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to. give them the. british prime minister to resume a battle is to get them to back her draft plan that is key members of her cabinet including the man who held negotiate a deal which will ask m.p.'s to consider the national interest and give it their backing the withdrawal agreement represents a huge and damaging failure the deal that is already dead in the water newly declassified documents reveal that the cia experimented with so-called truth
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serum on prisoners who resisted other enhanced interrogation techniques in the world anti doping agency prepares to inspect. russia tries to rebuild the shattered sporting reputation. of the welcome at seven pm here in moscow he watching international treason may has faced a grilling in the british parliament over her draft breaks it plan and hard line breaks have started two attempts to oust her as prime minister it does come amid a slew of resignations from her cabinet over the deal and among those who've quit are the secretary dominic robb and also the work and pensions secretary esther mcvey debate raged in the house of commons over the course the country should take . we could choose to leave with no deal we could risk no breaks it is all we can to
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wait. for or we can choose to unite and support the best deal that can be negotiated this deal the withdrawal agreement and the outline political career a should represent a huge and damaging failure as a psychologist it's clear to me to see that the prime minister is in denial the prime minister comes before us today trying to sell us the deal that is already dead in the water i'm almost tempted to ask if the honorable members opposite will put their hands up if they actually do support the prime minister and the senate proposal and. my road order for fruit so good we would leave the customs union. the next two says of a walk to my right over the probe so that she would move the integrity of the united kingdom the whole procedure called says otherwise my right on who froze so
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that we would be armed to the jurisdiction of the european court of justice all score hundred seventy four says otherwise quite chaotic times in the u.k. at the moment as theresa may not only tries to push through and see her brecht's a deal but also essentially save her post as prime minister of this country we're seeing right now a new set of resignations having taken place this morning with high profile cabinet ministers and junior ministers heading towards the door in defiance of may's approach towards bracks it's we certainly know that this is an extremely nerve wracking time not just for her but for the rest of the country that i was watching exactly where this brags that chaos is going to be leading i can show you some newspapers here that are not being forgiving towards to resubmit all. well this one is pretty self-explanatory as you can see there are others that are talking about
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eleven ministers rejected her proposals forty tory rebels are plotting to bring her down war cabinet and others are seeing me papers over the cracks and here we have another one that talks about a split cabinet a split party and a split nation and indeed all of this comes following theresa may yesterday holding an entire five hour session with her cabinet ministers trying to push through and convince them that her draft a deal agreed with the e.u. is the best one in the only one possible indeed we saw a very tense and divided cabinet. members of which did not necessarily want to accept what she was offering the alternatives to her pushing them to agree with her were resignation some of them we have seen today there's been quite a bit of talk of me potentially having to resign herself and today she has also been appearing in parliament where there is still of course quite a bit of indignation because what happens next is this draft deal now that it's
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been approved by cabinet ministers following quite a fight it is going to go to brussels where it will be signed off by e.u. member states but then it has to come back to westminster and be approved in parliament and that is where it gets tricky course over the last several weeks there has been speculation has been ripe that a possible vote of no confidence could take place with the letters floating in of tory m.p.'s demanding that theresa may step down there have been a renewed wave of these speculations going around today saying that this could happen as early as today this thursday because of this renewed dissatisfaction with the way to recently has been handling this so indeed a very very chaotic time as theresa may try is to do her best at this point to try to keep this ship afloat professor of u.k. politics at reading university talk to mark shannon believes that the reason may
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come to deliver the brics it the way she wanted to two years ago. probably is the best possible deal that she could get but what it has shown is that after two years of negotiations with the other twenty seven members of the e.u. that the best possible deal the u.k. can get is not going to be as good as the deal they have currently as members but what she is trying to forge is the deal that minimizes the economic impacts on the country if we go over a cliff with hard brakes it hard exit that could have highly mental effects on the economics on business within the country but she really doesn't want to concede that the country made a bad decision in twenty sixteen she's still going along the lines of juicy with the will of the people and that she has to deliver some kind of breaks that the best chance she has of surviving is that there won't be more than one hundred fifty
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eight people voting against her if this vote of no confidence comes through which is very very likely and she may well the survive because the tory party is probably very concerned that if she goes her replacement could be someone who is seen as less palatable to the u.k. public and it might throw the whole country into election fever and we might end up with a general election and at the moment there is no guarantee to the tories that they will get back into power. the newly declassified documents do reveal the cia sought to experiment with the so-called truth serum as part of a program called project medication this involved drugging prisoners who had not succumbed to other and interrogation techniques. and was previously undisclosed element of this program in which in addition to the physical and psychological torture that the cia was engaged in several ca doctors decided to try to figure out
