me most allegedly shared by russian trolls back in twenty sixteen like this one jesus arm wrestling satan published it on a page called ratatouille for senate and disclosed the funding as paid by islamic state you couldn't make it up this mean was published in mike pence his name the page ninja turtles p a c in fact the only time advertising was denied was when they posed this hillary clinton or mark zuckerberg himself when asked how this could have happened facebook said well it isn't perfect but we'll try harder in four students isn't perfect and we weren't so poor people trying to game the system but we have made it much harder and we will continue to improve since then a near identical experiment took place with a similar result journalists managed to get approval for ads paid for by cambridge analytic
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a notorious political consultancy banned from the site after dragging the company into a huge scandal earlier this year so there you have it two years of investigations congress hearings and political battles against all blind trolls and smart well funded adverse stories the result even more possibilities for ridiculous trolling what can't help but ask what is the problem with the state of american politics was the really in the dodgy ads this idea that it is now their responsibility and they're qualified to take on this responsibility to determine what is in isn't real news to determine what is in is in valid political information to determine what is in is in free speech. each that's just ridiculous i mean it's absolutely ridiculous to to assume that this company should be in charge of that this idea that facebook is going to tell us what our real political ads quote unquote and what aren't and
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what is real news and what is in and what should be free speech and what shouldn't be giving them this overreaching censorship power is absolutely ridiculous meantime another tech giants feeling the heat google stuff staged women's walkout on thursday in protest over the company's handling of sexual misconduct claims and a ridge fever pitch after revelations that a high profile executive at allegedly begin given a golden handshake of nearly ninety million dollars despite allegations of sexual misconduct against him but for many google stuff taking part of this week's industrial action the problem is bigger it's not my case they said they're demanding changes to the take the most work culture more generally including greater transparency when settling harassment cases the company's value to address the issue. an english seaside village is fine it's of getting some unwanted attention in the u.s. midterm election campaign follow me on this one j. wick sands is known locally as one of the u.k.'s most deprived areas but images of
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its dilapidated streets appeared on a republican party poster polly boy care explains why. what links this essex seaside town to the upcoming u.s. mid-term elections and insensitive political advice that's what locals here in j week sans in essex have been left feuding ofter a pro trump republican candidate for the senate for the state of illinois used a photograph of j. wick sands on his social media feed as an anti advertisement so the caption next to the photograph read only you can stop this from becoming a reality but the problem is the picture wasn't quite reality the image of jay wick sans that he used was taken several years ago and since then the local authorities have made quite a few improvements to the local area so the locals there are all rather cross country to try to park in america are and then you come to a cover of
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a walking joy and you see the different plane. when it is in america we don't leave room or for the right now again i was iraq and everything america are we here is just let's say we can referee it winds come in use an old fire of africa somewhere and say look you're going to look like this is the bad news. and that's no you shouldn't use that bullies are going to put a good preacher on it we've got a bit of hostility with the camera down there is it kind of is it is do you guys feel a bit kind of burned by the negative press attention that you guys have are yes because of the t.v. show that happened way before yeah now when you want to come study would say they come with sticks in people's faces it's just you know we would you know people don't like it they don't like it or the offending advice has now been removed and dr nick stella's thanks person has issued an apology or cough an apology our
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intent was never to smear to town and to photo not known to us as g week sands in essex we never used a name for us it was an example of a town overburdened by poor governance. which is exactly what we in our district are seeking to provide at every level back in two thousand and ten and two thousand and fifteen the government named the area as the most deprived in england in fact i was here to report on it at the time the time was thought up as a holiday resort for city dwellers back in the one nine hundred twenty s. these are all meant to be summer houses but because rents was so cheap people started living here all year round some parts of the town like tarmac roads street lighting or even pavements the last few shops that were here have been boarded up unemployment is rife in the town in fact sixty two percent of the people that live here depend on welfare payments.
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and the town isn't exactly a luxury seaside resort it is still a deprived area and even though local authorities have been keen to stress that they have invested in new roads and new drainage systems it could use more money there is some hesitation when you talk to the locals as well they don't want to talk to the cameras they've been burned before by bad press and they're keen to turn the image of the town around some concede that they could definitely use more investment but it's not up to politicians in america to judge their hometown one interesting suggestion came from the director of a documentary about j. which she said that dr nick stella should come over here and she could show him around the town and so he can see for himself all the improvements that have been made i get the sense that the locals here would have one or two things to say to him. for teenagers who removes the u.s.
