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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 21, 2018 9:30pm-10:00pm EST

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we offer a scottish nationalist m.p. and chair of the u.k. international trade select committee i guess but neil if spain is just the first country to try and do you rail to raise amaze broke the deal and the president of conservatives for a people's vote will the chair of parliament's education select committee neil call michael says we know there was russian interference in the brics approach plus we cover the week's top stories from westminster to the west bank with former who was it's minister. told us of all coming up in today's going on the ground first while the u.k. chaotically tries to distance itself from the e.u. today marks five years since in other countries or protests in favor of getting closer to the e.u. those demonstrations would metamorphose into neo nazis in ukraine funded by barack obama reported here by late. chills the omnibus spending bill includes a clause banning the sale of arms to the neo nazi link but valiant this comes after united states has supplied weapons and training to the your cranium militia this
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off to barack obama's diplomat victoria nuland was court looking like the us organize a coup in europe's largest country even while swearing at the european union that would be great i think to help glue this thing and have the u.n. help glue it and you know be you as to what happens in nuland he or she is named jake and christopher steele the former m i six agent these claims are being investigated by u.s. special counsel robert mueller into trump's ties to moscow during the ukraine crisis in two thousand and fourteen and fifteen chris still had a number of commercial clients who were asking him for reports on what was going on in russia what was going on in ukraine what was going on between them chris had a friend at the state department any offered us that reporting free so that we could also benefit from it it was one of you know hundreds of sources what else did this british spy offer what one does the dossier he passed two to four pages.
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short points of what he was finding and our immediate reaction to that was this is not in our purview this needs to go to the f.b.i. if there is any concern here that one candidate or the election as a whole might be influenced by the russian federation there you have it an obama era diplomat who has been caught on tape being against the new democracy and for u.s. backed regime change in europe pushing information from a discredited british spy to the f.b.i. by the election it appears not from washington but more sco this while u.s. politico dot com alleges evidence of ukrainian government involvement in seeking to discredit donald trump ahead of elections that brought him to power but while the mainstream media here in the u.k. claims that tourism is now escaped her arguable coup she travels to brussels today followed by threats from spain and the northern irish party keeping her in power to destroy the deal for leaving the european union but how many more countries may follow i'm joined now by scottish national party member of parliament and chair of the international trade select committee angus with me oh thanks so much and it's
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going on just put it all in motion just before we get to break the save the children report saying eighty five thousand dead children in yemen starving should the u.k. be selling weapons to saudi arabia in a word no to the dutch to administer a secret colleague few weeks ago who made a point of see another lunch the in the dutch do not. to saudi arabia for the very reason of their intervention in yemen so the world is no ok well what do you think tourism is doing in brussels today looking for lifeboats life jackets life belts anything at all that can throw a lifeline. in a difficult position a difficult position made of it on red lines earlier on she's good no negotiation that the e.u. have looked at accepted the red lines what burned of headlines and is not is not a deal that anybody finds really acceptable bottle to hard code in the party in the extremists in their party or even the moderates of the party are united against the d.p. seems to be united against. opposition in the parliament seems to be united against
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its reason is in a very difficult sport should probably try to go to you to get a concession to a bit of red meat but essentially the negotiations been done they want to reopen that so these amazin a difficult position as we know because it's a deal that nobody loves and the default is a no deal which nobody wants either any concession that you might get on the agreement that would satisfy the scottish national party which says that northern ireland is getting preferential treatment even about when we talk about really the customs you know the single market. relation to europe and changed in particular to the european union when we had a referendum the famous referendum in twenty fourteen we were said vote no to independence to get them to a place in european union clear line eighteen twenty one months later that was shown to be so so because customs union single market the deal in the new deal in the me and the here is blood that we have from each other and just who bought the so we won't be supporting either of those we want something far better for people
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as it is at the moment with a deal yes that does give no other and an advantage by being in the single market eluding you're always alluding that of a letter you wrote to theresa may just tell me what was in the letter in every other reply reply to the level of the letter was basically moving no reply no reply yet it was basically asking me the question because she's been evasive and left the question hanging over a section thirty which is what you need on the one thousand nine hundred scotland act to another referendum in scotland so the question is is she going to agree let's go to and has the right to have an independence referendum because she had said on the twenty eighth of july or the united kingdom united kingdom joined european union as she put it as a free nation and must be free to leave. and as it wants to as well so that's good for united kingdom in the european union it's also good for scotland in the united kingdom so i'm looking forward to sure that respect to scotland using a little stick here in ocean of a nation yes she's she's got the she's got the section thirty two must give the section thirty and if we don't have the. we don't have