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whether they could also find some kind of truth serum that they would use against people's. will to inject them with and make them talk while the american civil liberties union did fight in court for two years to get the documents and they gave the lowdown to you on the cia's extraordinary rendition program with more details his motive gets the. it wasn't an isolated case or to an accident or oversight was government sanctioned systematic or that they were manuals instructions on how to inflict pain that's not a secret in the immediate aftermath of nine eleven we tortured some folks see torture isn't only frowned upon because it's evil vile it's also ineffective problem number one imagine the cia's surprise when those people that they were putting through hell resisted grew used to it enhanced interrogation
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techniques were begun within six hours these progressed from attention flaps and walling to confinement in both large about five hours and small about one hour book says and finally to the waterboard amazingly resistant to waterboard what happened was that the victims and this is problem number two adapted to suffering cia's own words the prisoners began to see certain torture procedures as escape a break from other harsher measures what a conundrum here having slapped beaten confined and water boarded these people they were getting results so they opted for something new something like a truth serum problem was and this is problem number three seriously illegal there were at least two legal obstacles approved mission against medical experimentation on prisoners and a ban on interrogation or use of mind altering drugs the question became moot since
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the legal department did not want to raise another issue with the department of justice problem number four revulsion cia tortures according to the torturers themselves the doctors others who were present were horrendous to watch the whole. experienced responsible medical officer did was visually and psychologically very uncomfortable for all those witnessing it the problem was so widespread and so serious that employees had to be counseled and then checked to make sure they were still all right in the head after everything they had seen and done and they began only hiring people who had a stomach for torture let me be clear on what the cia doctors role was here when the cia tortures were torturing a prisoner for example by bach by waterboarding him say doctors would medically resuscitate the prisoner when he would become unconscious from too much torture
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what they did was allow the cia to continue torturing people over and over problem number five a lot of problems here journalists activists and juice they kept prime kept sniffing around digging up details and publicizing everything over the government the cia they resisted see for example how the document that revealed all of these looked initially when released under the freedom of information act in two thousand and sixteen not a lot of information in it it's almost like two fingers to the press sometimes these court battles took years but they got it out eventually. ancient history you might say we knew most of this plus it happened in the early
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two thousand lessons have been learned and this torture will never happen again. you think they said what do you think about waterboarding i said i like it a lot they don't think it's tough for them. with have to keep in mind that we're talking about a forty four country wide torture program. so it's a very rich complex torture machine that was put in place with obviously many hundreds of people complicit and did in the torture that happen so this is a high level of top levels of the you. must be also military people involved in creating the wealthy and implementing seems to me a shift in that maybe people the cia and the in the federal government the security organs the people that are involved in this kind of thing it is very possible that
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they believe this is a way to to to achieve their goals and then and bypass the label of torture the concept of torture is to treat human beings as if they are less than less than human less than animal lesson plan that they are they are not even living creatures they if they are. cogs in a wheel experiment in medically with these people it is the equivalent of torture it is just as dehumanizing. how the world anti-doping agency why they were set to visit in a bar free moscow later this month it is part of russia is that it's to rebuild his reputation in the wake of the dating scandal which rocked world sport wada made the announcement at a meeting in azerbaijan. he sent us this report from the capital bucko. i know from the meeting that i wonder delegation vision russia to meet this year's. vision on
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the twenty. people. we will complete dish work well before the date of thirty first december twenty eighth which was really. between meeting and ship them the water foundation board met in baku genuine firestorm among its ranks with flying high from the other side of the atlantic the u.s. accusing the water of you know caving into the russians and criticizing the decision in september to reinstate. but this time the big news obviously obviously of the day is that moscow and the sports minister of russia allowed. the access to its laboratories in moscow particular you read samples which was the biggest and the most important criteria of assad has not conditional unconditional reinstatement in september now we know that there was a delegation will travel to moscow on november twenty eighth so i asked the president of water so craig reedy aware that he felt this was the end of the saga
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does this new developments with. the water people going to moscow on the women twenty eighth means that all the concerns regarding this cooperation between the russian authorities and water can be put to rest will resolve the situation with the russian of those douche. being asian she is complying subject to the condition of the little ones like conditions which beautified then we carry on as normal i also managed to later catch up with the secretary general of the organization is there live in italy he said pretty much the same confidence as the president while i have no reason not to share his confidence i'm in the russian authorities told us that they would do it back in september so we. trust that they will keep their promises before the thirty first of december but i'd like to remind that this happens among the very strong confrontation between the u.s.
