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tv   News  RT  November 5, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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all sanctions against iran lifted the twenty fifty nuclear deal. with washington also threatening to penalize foreign companies doing business with
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iran. around the world on monday for the annual march on the program. in washington d.c. . rolled out computerized. it's a move. all right time for your monday news stories here on oxy international. and the whole crew welcome to the. and straight to iran's capital tehran where thousands took to the streets to express their anger over america's reimposing all pre twenty fifteen sanctions the demonstrations also marked the thirty ninth anniversary of the u.s. embassy takeover in that city.
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demonstrators chanted slogans and set fire to american and israeli flags the restrictions which the people are decrying it came into force hours ago the sanctions target iran's oil banking and shipping sectors and follow washington's withdrawal from the twenty fifty nuclear deal as my dad reports. these sanctions come into force now on the fifth of november in the u.s. thirty nine years plus a day since the iranian revolution rees stormed the u.s. embassy in tehran in nine hundred seventy nine america really holds grudges the rogue regime in iran spread death destruction and chaos the arabian dictatorships long campaign remains the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism the guy even tweeted a picture of himself styled after the game of thrones t.v.
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show with the message that sanctions a coming play on winter is coming why he did this remains that mistreat since everyone knew that they were coming he and his government all said this months ago iran spent many years under these same sanctions cut off from the world's banking system foreign trade its oil under embargo and this spike that iran's oil exports never dropped below a million barrels a day roughly half of what they are now it can survive it already has survived the sanctions we have will experience when it comes to sanctions. do not doubt that under the worst circumstances iranians can export as much oil as they need to. regarding oil sanctions we have experienced similar restrictions in the past and we've managed to get by somehow so we now have more experience than we did back
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then grover we now have the international community on our side to use sanctions are you know out for sanctions this means that the international community will not support them based on that i don't think america will be able to achieve its goal while strangling the arabians into submission seems realistic nevertheless you can't laugh the sanctions off officially washington wants to pry the uranium regime off money uses to spread terror without targeting ordinary people in theory humanitarian goods such as life saving medication are exempted from sanctions in practice everyone is so terrified of u.s. sanctions of how ambiguous they are that banks and companies simply refuse to sell iran that very medication and the u.s. doesn't seem to care it's their problem the sanctions imposed by the u.s. which they say will target our government will definitely affect people's lives
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putting much more pressure on us even though these sanctions haven't manifested themselves in the market yet they are already on people's minds and causing them a lot of. back every year or every two to three years they see new sanctions will be imposed so people have gotten used to saying that but that doesn't mean we accept them and it doesn't hurt it means we've had them so long they don't affect us anymore manson's are hard to come by because of sanctions no doubt if you are caring for a patient your life is affected by these sanctions sanctions decrease the quality of life is people cannot now obtain things they used to obtain easily the for washington sanctions hurt ordinary ukrainian. the most and had this is something you have to understand sanctions are not something that is cool or fun as donald trump seems to suggest in his latest game of thrones me the kind of feeling iranians average people as well as ukrainian leaders currently have regarding the
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us is donald trump has created a lot of mistrust and anger among the reins because from the iranian perspective iran has been completely obliging it's part of the deal although these sanctions have had a negative effect does that necessarily doesn't mean that iran is going to concede to the united states. signatories to the twenty fifty nuclear deal have reacted to america's decision russia china and the e.u. say they will do everything possible to keep the agreement alive moscow insists tehran has been in full compliance with the treaty china says the u.s. must respect its right to trade with tehran israel though as welcomed decision. alison's of demonstrators across the globe are expected to take to the streets on monday for the million mom march the protest is led by hacktivist group anonymous and has been held every year since twenty thirty remember remember that this.
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coming to a different sort of. like the organizer of the million mosque march in washington d.c.
