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rypien throttle on championships in ip to spain he conquered the kilometers of running swimming cycling with the help of his trainer wife all at the tender age of fifty five we had a chance to speak to both of them about his incredible victory. but it was a slow three salute mozart's commitment to prison. for the. muscles and the new syria which is to lower the price stability. of shells exported to. more leads me to be near a solution. of three long. hours to new post but the most to. me bucharest the global. solution. must now richest. in europe modest at the mention of supposed
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listening. to what to do with this truth or sooth and soon going to kill me soon. some people are just special and those two certainly are almost five years on since the outbreak of a deadly war in eastern ukraine what we examine what is happening today and what the future may hold next in our documentary ukraine on fire. and i was in new york which was out there but the issue of chicago is really one that can speak for through what you. it was
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a q. it posole cause. as up and as long as would story when you know it's not a need. for you when you go to use some of those artful but it gets on this list and it's going to go. slow to slow it is when you know how do you clean the destroying important that is no. one did it step on the. slow play. the hero status of step on bond was short lived in two thousand and ten victoriano covert each was elected president this time the international community had no doubts about the legitimacy of the elections. in january two thousand and eleven victoriana covert repealed the hero title of bond era. almost four years into his presidency though another revolution shook ukraine unfortunately this one was anything but peaceful.
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night. mr yanukovych which i'm an american i'm an outsider to the situation and it's very complicated but i would like as a as a filmmaker just to jump into the action and go to those moments in november two thousand and thirteen you're president of the ukraine you've been president for three years at this point the country is in bad economic shape very bad you have a trade agreement with russia and now you are seeking to make a better agreement with the e.u. with the european union and you are negotiating can you bring me to that moment and what you're thinking just sitting at the bill. with with him in the local area near enough. but i believe him would be pleased to treat that in that's them but them
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will not. drop out of kyoto because there's a shoot too early in numbers no hold there will be for. good old naval lieutenant who are not but it is really knew who would. really put it how water numb but it loud knew pretty humid then that's what that is saying this is not shit in there but not you know. very full blown the silliness clears you see we're now in that on the sea chilly in the house or was the trip to new york also hold of mr lynn but also the whole bit but he isn't here when they are the only partially. really brew here ready on. but also. i think the customer is not old nor will you know when the when they are but here deities to try to not some of us thought well less at this year. but i see it now because a storm we had always wanted aboard it but if you want to use it which national
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interests it will be gone when it will rain in the race year. so there is no risk of you doing the economy closely so little you can only afford where you can get machine. bullish committed no sin if you tell him about it i'm not going to separate them which i'm almost just going to. take him a bit of them. was a paid user seems to me that what i mean the national carrier to do is just take it to go where. you got them when the tradition. store. opened up on and you would open a. premium. economy q i scored zero. but year your little park and inserts a new bit of fruit almost or you are. really at them. stuck in a shelter. because they look and usually used to carry
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a nationalist that was to be good to you will but in the. norm when you don't need to but up let you. know stripping her water so you would open a new even shelly's to spear home where the morning they are done put your. really zelig bowls or. violent clash. is erupted in the ukrainian capital kiev fast malls and one hundred thousand people protested against a government decision to delay an association deal with the e.u. . the telly you are a minister of interior affairs for the ukraine during this period when you were chief of police essentially of the country can you tell me your version of what happened from november protests through february protests. for months with. these issues but lets them go the. fuck them.
