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which was before you can believe that. my interest is always at the water's edge. leaders from around the globe gather in france to mark the sun tannery commemorations the world war one one hundred years ago today the guns fell silent one of history's bloodiest conflict. but issues manifesting in modern day politics refused to be sidelined as crowds gather in paris to protest against donald trump. his bosses are being called peter being replicated so he's in france today he's not a french issue is a global issue and that's why we're here because thing is no welcome here is no welcome anywhere. also developing this sunday polish nationalist celebrate one hundred years of their country's independence and are joined for the very first
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time by polish official in the march to the council. and in the stories that shapes the week the u.s. midterm elections are entrenched deep divisions that have a president trump as the democrats seize the house and the republicans retain best senate majority we prate down what it will mean. a very warm welcome you watching the weekly here on r.t. international when you knew all the latest headlines and then round up the stories that shapes the week but first countries around the globe are marking one hundred years since the end of the first world war heads of state and dignitaries from over seventeen nations are in paris for the centennial we commemorations the events have included laying flowers to remember the victims of the war similar ceremonies have already been held. in a number of european countries including the u.k.
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and belgium the day is also important from a modern political perspective to as world leaders gather to discuss some of the more pressing issues they earlier attended a working lunch in the palace plenty of interest had been building over the all off meeting between the russian and american presidents however it was earlier reported that the two leaders sounded opposite sides of the table during lunch and hinted that talks with more likely take place at the next g. twenty in argentina though president putin did confirm he spoke with trump. but. isn't. that what we've seen over seventy world leaders attending paris today for those events of commemoration and remembrance at the foot preceded by photo opportunities and followed by a working lunch at the palace only say to commemorate those hundred years since the
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finishing of the first old war twenty million people killed twenty more million in what was four years of bloody conflict the visit is the leaders arrived to pay their respects to those who lost their lives a lot of speculation took place in the days and weeks building up to about two particular leaders namely the president trump america president putin of russia as to whether there would be a meeting of any sort and if there would be what format exactly that would take bilateral talks or a working lunch the american side at least at shop can change their plans quite a bit initially saying that they did favor some sort of talks between the two presidents before later saying any sort of meeting would be very brief later saying that it was highly unlikely that any sort of contact would take place at all this was confirmed by president vladimir putin here i've slightly late to the ceremony who shook hands with trump patted him on the shoulder and they did allegedly
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exchange some communications earing that working lunch but putin confirmed indeed that nothing would take place today instead saving any sort of bilateral talks for the g. twenty in argentina this is what he had to say. we agreed not to interrupt the schedule of commemoration events since the organizers asked us not to hold any meetings we will probably meet at the g. twenty summit or later in any case we are ready for dialogue it is not us who are leaving the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty the americans plan to do this however we are both aimed at restoring dialogue. a presidential aide also stated why that meeting didn't take place he mentioned that the meeting was planned for quite some time a agenda was written but at the insistent request of the french side they decided not to go ahead with that mr putin also gave an exclusive comment to all t. frog space their own paris we were lucky enough today to get into the palace early
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say or at least into the courtyard alongside much media from all over the world all colleagues from all to france previously have been so lucky particularly during the french election when they would the noid access orders given from the highest levels and mr putin also had a comment to make about that. we have always heard from our western partners that one of the main principles of democracy is freedom of information creating lists and special counsel switch decide which media is bad and which is good this is not acceptable this has nothing to do with democracy donald trump and president together yesterday before the main events today and despite some frayed relations juden recent times some differences on key international questions of the iran nuclear deal trade tariffs the paris accords they put on a show of unity which they try to make visible at least in their body language.