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juvenile detention center of one of the a one hundred ninety thousand dollars settlement offer it was revealed the guards forced them to take part in so-called fall nights the lawsuit says two guards let youngsters out of the. cells into a larger room to fight each other for him to tell human boys he didn't want to do battle forced into bouts with tougher and might's well the gods watched is claimed the clashes took place weekly during a three month period in twenty sixty more from the boy's attorney there was a tradition that went back several years we were told and it was called fight night and on friday nights in particular two guards would let various young men out of their cells and pit them against one another in a particular room and let them take their shirts off and box and one would emerge from the room victorious and one would not and then there were several rounds on any given friday night the videos that we saw would show the the guards would be laughing and keeping watch so predominantly it was for entertainment of the guards
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ages of our clients were approximately sixteen and seventeen they were in the county juvenile justice center for various crimes nothing to outrageous or horrific cuyahoga county authorities apologized. to each and every client except for one who didn't want to partake in this and we hope that there will be a policy change in this particular jail and hopefully jails across the united states. uneasy relations between south korea and japan have suffered another blow tokyo's outrage to the court ruling that awarded south korean still work is over eighty eight thousand dollars compensation for forced labor during the second world war only one of the menace to life. i'm very sad and i'm crying a lot because i'm the only woman it could be pennies for a big company or a whole country's budget but see tokyo is really going to happen at the trial went
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in favor of the only plane of who's still alive all the other south koreans eligible for compensation for being pretty much sent. as slaves to japan during world war two have passed away and i wish the verdict had come earlier he should had my husband would have seen it was a lifelong burden of his and it's really sad thanks to you this way. but the nodding sixty five agreement on wartime claims between the two countries and that meaning all disputes are in the past boom it took the storm fifty three years to break out with the precedent the anti japan sentiment in korea has been brewing for a while to juneau japan's even lost to communist china in a favor ability poll taken by south koreans last month tokyo was meant to take part in a naval event put on by so but the host said there was no way japanese ships would
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fly this flag associated with japan's military past so the sabur eyes navy cut loose and pulled out ever heard of k. pop now that's the kind of territory where you don't really expect to run into that kind of conflict. well after one of these girls sang the japanese anthem in front of the japanese military koreans want to shut her down on t.v. there's even a petition for that on the president's website back to the nine hundred sixty five treaty ironically just three years ago the two countries leaders celebrated its fiftieth anniversary just so you know this woman then president. as the daughter of someone who signed the agreement is now in jail. clearly changed
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mistrust that exists between the country and these still. exists throughout korea both north and for years. here is the brutal occupation by israel in japan which was from one thousand nine hundred forty five still linger and a there is not trust there is concern about a lot of past grievances and issues. in the middle east and the conscription protests turned violent in a city near tel aviv on thursday thirteen ultra-orthodox jews were arrested during the demonstration. i was as a religious group blog traffic while police tried to disperse the crowd military service in israel is compulsory for both men and women but the ultra-orthodox community had been allowed to avoid it in order to study the jewish holy book the torah however last year israel supreme court ruled that that exemption was
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unconstitutional. without international morse code time on the way the us directed sanctions fired now at latin america calling some countries assaulted cradle of communism with more details on that and we check to which way the wind is blowing these days for the next election. talk of impending war around the world is on the increase the great powers on the need to prepare for a conflict what does this tell us if anything it appears to be a sign the global order they came into being optimus second world war and the cold war has come to an end what is replacing it.
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most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race. to stand out of business is just the right questions demand the right answer. question. we just want to go before the your opinion is parliamentary elections polls making easy reading for the blogs ruling parties vote to preferences to be veering towards more radical quarters and what could lead to an unprecedented shake up in european
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politics. europe's political establishment is set up for a meeting in may during the e.u. parliamentary elections and with support to win doing for both the center right and the center left the big winners euro skeptic an anti migrant parties the feeding is that there's a kind of the extortion among voters because they feel that the traditional doherty's have nothing new to say they feel contempt from those voters that it's not exactly always making them vote for populist that is making making voters do to anybody who looks you french president emanuel macron took it upon himself to warn europe of a nationalistic menace comparing it to leprosy europe faces a risk that of being broken up by nationalist leprosy and of being pushed around by foreign powers and thereby losing its sovereignty but it seems like the french don't see eye to eye with micron right now a majority of people in france apparently would prefer an unelected technocratic
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government while over forty percent even say they would rather support and off for a tarion political power so this could be a wake up call for micron as his approval ratings hit record lows to move away from traditions and embrace public opinion voters voted for emmanuel mccoll he did come from those filters but he had created his attitude and he was a change of face in the shape of generation. now that he's become president he's got a slightly different style but in terms of what policies you think it sounds more and more like the policies that everyone is as you age and they do not know how to express their discontent except have against those sponsors again with mainstream parties and leaders who championed modern liberal values losing popularity we could have an electoral power vacuum but that won't stay empty for long. u.s. national security advisor has announced
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a new wave of sanctions against three latin american countries. his old job old described the left wing governments in cuba nicaragua and venezuela the troika of tyranny in this hemisphere cuba venezuela and nicaragua has finally met its match the press of regimes and ideologies forces of oppression to tallaght tarion ism and domination they worship a false we know their day of reckoning awaits a nicaraguan regime like venezuela and cuba will feel the full weight of america's robust sanctions regime we will no longer appease dictators and despots are sure john bolton also went on to accuse the three nations of violating human rights describing them as a cradle of communism sanctions have become a key foreign policy to the late of the trump of ministration with recent threats against several other world powers to run for many decades has been the world's central banker of international terrorism russia has been aggressive giant ah. to
