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tv   News  RT  November 19, 2018 12:00am-12:30am EST

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the headline stories this hour facebook investors push for a mark zuckerberg to quit chairman following a series of scandals the latest being the firm's links to a p.r. agency accused of anti semitic attacks against billionaire george soros. coming up on the program a rare look at the asia pacific summit where leaders fail to run a joint declaration that trade rivalry between the u.s. and china is laid her. on the popular russian card is accused of being a kremlin propaganda tool designed to influence children's minds right around the
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world. a.t.m. here in moscow this monday november the nineteenth wherever you may be tuning in from a warm welcome to our team international our top story facebook supremacy mark zuckerberg is under pressure from the firm's major investors who want him to step aside as chairman their patience is wearing thin following a series of scandals over the past year which have played the social media behave with. facebook is behaving like it's a special snowflake it's not it is a company and companies need to have a separation of chair and c.e.o. that concentration of power creates a lot of defensiveness within the company it's an exercise in hyden that there is
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a problem rather than admit in that there is a problem and set in the roadmap to fixing it. well the latest headline grabbing scandal to hit facebook roman with billionaire philanthropist george soros scale up and has been looking into. things are not going well for mark zuckerberg he's been involved at facebook in a wave of scandals involving privacy violations and data leaks and now protesters are outraged. at facebook our mission is to give people the power to build communities and bring the world closer together more than two billion people come to our platform each month to stay connected with friends and family facebook is taking issue with the protest sign portraying the zuck as an octopus with tentacles spreading all over the world they say that imagery is anti-semitic however facebook had no problem
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playing the same card against the protesters they even hired a p.r. firm facebook employed republican opposition research firm to discredit activists protest is in part linking them to the liberal finance you know george soros it will sit atop his business relationships being a juror civil rights group to cause some criticism of the company's anti semitic yeah blame it on george soros the liberal billionaire known for splashing money on liberal causes now he's certainly no fan of facebook do you didn't. use nine hundred. neuwirth. to protect society accused of corruption this is. dead after the tsunami in two manage. days and i don't know that but here's the irony when it came out that facebook was accusing soros of being the master manipulator behind the protesters soros then
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accused of facebook of anti-semitism you know they're also aware that much of this hateful and blatantly false and anti semitic infamy. this spread via facebook the notion that your company you'll direction actively engaged in the same behavior is frankly astonishing to me zuckerberg says that he's got nothing to do with the soros claims the p.r. firm was hired without his permission now they've been fired he says he has nothing but total respect for soros and billionaire to billionaire now the company does admit they did investigate soros connections to the protesters however they say it's got nothing to do with his jewish heritage to suggest this was an anti semitic attack he's reprehensible and untrue both soros and zuckerberg say that the other guy is motivated by ethnic bigotry the same kind of ethnic bigotry to boot is your mind blown it should be able pop and r.t. new york. where we got the thoughts of legal analyst and media commentator lionel he sees the the often absurd blame game is really obscuring some real and very
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serious issues with facebook it's that troll mentality anything i can throw at you to cause you to be defensive even if it did gillis. anti semitism zina phobia home of. myside jinnie you don't have to prove it nobody's ever said excuse me for it explain to me how i'm guilty of this no once i slap that label on you you have to just prove it so much the presumption of innocence in reverse but the real issue here is not fake nudes but the raj and george soros it's one of my in for many years you know the cambridge analytical what are you doing with me what about what are you taking in from my family in me and children in where we live
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how are you using the this seemingly innocuous seemingly welcoming social network information and data are the currency of the twenty first century that's the issue that matt that's missed pool lately. to another of our headlining stories this hour u.s. vice president mike pence say's washington is ready to continue its trade war against beijing by doubling tara fs on chinese goods his remarks came out the unusual asian pacific economic cooperation summit this weekend the event ended on a historically low note as the member states failed to agree on a final joint statement nuclear picks a closer look. fears over the u.s. china trade war have still not been put to bed sure it's all smiles and much in
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shirts and the family photo. but unlike previous years this summits was less about togetherness and more kids who well divisions of a family breakdown with washington and beijing vying for the loyalties of other countries you know the two big giants in the room what can i say so which economic superpower would do you side with we have option a china striving to better communications and connections guns and time and i was looking at the vast ocean when i boarded the ship and it struck me that we are all indeed fellow passengers in the same boat that is keep steering the wheel steady and paddle in the right direction it seems that whereas with misgivings and is working on becoming more open. mankind has reached a crossroads which direction should we choose cooperation or confrontation or
