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probably go to microsoft's dependency puts governments on the cyber threat not only to think. more to. the office and this is an easy sell in the sense of really one of the was. almost the the who. with. these this is the. one who started on with your vision starting there was some student loans a fund is up in these cards on the phone. and with the old and in the new washington announces a renewed measure is all they're wrong being called the toughest sanctions regime ever. a flood of fakes to make it on facebook
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as an independent test of the site's new tool to curb misinformation discovers it's far from robust. and south korea orders japan to pay significant damages to steel workers who were caught worst into forced labor during the second world war we look at what's a reigniting the country's future. it's a tall care mosque and you're watching all t. international live from all studio with me david judah welcome to the program. in a move being described as the toughest sanctions regime ever the trumpet ministration has announced the renewal of both new and old penalties on iran due to
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come into force on monday eagle has more on the implications. while a picture that trump tweeted after the statement on sanctions says it all really iran is entering a world of trouble in the mind of the u.s. president so what will happen on monday everything that was achieved under the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal will be no more piling on top of penalties imposed additionally by the trumpet ministration there were nineteen rounds of those a lot of diplomatic achievement has been torn down by this back in twenty fifteen the so-called p five plus one bloc of countries agreed to open global oil markets for iran's crude in exchange for to iran scrapping its nuclear program even though iran complied with all terms of the deal trump called a disastrous and pulled out unilaterally now with the final push the american leader has delivered while iran keeps abiding by all the demands of the twenty
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fifteen deal makes while still shipping finance banking you name it really the u.s. hopes to put a damper on all keys sectors of iran's economy in total more than seven hundred entities including both individuals companies and even ships and their craft will be banned from doing any business with iran row if you exemptions here in their food or from a suitable industries but the list is not very long to be frank speaking of exemptions by the way the u.s. also seemed very concerned with the economic well being of its allies. we want to we want to achieve maximum pressure but we don't want to harm friends in our. well from this you might assume bolton is talking about europe after all it likes to think of itself as america's biggest ally but apparently that's just not the case and trump's advise the there was referring to asian and middle eastern countries we
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do know that the total of eight states will be exempt from having to cut their businesses their business ties with iran and reportedly there's not a single european country on that list instead it's allegedly india iraq and other nations from those parts of the world another concern washington wants to allay a collapse of oil markets amid fears that prices will just skyrocket if iran's oil pipe runs dry iran's oil exports have already fallen by some eight hundred thousand barrels per day while america has enjoyed a comparable increase in its crude exports so according to the u.s. not to worry they're happy to fill in the gap putting out additional oil there in exchange for an extra buck. live to a. journalist visiting scholar at the center for middle east just teaching studies to discuss this further thanks for coming on to the program abayas now previously does a security advisor john bolton said no country is word of a u.s.
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sanctions now he says washington doesn't want to harm our allies what do you think prompted that shift to a softer approach. well thank you for having me not the runtime acid americans wanted and they were aiming for zero export for iran and they are now giving two countries the exemptions for iran imports that indicates that they have understood that the maximum pressure on the wrong cannot be fulfilled and now they are changing that maximum pressure to enough pressure and whether these sides will succeed or not that's also on the question because they cannot access as the needed pressure they think against iran because now there is difference in the american cabinet and the ministration on the disconnecting iran from the international c.