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we've already been. well up media speculation second guessing on diplomacy behind closed doors what exactly would happen if any meeting would take place was driven away by the end of the day when it became clear no meeting would take place and indeed perhaps that is for the best after all these world leaders here today all for the aim of commemorating and remembering those who gave up their lives in the war and indeed with the peace for the. taking place just down the road from me it's a policy for those leaders to have some sort of discussions to ease some global tension some political differences set them aside and said a step towards making sure that no such tragedy ever takes place on a global scale ever again. but for more on today's events in paris i'm joined live by darren stanton an expert on body language this is done to thank you for joining
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us on the program not to overlook the very important reason that world leaders are in paris for today it is always the fascinating to see how these v.i.p.'s interact when they're together isn't it so you've been watching from the sidelines well can you tell us about the atmosphere there today between these world leaders were they tense with a relaxed what do you think. you know as you've already said it is a very important historic meeting have gone to today obviously for the for the for that reason. but in terms of the actual interaction between the various politicians is fascinating because very simple gestures and expressions can give off you know so much in terms of what they or their relationship with the sure there is. i'm no body language expert myself but it seemed very obvious the affection that president mccrone was showing towards president trump we saw him touching his knee we saw him patting him on the back and trying but not so forthcoming with the affection
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towards mccrum though what does that tell us. because i mean it was actually quite fascinating there at the same time because we've seen we've seen president putting his hand on president obama's back which is a again a very clear power gesture so you know on the more important man on the most part more powerful which obviously president trumps aware of the device at all who believes facial expression and when the two men will sat down as you already served president bush in president terms and the. president clearly wasn't happy about it but i think at one point even sort of moved his whole body away from his is this gesture that we've seen this for a common gesture that president trump's make or makes called a reverse steeple with his hands and we can see at times these top of his fingers which is a sign of a sort of anxiety and frustration just wanting to get away from the situation yet he really wasn't happy about that at all was say now talking about the power
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struggle between it those two there was that handshake and you know chance well known for giving unusually strong handshakes but this time it was the other way around wasn't it was mccraw on this theme to have the upper hand if you will in that handshake. absolutely i mean again our reporter had a richer say when president truman was first inaugurated and his handshake made world news and i think president michael now is well versed in some of the gestures and his colleagues in coached in terms of how a president from conveys and self and this what we call it we call in psychology a bonecrusher handshake which is. is to denote power. president micron turn the tables on this occasion and we can see this almost like an arm wrestle going on between these two men and it's literally a unconscious power struggle so it was really fascinating to see that also interesting was them across interaction with germany's angela merkel they seem very close a almost intimate if you like they were holding hands at one point i believe what
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does that say. absolutely i mean again we all have our sort of what we call proximal zones of of closest that we're happy to have our people into but it's clear that these two politicians clearly of mutual respect for each other as your intimate at the very comfortable very very close to each other and touch each other so i think they have generally got a. report and respect for each other president putin on the other hand there's no first pitch at least of him interacting very closely with any of the other world leaders what can we read into what we have seen of his behavior at the during the day. i mean again i found behavior to be what we call quite stoic so it is usually quite animated into an answer so in terms of the way that he sits he turns to spread his legs again which is a power gesture and we often see putin and trump sort of to do in these various power gestures but again as you've already said not
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a great deal of footage from today however it does seem to be a lot more solemn a lot more respectful due to the occasion of the event so not giving too much away today president putin there in stance and fascinating to get your take on the day of body language expert down to human lie detector i do believe thank you for your time. well not everyone in paris is there to mark the anniversary of the armistice to crowds of also gathered in the city to protest against donald trump's policies artie's surely do penske has more. a lot of people law and credibly unhappy that president trump is here it's a commemoration of one hundred years since the end of the war in fact some of the figures suggesting ten thousand people across the city have come out into protests just like this at this one they say a few hundred people have come out here to say that they don't want trump to be in paris some of the signs just behind it don't if you can see it says trump equals