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told us about the main goals of the annual protest what we try to achieve year to year is to simply raise awareness we understand that things will not change overnight but we try to get. out there on the streets voicing their opinions about things that happened in the last year things that have been going on for many years and just try to spread awareness so more people know about it and we can try to get change that would be completely you know. still going on the view or you get out there with as voice your opinions leader would be heard we have seen in the million man march almost every year this event has taken place since two thousand and twelve we try to keep the march peaceful as we can every year but. the police schoolies situations as well as protesters whenever we see these things happening we try to get them under control as quickly as possible. the u.n. says humanitarian aid is urgently needed for a huge migrant caravan heading through mexico to the u.s. border includes over two thousand children some of the newcomers have now decided
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to remain in mexico for the rest of the caravan which has traveled hundreds of kilometers on still likes basic supplies is expected to reach the u.s. border within two weeks however uncertainty awaits the migrants as president trump has ordered more than seven thousand troops to hold them back and the issue has become a key talking point ahead of tuesday's midterm elections as i jacqueline now explains . the imminent arrival of several thousand migrants at the u.s. border has gotten both the media and politicians talking and spinning away caravette was caravan of the caribbean on invasion dangers to the country they're telling you. that the biggest threat to america is some of the published refugee democrats want to jordan open the borders a have the caravan out of the caravan is mostly made up of people from three central american countries wonderous guatemala and el salvador also known as the
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northern triangle and it's fair to say that region is not in the best of shape what amala and neighboring el salvador and honduras are three of the most violent countries in the world or capital of the world there is nearly one homicide every thirteen hours a woman is murdered in this country and while both the left and the right in america are using the caravan as a rallying point the history which led to this situation seems all but ignored central america's problems due directly of the security and the will being on their own. to date could recognize the caribbean and central america is vital to our interest shouldn't we president ronald reagan famously took a no holds barred approach to central america under reagan's administration the u.s. aided the staging of a coup and guatemala and spent years propping up those who carried it out despite legitimate accusations of human rights abuses much the same can be said for el salvador where billions of u.s. dollars was poured into
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a government that was slaughtering its citizens meanwhile as the u.s. worked to overthrow a government in a neighboring country was flooded with u.s. soldiers aid in arms and joint bases greatly strengthening the militarization of hunger and society the one nine hundred eighty s. where the us set up this walk of. water on the wall used to the us so ordered brutal dictatorships that surprised us most. of the country and it really has destroyed the ability of people to make the really cross for since the one nine hundred eighty s. central american migration has skyrocketed and surprisingly. and with that comes deportations remember how much trump loves to talk about the infamous m s thirteen criminal gang vile criminal cartel m.s. thirteen the savages of m.s. thirteen m.s. thirteen these are animals and mr tina lives by the motto kill rape and control
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well it turns out they were actually made in america refugees from founded the group in l.a. in the eighty's and the program was set up to kick the members out and send them back home and there were corruption and instability was a bound the gang flourished and terrorized the local population the irony is while coffins flaming you know who are the traders are being exported to the us and back to the next border to central america some drug cartels that actually began in los angeles and new salvador and had room to do that again because of the instability the us was greatly responsible with their now the u.s. has a warm history of interfering in foreign country's affairs and in this instance it seems the consequences are finally coming home the us has been involved in a very. very disastrous way the violence that the us set in motion.