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system which enables the trans asin messaging and that can be a. tough act and they get iran economically but that's the area of this mess inside the united states between donald father and his officials in the cabinet. due to the lack of cooperation from different sides including the allies in the european union and european countries this seems that that maximum pressure cannot be so cells that can no capital capital laid against the united states and also the question isn't it i'm asking you know just sense and it cannot be enough how successful enough facts and effective all these sanctions going to be how effective is a pain in the past. well you know if you mean by the impact or effect it seems for the united states the impacts are the change in iran foreign policy behavior in order to make you want to come to the
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negotiating table with the trumpet ministration and also you run to decrease its presence in the region by said pass and history tells us that there is no correlation between iran's economic path foremans and its presence in the region so it doesn't seem that this is a strategy to make you run to to make compromises and to go to the negotiating table with the united states because as far as the a was all export is the creating down certainty in the oil market is increasing and that can increase the oil prices as well so iran can compare compensate for this increase in the oil prices to some extent however it might see some decrease in the oil exports but that cannot harm iran's economy that was ever an assassin but in iran it can also have
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some effects on the humanitarian commodities like medical approach and that's the case but in the region that can increase the risk of escalation between iran and the united states and the allies of the united states but if you want to look at this issue globally and then pass it can't have it can and they injure a model for the nonproliferation treaty because then they're clear there was considered to be a model for that n.p.t. . treaty and this can endangered that model by bringing some security council conference for the countries in the region as well as some countries in the year of which are looking at iran the from a security perspective. a bass as lanny genesis in a scholar at the center for middle east strategic studies thanks very much for coming in to try again. close to home but also being targeted with the firepower of
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american sanctions new measures have been announced against three latin american countries here's how the u.s. national security adviser described the left wing governments in cuba nicaragua and venezuela the troika of tyranny in this hemisphere cuba venezuela and nicaragua has finally met its match oppressive regimes and ideologies forces of oppression to tallaght tarion ism and domination worship a false we know their day of reckoning awaits the nicaraguan regime like venezuela and cuba will feel the full weight of america's robust sanctions regime we will no longer appease dictators and despots sure john bolton also went on to accuse the three nations of violating human rights describing them as a cradle of communism sanctions have become a key foreign policy tool of the trumpet ministration with recent threats against
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several of the world power has. run for many decades has been the world's central banker of international terrorism russia has been aggressive giant ah good driving us to take you know our money they're rebuilding the european union of course was set up to take advantage of the united states to attack our piggy bank great and you know what we can't let that happen canada what they've done to our dairy farm workers is a disgrace from a u.s. diplomat jim told us he believes the sessions policy could backfire. i think sometimes people in washington especially in congress think of sanctions as something we can do that short of an act of war and i favor the position of former congressman ron paul who believes that sanctions are an act of war and they're a hostile actions the damage another country hurt their people sometimes result in the deaths of their people and it's morally legally politically wrong we're in the process of sanctioning almost everybody in the world that we don't like include the
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russians and the chinese and the venezuelans of the iranians and the syrians and so forth this is the way we deal with other countries and we're even threatening to sanction our own allies if they do business with russia for example cooperated with the building of nord stream to or if they buy energy from iran this is not a way to increase americans america's standing in the world and i think it will come it will come back to bite us i think this will end up burning a lot of bridges not only with countries that we have problems with but even with our closest friends. people posing as political candidates russian charles and even facebook struggling to live up to its transparency plates by continuing to thank and thirteen minutes from fake so since the tech giant introduced a new tool last month to cover misinformation on its platform to holkins takes a closer look at whether it's working on os. remember how the zucker vowed to
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protect your news feed from fakes all you believe the biggest problem of modern times we're going to take a number of measures from building in deploying new ai tools that take down fake news to growing our security team to more than twenty thousand people to making its that we verify every advertiser who's doing political an issue well the issues but again we can't prevent all governments from all interference but we can make it harder we can make it much harder and again baseball is unveiling a new so-called war room facebook has created what it's calling the war room. teams of patrolling for fake news misinformation and meddling after multiple scandals and a big brainstorm but also it was finally found now will no shady sponsor can post political ads without proper vetting verification the social media joy of this salute video to make sure you appreciate their efforts there was never anything that delivered the same kind of visibility into who paid for political content on
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facebook until today ads really had to politics have information about who paid for them with crucial u.s. midterm elections just around the corner surely no one would be allowed to get the upper hand on the new controls except they did. big time facebook's not meeting that higher standard of transparency we received approval by political ads on facebook and claim they were paid for by major political figures in just about an hour they passed facebook's group a process that's a little awkward while a few posts slipping through the net could be understandable some of the haves were just obvious the journalistic means allegedly shared by russian trolls back in twenty sixteen like this one jesus arm wrestling satan published it on a page called ratatouille for senate and disclose the funding as paid by islamic state you couldn't make it up this mean was published in mike pence his name the page ninja turtles p a c in fact the only time advertising was denied was when they
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posed as hillary clinton or mark zuckerberg himself when asked how this could have happened facebook said well it isn't perfect but we'll try harder in forstmann to isn't perfect and we won't stop all people trying to game the system but we have made it much harder and we will continue to improve since then a near identical experiment took place with a similar result journalists managed to get approval for ads paid for by cambridge analytic or the notorious political consultancy banned from the site after dragging the company into a huge scandal earlier this year so there you have it two years of investigations congress hearings and political battles against all blind trolls and smart well funded adverse henri's the result even more possibilities for ridiculous trolling what can't help but ask what is the problem with the state of american politics was that really in the dodgy ads this idea that it is now their responsibility and
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they're qualified to take on this responsibility to determine what is in isn't real news to determine what is in is invalid political information to determine what is in is in free speach. each that's just ridiculous i mean it's absolutely ridiculous to to assume that this company should be in charge of that this idea that facebook is going to tell us what our real political ads quote unquote and what aren't and what is real news and what isn't and what should be free speech and what shouldn't be giving them this overreaching censorship power is absolutely ridiculous. so it's come on the program south korea japan to pay significant damage is to say look at who are calista to fall asleep in the second world will.
