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tv   News  RT  November 10, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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subscribe to read. him for just twelve euros fifty. more divisions emerge in the u.s. this time over a video involving c.n.n. reporter jim acosta some claim the material was doctored in order to justify the bombing of the journalist from the white house. children of the u.n. warns tens of thousands die every year as a result of the bombing campaign. also coming up on the program the syrian army rescues over a dozen hostages from the grip of this law makes state of the u.s. report reveals american aid money is ending up in the terrorists' pockets. and
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nato marks its territory with a sinking ship by definitely eating in public places host nation norway complains the alliance has left the country in a mess following their. own midday here in moscow a very warm welcome wherever you are tuning in from this is r.t. international good to have your company i'm you know me. president trump has had his say over a c.n.n. journalist the cues of inappropriate behavior and a white house press conference he defended a twitter post the other partly shows reporter jim acosta pushing the arm of an interned as he tries to ask the president follow up questions well the u.s. is split over the issue with some claiming the video has been doctored in order to
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justify bombing acosta from the white house the video was posted by trump's press secretary service sunders on shows a close up version c.n.n. claims a constant never touch the in turn on call the whole incident quote a threat to democracy here's how the situation at the presser unfolded. one of the statements that you made in the tail end of the campaign do we go honestly i think you should let me run the country you run c.n.n. all right and if you didn't well your ratings let me ask you that's an ask one of the other folks that stood out for me ma'am on this resident that's enough was president the other folks that stood out for me ma'am you are a rude terrible person. was this an inappropriate action aggressive or was it simply an accident well the answer to that depends what side of the political spectrum that you're on liberals and defenders of c.n.n. say that acosta did nothing wrong jim acosta clearly never touched that white house
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intern that's just a lie and what i saw was a battery not by jim acosta but by that young white house aide if you can use a fake video use a fake video should go all the way do something like this. guy. but conservatives are rounding in on a cost accusing him of being violent practically shoving a woman who is just trying to do her job it just is it crosses a line you don't put your hands i don't want him a cost to sort of wrestling this young white house intern the video was posted originally by paul joseph watson who is the editor in chief of the right wing news outlet no one is in for wars now paul joseph watson defended himself and said that he simply zoomed in and that the quality of the video had gone down due to the re uploading it isn't doctored it isn't sped up it isn't slowed down all i did was look at it again is this an example of symbol don't clip to change its meaning no it's virtually identical is it won't hundred percent identical no video compression
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is going to result in it looking marginally different so where is the truth americans are probably reminded of the famous dress controversy in the photograph of one looked at it one way it was black and blue and another way it was white and gold depending on the eye of the holder or now we have a. whole rising video clip people look at it they see the same seconds of visual recording but interpret it completely differently it seems that as the political crisis escalates that americans literally no longer see things i try there's probably never been a better example of. how the american public is divided we're all looking at the same exact video but we're seeing what we want to see democrats are looking at that video and seeing jim acosta absolutely not coming not touching this in turn republicans are looking at it and saying he he touched her he laid hands on her and i don't really think that's how we should be looking at it we should try to put our
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politics aside and just try to see what happened this is a press the press corps that's very hungry they don't get very many face to face chances to meet with the president as they did so they're all competing with each other the room is big you know all their bosses want them to get a question and so it's not surprising that there's a scrum here. it's another headline stories this sunday afternoon the united nations has issued a direct warning that yemeni children in the city of who data are an imminent risk of death the statement comes on the saudi led coalition intensified military activity in the area. whole day to day very much on the frome lines of a brutal war a brutal war against children children have already suffered tremendously continue doing so so any escalation of the conflict affecting all day
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will have brutal consequences not only for the hundreds of thousands of children here in the whole day who may be caught in the middle of the conflict but it will have consequences for the millions of children throughout yemen who are counting on the supplies coming in through who day to help them to survive the un also states there are thirty thousand children die every year in the country from malnutrition the scribing the conflict as a living saudi arabia which has been leading a deadly campaign against rebels since twenty fifteen say they're trying to reduce civilian deaths there the kingdom's foreign ministry even posted on twitter that they stand for the children to him but the message has backfired. just so you know children in yemen some of whom have never seen peace in their life
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are not alone says who saudi diplomats on twitter but something seems to be wrong with the photo op and that tweet probably because the reality for most children there looks more like this. or this there's more let's go back to what was under the photo it says your children are children is this really how you treat your children. these were the pictures now to some of the things that have been said by the u.n.
