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tv   News  RT  November 20, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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still friends donald trump is willing to save america's polish ship with sandy arabia despite accepting that riyadh may have known about plans to kill dissident journalist jamal khashoggi back in october. a suicide bomb attack against
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religious gatherings on an islamic holiday in if leaving over fifty people dead in the country's capital. oh. protests over the french president's tax reforms on fuel leave one person and five hundred others injured including dozens of police officers. and flying high and for twenty years the international space station celebrates two decades of pioneering research we go behind the scenes and take a look at it since both in a bit and on a. it's an eleven o'clock am in moscow and you're watching all t. international live with me to do that you to welcome to the program. white house
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appears to have given sandy arabia the benefit of the doubt as washington acts to continue its partnership with the gulf state despite a statement saying riyadh could have been aware of a plan to brutally murder this jamal khashoggi he went missing after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul back in october. our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information but it could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of this tragic event maybe he did and maybe he didn't that being said we may never know all of the facts surrounding the murder of mr jamal khashoggi in any case our relationship is with the kingdom of saudi arabia they have been a great ally in our very important fight against iran. straight to our correspondent caleb moore penned it with an update caleb given the uproar surrounding the murder of jamal khashoggi some might say this statement has been a long time coming what did donald trump have to say
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well this statement that was recently released by the white house on behalf of president trump it was very widely anticipated many were wondering what would finally be said as in the aftermath of the shoji killing a lot of rather contradictory words and contradictory messages have come out of the white house let's review what was said prior to today's statement. they are ordering military equipment everybody in the world one of that order we got it and we got all of it every bit of it i don't like stopping massive amounts of money that's being poured into the country spending one hundred ten billion dollars on military is what. this day. like. others for because now the statement that was released echoes some of what we just heard now it's called i say we standing with saudi arabia standing with saudi arabia is the title of the statement it blames the war in yemen on the islamic republic of iran
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and seems to emphasize saudi arabia's role in aligning with the united states against iran from there the statement goes on to talk about the large amounts of money that saudi arabia has invested in the united states the deals and contracts it has with weapons manufacturers saying that it would be not in the interest of the united states if these contracts were to be abandoned furthermore refers to saudi arabia as being the second largest oil producing nation in the world now from there goes on to cite what he calls representatives of saudi arabia not specifying who they are saying that mr coo shoji was a member of the muslim brotherhood and an enemy of the state the state being saudi arabia he says he cannot confirm whether or not that's true from there he goes on to talk about the importance of standing with saudi arabia maintaining the relationship saying it is consistent with absolute security and safety of america
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now the opening line of the statement says the world is a very dangerous place the statement goes on to indicate that somehow aligning with saudi arabia is about keeping the united states safer and the statement does seem to indicate that regardless of saudi arabia being involved in this murder regardless being aligned with saudi arabia is in the assessment of the trumpet ministration the best move they go. on to end the stage of the phrase america first in exclamation points so it's quite quite a strong reiteration of the fact that regardless of the fact that this journalist was killed regardless of the murder of the shoji regardless of that united states will continue to maintain its economic and military alliance with the saudi kingdom . because an update on that story we're going to cross live now to investigative journalist rick sterling flying straight for coming on to the program so if we look at the statement he seems to be putting as we've discussed u.s.