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the talk of impending war around the world is on the increase the great power speak openly on the need to prepare for a conflict what does this tell us if anything it appears to be a sign the global order they came into being after the second world war and the cold war has come to an end what is replacing it. most people think to stand out in this is this you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand down this is just the dance the right questions to the right answer. question.
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welcome back to the program uneasy relations between south korea and japan have suffered another blow tokyo is outraged at a court ruling that awarded south korean still workers over eighty eight thousand dollars compensation for forced labor during the second world war only one of the men is still alive. i'm very sad and i'm crying a lot because i'm the only one left it could be pennies for a big company or a whole country's budget but see tokyo is really going to happen at the trial went in favor of the only plane of who is still alive all the other south koreans eligible for compensation for being pretty much sent as slaves to japan during
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world war two have passed away and i wish the verdict had come earlier he should had my husband would have seen that it was a lifelong burden of his and it's really sad things to this. but the knighting sixty five agreement on wartime claims between the two countries and did that meaning all disputes are in the past boom it took the storm fifty three years to break out with the precedent the anti japan sentiment in korea has been brewing for a while to juneau japan's even lost to communist china in a favor ability poll taken by south koreans last month tokyo was meant to take part in a naval event put on by so but the host said there's no way japanese ships would fly this flag associated with japan's military past so the savvy rise navy cut loose
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and pulled out ever heard of k. pop now that's the kind of territory where you don't really expect to run into that kind of conflict. well after one of these girls saying the japanese anthem in front of the japanese military koreans want to shut her down on t.v. there's even a petition for that on the president's website back to the nine hundred sixty five treaty ironically just three years ago the two countries leaders celebrated its fiftieth anniversary just so you know this woman then president. as the daughter of someone who signed the agreement she's now in jail. clearly changed. mistrust that exists between the countries and the still pain that exists throughout korea both north and south for the years the brutal
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occupation by japan which was from one thousand nine hundred forty five still linger and a there is not trust there is concern about a lot of past grievances and issues. with the u.s. midterm elections just around the corner and new poll shows people believe both the national media and president donald trump have a sponsible for dividing the country the numbers show sixty four percent think the meter is to blame while fifty six percent say it's the man in the white house the poll was conducted in the wake of a spate of attempted bombings and a shooting at a pennsylvania synagogue the results came out just after the latest time of trying to tweet condemning what he called the true enemy of the people. there is great anger in our country caused in part by inaccurate and even fraudulent reporting of the news the fake news media the true enemy of the people must stop
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the open and obvious hostility and report the news accurately and fairly that will do much to put out the flame the response from america's mainstream wasn't long in coming. from compared trump's rhetoric to a term used during the reign of terror in france. the enemy of the people is a phrase you generally hear from u.s. presidents but it was used during the french revolution radicals to describe their enemies who they often accused of get this spreading false news to divide or trouble the people. going across live to talk to rob and can change u.s. politics and media like that line cost a university thanks for coming on to the program rabbit let's look at why you think china continues to use the term enemy of the people even off its provides such a backlash yeah you know i think some of this is that i mean i remember when i was doing a lot of reporting in some urban person the country and i would go into these some
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of these neighborhoods and as a as a white man saying i was a journalist a lot of people didn't believe me that i was either with the police department or with child and family services are there for some sort of unpaid electric bill or something and i think that this distrust you know runs deep in lots of different ways and i think at the local level especially because some people see their neighborhoods or their issues or their concerns not be they're covered in the press and local news is really suffering because they don't have the resources that they once did but also at the national level down there and i think they're seeing that if they have a conservative perspective birds are coming from a marginalized population that they're either ignored or sometimes just turned turned away. from slight of some sort yeah i mean it's a continuous battle isn't it do you think the us media is this constant battle with tom could actually be helping him in the press even though his image is often
