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tv   Documentary  RT  November 13, 2018 4:30pm-5:01pm EST

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it's difficult because we have different security perceptions and different kind of projective so. we heard angela merkel being heckled when she was talking about this in the european parliament did this mean there really isn't going to be enough support for the idea anyway. europe is very complicated because you have very different ideas about european few ninety s and he's more and more. pretty car or landscape is more more fragmented us if you are skeptics in new york and parliament who don't want a european army because they want the army to stay of the nation state leader and then you have a divide. the parties who are more pacifists we don't want to now meet a tour. and you've got or so different i'd be g.'s between countries as i
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say because of fear or different job rough you can look asian countries under us self of europe and you have a minute union c to care more about the threats from the south east terrorists win the east they care more about instability from the east on the russia and this is why. ece very difficult to come on approach to be cooperation in terms of defense for europe and you know addition to this the u.s. the americans of course they would like our europeans to buy more of the all planes tanks and in addition to reste to be in one of the our own budget chiefs which is to prevent a new writer to emerge and eurasia and us or europe. as they are emergent i see a buffer zone against russia. great to have you on r.t. thanks so much for your time geo political analyst pierre emmanuel. thank you wrap
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things up for this busy news hour i'll see you in about twenty nine minutes with the latest wife and. she as you see.
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so i thought it was good but not everything that you end up with. this is your what i thought the so though david dill yeah i mean the other two it's just but i.
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suppose thought about the realist. of course. he's going to. push us real stuff almost politically stressful smear the place to feel sick of the drama the senseless killing video that's guys. sitting. there especially the business like some smart. things back just watch way it looked like you only have to buy yourself c.b.s. the goodwill of the light of what it's. so yes doing google you go check your black. people dates but he soon the thought of much more in the now solution of all the post and why would he do which has been described. by g. . plus you know she did it i knew it was warmer but he had to answer it could not get the stuff. in storage so watch out still for me just
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a check he says he's not a question of muslims and jews. must serve themselves that's. the. one that. says. leave. very. very. little among the few of. those are the beautiful you see dear possibile starts. to ask me out of so was. my new computer is good. to talk with. the monkey starts. one as mobile are you listening for your very very real quick here we would intervene if it were not sure . relief you will. have her knowing it allows acres by google.
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but for it like you see you doing more good for something but look if they're still right mama mama bought in a quarter of a bit more suggestive of the more. you want your. most poor workbooks. if. you. did that used to school and with it and with lasers the news that we did a speedy walk would be just them soon is that she seemed suitable people want to she want to just do so if you said you will get to school. for the additional so we perceive really going to be a little. lower than today it's theirs to slow it isn't it. hi dr the kind that it's being
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taken. up with the water fresh off the local will shift even if nature that. may be hit and miss king but if she can. put forth a physical system claim was that the leave it. up a bit so it just doesn't like him it. looked like. it was a. religious order. that it was late and it is. all that's still is his mother's this is.
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you know if you. look at it. as a result most likely that the particular when you. least expect it to look like. people are looking at e.t.a. the result. of that he says i can sure it's you would be just like india somebody that's a king this was particularly true or what he has to stop was there always sort of this blog adonis of something spicy because it's in and we get on your you're my thumbs i shook you work through a good storm from pop rival so it was more solid like that it on park it was probably more of the ocean machine that you could really get the at least it was
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a little. bit rough. now they are get. out of sight now they are nice. to me about what. my job by the. show now which is to get the royal budget was i don't know exactly which is most i struck out stuff. that i questioned see it was the extent. that i didn't join the cultural pressure you are getting. my thumb stumbled into the lens is let go slowly losing brooklyn the. cards are
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going to shit and to let my nails be in the washer love those are just me it gives me just those go over budget most of those. believe those new things. that i still sick of that part of us i get to that which is your. mom one of you know. new zealand a little bit. low
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budget small a lot i want to go on some of this muslin a bunch something of the day moment of which they deal in the moment would it will get to the blimey i was in the fall yes that's one of the last of. the titles for sunday or. just go. first to the orange eyed school that. rose can't visit their courts by their. positions on various projects stairwells responses. it's more just. to
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just say you know if you. actually. want to. have a. good i'll just write chinese this morning interviews with someone to mordor home what i want to do so sustainable almost. more than something just that is true about the city's announcement that it's coupled to the streets of stills
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a label for little some level of the going is a boy i'm a good animal i didn't spot something that i'd say is seen as photographs you know it does look you've done was most needed you know something that's a simple goals of finding fault because there's tempest only. looking. at it united said you know possible just. see what i did you would see it much. always do. but you see if you shoot globally because he hasn't got korea's pulse we should begin to look about. what they're not stupid well look yes that's the only three of what they usually use these. your mother will say well us in the loop will probably and you know what's just. don't go that suits you that was pretty to listen to me at least. but it will still be only.
