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tv   News  RT  November 9, 2018 8:00am-8:31am EST

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is this what the voters voted for. joining me every thursday on the alex i'm i'm sure and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. protests across the u.s. president trump forces as attorney general jeff sessions some who initially voted against islam one nation now standing against his removal. recently nothing i like about most of the people that donald trump appointed why are you protesting now. because i'm a is how. one woman in texas face betraying feminist values after costing them votes in favor of the state's republican candidate. i'm
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very tired of being castigated as some sort of racist simply based on my skin color who are you who interests are you representing your only as a white woman representing the best interests of other white women then we absolutely have a problem absolutely and afghan peace talks are underway in moscow for the first time in seventeen years the taliban are engaged in high level multilateral negotiations. and i welcome swat teams and i asked a lot from moscow. tonight welcome to the program. the protesters across the united states have rallied in the wake of donald trump's the solution to fire attorney general jeff sessions they fear that the moon a probe into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election but was led by sessions could now be sidelined in an unusual twist some of those
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who initially opposed his nomination have now taken to the streets over his departure but a scale or more been found out they don't seem to care much for the man himself. jeff sessions the u.s. attorney general who just stepped down has got some new friends liberals and progressives across the country are taking to the streets to protest his removal it's over nine hundred cities that are having protests a major mobilization but was jeff sessions a friend of progressives hardly jeff sessions that i was a zero rating for the human rights campaign on gay rights a guy who asked the department of the national council of manny's why they were buying so many books on islam the zero tolerance policy means it was zero humanity and it makes zero sense for his politically motivated voting fraud prosecutions to his indifference toward criminal violations of civil rights laws back in two thousand and sixteen when jeff sessions was first nominated the liberal organization known as move on dot org issued a petition opposing him they accused him of making racist comments opposing equal
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pay for women and immigration and opposing hate crimes legislation this is how jeff sessions confirmation hearings went dear friend. eric. but now the very same organizations that protested against his nomination are now protesting his departure they fear that the removal of sessions could pave the way for an end to the bob muller investigation into alleged ties between trump and russia the recent nothing i like about most of the people they found with trump appointed. i mean but you're protesting his departure right well actually now that's the key but i'm uli's physician and investigating until he finishes if it takes a month or more it takes two years so this isn't really about jeff sessions about
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bob mueller. knowing snow in supposed to look that's what i'm here for what did you protest when he was appointed. i protested the immigration policy on the families that gathered day and are you protesting now. because i'm mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore move on very very definitely protested and had a petition going which i signed with regard to the appointment of joe of social as attorney general given his track record as a racist but the point is at this stage of the game i'm not and i don't think move on is protesting his removal but raul there who it is who is before steve outside of the constitutional provisions to be his replacement very deep board this thing back in two thousand and sixteen jeff sessions was public enemy number one as far as lots of liberals were concerned but now that he's been removed it seems that
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jeff sessions has joined an elite group of people who've been fired by donald trump it seems like in twenty eighteen in the united states politics isn't so much about principles but rather about who is your friend and who is your enemy. r.t. new york the united states of course is still reeling from its fiercely disputed midterm elections which saw the democrats win control of the house but failed to take the senate and some key states also that high hopes for one of those is texas whether republican candidate ted cruz swung off to a tight battle now the rock is ations those women who voted for cruz betrayed feminism with their vote for one of the sports journalists set off the debate. fifty nine percent of white women voted for task fifty three percent of white women voted for donald trump so given this numbers who's the real face of feminism that's just the latest criticism of republican voting women by liberals and progressive