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putting it. right but this on your. c.v. to be as conservatives are semi a new leader of the opposition party fatherland. leader of the opposition nationalist far right political parties vitali klitschko leader of the opposition party. both e.u. and ukrainian officials said on thursday the suspension of talks on closer ties could be revived after the two day meeting but officials said the deal was off the table for. war. pro e.u. protests on the streets of kiev and to their second day the crowd of iran
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a thousand protesters were joined by the leader of the opposition or any well boxing champion vitaly klitschko he called on the demonstrators to maintain pressure on the government after it decided not to sign a major trade deal with the e.u. you go back to kiev the next day after the meeting with merkel and the protests erupted can you take me through that period. by the minute the worst with the mute and there are. more. yuck at the mobile home. he go to. me a. little i grow. up just in the company. is a little bizarre i don't like their interest in the least a little to shift my ground. robert perry is
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a longtime investigative journalist based in washington d.c. best known for his major disclosures about the iran contra scandal in the one nine hundred eighty s. he is the founder of consortium news where he has reported extensively on the crisis in ukraine and the forces behind the unrest and in geo is a non-governmental organization how many n.g.o.s are quite legitimate they represent good causes that maybe they help people in a country feeder or deal with water problems or deal with various kinds of social problems but there are some n.g.o.s that have become funded by government entities and serve more the purpose of that government rather than trying to serve the people that they are sensibly working for one thing we saw in the one nine hundred eighty s. at that point the central intelligence agency had been largely discredited because of the scandals that had been exposed in the one nine hundred seventy s. but that being years the cia has secretly financed its overseas activities of the
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national student association but then there came to light a fantastic web of cia penetration so when the reagan administration came in there was this concept that instead of having the cia which traditionally would go into these different target countries funding their media funding n.g.o.s funding different political operations that was essentially farmed out to. a new organization called the national endowment for democracy which was created in one thousand nine hundred three and it would do pretty much what the agency used to do it would go into one of these countries and it would support various political groups train activists deal with journalists business groups and try to advance u.s. foreign policy interests sometimes against the interests of the host government the target government and beyond that they receive financial and other logistical help from the national endowment for democracy and other u.s. agencies that help them training activists working with journalists to get their
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side presented more favorably they work on things like how do you get traction how do you get things to go viral how do you then use that to generate support for your cause and support was generated was the fact that you know. the founder of one of ukraine's new media outlets. just throw much good t.v. knew very well how to make something go viral. it was his notorious facebook post on november twenty first two thousand and thirteen that brought the first crowds to my down yes in the south of stick with your pitch it's simple to put the most. if you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed if you read the newspaper you are misinformed. to deliver your message efficiently enough in the modern world with so many different technologies and means of communications you must embrace
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them all as the disturbing events of your own mind don started on november twenty first two thousand and thirteen three new t.v. channels one on the air and suddenly became stunningly popular in ukraine spill no t.v. november twenty first. t.v. nov twenty second. t.v. twenty fourth directly. from opposition protest these channels went viral supporting the protests and encouraging more and more people to come to my don. he was to play in your muscle with much of his thoughts below which slum let's go on the other. side you let me have my own jokes superfluid you. could you would it. was alluding to me young noble opening up of school six that only use the euro to just wait for a while when you know. you could. do to what.
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you when you just don't feel for you months like a cute miller was do you still see love we have to. store all the ships. had you know put up with a need to live. in a little for. the conclusion the same each and then i mean. for all we. did lots of. the unable to. agree see what. well such to us or just lucked into a bill in the bargain you mean you stole the nobody in your muscle to really go by with her need to look at the. daughter when up with a young guy with her and her lawyer would be supposed to clean the prism of what's about that was just one lithium you business. not that it's out there was just.
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what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to. it's. actually going to be close with what before three in the morning can't be good good i'm interested always in the waters of my college. courses. during the past thirty years lebanon has been subject to six invasions from israel . six invasions at breast exam every every year every five years we are having. one that's and this is definitely coming through the health club and.
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november thirtieth of two thousand and thirteen became the first turning point of your my down and one of its most reported and mysterious events the other than you must go. to some with you. when you want but what. it means thoughts from the world like you are on google so though it was you wouldn't them which i tell you as always it's about all doing a little know what would you know polish yeah you more abuse no but you would you know for that some of your photo your names. were in your chosen motion. muscle would be a machine for you so it was not so much the google but you will know so could you
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tell us a little bit of process to carry us personal you will teach visiting their quarters with your son but you won't because all. the flow of books was a conscious shame for months if you look at them still feels like one choice but almost full foci just is the out spinner which is slow and the other will continue to post those who. remember but some do watch soaps and cool dollars spike local or through yup but to them as a rule just trust that it's wrong. to make use of some of those from the possible so on may have been a store in and about to come out and it will take on no humans to be able to. score a commission new company themed after riot police attacked peaceful protesters with clubs happening in the early paying allergies the eyewitnesses that were there said the police did he's trying she was just going to prosper hold me put.