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geo strategic interests ahead of a moral question over the killing how realistic is it that side he will pay the price for this. well it's a remarkable statement and it's a combination of nonsense in the opening paragraph claiming that saudi arabia is attacking yemen because of and it's all iran's fault and that he actually makes the claim that that quote unquote the the dictator assad has killed millions of his own citizens and even the most wild estimate out of syria is is is nowhere near that and it's a combination of that with a confession that u.s. foreign policy is basically driven by the military industrial complex which as he reports in this statement is due to receive one hundred ten billion dollars in weapons orders from saudi arabia so that's what it's come down to the united states
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under president is first and foremost a weapons an arms dealer yeah i mean you you mentioned that particular deal. and he'll also claim that canceling those deals would mean that those buys would go to russia and china and he doesn't want to do that who do you think is calling that challenge has it trump or is it the defense industry. it's the military complex and it's also noteworthy that. israeli prime minister netanyahu contacted the white house. a few weeks ago and lent his support for his urging that that president continue to support mohamed bin psalm and so it's basically this is evidence that the military industrial complex along with israel are driving u.s. foreign policy in the middle east. so he you know he's come out with this statement
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he's given his reasons and he's obviously. tactics as well but nevertheless they're all many high ranking senators and congressmen who've crick. signs the saudis and some of even demanded that washington stop selling those to society how is trump going to appease those people and to maintain a relationship with saudi. well i think it's true that there are elements in the in the foreign policy establishment that would rather dump mohamed bin solomon and rose and see a new new leadership emerge and saudi arabia still no change in the substance no change in the dictatorship the monarchy there but did they they think that mohamed bin solomon is just too reckless so that's going on there is a kind of a strategic battle over but the deed the core question about the nature of saudi
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arabia the dictatorship there of their foreign policy moves the the outrageous attacks the bombing of one of the poorest countries in the world yemen just continues so it seems like it's a debate over over over tactics not over the fundamentals and president trump as as your as caleb was pointing out he starts and ends with america first and i would just suggest this is not in the interest of the american people this kind of policy of just making the u.s. into primarily a weapons and arms dealer is really against our interests lockheed martin and raytheon and boeing like this but for the rest of us it's it's a disaster. you mentioned the phrase that we're hearing a lot which is america first but is actually saudi for because saudi they they now understand they have the full support from the white stone may despite this high
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profile murder is this a norinco the facts failing to admit that they might be was. sponsible fully setting a precedent for bad behavior and what else can they get away with it just shows the extent of the loyalty of the u.s. to saudi arabia that this is going on as it has of course the story out of riyadh has changed every week since the since the murder happened first of all they said that he had left the embassy then when that was disproven they said well he died in a fistfight and then they said it was an accident and as this story keeps changing and we can just contrast that with with how the u.s. response to other events around the world and how it took nothing for them to actually accused russia of being responsible for the this cripple case in in
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in london and we can just contrast the response there's just endless amounts of tolerance or the dictatorship in saudi arabia as we can see ok we're leaving investigative journalist rick sterling franks very much for coming on to the program. of a fifty people have been counting to three injured and a plaster in afghanistan is being reported as a suicide bomber targeted an area near a wedding hall in the capital kabul and of course comes on the back of peace talks between the u.s. and afghan government and the taliban has claimed responsibility yet on this report . this was a religious gathering by religious elders celebrating the birth of the prophet muhammad and the attackers somehow got inside the forest floor of the wedding hall and detonated a suicide vest we have confirmation from one senior afghan counterterrorism
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official that poured in explosives were used but the tragedy of this country i think lies in the fact now that the front line is everywhere the major cities including kabul is the target of such deadly attacks over the last four years almost twenty eight thousand five hundred twenty nine casualties are also there among afghan national security forces i mean look what you have to really see is that peace really remains elusive in this country for well over forty years now saw that statement by u.s. officials the gathering in moscow and other statements have really created some sense of optimism but at the end of the day everyone also knows that every side wants to really grab more territory we haven't really seen a ceasefire yet but there is expectation there could be a ceasefire and on any normal day you're actually talking about
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a lot of coffins soldiers getting killed in bigger numbers civilians and as well as the taliban at the end of the day there are so the impact of all of these coffins and deaths on the afghan society is simply catastrophic. protesters wearing yellow vests have come out across france in response to president emanuel micron's tax hike on feel people have been blocking roads and burning tires as well as clashing with police the demonstrators also set on fire highway. on tuesday night the police as well escapes and lifeless heavily with the highway blocked. taken a closer to what the protests are doing. i'm here just on the outskirts of ruin well as you can see behind me there are a group of around a hundred yellow vests wearers these are the they've come out to protest against the high tax on carbon and so on fuels hate in france which is increased by more
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than twenty percent in the last year if you just take a look you'll see that there's another group over here and what they're trying to do these are trying to blockade roads around abouts like this this is one of the main arteries that would go from blue on all the way to paris and as you can see they've brought some of the traffic to a relative cool some people have described it as operation a scald go the idea is bringing the traffic to as standstill or a cruel but nor actually completely blocking the roads one of the reasons that they've changed they tackle not when these protests started back on saturday four days ago they were actually trying to block the roads but that's caused them problems with the police so the idea here now is to bring the traffic to a snail cruel and to protest against not just the high price of fuel here in france but also the high cost of living in france let's have a look back now at the protests over the last four days. was.