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anti-doping agency vocal critics of reinstatement they even had a private summit in washington d.c. to two weeks ago where they even hinted at a possibility of pulling the budget that the u.s. contributes every year to waters annual budget and i also asked the president of whether he felt there was any kind of confrontation with their u.s. colleagues is there a conflict of any kind with the u.s. anti-doping agency and u.k. and i'd open agency following the summit at the white house a few weeks ago i think it would be easier to she. indicated it was pretty usually. it was limited to people particular. decision and she shows now we also have a confirmation from the russian ministry official from the minister himself that russia indeed granted the access to moscow aboard stories and obviously we'll be
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following that process on the damage twenty eight every step of the way make sure you tune in to r.t. to get the details on that day what happens in moscow. reporting there from back a and i still ahead feed this out don't trump is up in arms over the decision to recant folks my age during the midterms in the case state of florida we'll have the details just after the break. us the benefit of tremendously economically through the cost of it we'll do the world by coming out about effectively giving you the power to impose structural adjustment on live with all countries over the eighty's and that is fundamentally doesn't understand. how these are these are useful tools of u.s. imperialism of the facts right so it's not clear to me what his brother is i mean it's true that these institutions are deeply unfair thirds of the us their own
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affairs who are the majority world of the global south and that's really the reason why these reforms are. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express. something. that you'd like to be close that's what the four korean people are. interested always at the water's edge. they should. welcome back now after the hotly contested midterm elections in the u.s. amid allegations of for award the state of florida is holding
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a recount for the senate and governor races the republicans that lead over that democrat rivals but both results to full within the margin of triggering a recount. expect. the twenty eight thousand midterm elections took place on november sixth it's ancient history the country has moved on well not in florida florida now where i'm president and recounts are underway the recounting is under way recount in broward county to how is it possible is this political conspiracy an election recount crisis lorida is known as a swing state in u.s. presidential elections obama and trump both won florida as a key victory on their road to the white house and you can forget back in two thousand when a recount in florida kept americans biting their nails for a month the margin of victory for george w. bush was only five hundred thirty seven votes george walker bush has won florida's twenty five a mark for votes. this should put him over the top recount
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controversy back then and a recount controversy today the woman who's in charge of tallying votes in one particular county brenda snipes was caught destroying ballots too soon during the twenty sixteen reelection bid by democratic rep debbie wasserman schultz now debbie wasserman schultz's name is synonymous with corrupt in her party practices from back when she was d.n.c. chief and favored hillary clinton over burning. republicans are quick to remember that scandal now even former florida governor jeb bush who appointed brenda snipes wants her out there is no question the broward county supervisor of elections brenda snipes failed to comply with florida law multiple counts supervisors snipes should be removed from her office for the
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recounts however jeb bush is reputation isn't exactly clean either many of the cues to him of delivering florida for his brother back in two thousand by purging the voter rolls thank you very much. and god bless america so no matter who ends up winning the election or the twenty twenty presidential vote one thing is pretty clear i have a very good reputation for weather but it's not so hot when it comes to counting votes. our new york well donald trump is already crying foul on twitter and says that and is no longer possible as large numbers of new ballots have showed up out of nowhere the president's demanding that the election results speak old in favor of the republican candidates rick scott or so wrong to scientists. they were hoping to us what the boulevards of paris for the streets of shanghai but passengers on a flight to china to get more than
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a bucket full. thank you out.
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the first time. ok. i know. that. the sun. was. up. and that is the news for now don't forget though we've got plenty of more more stories to you at our website you can find that but often.
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the be. with lawmakers manufactured to sentenced him to the public will. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. in the final larry you're a live son be the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. blushes sunday. morning the beach he cut a hole closed for the team your he said it's not that it seems it's
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a shot since that all the shooting against. him. beautiful to build it myself included at least they knew it. a user that i was called but i'm counting that in the scheme to show. for. me to sally's. in the us not to the south korean you just tell them not to eat some corn summed up for. the money approachable british mr westcott sir imo sure to. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of
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the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. i move from the streets of the summit will. i look for sunday and the syria. rolls going to say the course of business with a must do so it. isn't with. a lot of slow slow slow slow slow motion i am going to. see. the follow up.
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the case is that i know it but you also look at the model your body is diplo it's almost the same so much more to show such as the fluid so almost. for you was. the worst drug disaster in history would spread through more than forty six countries and produce up to twenty thousand badly deformed babies worldwide. but historians today single out one birth in one nine hundred sixty one that changed the course of history in hamburg germany linda shoulder fillin age twenty
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three gave birth to her first child her husband wasn't with the time and it was quiet. and then lay back and was relaxed and some i mean somebody whispered into my ear is your husband not all right and i was here white awake and i said. what what's got what has happened to my baby is anything wrong you know she said just. let's say. without any emotion. you know he's just got short arms and i like a child would have asked possibly i said and. any more and she'd cod grow this would be like it is now. and then i felt like i was beaten to death. a doctor gave the first time mother some friendly advice just get another child.
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like forget about him you know. i'm a way to get to pot shortly afterwards linda's husband arrived and gave her some bad news. if he'd been keeping from her six weeks earlier his sister had given birth to a baby with similar deformities it looks alike like there must be something that is the same all region the same difficulty the same problem in the background and we'll find it and real search and we won't stop until we fall and. the epidemic of deformed babies began five and a half years earlier on christmas day nine hundred fifty six with the birth of the first victim. in a small town of germany a mother had taken
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a new drug called for little mite being developed by a local drug company can be grown into her husband like other grown in thousand ploys had taken home a sample which he gave to his pregnant wife the baby would be the first of six rather than my babies possibly more born chagrin in thousand workers in the years ahead but the company ignored the early warning signals in their midst know that spirit grid cells when action didn't investigate didn't talk to the mom didn't go to the hospital didn't look the medical records didn't contact experts there were multiple opportunities for groups all to cup holds us to short knowledge taken nine months after the first deformed baby was born grown and launched the lynn abide on to the german market under the brand name contra gone good in thousand aggressive sales force whose motto was succeed at any cost continue to promote the drug cardigan they can.


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