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a few other cases. what is happening why are women even voting for him yeah i don't get you what it is i mean the country's. i mean the country was pretty. well we have tons of black presidents when i see women doing that i think why are they publicly disrespecting themselves voted against hillary clinton voted against their own voice. and by vote for anybody nobody you are a woman and you are never going to have it and it will be. so i guess. i don't get it. she scared me or put the issue of feminism in politics up for debate with women's rights advocates and the media commentator. the tradition of women just voting independently as they think and not based on their gender or their skin color or those kinds of things that is true independence i'm very tired
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of being castigated as some sort of racist simply based on my skin color and especially and especially because i happen to be the mother of a child with brown skin and so to decide that based on my skin color that i as i sounds worry what are you voting for betty interests of that. the person accusing makes the person accusing me the actual racist. knowledge says there's no such thing as reverse racism we'll start there but here's the issue if you're not voting in the best interest of that boy you get the rule around child that you have then here's the question what type of mother are you because here's the question at the end of the day we want children to be protected so we need gun laws that reflect that if you're voting against the interest of your own child in school then we have to raise the question what are you voting for the second red flag and i'm sorry how do you know you're in do you have other women and their reproductive rights when
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you know that ted cruz is not interested in protecting protecting reproductive rights when you know that ted cruz is not interested in equal pay for other women and you know that women who are brown skin and women of other ethnicities are paid what why women are paid then i have to ask you the question who are you who interest are you representing if you're only as a white woman were present in the best interest of other white women then we absolutely have a problem absolutely it is the republicans by the way it is the party of abraham lincoln that actually fought for civil rights and won over the democrats so if you want to vote in accordance with what is civil rights and you would want to vote republican now thirdly she brought up the issue and we don't know that those are how did she why is someone and we say when i was it was part of the seal there that's my stance and that's the feminine stand. on that now thirdly when she's talking about how do you say of course i want to get on this affair with i mean it's right so i view all of that i'm all that has made me girls who were aborted
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what about their rights if you're going to talk about women's rights what about the baby girl's rights who are killed ten thousand per day every day you know i know you're blowing my mind about republicans you talk about abortion but do you protect the children while they're here if it's ok for you to lead a school full of children be shot i do because you as a woman want to have the right to bear arms but you don't protect those children who can't carry guns inside those school i mean it's insane and so when you talk about oh well i support a man who you know ted cruz but he doesn't support by with when you're a conservative woman you celebrate the things that you've actually accomplished based on your own you know own drive and your own freedom and your own will and your motivation and those kinds of things that's what i would rather be judged for the rather than things like going backward to things like religion and skin color and gender to me those are the whole of those are the ones that we say they.
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are going to stay with and we need to get really come over here and basing things on marriage and accomplishment because because no matter what skin color or what gender you are you can be anything you want to be we're the freest best country you want to put in the heraldry race and this that you dream thing to celebrate it for not wanting to whine about it and to vote with your other white community and so we're going to forget about all of those things and just stand on my privileges and really do you resonate where she is and she wants to stand there i'd like to just say thank you to jim l. hill for her what she said i just support her as a michigan state alumni i want to say go girl. russia says the west has of been the diplomatic protocol and adopted a puppet of publicly accusing schoolroom doing soft austria accused one of its own formal high ranking all the officers of spying for russia as you know of course you know brings us the details. i had a chance to. comment on the recent allegations coming from austria that
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former austrian colonel was accused of spying for russia for decades the ministry said that he has just found out about the news and that he was unpleasantly surprised he added that precious western partners have recently started to publicly accuse russia and publicly nations it's common practice within international law to directly ask for clarification but recently our western partners have started using nontraditional megaphone diplomacy they publicly accused as they publicly demand explanations are monsters we know nothing about we've officially some industry to the ministry so explain how his country should if they have any questions. broke the news this friday he said that this may lead to worsening relations between the two countries and he also added that he plans to discuss possible further steps with e.u.