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a referendum without agreement we could have another referendum a consultative referendum or else we just go to a general elections i'm asking her what she want for scotland to be able to exercise its rights within a union with the u.k. exercise its own rights within a union and she's going to the other it's either she's in yes you can have a referendum or she said it's an election saying no is not an option gibraltar is in it just like northern ireland fabien because of the first minister of gibraltar says may should be back to him without her deal it could be very bad for gibraltar wellington for gibraltar a point of view the thirty thousand that lived in gibraltar no no. the really important thing for them was a state in the customs union and effectively. they've got that so they will be happy as huge concern with blacks in gibraltar i think it's ninety eight percent of gibraltarians had the good sense to vote against and to get to vote against blacks of course gibraltarians are very sensible people there that british but they're not in the u.k. and that's the sort of situation i would like for scotland is
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a little bit to be british but only you can ask a referendum as far as i know but ironically spain is which has been responsible for the detention of politicians. after a democratic vote catalonia something with theirs and we have been campaigning about could veto the deal yet it's would your role to look to extract concessions over the city spinners also said in the last day or so that it wouldn't be vetoing scotland's accession to being a member of the european union which i think is as welcome as well but in a one room while we welcome one thing we have to not run away from the fact that most of the european union are running away from the fact that there are political prisoners and speed i'm not as good at a bill situation to say the least that people in jail in spain for a year for for holding a democratic event but this is an age but isn't the point of the european union's collusion with suppressing that democracy that you just mentioned. that's why a forty percent of people in scotland voted to get out fifty two percent. britain
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want to get out. english people don't want to be in a in a place that detains their politicians i mean i think that's enough for the imperfection of the european union absolutely and i don't shy away from that at all but i think we've got a pretty major one over here and i believe it is that really really want to be in jail and you know the democratic politicians should not be in jail and given. all the rest of my i've run away from address and head on to fairly address poland in the cellar that's only because strangely run away from that would. i think what we were realizing from a three point of view is that lead opinion is absolutely vital it is regularly superpowered it is most of our market and if we cleared body years between us and our market that's a differently and we do want to access that market but it's not unconditional access when we see people jailed in and we're in one member state country we have to raise our voices about that and i do respect voices i do think that. if we leave that one and go to one side then we were setting about the precedent here
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of having people jailed for wanting to x. exercise self-determination and i can't really be let go and it has but the user members club teasing me has been silent a lot i've challenged the liaison committee in his comments and she's been silent on and it's to a ship meanwhile in the commons the g.o.p. voting down finance bill out of finance bill element of legislation. would you think make of sammy wilson claiming the government has broken its commitment well i think i saw that when through the lobby against the government in spite of the fact that given one billion pounds to do exactly the opposite. classical that creates a clearly i'm going. to get at the moment it's probably staggered over a few years i think the u.p.a. should be realising that i would say one one piece of advice i'll give us forget the history of three hundred years ago the deal while it's very imperfect and. a lot worse than being in the lot worse than in the european union is better for them
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than it is for just about any other part of the united kingdom. but to our advantage in scotland don't want that advantage so i mean it puts us all back in the in the gutter if you like that got us i want to get your opinion of one thing while everyone else is talking about the end of the resume his political career david davis the former bracks it's actually what do you making of these deals or negotiations or maybe david davis would say preliminary talks. in washington we make of our other deals being done ready for the resumes department first unknown to me and then david david me is a survivor i think colder to a face gloria gaynor she will survive she kicks the can down the road on she goes you know every time you think there's a difficulty that's about to get to use of me is a bit more rude phoned in the calmness kicked on a little bit further teasing me as if i like it or not. has gone and started dropping the after house of commons defeat on the agreement presumably i wouldn't i
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wouldn't give up. in the beginning i thought i remember saying they're not a tip or just to keep being prime minister the end of the month and i think basically she does that every month david davis is running a. david devices operation carries no weight of the u.k. state behind it and unless david davis becomes prime minister some bishops to be prime minister. then maybe perhaps could be something you know as david davis knows this so why would david it was because you know these negotiations perhaps it's the suggestion i've just given you that david davis is indeed on as you see maneuvers thanks man thank you thank you after the break the president of britain's conservatives for a people's vote claims swung or is this man to blame for breakfast find out on this week's broken news with a minister who used to work with theresa may norman banks all of them all coming to a going underground.