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your. plan was. worth. the burning fires to keep themselves warm here you might be able to see there's a fire just in the background there and if we walk around this roundabout you're going to see that there's another point here this is also where they're trying to stop the traffic and then again further in the distance they really have got this entirely covered and what they saying is that the president might call has said lots of things to. he's going to come into power he's going to make reforms he's going to change the french economy for the better but the people here say there is no magic formula and so far corn hasn't brought in a magic formula let's have a listen to what the protesters themselves are saying we don't want this president
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and these governments to be useful anymore we don't want them anymore we want to change the system. responds with new laws every year every month laws that are worthless we have to say stop we are not sheep we have no choice. that's right and i spend the night here to show that grew in this together and that we're going to make it to the end we're going to make it we're going to make it we are going to make it we won't let go i'm here all night again. as long as micron keeps clowning around with his pal and powder as he likes to say well we'll do the same we'll stay here. the protesters here say that they are going to stay this is now the fourth day of the protests and they have set up some sort of campaign that giving out food and drinks and they saying they determine that they will dialogue with the government the president might call his said that he is
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prepared for dialogue but he hasn't said with whom and we've also heard from the interior minister christophe customer today who said that he believes that the demands of the protesters are incoherent these protests continuing across france fourth day now and we also know that there is a very big or at least that's how it is a big protest on saturday where the yellow vests will continue to call for a reduction in the price of fuel and a reduction in the price of living here in france. israel looks set to take on travel accommodation. after the country removed home listings located in the israeli occupied west bank from its web site says the move was down to political reasons in the disputed territory. we concluded that we should remove listings in israeli settlements in the occupied west bank that are at the core of the dispute between israelis and palestinians on two hundred listings that will be affected
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with the decision set to take effect in the coming days the company says it decided to remove the listings after determining they were in israeli settlements which are disputed with palestinians the move was welcomed by the palestinian administration which had previously asked the company to end its relationship with israeli settlements israel is condemning the decision calling it discriminatory this decision is something completely unacceptable this is pure discrimination something that is taken only against jews that are living in jew day and sumeria this is actually a racist decision and more than that i do believe it is a double standard that is only taken against israel against jews that are living here in israel. we had general secretary of the palestinian national initiative and a former colonel in the israel army for their views on these decisions. the united nations resolutions say that settlements are illegal and they are
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themselves discriminatory because they are built on stolen land from palestinians and that any relationship with these illegal settlements is a violation of international law b. and b. just can stick and decision because they also realize that they will lose a lot because of the boycott campaign against them due to their violation of international law what is really recist discriminatory is the system of apartheid that israel has created in the occupied palestinian territories which is favoring israelis to palestinians this should be a commercial company a commercial trading between of apartments and certain so their turn to be as a result of being cowards or persia being made by islamic jihad always i don't know what but if you look for it backward to the history of ultra semitism or the history of the glory the right of the jews to their homeland the biblical whole and
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of judea and samaria lo how many christians are now angry about this this step this is an awful step being made against the story again fate. it was on this day twenty years ago russia launched the first module of the international space station into orbit the i.s.f. it's the third brightest object in the night sky and the largest manned object in space first has an anniversary message from the crew currently up. we are proud to serve in such a ship. the international space station is a unique scientific platform. mirror heathenish of the looked silly as
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a mere if course most of. our mission are all playing just a stunt c. b i as the earth is arguably the most expensive and one of the most complex structures ever built as you know neil explained. it's both a green and an aquarium and witnesses more than a dozen sunsets every day the international space station is one of my greatest achievements in our modern world but how much do we really know about it let's take a closer look in three day the station is the flooded into two major parts one is effectively russian the other american wherever there's also japanese and european scientific modules you can see here let's move to the russian segment which