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carol which is in french and many other people holding their signs and symbols out in fact some people are actually dressing up as parody trump individuals to get the message across that they don't like president trump they don't like his policies i've been speaking to people taking part in this protest and they say this is a man who is making war with everyone and in fact it's not just people from france have come out here to show their dislike of trump to show they dislike this is ministration we've also been speaking to some american and irish ex-pats he said it was just so important to be part of this protest today to show president from that he's not welcome this is why they said they were here where american citizens living abroad and were part of the woman's march and for us it was important. to say that chomp is a disgrace to america and we think that time does not represent american people
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is a professional is not somebody that i would look up to in any shape or form you know any shape or form i just think you know he's putting america joe you know america supposed to be great again it's not great again like you know trump concerns everyone is not just an american issue is a global issue and every decision that he takes over the country will follow and we have other countries like brazil we have other countries like even in the u.k. a bit his bosses are being copied are being replicated so he's in france today he's not a french issue is a global issue and that's why we're here protesting he's not. welcome here is no welcome anywhere well those are just some of the views here in paris at this particular protest but as i mentioned this is one of many taking place across the city as he was making his way to that armistice ceremony just a few hours ago there was a protest a woman actually running in front of his motorcade with the words all on her body a fake peace maker and that's what many people have said today this is
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a man in their belief who is making war with everyone and i saw one sign that sort of summed up the idea is here this protest is a bit of a take on america i make america great again which trump is very well known to saying and it was make america good again because that's what people think here is that at the moment the policies that have been spewing out of the trump it is our policies that are making war not peace and they want america to be good again. this week crucial midterm elections on tuesday left congress narrowly splits between america's two major parties the democrats seized the house of representatives while the republicans built on their advantage in the senate florida was one of the most contentious states a recount has been ordered there after the republicans won by a tiny margin donald trump condemned the move saying it's an attempt to deal two big elections the senate and the race for governor in the state but is far from the
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only thing that went wrong in the vote. thank you. we. feel. i'm afraid it will be some relief to know i was going to be right and if you move here from here are revolting you thank you thank you
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thank. you we. thank you thank you thank you we we. thank you. thank you. thank you thank you. the midterms have been dubbed a referendum on trump's presidency and many say he's palls the test with the republicans retaining that senate majority at talk at bad set before the elections but it's not all plain sailing in explains. so which party won the epic midterm
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battle for control of the u.s. congress well if you listen to both sides they both won and last night the republican party defied history to expand our senate majority to found the story of the constitution's checks and balances do the job. nancy pelosi has got plenty of reason to be happy it's the first time the democrats have had a majority in the house of representatives in eight years they can now launch an investigation spree into donald trump and block all kinds of legislation but you would think they would have won a bigger blowout after all they are running against the new hitler who happens to also be a russian spy you can go for nationalism you can go for anger opposite of hitler the same type of propaganda day you would have seen in germany in one thousand and thirty eight these comparisons to trump it's like it bums me out but trump will be outmatched by putin and i have never seen an american president simply surrender to
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the leader of russia we call it soccer now the donald is far from a media darling lots of media criticism and pressure and his losses weren't so bad when compared to his recent predecessors he not only maintained control of the senate but the republicans actually picked up a few seats so do lots of americans just like hitler and russian spies well perhaps they were just watching a different channel twenty seventeen was a very successful first year for president trump unlike obama business confidence is now soaring on the president trump in fact the news is so good so the vote was described as a referendum on the donald so what's the verdict well the voters seem to have stayed within one of two echo chambers there is one echo chamber that loves the donald and the other that hates him the country is divided and now congress along with it definitely beat us. and the political parties have definitely created more
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divisiveness and more friction between. between the parties as well as within the within the society itself and i think the media is largely to blame there are. sometimes leaking information that should not be leaked sometimes. twisting the story a different way than that shouldn't be. you know but sometimes just falsely claiming something that's not correct enough substantiated so i think we've got. we've got a media and also elements within the government that are actually creating within the u.s. government that are actually creating more of a divisive. atmosphere within the population. so far right groups out in full swing the streets of wolf for the one hundredth anniversary of poland's independence that's up next after this short break.
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during the past thirty years lebanon has been subject to six invasions from israel . six invasions. practically every ugly over five years we are having. one that's and this is definitely come up to help them.