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considered to be rough outside of the attacks his supporters. but is it helping or hindering him that's the question. well you know there's a saying that there's no such thing as as bad free free press or bad bad press right now that it does get you into into the limelight what doesn't help is when the new york times last week i think it was ran on their book review. page a fictional story about a russian assassin trying to kill donald trump and a secret service agent handing over his gun and saying use mine now the average american you know they don't read a lot of news we know that the it's connected to the trust but also it's hard for i think citizens to to disassociate a story about assassinating the president from hard news and even though that's very distinct for many of us it appears in one section has nothing to do with the news coverage that becomes fodder for the trump administration or for trump
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supporters to say look at this liberal press they don't care about us doesn't mean the new york times shouldn't be able to run those those things or anything else within the legal parameters but it really does send some confusing message especially at a time when the press is trying to gain back trust that it might might have lost over the last couple decades yeah i mean if we look at this recent poll that we mentioned more than sixty percent sixty four percent blaming the media for dividing the u.s. but isn't far behind it fifty six percent blame him do you think both sides are to blame for the tensions to society his fault as it. yeah i mean did they play a day off of each other right is as you mentioned i mean certainly the press get a lot of hits for her running sometimes has a radio talk has a regis speech but also they get cable news has seen you know increase in viewership because it's become
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a lot of talking heads that is just now political commentary in trying to take hits at the president and trying to you know surface above some of those hits that there's a few sending their way but i don't remember the last time i've seen cable news network really send anybody out into middle america to report on the issues they're out there now for the midterms and talking about how people may or may not vote and what the issues are that may be driving those votes but i don't i don't remember the last time i've seen an actual national correspondent going out and i think trump's really taking advantage of that that he's got the spotlight he knows how to do it and the press you know seem to be doing quite well the former c.e.o. of c.b.s. said donald trump might be bad for the nation but he's good for c.b.s. . so it is a hand in hand sort of relationship here it looks like. u.s. politics and media like try thank famous coming on to the python. that's all for
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now i'll be back at the top of the hour with more but in the meantime let me check out our website that sati dot com next up here on r.t. international it's been bust. i. given the way in which the last terrorist attacks were proclaimed structured using european logistics you can say there's
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a certain desire to change the way of life change to society in france. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution of you tube clip of the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know we hear i mean you are liz put video. split needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. of those who took. it invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the big bad world of business is particularly bad in october more on that coming up we're glad you're on board i'm bart chilton in washington. coming up more earnings news is out and there are some big names some of the details are actually moving markets we have an expert panel standing by to discuss and as the u.s. federal reserve seeks to weaken keep capital and liquidity rules in the financial sector bartlett nailer is a financial policy advocate at public citizen is back in the house plus google employees around the world have walked out in a solidarity protest over the treatment of women by company executives alison hell of it has been following the story will bring us up to date and later to the big picture here in our hear america holland cook joins us to answer is a vesting question is print media passe all that directly ahead but first we have
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some headlines that's putting. the impact of u.s. tariffs on china and other nations has been somewhat muted by the increasingly strong us dollar the dollar is increased in value by seventy eight percent on average versus all major u.s. trading partners at the same time while the trump administration has chosen not to designate china as a currency manipulator the value of the chinese currency the yuan has been dropping all year which further weakens the u.s. tariffs impact earlier this year in march the dollar fetched six point two you won today the dollar is even stronger and would fetch nearly seven you won the yuan itself is that its lowest point in a decade. u.s. department of justice prosecutors have charged ten chinese intelligence officers with engaging in persistent hacking attempts of the u.s. aviation companies the chargers are reportedly part of troubled ministrations push
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to combat ongoing efforts by china to steal information and data from u.s. companies u.s. attorney adam braverman said quote the concerted effort to steal rather than simply purchase commercially available products should offend every company that invest talent energy and shareholder money into development of. products the alleged activity began in two thousand and ten and continued until one. the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi by an alleged saudi hit team which many believe would not have been authorized without the approval of saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon has ruffled relations between the u.s. and the kingdom the deterioration resulted in a significant shift in u.s. policy related to the conflict between yemen and saudi arabia the u.s. has been providing support and training to the saudis but now says peace talks should begin both u.s. secretary of state mike punk pale and defense secretary jim metis say talks should begin within the next thirty days.


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