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openness or closed doors win win progress or a zero sum game and it wants to be able to reach you easier by land by sea any way possible than we have option b. the usa now aside from everything else the us is better than china why because it says so united states has a principled approach that stands in stark contrast to some other nations our vision will prevail besides beijing is just a user anyway china is taking advantage of the united states for many many years. in those days are over. unlike china the us doesn't want to tie you down they just want you to do things the american way so it doesn't have to punish the united states. offers a better option we don't drown our partners in sea of debt we don't coerce compromise your independence with
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a lot to say on the local fun club at hand if this was a custody battle she didn't paint good get the kids the red carpets were rolled the bones plates chinese flanks were waved clearly papua new guinea has already been wooed by the middle kingdom but how did the other countries feel some analysts say the u.s. still has its trump card and despite all this america first talk many countries in the region still crave a slice of the american pie the truck to put the seat has become. recent or an excuse for small countries to our support and this will help from the united states to hedge against china i think that is wonderful news for the small countries despite the division disagreement between china and the u.s. and the rivalry among them are escalating i think. very much. rather than something i grew up i'm actually north of because people find
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a lot of opportunities for the smaller countries to get into these rivalry the scenario and trying to work together to try to find us and try to get us all that it can get past a lockdown it was an apex of first time it's been held in papua new guinea and the only time leaders have been unable to agree on a formal declaration so is divorce on the cards for the apec family with trump and she said to me to the g twenty this month in their first face to face since the trade spun began the question is will the leaders be having double tyrus chocolate cake or coerced into sour grapes. and some startling figures no more than twenty eight thousand afghan police officers and soldiers have been killed over. past three years that's according to the president of the country nearly two decades of war there have left the country scarred affected millions of
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the least of all children whose playgrounds poles deadly dangerous take a look. we were on our way to school early in the morning where there was an explosion i lost my leg now i'm scared about my future. there was fighting in the afternoon between evan forces and the taliban in an unexploded bomb was left behind when we were on our way to the school it went four of us were killed and the others will lead it.
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when we were healthy we used to go out and play we walked to school and to the mosque. now we're not able to go to school i would teacher comes to our house and teach since. my children were in the hospital for over one month but they are still continuing their treatment at home because they are still severely injured. turning attention to mexico where protesters there have clashed with police. during a demonstration against the wave of migrants making their way through the country. i was little
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i was so these are images from. hundreds gathered on the u.s. border and that's where migrants from central america are trying to make their way into the united states last thursday alone about two thousand migrants arrived in the area around us and more are expected here likely to be stuck there for months while asylum up locations are processed putting pressure on mexico on local authorities the u.s. has ramped up its border security there are helicopter patrols barbed wire being put up. now sitting the kids in front of the t.v. to watch cartoons should be well enough to keep them quiet for a bit at least just make sure they're not being covertly programmed with propaganda some western news reports claim a globally acclaimed russian series is trying to influence young minds. reports.
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and that little sweetheart was nauseous from the cartoon in the bear originally russian the series has been translated into dozens of languages and won the hearts of millions across the globe but it turns out there may be a sinister side to the enduring little girl and her protective pet deal with me trying to. break into to. see now what russia has forgotten to mention there is that some cartoons are in fact evil putin propaganda yep according to a times u.k. article moshe is just another putin puppet. russia is funny steep. but also a plucky she punches a bunch of weight is no fun fish to see is.
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i honestly don't know who should be more offended by that comparison so where's the evidence of the kremlin's influence well critics seem to be particularly worried about one scene and a single episode or moshe's seen wearing a soviet border guards hat. apparently that's meant to be a statement on russia's defense of its borders but even if we say that's true what kind of kid would pick up on that but hey it's best to start when they're young right the studio behind this propaganda masterpiece of course denies being influenced by the kremlin's hand saying they received no state funding but we did a bit of digging and found some ominous signs you simply can't ignore here comes the kremlin for all of two seconds that could easily be interpreted as a soviet red star to skies as an innocent christmas decoration and you may not realize it but the weird hat that must have got on here is
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a traditional russian hat now i know those examples. aren't so much propaganda as they are just random russian things but that's all we could try but worry not it turns out the bear itself is a representation of russia as a whole you see bear you think russia right. the best symbol is russia it's a fact it's a struggle for the minds part of a hybrid explosion in which a negative image of russia is replaced by a positive oh the horror the horror now you know what your children are being exposed to and can protect them accordingly. and the bear are not coming to invade your homeland masha and the band is hybrid wolf that. is british empire. and who sums up american decadence bits of.