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my done what the d.c. police see is when they be in the. store they'll pick us at us and the admitting who is sure but i mean that can him seal yeah we'll put you in your committee who is simply i mean you're less seal are not all surely put on while you did. edition yet the queue for some of that and putting in my post and a new will somewhere was focus. to the poor bulls on the bush. but the glow of me as thoughts of the thought so here was even a little which can. coincidentally sergei love again is a close associate to many us politicians. the security service of ukraine had evidence that on that night in was in contact with opposition leader yatsenyuk where they discussed the clearing of mind on on the pretext of installing the
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annual christmas tree news media reported that the riot police cruelly attacked the students peacefully sleeping in their tents but scenes from the event seem to tell a different story it appears that the protesters were waiting for the police additionally there were dozens of journalists and cameramen from all the new public t.v. news outlets prepared to cover the events and most ominously a group of well trained young men arrived to mind on almost simultaneously with the riot police. they infiltrated the crowd and began provocations with insults stones and torches. the right sector in ukraine represents a part of the ukrainian population that has often favored fairly extreme right wing positions they had militias that came especially during the may den protests. there were groups that were being shipped into kiev where they would provide the muscle
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in effect for the demonstrations so the demonstrations went from being relatively peaceful political protests to be increasingly violent the first step in a new detective work is to establish a motive. it is now said that sergei lovat skin is held in high esteem by his powerful u.s. friends. outraged by what was reported in the news the ukrainian people came out in force on the next day to vent their anger with the police actions. the violence started to take off when. naturalised was removed but here it is to treat their not so old. t.v. which you're going to do when you put in the new will not cease. to be. was almost the premier. i read that i
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mean that i mean now you. know. i need to. look at the shell or any of the well as the what it but i was just in is that your study of the structure of this is. what is the deal more. i mean you know. i mean the. as a failed unmasked as the color revolutions can be an attentive viewer can see subtle patterns and similarities revealing their true nature. to make crowds act as one of beauty and group they have to be united at the unconscious level the masterminds of color revolutions know this well and have perfected the art. symbolism is one of the most powerful
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tools to achieve this and revolutionary political organizations with surprisingly similar names and even more similar logos have appeared time and again almost as omens marking the countries that would be hit by the colored plague next. they're often described as being aware and active when they're actually trained and radical they are the ones who take the first. literal and metaphorical to transform the peaceful protests into full blown. their fingerprints can be found everywhere on the map of the color revolutions. using all the experience of past generations simple but effective tools like catchy sing along and chanting glory. well known for exciting the crowd and creating
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a group identity. individuals and make them easier to manipulate. we go over the lowest look in your. incidentally one such organization a t.v. receive generous donations from the dutch and u.s. embassies as well as from the renaissance foundation an ngo founded by george soros . i set up a foundation in ukraine before ukraine became independent of russia. and the foundation this me i'm functioning ever since and through the and the
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important parts and events now. i like criticism but it must be my way. that you see any evidence of us involvement if you feel the presence of the us just to me i stammered really put a statement in there said you know english thought the me and live their lives just goes a little long but it is. not. just. them way done but deals roll up it's a solution given you know what i need to near order honey but i mean all this shit as we have with us some of it you see i'm listed we did it in the way that we. want to sell it. but members of congress were visiting ukraine during that period most famously congressman john mccain so some of the people who were challenging their government
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their elected government at that point were were being told by a senior u.s. official a person who ran for president in a top official in the u.s. congress that the u.s. was with them and senator john mccain and it's always a pleasure to be back in ukraine senator mccain was in a sense giving the people in the maidana feeling that they had the backing of the most powerful country on earth. this is not the future you want for your country this is a future you just. did you had said no hopers allah you know what. we need. you probably knew someone. who issue it's. a conflict god i mean who is she is the what the it but if you just in is the idea which it is the. who is that on the in the. british royal commission the who issue.
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it was the pretty handy if. they didn't list of the limited yes should tell you. when you what do you want to peace is that in the. political with the shit who is your highest level contact with the us government in this group yup a. close within them by them because the president. just this them to fill in the video water deal of whom store lost but didn't buy didn't already love nor. a new deal little who is in the us ambassador. on the putting them well put it. was a bell post so as to be with the which he was not without some leaders really he sells them well as the queer part should lead us to do new english thought the social switched up. at the time but it's us.
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that's geysers financial life they say money to develop. jesus this is a central plank support diatoms. i don't call them i know they stopped. and. it's been seventy years since the united nations that don't did the universal declaration on human rights but in many places in for mainz a declaration and not a reality how to bridge the divide between practice and preaching.
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the principles to sleep while. my little course under the syria. rolls going to say a word understands with the mustard so it. is needless. to . say. look a cynic i know it that you know but you also look at the mother and the funniest applause mostly it's a small show such as the fluid souls of. the moon newborn you must.
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move. well.
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scruggs will rub people up he comes in for just twelve euros fifty per month. crucial midterm elections entrenched deep divisions in the us presidency. as the democrats seize the hardest on the republicans hold on to the senate's majority we'll break down what all the. fallout from the midterms skippers ongoing with white women in texas slammed for betraying feminist values after voting in favor of the republican candidate i'm very tired of being castigated as some sort of racist simply based on my skin color or new blue interest are you representing if you're only as a white woman representing the best interests of other white women then we absolutely have a problem absolutely.


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