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children's fund experts in yemen every ten minutes a child dies from a disease that can easily be prevented the yemenis one of the worst places to be as china right now. is the or the number of children minorities two million and the number of two that don't have access want the same with access to. the u.n. says since march twenty fifth being saudi led coalition air strikes have killed around thirteen hundred yemeni children and injured roughly the same number as unlikely as it sounds saudi arabia is actually yemen's biggest humanitarian daughter with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of aid this year alone just like an abusive partner who picks up the medical bills no wonder folks online didn't really by the way saudi diplomats are standing with yemen are these the children you plan to drop bombs on next should that not read we stand on yemen
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just imagine the tweet of the nazi foreign ministry on september nineteenth thirty nine saying we stand with poland that's crazy. there may be people within saudi arabia who certainly feel for the plight of yemenis at the moment and the best way that could be shown in real terms rather than with posted this is if the bombing campaign on yemeni family stopped if we saw that then i would find it much easier to believe that there is sincere concern for the safety and lives of women and children there is no question that this significant contributions to the humanitarian plan made by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. this year have been well received by the humanitarian community without that money we wouldn't have been able to pull it together with other funds from other countries and reach people with eight however this is not a you break it you buy it sort of arrangement that money doesn't come close to
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absolving the saudi led coalition of the of responsibility for the number of deaths being caused the illness and the long term damage being done to yemen as a country. a significant weekend world leaders have started arriving in front where the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war is being marked commemorations are set to take place throughout the weekend the french president will play host to over sixty global leaders including presidents putin and trump chancellor merkel on friday the british prime minister joined in on ring the fallen soldiers of the great war in which over fourteen million people were killed the main memorial event will take place on sunday at the arc de triomphe in paris. however the commemorations come out a nork word time for the french president he triggered a wave of criticism this week after announcing plans to honor a first world war french military hero who later became
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a prominent nazi collaborator politicians are members of the jewish community blasted for quote is shocking and insulting remarks about one of the country's darkest chapters done no quarter has been following the story. french president emanuel macron is facing a backlash after he endorsed honoring the french world war one military leader philip attained for armistice day the thing is though petain is also responsible for leaving france and collaborating with the nazis you know could do i am not concealing any part of history and martial pertaining was also a great soldier during world war one of them one can be a great soldier during world war one and then may have made all choices in the second world war it is yeah and he sure did make some bad choices after leading the french to a monumental victory in world war one fast forward about two decades and you'll find petain at the helm of vichy france a regime which helped the nazis deport and exterminate jews micron's willingness to
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brush that page of history aside for a bit of national pride has upset more than just a few french jews who should q i am shocked that we can honor a man who must be remembered he was himself responsible for the deportation of the jews from france also macron spokes person tried to boil the whole thing down to a misunderstanding but that didn't go over too well since it was originally planned that eight marshals would be honored and well during the war there were only eight marshals of france including petain. the controversy isn't exactly new though as views of petain have historically been divided in france in one thousand nine hundred three polls showed that thirty percent of french saw petain as a leader who sought to safeguard the country's interests and guess what macro's approval ratings are actually lower right now perhaps weighing into the controversy surrounding such a divisive historical figure should be avoided especially when the president's own
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actions and opinions are not very popular in the first place donald quarter r t. wildfires across california have led to the deaths of nine people with many more injured and missing thousands of buildings have been destroyed president trump the third a state of emergency a quarter of a million people being evacuated from their homes across the region reports say the fast moving wildfires up the straw down the entire ton are currently moving in on malibu the iconic beachfront area is home to many celebrities whose munchkins are in the path of. the syrian army says it has rescued over a dozen hostages from islamic state during a military operation near the city all of palmira the captives had been held since
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july but have now returned to their hometown. if. you can just imagine the emotion after such a long period of time there. well other terror groups are also present in the war torn country not just the stomach states and some of them even have access to foreign funding a recent report has revealed that u.s. aid money is actually lining the terrorists' own pockets picking up the story here some rockets the. american taxpayer money cash that is almost wholly in the u.s. mindset inviolable money but has seen politicians jailed for the slightest misuse