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currently has four docking ports marked in red that's twice as many as the americans each segment consists of several smaller modules which is how the whole thing was initially put together a lot like building a giant lego model the russian segment for example has five of them however only four modules can host the cargo space ships coming on board the i assess efficiently allowing them to dock at any available port at any time currently three of those four docking ports are occupied one by this soyuz m.s.o. nine which recently docked at the module the ship experienced an early which was fixed by the crew another docking port is occupied by the cargo ship progress only nine which is stationed at the piers module and on sunday another ship the progress m.-s. ten docked in the heart of the russian segment the module carrying two and
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a half tons of cargo ranging from science equipment to air and fuel will this area is probably the most important for those onboard it contains the life support on flight control systems also we can find the living quarters for three crewmembers a conditioner to maintain the correct humidity even a kitchen table in short it's the russians living room. other modules of course are equally import. but. most of them serve as storage rooms and also alive for space walks. and there it is a short glimpse into the russian segment however the this isn't really about the russian or american sectors or even the space station itself the name of the game is global cooperation platform for countries to night as one which so far hasn't been possible to do but here on earth in space we are all allies. more
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than two hundred people from eighteen countries have visited the space station over the years has become an example of close international cooperation and a beacon of warm relations between two former cold war viable here's a look at how the u.s. friendship developed to the moon and back. so you did ski american ski is enough to get the work. that you let it be. stuck to your book yet. you move out of.
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the mission or if you need it will support it think of i think population growth better or for more of the feel. of for and see if there's less to birdsville all these years i could sit there all that's enough we are all for our brother for what . they were cutting new ground he said well gosh let's see if we can build a bigger space station and what can we do what are the problems that might come up and what you learned. some of them an interesting and doesn't just give them more in them some listen it was forceful for a meeting if she were me i'm. looking at you seven which is
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the media you need to look at sixty two people listen you supposedly released it through a similar. to . make them to have not only from. the public on. the other you're actually put together for the future to give them. the space station orbits the earth once every ninety minutes or so with the crew
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seeing the sixteen sunrises and sunsets the director of the u.n. office of to space affairs told us how working in space brings people together. a lot changed in terms of political it's a discussion now or different and so will be me and let's say on the earth still the idea says it is fully functional i believe this is still month taining the spirit with which the i assess was conceived and then developed and now operated so it's a great accomplishment i am sure that it will stay a even for a few more years but it's also a model one of the maldives we are thinking about for the future for future cooperation for the exploration of the solar systems. the only way to have a very strong cooperation
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a broader open and inclusive for the future is to really stimulate also out on me is what i called in the tanami for call but so if you don't rein force that up abilities of the various countries you can then go to the next logical step away it's in my opinion is the exploration. of the solar system which can only be done all together as i said in an open and inclusive men. the peaceful uses of on this basis in practice our monday peaceful uses is absolutely mandatory because it means they had some and we can see the space as a global commons so we have to preserve space for the continents and the future generations want this done in space also if it is done by a small group of country it is benefiting everyone. around at the silent don't
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forget that you can look us up on the social meter and our website that's all to dot com i'll be back with more at the top of the hour but first it's the kaiser report. tracking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year truck so i chose to drive truck people rushed to a small town in north dakota was among the rate of zero percent is like the gold rush is very very similar to a gold rush but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here and just slow down too much they lost their jobs got laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and it's a tough reality to deal. with
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nor make this manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the flame of clear your own lives and be the one percent. nor middle of the room. i am asked as or this is the kaiser report the show that always gives you a happy.


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