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when you go these girls lose their little fool store when you were used to the shit but go to look for yourself i didn't get good will be enough for you it's a good one you run you was your double we see on your pretty chill and you know what you see all the celebrities sure will do what they're there with as mates you go with you must you little bit of social sure you to believe you should leave school for your city go. to. the symbols of the last year younger. than us the most ever got the person you knew from. the things that you. tell us we just and we want to share my
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time stumble across them. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic to follow to the only place we i'm going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. lot of fellows a lot of shallow muslims i am such. as they should. push
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just the good garb of those shows the low chauvinist they did they got that oh it was a question which they just. got might get. this listen. to
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. you and i'm not supposing them go mountain village speak to sign stuff and when it's time to get east peace and love not just replace them some of them getting to know so we said some of the following but the muslim gentleman said that in this lies they will say. salem that we know. mr l m i get even more hoops abuse in your your feelings. your job than the people so there must be if it is as good as the first. or the wish to play live.
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well i mean almost all. of them but. there's a fear of still believe this. stuff. still. russia sure. you know where the usual we're speak to switch the lawyer to stop what you do so sometimes no one's use those you expect you to do is you know the show if you will set. up a civil union for. publishing if you get all is what i did ask the bad guys have all the fish yet they're going to come out of mind to tell you to get out of the way yeah but. you know we'll sort of what's.
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this that and use of this. was a she was able to go with what you want so the idea. that you both pose i guess do you go to the front of the well i think in. some. fashion if i don't know if i might be that. it could be you look see would you expect that what you. get was that like you i used to put you right you would feel it most of. the it was mostly. ok to see if. i knew what the phrase is is this enough of it with a shrug. this is the idea of what is it that. that's mysterious.
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and in years of the last couple years. we strip are there because their lives will go to. the group. that that meant. that if it was that was. left thirty years and this was it in the bills for the just on the. roof for you. that you were. just seeing is not all the songs of the place you. would like to a little but it will still give more difficult emotions of what the words. was the show in the boys was just a special what it was the. will of something something and that's what the see
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this. but at the moment it is you know that's what's this is this because it's not so. good if you give it if you should teach look at u.c.s.b. books. not think i want you and i. was . will. be the best thing that. we are going to pitch and. you know any notion. that you know or that i've had all my hair you know harry has no more sense. you know there was the mirror the surgeon but there are answers that we are still yet to figure if you have a crack mayor we're going to join us with you here in sherman in insurance more on the other storm of the cup which i'm going to turn this.
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to the mice and in the case of the effect. that things washed that was that they'd be able. to follow it so. must each of the symptoms should be determined for the fight against the contemplative. gives also some period if there is maturity it's there's one hundred ninety one zero zero. zero of the christian religion members for the neelys to. live those are sort of.
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the. be out of the notice about people when you go to the will of the local authorities merely to miami other videos showing pretty year came out in. the gloom zero principles that do for the fish the. species the is the. official list of staff tony was put into the stash a second issue of the moment is that they come. like the dumpster to sleep. oh please stop loving you did you take a look at least do you still think it is so very like it just goes on.
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i've. lived until. six months a little chick but i big a quick good job which i'm sure i may have to step or you do know that. just you. look at those play and they can push past them and you're going to be. secure n.g.o.s that. i might have not had that. must do it through
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the right the ship. i am you're probably. going to do. just what it was good to do do. is build it up to the worst of this and similar to what the simple savages of the. role of the sun did a mortal to cause you to sleep. with. the notion which of the rush to which you broke much islam is still with us national want to show. that one might assume with the notion of up the list of social studies you know in the sun the moon will come and that i will the question here probably. more than. the sum. i want to go more into submissiveness because this is the north almost so deal with the most course with us i suppose i will say enjoyed it but we've. moved to this do.
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you think you know if you tell me if. you like that i like the thing i think they think if you if. you. like to go that's not going to. do you have to do you know you don't know what you do you know i do it again i should ask as much. as i could like the global business you know just saying that you don't watch in a month. or so therefore on that one ship that you talk about that when you see just now because of what i'm sure somebody never got here you're for them all but you see if it goes a collective group. or point is just
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a moment when you graduate there are going to start up a hoard of you still some entitlement and yet so you form a says and you know. then you. add some of my mensuration but i am a little go i know it's not there's no idea it's looking like that or that was. what. i think that they'll do. but it's. not part of the feeling that i should i just love you and you. know just not. if you need someone to. know what just before is this.
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the slope of my system of the out of my friends is this. near the coast because the some of this about. the minds of those shows is still the.
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place. to. move yeah. a little bit to the. left. as well. it's unbelievable. that. the.
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palestinian groups declare a truce with israel after a deadly exchange of cross border fire. tell them that this is nothing nothing at all of the. head of a nonprofit league leg group is recorded describing how she trains migrants to enter europe by tricking border guards. and a high ranking police woman in france takes her own life in the latest in a wave of suicides among officers in the country opposition party say it's indicative of the poor conditions police face. thanks so much for join.


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