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my nephews are watching the bear too they don't seem to be particularly indoctrinated no i really really do not one to read more about how much they're disputing this propaganda. i can confirm that i watched two episodes of their when i was nine and i suddenly became a twitter bot he speaks russian. the british prime minister takes her brags its sales pitch to brussels this week to resume a struggling to get backing for her plan which has led to a raft of government resignations party plots to honest her from downing street after one of her toughest weeks yet as pm may said that getting rid of her would not make or break the talks and each year. it's actually about what's right for the
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country and as far as i'm concerned i'm going to distract from actually the important job in this critical week of negotiations of making sure we do get that final good deal for the country but you know a change of leadership at this point isn't going to make the negotiations uneasy and it's not going to change the parliamentary arithmetic it should be pointed out that some of the biggest criticism of trees amaze a huge force comes from within her own party at least twenty five conservative m.p.'s say they have submitted letters of no confidence in the prime minister forty eight about the key number forty eight people are needed to trigger a leadership vote well it is taking on a toll on the party the tories are slipping in the polls as breaks in supporting voters lose faith in the p.m.'s pa it's seeing the opposition labor party in fact take a two point lead and ramp up the pressure for a snap election in the u.k.
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scheduled to leave the e.u. on march the twenty ninth next year just over four months from now after a bitter forty referendum two years ago saw the country nor really vote for brakes at a summit later this week is expected to see e.u. leaders sign off on the withdrawal deal journalist neil clark believes may's got another tough week ahead. the next five days are going to be absolutely crucial. not just in it for that reason may ask the boss of the british prime minister about buffalo direction of relationship with the european union it's going to be very difficult to get. not impossible looking at the numbers unless he could somehow get from the e.u. in the next couple of days some kind of further concessions that would make a deal. it carries it may have to fall this week have a new conservative leader coming in. after the election. that's going to be very
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how that plays out because the fact of the matter is the house of commons where the majority of m.p.'s are actually generally speaking favorable to remain. where news would be. my first instinct was to actually wait and see to read it it's a long document and it really is a bad deal it really is actually. this is actually a deal which is a very long way from what. people. voted for. ok to something a little different it is fair to say i think many people are truly obsessed with taking selfies these days but for one month a run of the mill pick saved him from a lengthy spell behind bars.
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i may just have to rethink my stance on cell phones all right returning to some great programs next but the newsroom keeps all networking i'll be here in thirty to bring you all the updates this monday morning live from moscow this is r.t. . let up.
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in a world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to
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stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more some want to. let you go right to be for us this is like the full story in the morning. can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. west sydney. i don't think the democrats are much mood to negotiate with the republicans or president so i think people are going to have to acknowledge that the united states over the next couple years is going to be consumed even more so by our internal our
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total bickering in affairs and. i determined that you're the one. who did it. so i'm going to move into the interrogation. i'll leave the role alleges that there for several minutes because i want you to get anxious. to think about the error of your way. and then i
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walked back yes and when i walked back in i'm going to have a big fix file with me. all kind of a person and i may have seen just like mark surveillance video been my all be blank . but it's a show you that i have a strong investigation and i have all this evidence. so the first thing i tell you is. our investigation has proven that you're the one who committed this crime there is no god about it whatsoever we have the evidence that you did it there is nothing that you can see. say that will convince me otherwise all i want to know is why. could you confess to a crime that you did not commit. an interrogation technique used by the majority of police officers in the united states is causing controversy across the country. created in the sixty's by the private company john reed this method has gone on to
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influence most of the interrogation techniques taught in american police academies it involves nine different stages leading from confrontation to spoken confession to a final written confession this technique has allegedly compelled thousands of innocent people to confess to crimes that they did not commit interrogations should be conducted in a non supportive environment and want to get the person on to our territory away from his or her own surroundings interrogation room should be quiet private free of any outside distractions or noises. so please. remember what. i don't know they tell these interrogators that you can tell whether someone is guilty by looking at them and listening to what they say that confirms their belief that the suspect is guilty and it is a recipe for disaster what our family realised what had happened in that
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interrogation room it was like oh my god oh my we begin to move closer shortening the distance between the suspect and ourselves moving into their personal space is . needed yes they are down for. the united states to be proud of the many failures of the criminal justice system nobody saw coming nobody could see coming that false confessions would be that prevalent in this population of wrongful conviction accusing yourself of committing a crime scene. unbelievable but recently an official study from the u.s. department of justice has revealed that almost a third of the exonerated people have confessed to a crime that they did not actually commit at the beginning of the interrogation investigator enters the room stands about three or four feet away from a suspect looking down on the suspect and in a very direct and unequivocal way accuses him or of committing the crime.
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and that's what happens when you're dealing with crooked cops. crooked people who don't care about other people's life so. they took an oath to help to save lives and fight for people and they did not do that that in mass in case. they were comfortable it was satisfying. if they had a man and that's all they really wanted was the body. so they took us. from twenty one years and twelve days.
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all. right and then he says well there's twenty three. fortune our way. or direction i want to go and i and everything. was. kind of slow and and went to it's more of a seasonal. type of thing. so i looked to supplement my income a little bit and made a bad bad decisions and then also got out fairly a bit with narcotics a little bit.


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