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driving us to take you know money they're rebuilding them sell your union of course was set up to take advantage of the united states to attack our piggy bank great and you know what we can't let that happen canada what they've done to our dairy farm workers is a disgrace for us to put much of jet trust told us he believes the sanctions policy . i think sometimes people in washington especially in congress think of sanctions as something we can do that short of an act of war and i favor the position of former congressman ron paul who believes that sanctions are an act of war and there are hostile actions the damage in other country hurt their people sometimes result in the deaths of their people and it's morally legally politically wrong we're in the process of sanctioning almost everybody in the world that we don't like include the russians and the chinese and the venezuelans and the iranians and the syrians and so forth this is the way we deal with other countries and we're even
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threatening to sanction our own allies if they do business with russia for example cooperated with the building of nord stream too or if they buy energy from iran this is not a way to increase americans america's standing in the world and i think it will come it will come back to bite us i think this will end up burning a lot of bridges not only with countries that we have problems with but even with our closest friends. the ukrainian cool us is prolong the detention of a russian journalist until just before the new year ski who has jule russian ukrainian national he was arrested in kiev in may on charges of treason russia's foreign minister and now the secretary general of the organization for security and cooperation in europe both joined calls for his release. i call on the ukrainian authorities to expedite the investigation on the serious charges brought against the shoe ski and to conduct such
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a meaningless occasion in full compliance beat the principles of law necessity and proportionality. it is obvious that shinseki was a risk that soley because he was carrying out his professional duties describing it analyzing current events in ukraine he was doing this in order to present the truth to those wanting to know more about it in a climate where the russian media is being silenced in the country. tommy the today friday marks the international day to end impunity for crimes against journalists many gathered in front of ukrainian embassy here in moscow to demand the release of . what are the culture of. you know here in moscow we are gathered around of the ukrainian amber see which is located right and the city center and today mainly have come here in support of the journalist and clued in artie's editor in chief she's also here among numerous others high profile journalists and everyone has come here demanding the immediate release the journalist who was
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detained by ukrainian security service on may the fifteenth and remains in jail since july when he was arrested he was first transferred to the city. where he was taken into custody court order and was accused of treason now he's detention has been extended and that happened even despite the news and reports of his deteriorating health the whole case has drawn criticism from numerous a international humanitarian as well as a journalist organization. for this bullet short of history those who this frail from the camera dating back to the second world war has been recovered. a trench in southern russia ad against all the odds to this day one frame from the road to fill a survived. that's
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the troops couldn't approach the strange they killed him with the ground cover. but his were lucky that this is a good camera and expensive still also the fighter covered camera with something like a notebook. poignant pages of faces from the past and that's all the time from this life means run it
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from moscow so far over so much more of course my main site auntie don't come here is kevin zero in saying thanks for watching. you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the path and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. with no make this manufacture come sentenced to public wells. when the
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ruling closest protect them so. when the crime and merry go round lifts only the one percent of. the time to ignore middle of the room sick moves. to the real news is. key for chinese dominance going forward not only is a technology and venture capital but they've been buying gold by hundreds and hundreds of tons as is russia so they understand that only keep money and fee at that you're willing to lose the chinese government's message to their people as only keep money and forget that you're willing to lose chinese people that's the chinese government tells our people the chinese are late are buying gold by the ton hundreds of tons hundreds of hundred tons but they know that the three out money inflationary spiral is upon us. in
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twenty forty you know bloody revolution two to create the demonstrations going to be relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know or here i mean you know i lived with video through me in the new bill is that i knew this feeling needed to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who to vote had invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. hello
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and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle the talk of impending war around the world is on the increase the great power speak openly on the need to prepare for a conflict what does this tell us if anything it appears to be a sign the global order that came into being after the second world war and the cold war has come to an end what is replacing it. talking words of war i'm joined by my guest peter cousin they can watch him he's a professor of history at american university as well as co-author with oliver stone the un told history of the united states also in washington we have michael o'hanlon he is a senior fellow at the brookings institution and embezzle we cross to daniel dance and he is the director of the swiss institute for peace in energy research or a gentleman crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want
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and i always appreciate peter in washington or the swamp as i like to refer to it let me go to you first here over the last few days and weeks we've heard some very troubling words come from members representing the great powers including a former u.s. commander in europe lieutenant general been hodges he said the united states needs a very strong european pillar i think in fifteen years it's not inevitable but it is a very strong likely hood that we will be at war with china and president xi of china said we have to set up a combat readiness exercises joint exercises and confrontational exercises to enhance service service and capabilities and preparation for war and we have the deputy director of the russian russian foreign ministry's department of nonproliferation arms grow he says at a recent meeting the u.s. stated that the u.s. russia is preparing for war yes russia is preparing for war i can confirm it. this is not getting a whole lot of coverage i'm afraid.


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