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is ending up in the hands of al qaeda in syria now that's a sick twisted if anything a new report has found that millions millions of dollars in aid to syria has been funneled to terrorists since late twenty seventeen u.s. agency for international development office of the inspector general investigation have uncovered numerous instances of possible or confirmed diversions to armed groups in government in northwestern syria including time of year al sharm a designated foreign terrorist organization. h.t.s. nusra front they have many names in short al-qaeda is wing in syria facts of the
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matter that they were benefiting from u.s. taxpayer money it's no surprise everyone and aid organizations civilians traveling through northern syria have to pay to pass checkpoints beat and money in goods this is been a fact for years it's business one of the terrorists' main sources of funding worst of all it is assumed that these jihad ists have been able to infiltrate put their people in n.g.o.s humanitarian organizations from which they siphon money and aid to further their malign cause one investigation found that in n.g.o.s employees knowingly diverted thousands of u.s. aid funded food king. it's worth millions of dollars to eligible beneficiaries including. fighters the report itself is light on names and
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numbers perhaps for political reasons the fallout here could seriously damage and operations all we know is that millions of dollars in cash in aid have been funneled to al qaeda in syria and that's just what they've admitted found that funding has now been terminated but it's very interesting in this report is that the u.s. aid watchdog does not name the n.g.'s now of course one of those primary n.g.o.s will be the white house probably one of the most primitive. and i can i. he's working on the ground in syria basically providing the public and they're in the corp of. regime change current policy surely the year i should first of all be left in the mix and it should be if it's necessary be collaborating with the syrian government to provide aid to the areas where it's my. i don't expect this to happen
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irregardless it's a sick and sad joke on the american taxpayer trillions of their hard earned money spent on the war on terror originally on defeating al qaida and all the while they've been paying to feed and finance those very same jihad ists. iraq as the of there well nato has trails in norway have left behind a trail of mammon some very angry locals you want to look into this story and we've got it south of the brick. you know world of big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting
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past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. make this manufactured consensus public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room. real news.
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just coming up to twenty minutes into the program welcome back the only line encyclopedia wiki pedia maybe go to resource to end your quiz night disputes but just how much of the content is actually right and correct igor saddam off has more knowledge on the sites and are working. wikipedia is a free encyclopedia based on a model of openly editable contant the largest and most popular general reference work on the world wide web this is the definition of we keep pedia on wikipedia wiki p.t. is very different from something like blogs or trying to be an encyclopedia trying to be a really solid stable kind of place ironically the founder of wikipedia is one of the few people who sees the encyclopedic value of his creation the openly editable bases of we could pedia is turning out to be more of a curse than a blessing according to a new study by m.i.t. in a third of article disputes editors can't agree with each other major issues include
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poorly articulated initial arguments excessive bickering during discussions and simple lack of interest from third party editors because topics may be too easy for instance some users who are very passionate about corn apparently have been fighting over this article for at least a decade which is hardly a surprise because forget anything as complicated as corn the world still can't agree on the simplest simplest things like what date it is and come on america the whole month day here thing makes zero sense let me just get it out there on behalf of the rest of the world and you're welcome but silly disputes are far from the biggest problem we could pedia is facing over it's open added to billet there are firms that will help you get your story out there for a modest fee like this company with
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a straight forward name we keep our investigative journalist helen by nist he says it manages hundreds of sock puppet accounts which quietly added pages to favor the firms thousands of clients sock puppets are basically fake accounts that are. run by one person but pretend to be multiple people so if there's a disagreement you want to have other people can come in and take your side because it's in that way it's there is some sort of democratic element to it but the wiki p.r. skinless mostly because they were very openly advertising their services on this website but private firms are not the only entities with a story to sell the us government cares in a big way about what people on the internet right about it especially on wikipedia in two thousand and seven for example the cia and f.b.i. work used to sing articles about the u.s. invasion of iraq guantanamo bay and the page on one former cia chief the cia by the