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dollars. dollar dollar here's what i. hear we hear the music with us. we were dragged here. by. you know i'm going to get rid of those who are not go away. quiet. real the hard work we do is the truth. the russian military deteriorated terribly of the soviet union and russia was
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always going to rebuild its military the question is how can we the united states and russia construct a relationship where we are both confident of the intention for more confident of the intentions of the other so that we're not worried it's not that we shouldn't. but we should make sure that our counterparts understand why we have it when and where we would use the. welcome back joining me now to go through some of the week's top stories the former home office minister norman baker thanks for coming back on. today forget the u.k. storming it had thanks to things going very well and we don't need to worry about the d.p. voting down budgets but you've chosen this from the mirror to see just to seem to
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tally with what the government say well it doesn't tell you what the government says what's the potential everything is hunky dory what actually we're performing much less well against other european countries and of course we've got the situation where there's a whole underclass appearing in this country universal credit forces moments of prostitution to make. the children's. sensational headline but of course it's actually accurate and this is what's happening i've been to food banks and my own area which is the rich middle class louis. people many people using food banks some of those in food banks are in employment they are not out of work they're actually earning but they don't get enough money to make things work and universal credit is a good concept the odd you bring your benefits together to try to make sure people are better off in work that out of work i support those things but the difficulty is people being used to getting a payment every week and there's a delay of one to three months on getting payments through and people are left with no money so what do they do this is what they do it seems you see i'm tempted to
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use the new the new d.w.p. secretary's words and say what you're saying is inappropriate and frankly you're using extraordinary political the political nature of your language is discrediting yourself because that's what amber and said about the united nations special report to a live stream poverty for the ballston what i'm saying is that there are people who are in country weekly and one of millionaire destitute homes does up sixty percent is twenty ten staggering jump over the and fourteen million. population in poverty well i mean there's a question of how you define poverty develops at poverty which is getting worse because people at the top end they're getting better off and therefore the percentage of earnings at the bottom end is less than it would have been before either person call it poverty what i do call poverty is people got no money for eight weeks four to position people using food banks because they're going to money to feed their children that's poverty well of course it's not the reason why it resumes being. hated on by her own side that's about breaks it.
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go through this this is the spectator how stop satori plots is plotting well this is a microcosm of society that people now don't get together in huddles in strangers' bar m.p. so it's a plot they use what chop and of course what you do is leave a footprint so if you said something inappropriate somebody catches on on a screen shot and before you know who you are it's all over the press so it's very dangerous you know people's obsession with. technology is actually quite where we develop in society at facebook's what's up company would bend to say it's a brilliant i should say then you know the minister boy didn't write it joel bennett said juries amazed deal was dead you know what that message just before being appointed to security being dangerous this article a bit more on the fact that there's no people skills perhaps. movement but the point i'm making is that go back five ten years that conversation with john penrose would have taken place in strangers' bar over a pint and the be no record of it it's written down and i'll and there's a record of it it's very embarrassing so you know my view is tory m.p.'s are
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spending too much time on whatsapp and not actually out in the real world are they really even with their own cult leagues and the becoming detached from reality well let's go on to find out what really is happening in brussels when to raise a maze there vosh that some european official or other would be saying in he is saying in his tweets i think worrying new reports of bad and cambridge analytic has influence on the brakes ref referendum we did a mobile style investigation in europe and steps to safeguard out the muck received by those organizing right movements ahead of next year's elections russia did it well we know that we do is to balance been. stirring up nationalism and in central europe we know that's been happening in britain self and we also know there was his fingerprints and cambridge analytic as all that referendum and a couple of facebook at that you just said these are the technological innovations
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i want that help i will and we know there's lots more we also know nigel farage is being fingered in the motor inquiries in the us and of course fortune happened in this country as it should be some investigation into anything which perverts the course of democracy you think losing go breaks it i don't know i mean i'm sure he was interested in getting the right result which is from his point of view has thought there is an interest in the stabilising much of the box on the money of the european union way why because if because there are certain power blocks in the world as a. there's russia china america and the european union if you opinion can be the stabilized the not helps the other problems it helps trump it helps cheating thing it helps future and this is what's happening in the course of two weeks of may was stronger in her position and i feel sorry for rushed away for the moment being attacked by own party like a pack of wolves if she was stronger through position she would actually have an inquiry into this business into what's happened in terms of the referendum and both an external force it's on the money democracy so just about that it could be the next general election it could be other elections in this country but of course you