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partners if these suspicions prove to be true if this is position is confirmed such cases regardless of where they take place will not improve relations between russia and the european union and russia as your t.v. to use in europe. and condemning the country's defense ministry said that they obtained information with the frenzy. with providing any concrete details on who was behind this now as for a foreign affairs ministry called the minister was quick to council her upcoming trip to russia and she also summoned russian representatives to discuss the matter and meanwhile there is still very little information regarding the former colonel in question we only know that he was accused of spying for russia for over twenty years and here in moscow the australian ambassador one. summoned to russia's foreign affairs ministry and that meeting is expected to take place later and the
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day. a mass trial in germany has been launched this friday as thirty people stand accused of brutally abusing refugees at an asylum center the shocking revelations first came to light four years ago with some of the worst incidents filmed on camera leave. them out of this mall leadership didn't want to follow. the incidents allegedly took place in the town of buddha bark in the western part of the country prosecutors claim a staff tormented asylum seekers both physically and psychologically images of the abuse were leaked to the media sparking an outcry social workers security guards and other staff are among those now facing charges of assault and false imprisonment one of the accused however disputes the gravity of the claims. how do you feel about the fact that you're being accused of this. it's an exaggeration again and see more than that of the company operating the migrant center has denied
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claims that management turned a blind eye to the abuses saying instead the group of security guards had gone rogue a member of germany's left party was quick to point the blame at the country's migrant policy. this lady acceptable one word will the job as a police officer have to poll the constitution and have to be not yet full of human rights you cannot will be engaged in human rights abuses and forgery those senators are not just staff and under funded and it's like i'm the girl just said you know we're going to get him out of the what's happened is that angela merkel that know that she had no vision and she had no actual politics you're to take care of refugees and so this is a sign of complete and utter chaos the javits i gives up if coming up if you would
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like how old you are simply change the numbers that's exactly how one man in the netherlands wants to turn back the clock we'll have more on that story and others as well after a short break. you know world's big partners. lock and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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with you i'm not an institution when you are not a government. you'll voice is your voice belongs to you and use it. in your voice zen people accept to seems they wouldn't accept was a secure should we say it is this is a difference between diplomacy and will be should be going to see. you on teams or national highly anticipated peace talks on afghanistan a carny underway in moscow a dozen countries were invited to participate so the taliban is also represented in money for national told small details on. russia hosted in russia led talks is
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basically the her wrist pin and public appearance of the qatar based taliban movement at an international gathering delegations from nine o'clock east nine countries are participating in today's discussion that aims at finding ways to peace in afghanistan including of course the jannie delegation as well many admit this is great achievement of russia's diplomacy foreign minister sergey lavrov has put into the conference by thanking all the participants for coming to moscow stressing afghanistan's people deserve peace and multisided efforts to bring it to the school torn country let's take a listen to this the afghanistan's problems we can only be resolved by political means which through nationwide concerned with the participation of all warring parties the people of afghanistan advise with concerns in that sense in the first place kabul has decided not to send its diplomats here but the country's high peace
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council members government appointed body that is responsible for overseeing the peace process in afghanistan have a great to take part of had a chance to talk to them before the conference started and among other things i asked them what they think about americans american generals saying a military solution will look to work in afghanistan at the same time promising to continue offensives against taliban in afghanistan by the way american delegation was invited but is not attending today's meeting and this is what the head of the afghan a delegation has told me he's coming the. first piece should come first americans should move forward with. this issue of. who is going to stand ready to talk to taliban yes yes. yes you are right thank you. but it seems of gani stunning is ready for direct
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dialogue with the taliban movement as we've just heard and i have to say that during the coffee break i saw members of the is delegation is talking to each other handshaking so these kids the first steps towards long awaited peace in afghanistan it's too early to say but hopefully representative of the taliban commented to the media saying they are open for any talks that would bring peace to the country. and. we position we want to talk with americans and we want the troops. and. if they have any concern could it can serve. in afghanistan we are committed to our destiny and to talk with him when here is a meeting for the dissolution of the show but one is thrown. into putting the
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stability to the country we will part spit we want to do you honestly want a solution and if there is anyone you see which help us in that proposal we will be . a man has been shot dead by police in melbourne australia after he killed one person and injured two others in what all thought he say was a terror attack police received reports of a car on fire in a busy shopping area in the city center when they were when they arrived they were confronted by a man brandishing a knife and threatening them into really attacked bystanders the suspect who is of somali origin was shot in the chest by police and died later in hospital police say the burning car was packed with gas canisters but fortunately none of them exploded islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack provided no evidence. the beloved english breakfast could be facing a price hike here for searches from oxford university get their way they're
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suggesting to almost double the taxes on bacon and sausage is to cut people eating too much red meat. takes the taste test. who doesn't love the smell of bacon in the morning and for british cuisine it does not get much more iconic than the full english breakfast. whole so this is the eggs baked beans and of course also just adding bacon but the healthy eating brigade is ruining all the fun we've known for a few years now that breaking news is perhaps the healthiest food back in twenty fifteen in the world health organization declared it to be a carcinogen apparently that increases the risk of heart disease stroke and diabetes and so researchers in oxford have come up with a plan which case they could prevent up to six thousand deaths per year and the idea is to make these solti fatty chewy bits of meat up to seventy nine percent more expensive i want to know what the breakfast crowd has to say about that are
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you very committed to your life or you could a marriage procession the end of it varies the true story has got a lot of things going it's quite a price increase somebody can for instance mark felt's like if it's a good probably growing food to sort of genetically modified and say it was better for you which it's not that's what you do as a government to strongly move money out of us again if we use back all you need too much. attention he's not really going to make much of a difference looking to boil coal drug abuse a figure far more serious than what people call my plate story keep their hands off your bacon you definitely definitely critics of the idea say it's a nanny state intervention perhaps just like with all the best things in life bacon is best enjoyed responsibly and in moderation but the jury's still out on whether it's up to the government to tax britain to better health.