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has never stopped it's just taking a different form it's really the victim of these dirty us blaming the victims for their own life but the u.s. has a huge role in that and has a lot of blame that it has really no not to. and across the ocean illegal immigrants are also feeling the heat hungary latvia and greece all popular destinations for migrants will start testing computerized lie detectors at their borders this month and the artificial intelligence driven machines are funded by the u.n is hoped will help to boost european border controls and one of the research was behind the technology now explains how it works this. typical to what you would see when you cross borders the your my real. my son and his car. so we're not looking at things like smiling or frowning looking at
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very small movements such as an eye moving left all right let's take a closer look and see how all this work will be quizzed by a virtual border guard of the same ethnicity and gender speaking their language also software scanning faces for micro expressions people deemed to be lying whether system will be subjected to further checks such as fingerprinting travel is still considered suspicious will will be referred to that of a human border guard now during the initial tests volunteers were asked to intentionally lie or tell the truth we see here the machine was a seventy six percent successful in detecting who was doing which and while those behind the project say it will help boost border security others fear it's all a little bit. i think they are can offer. facilities that me and humans at the border can so for example the border control system can do very fast rule tom analytics on what to call micro for
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a facial aghast use that human might overlook not be able to see what we know it's not accurate because twenty four percent of cases the computer is wrong i think that's too high a rate needs to be improved there are possibilities that this problem is in regards to language in regards nationality the color of people skins some people might have a bias to discriminate against asian people all black people or white people whatever they are system in principle of the least should be able to. come to a decision that for a year of overt bias what it looks good on paper may no good in terms of the sales pitch but in reality artificial intelligence doesn't you know provide a safeguards in place to make sure that there is no discrimination you can fly into things and come to me to the wrong conclusion the border control is not used
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autonomous for he's not making decisions on his own we can give what the i system things is a risk but it will then be of to the human border god to decide how to proceed to those leads the border control has to be based on equality. you know against discrimination and racism and xenophobia against refugees is on the rise you know if you design a system to to deliver that prejudiced point of view which is that you are against refugees i need you want to stop refugees from crossing the border then you can design a system to meet your policy needs or after a short break your own r.t. will look at whether donald trump may have lost the art of the deal as president and we're back in just a moment. united
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states under many press has a long. break its treaty and other promise. the united states says it's going to leave the treaty.
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with us today. says he's poised to strike a deal at the g. twenty summit later this month after speaking on the phone with his chinese counterpart it comes amid a trade war between the two countries that was ultimately instigated by washington . and explains the presidency has been characterized not by deal making but rather by deal breaking. trump's magnum opus is a best selling book called the art of the deal trumps reputation for many years it was based on his ability to make agreements in a slick and effective manner we don't make great deals with him but we will once i become president the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal people get together they make deals ronald reagan did it russia has violated the agreement so we're going to terminate they'd agree but we're going to pull out my
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ever deal with this with the country needs is that the united states will withdraw . from the paris climate of court but is trump a deal maker or a deal breaker he's not exactly living up to his longstanding reputation take the iran nuclear agreement not only has the united states pulled out but washington is actually reimposing the sanctions that were lifted in two thousand and fifteen and allies of america are not ready to play ball and we decided to continue the work in terms of put in a think the european union measures and mechanisms we are putting in place to say to protect the economic investments of the european businesses that have digital mentally invested and engaged in it and just a week earlier donald trump pulled out of the one nine hundred eighty seven intermediate range nuclear forces agreement now this is a historic deal made by mikhail gorbachev and donald trump's hero ronald reagan now trump says that pulling out of the treaty will actually make the world safer but
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less russia comes to us or china comes to us and they all come to is that they say let's really get smart and let's none of us develop those weapons short range nukes will soon be rolling off the production line but the reality is that neither short or intermediate range nuclear missiles could actually reach the usa from russia breaking the deal is not a threat to america it's a threat to europe and asia and allies of the united states you know that very well regret that withdrawal announced by the u.s. we see this treaty as very important ohm's control instrument. and something that also serves european interests and therefore also german interests. trump is also pulled out of the paris climate accord now that's a move that no other country in the world ally or opponent of the united states supported even the chron who's tried really hard to be donald trump's best pal couldn't approve of the move i do respect his decision but i do think he's an excellent. both holes the u.s.