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way didn't confirm the claims but kind the didn't deny them either and it's pretty easy to do that as far as outsourcing the third party it is pig guy and they were just being so obvious about it i mean they thought all is anonymous anybody can do it let's just edit it from our work computers and wherever that's like really bad upset that we one thing if it was disconcerted by a source like just sort of a trash read that the bathroom wall of the internet i like to call it. but it's not it's considered this sort of holy oracle of truth and it's really anything but and the reason why everyone wants to have their say and we compete is obvious it is indeed a universal reference to regardless of its actual reliability apples and amazons voice assistant siri and alexa draw information from there for their results to do some research is lazy journalists and students with a term paper due overnight and whoever throws more dollars into the furnace effectively has we competed in their pocket and by transitivity anyone who blindly
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trusts it. all right one of norway's biggest warships is in danger of sinking after colliding with an oil tanker the vessel had to be evacuated and eight people were injured it had been returning from a. nato exercise when it has a multi oil tanker on the ground near bergen there were fears of an oil spill near norway's famous fjords but officials say it has been contained. well if we go to. nato launched large scale military drills in norway involving some fifty thousand troops from thirty one countries hundreds of her craft armored vehicles dozens of ships involved as well but the locals are complaining they have left things in a bit of a mess. this
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is terrible it's about having common decency we have to clean up after soldiers have relieve themselves it's literally. we have a system for treating this problem the soldiers bring their equipment to clean up after work but that's why we have a major exercise for most thais in the room. sometimes i'm pushing things out from what you know of course it is not ok for people to relieve themselves in public areas i would like to apologize for. more of the subtleties stories coming your way after some greats are to the program starting in moments and then i'll see you thirty.
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guys or financial. bible god liquid assets not those that you can burn in to cast quite easily. to keep in mind no acid for me into a place of. work. and twenty forty you know bloody revolution here to correct the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just always a pretty meaningless. split needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took part in this to do over five
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billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. time after times are we going underground on the birthday of the man who added four million to the repeated thirty five million death toll in india and created the anti-catholic black and tans death squads in ireland winston churchill coming up on the show a victory for abstention resume with a majority of americans not voting at the u.s.
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midterms we go to georgia to measure the decline of u.s. democracy with the green party's twenty sixteen vice presidential candidate john mobile rocket and will tomorrow's meetings between leaders of china russia and india and singapore signaled the beginning of the end of major nation's power we speak to a u.k. government as advisor on china plus from the headlines the president who's planning for war while parading for peace and the poet who sees no lowell's in being a laureate all this and more coming up in today's going on the ground but first to raise them a stands in silence today to commemorate british wars of the royal albert hall thousands of u.k. veterans homeless and a noticeable lack of publicized see that the german revolution ended world war one in the real world vladimir putin prepares to meet donald trump tomorrow in paris before a bigger meeting of the g. twenty this is the week when president mccraw unveiled plans for a real e.u. on me one point there's. this heat by the. president he couldn't afford.
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could prove it from innocent most of the security to going to seek it out because it was picked up you know many want to of well we know obviously for thirty some people or so now that it is you need so the e.u. is creating an independent army on the hundredth anniversary of a war to end all wars that killed or wounded more than forty million what could go wrong and why was the politician who is arguably have more influence on britain's future than any other nigel farage laughed at by u.k. media and joined claude younger when he said. this three years ago mr young said we must convey to russia that we are serious who do you think you are kidding mr young we do don't want any part of an e.u. army and i doubt the rest of the peoples of europe do either for the bricks it left of arguably being much more keen on improving trade ties with the former colonial developing world than creating armies in nations that sparked not one but two world wars for those like tony benn bricks it was always about democracy i think that the
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power to govern ourselves must remain with the british people co-operate worldwide trade will join the united nations be members of the international community but the umbilical cord that links the lawmakers with the people and you destroy the stability of this country and well stability will be a subject in singapore tomorrow when leaders from russia the us and you're in china convene to discuss the future of the planet that's followed by and apec summit in papua new guinea again the usa russia and china will be present we'll get the perspective of a u.k. government advisor on china later in the show but before that to the midterms which british media rugby suggests demonstrate don't trump's decline even though the g.o.p. won seats in the senate joining me now via skype from atlanta georgia is the green party twenty sixteen presidential candidate joe miller. thanks for coming back on record breaking turnout but still more people didn't vote than voted what is the point of us elections. it is to determine if two or four years what
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presses will be put in office and i hate to sound like that but.


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