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a former t.v. host in another man's thinks his love life is suffering due to age discrimination and the sixty nine year old determined to turn back the clock the pension believes his real age is forty nine and he wants it to be officially so. you can change your name you can change your gender why not your age no where are you so discriminated against as with your age and describes himself as a young god you also thinks being legally younger will help him get more work and more matches on dating apps the father of seven even promised to give up his pension if it does score to prove his request after his local authorities rejected changes to his birth certificate radio host and journalist john gaunt believes the whole thing is ridiculous. they would all like to identify as tried to or thirty years younger most of us do it by again phil losing a bit of weight you're born on a certain day and as the years go by you get older it's just seems to me to be
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obvious i don't know how we got into this position and this chap whether he likes it or not he seventy odd he's not twenty years younger i mean where we're at and oh i'd like to identify is so vesta stallone but i don't think i've got to be able to say this is just martinus we need to start dressing no doubt some people are in their own body i can understand this but the whole idea of self identification is just crazy absolutely crazy. well that's it for now from the team and myself i'm just saying soon to an audience of national joyous again in about half an hour for the latest global news updates. both the republicans and democrats claim victory in the wake of the midterm
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elections but it seems the election settled little if anything now there is a dueling investigation warfare gridlock on steroids is this what the voters voted for. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution here to crush the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just always here i mean your lists book video through in the new bill is that i mean you split needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. of those who took. it invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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there's no we're building around parade here in rwanda no weiss's terrorist. but there are bird memories. twenty four years ago this country saw a real end of the world. after the genocide there are more women in rwanda than men. well to women to fix what the men and the broken.
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greetings and salutation is well knock me over with a feather watchers u.s. president donald trump and c.n.n. reporter jim acosta love affair is back making headlines again and what has become a now familiar dance routine at a news conference on wednesday the following waltz of dunces took place between acosta and trump. by me as one of the question is president i think that's an ask one of the the other folks that set out for me ma'am on this wednesday that's enough the president had one of the does it i may ask you on on the russian vest
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a geisha. that's enough this altercation between the donald the acosta and some poor white house intern tragically caught between the two biggest egomaniacs in the room led to the white house press secretary sarah sanders tweeting as a result of today's incident the white house is suspending the hard pass of the reporter involved until further notice and now we can cue establishment corporate media outrage in about three to one bank go yes just about every corporate news journalist an organization immediately jumped into the press to defend the poor jim why can't we take out the isis bastards acosta and his grandstanding brand of reality t.v. journalism c.n.n. of course immediately released a statement surround sounding the alarm that this unprecedented decision is a threat to our democracy in the country deserves better jim acosta as our full support well. yes i i can sympathize i feel for poor little jimmy i do i feel his
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pain i mean after all we here at r.t. about our first amendment rights and journalist credentials denied and suspended by the u.s. congress for more than a year now since donald trump's department of justice forced us under threat of arrest to register as foreign agents for you know reporting news and raising questions that make those in power uncomfortable but i guess our first amendment rights are as important as little jemmy's because our salaries are paid for by corporate insurance giants and big pharma see how it all kind of swirls around now let's start watching the hawks. but that's. it's like. if. you. like you know that i got.
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to. well the water the. top of the. cost of vs boat old row five hundred million trillion dollars of russia's whoever's in power i mean i'm glad you brought up the incident and you know we all know is where this. obama didn't put up with his nonsense either the difference is obama just tended to lead keep his calm and cool while you know jim acosta did he did which is a little bit grandstanding it always feels a bit like he's auditioning for is talk his own talk show which is great because somebody just. sort of to see of what we need in that job you need a reporter and what he did in my opinion was pushing mulayam of being going from an opinion person or an analyst to a reporter also you're not not to were there to do a job as a white house or porter and there were other reporters who are african-american
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woman are called a racist by donald trump did she try to grab the microphone no.


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