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and for our planet yes trump withdrew but there's a catch the actual language of the agreement doesn't allow the united states to pull out until november fourth twenty twenty and that coincidentally happens to be the day after the vote on donald trump's reelection as president of the united states so unless donald trump gets four more years he's pretty powerless when it comes to carbon emissions it's getting harder and harder to take this u.s. president more seriously when we talk about i mean this is the price we pay isn't it when we. are in a reality t.v. star you know where there's a certain obsession of narcissism and his logic behind putting out of international agreements is to give himself more leverage and more power at a later date and. take more of the media coverage but i think it's also part of his personality which is you know he's very most cruel he's he's capricious he likes to do things that the last moment he doesn't have much respect for international institutions and organizations but i think he's actually learning the
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hard way that even when you go ahead and you have those one one talks then when you walk away you still have to get your people to come together. with your opponent to go through the long diplomatic process must understand doesn't understand anything at all about international diplomacy he doesn't really understand diplomacy the tool as they say it takes two to tango and donald trump is very good at making the first move when it comes to terminating agreements but it seems pretty clear that there are. rest of the world isn't dancing to the same tune up and artsy new york one of the agreements that caleb touched upon stands out with trump ditching the cornerstone i n f nuclear treaty leaders in europe and elsewhere are trying to weigh the security implications sophie shevardnadze of the thoughts of stephen cohen a contributing editor of the nation magazine here's a quick preview here if we're looking for a bright spot and it's desperation on my part maybe we're trump has done
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withdrawing from this really important treaty that protected all of us will arrive in the united states a remembrance and a reef aching about the danger of nuclear war question is will this new step by trump to leave a treaty that protected europe it did protect europe in the absence of these missiles these weapons will this now further push europe. away from washington and continue which drive politically i mean. this is very important as well i. facebook has had to apologize again that's after it emerged that one of the
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categories had offered advertisers to target was white genocide conspiracy theorists is targeting more than has been removed and we've taken down the it's it's against our advertising principles and never should have been in our system to begin with we deeply apologize to this era the white genocide conspiracy theory category was generated through a mix of automated inhuman reviews pretty neatly added interests ultimately proved by people we are ultimately responsible for the segments who make very little in our systems it was an investigation by the intercept news site that on earth the offending ad category reporters that used to place approved by facebook that ended up reaching one hundred over one hundred fifty thousand people now is not the first time the facebook's been left red faced in this way last year another investigation by another outlet was able to select anti semitic as a category of facebook approved its promoted posts within fifteen minutes after being made aware of what had happened the network will move the posts internet law
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expert cohen things that social media helps to promote extreme views. facebook is providing a lot for hate speech but then what it also does it also able to collect information about who are these speedball where do they leave who are they frayn's what is the political affiliation it might be the case that it might all and they will be providing the authorities we need those of those all those people so it's so in a way facebook is providing a safe haven for people with extreme views but actually serves the state by doing that the other way to look at it is to say well as long as these people are no doing anything illegal then then he is absolutely ok for them to say whatever they want to say i think. so long as the speech is not a breaching any loan of the country then facebook will certainly continue to
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encourage you to pull one reason or another. in september and manual macron approved a half million euro renovation of the at least a palace his official residence and to help raise the money a souvenir shop was launched selling palace unpresidential muchan dice however the shops in found out it had a rival. some of the beach on long something only for the country to look at the design of the body there was
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a test of what the profit of the bird on this shop supposed to do some work on. by that us and lou i yeah they're missing a lot of quotes from the president we can do way better and maybe make more money and. we're making fun of the government and we doing charity i guess this is some some. some new way to do business. we're not helping on the migrants we owe it relying on we are standing to buy one of president just a few notes last year when so no one outside either in the us or in the streets and with complete ok was right. with just about saving with
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his vision. and that's our program for this hour here on our international back soon with many more of your monday headlines. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. i've been saying the numbers
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mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than two. color orange happy each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longed to be ultra rich eight point six percent market share thirty percent minus one is your home with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a all you industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember it was one business show you can afford to miss the one and only. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy going from day shouldn't let it be an arms race based on all sides very dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful
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very critical time to sit down and talk. welcome to sophie and co and sophie shevardnadze the united states has announced as was told from the historic nuclear arms treaty with russia how serious of a setback is this for two countries relations and global security. contributing editor of the nation magazine professor emeritus at princeton university and author of the book war with russia stephen calling. us by the latest clashes.


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