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welcome back to r.t. international now far right groups have flooded central warsaw as poland celebrates one hundred years since its independence was showing you live pictures from warsaw right now however there is no control to see the normal to the march this year as it was announced the polish president and government officials would join them before independence poland was partitioned between austria-hungary germany and russia polish flags sound banners could be seen stretched down streets and across squares it's also being reported a number of neo nazi symbols were spotted a large police presence sounds cordon is in place to watch over the march which is
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taking place the maltais knisley with a state military parade on warsaw has called the joint event a victory. call and one on november eleventh there will be a great communal march to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of independence. the government's decision to march alongside the far right nationalists has been largely criticized a professor from the hey brianna fest in jerusalem joins us now to talk about this i missed it don thank you for joining us on the program now in this event so is this event thank you we are being viewed as the polish government giving support to far rights nationalists in the country. yes well it seems that the polish government decided to actually embrace the. tendencies and and ideologies of the past because. the
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fear from the immigration creates a bias a political bias and a political agenda that brings europe into a defensive approach towards the entire matter of the immigrants but the groups the political groups that support that object to illegal immigration into europe are also relate to. the only jews from the past that we are very much afraid of coming up right now in this time and age after we learned the lesson so we have these two movements of the cement ism from the past like from the first the stick and not seek not see them as asians and we have also another stream of the cynicism that is pouring into the routine countries by muslim immigrants those to. say groups of people of groups or ideologies are both combined with the same
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and the semitic. in their basic approach to the jewish a question in europe and therefore the jews are the victim again of both sides we don't understand that was those men had initially council tomorrow but it's going to head anyway as you can see do you think. it was decided that there is something to gain from holding this knowledge. i think that they have something to gain because the because of the public opinion and. public opinion today is like a defensive opinion the ideology is defensive everybody is afraid of the climate the change of climate in europe because of the immigration and therefore they're running away and looking for like parties and groups that were in the past after the holocaust and after the world war two were actually pushed aside now today they are trying to bring them back into the center because of the public
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opinion that has been changed by the last events. is this a worrying trend that something that hates in eastern europe a witnessing i rise of the far right in recent years considering how they did suffer during the second world war. well i think you're right that since it seems like the the. threats from the past are becoming the true reality of the present and rising again but we must pay attention to the fact that today we have more reasons not only under symmetries in but also what is going on with the european approach to the to the borders questions and to the immigration question and beside we have also context of the fact that we see the jews is the as the target of the of the of this both. movements this one on one hand we see the. increase in anti semitism and anti semitic
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a vent by the by the. immigrants and on the other hand we see the rise of the for she stick movements as in opposition to the immigration movement but also the jews there are not considered to be a human and. and therefore they are fighting them also i was reacting to all this pain in israel. well in israel we have no we have we are a nation of history yes we have a long history in europe we know exactly that these things happen every once in a while we have a long memory and therefore we do not sin surprised by this approach and by and by the fact that from time to time the true and sceptics subtext of the horrible ideology of the. of the twentieth century is rising
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and showing its ugly face one every once in a while we got used to this issue we can see this all over the world also in the united states what happened. recently there in the synagogue. but some people might argue that you know considering the occasion marking one hundred years of independence that you know why shouldn't officials be involved in this march what do you think about. i think they're probably right but. also with the law they try to they actually passed in the last few months the law that says that you cannot blame polling. on the crimes of the holocaust in collaboration with the nazi regime in the third reich i think that this was partly because they cannot bear the blame the collective blame of their participant in the holocaust in the in the horrible things that happened in the past during the world world war two and therefore they're trying to find rehabilitation and and trying to
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find a way to clear their past and when israel is trying to say the truth about their involvement in the horrible things that happened in the past the jews by the germans and their allies and they partly were. so i think they have to. be they have to find any way to justify their approach by not feeling guilty about their past and they're doing it this way in a way they actually embrace all the. these people and instead of trying to clear their sphere and try to. make a new ultimate sphere and. they're trying to ride this wave of this image this isn't into their political game and a professor from the haber university in jerusalem thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on r.t. and if you have something to say would love to harrah's so do get in touch by following us on social media and even all your comments that we're going to be back
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in thirty minutes with all the latest from my colleague and their attitude. when lawmakers manufacturer can be sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. with the famous larry.
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king or middle of the room. join me every thursday on the all excitement and obviously. to get us out of the world of politics sport let's list i'm show business i'll see that. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be honest . that's why the press has allowed them before three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of our. question.


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