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can get the sense to do that she's pretty walking a tight rope from one end to the other i thought it was just about interconnected businesses globally trying to make the world a better place take as this is a very this is the voice of story air b.n. b. to remove listings in israel's west bank settlement and the semitism no off absolutely not i mean the united nations has declared that the west bank is illegally occupied israel should not be there which that's women's and you know for those of us who want to defend israel as having a right to exist as a country which i absolutely do and the poll the attacks on them in particular on jews across the world you know the government doesn't make it easier for people like me to defend them when it's what is behaving illegally in the west bank why do you think there is a journalist who has shown us weakness i forty eight i was wearing a press protective vest blue helmet. leg was shot multiple fractures why do you think there's no months talk about it here in britain the maybe by a british sniper rifle who is well i mean that should be more frankly i mean the
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sadness is that the israeli government has now got a compliant white house with from moving the american embassy to jerusalem and it's got the power of military force in the west bank and in gaza and people just sort of saying well you know we can't do much about this and the israeli government of course is in the beholden to these lunatic right wing elements which for part of the coalition control these are the guys who would reject what he or she may or may not do you probably agree for me frankly but i mean some of these acts. ultra religious parties strings of netanyahu i mean they've got completely wild i'm bishan to recreate judea and samaria and all these are just things from from the little times. in hope to them you know one big of thank you. well was the break said vote was it really the self-styled bad boys a break with russian interference that still got nationalist movements to convince you gave voters to leave i'm with the president of britain's conservatives for
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a people's vote the chair of parliament education select committee and he'll call michael thanks for coming on the show before we get to the presidency of conservatives for a people's vote tell you about the sustainable learning for life work in changing economy commission. and i would relates maybe to education in this country have to break what's about education it's about education full stop it's not about rex it. and i spiration i desire i need to make sure that we have the right skills for the economy of the future it's about understanding changes in technology it's about understanding there are changes and work patton's for understanding that we're going to go through a period when lifelong learning is necessary and so on so this is something which we need to do with or without it so you're talking about from the would you said talking about liam fox already but i mean as pearson which which backs. that the vote must be respected in your campaigning for a second river and well i did respect. i campaigned very hard back in june twenty
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sixth for i remain outcome we didn't get one and i accept that that's what the people wanted to do which is leave now what's changed is that the brics it will likely to get under the deal it's currently on the table is not really what anyone voted for back in twenty sixteen. it puts our country i think into a position which. largely a rule take it but not rule maker it puts us into a situation where we're not going to house the kind of trade links that we should necessarily have with the european union and so on i think that people voted for bracks it for a number of reasons and i think one of the problems about having a binary choice in areas complex. membership of the european union is is the people vote for different reasons and vote on different subjects general to go or lost a referendum back in one nine hundred sixty eight sixty nine not because of the
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issue but because of the judgment that the french people make in his performance during the may riots of nine hundred sixty eight so in other words referendums once you start them can actually spiral out of sort of the territory in which they're supposed to be about here comparing to the main age sixty eight riots and we know from. research institute figures national research institute figures that the people that voted bricks that seventy eight percent. less formal education people in social housing seventy percent of the group voted for bricks and the only group which would remain were the tax payers the rich those waves it's a class issue it's also an age issue most of us will vote to stay in the european union it's also an urban issue most urban areas or many stay in the european union it's also money fracturing industry issue because most people in the first sectors
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voted in the european union we forget that over sixteen million people actually did vote. in the european union now you make the point that we've got difficulties in terms of social housing social mobility areas of that. poor productivity in the economic front which equals low pay low opportunities you're absolutely right and what we've got a deuced tacklers things but that's a different discussion from the one we're having about. if you're presumably saying it's because of that that they've they voted breaks about you wrote a piece with vince cable leader of the liberal democrats saying now that we know there was russian interference in the twenty sixteen referendum what did you mean by that i don't think there's any need to decipher that sentence it's absolutely clear then we knew that there was evidence that had been russian interference in the referendum don't forget president putin likes to disrupt things so to speak that's part of his armory in terms of foreign policy since i wrote that with with
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vince more evidence well that's the good you link in that article to city university study which there's no woman of russia in that guardian piece from august so you literally are saying we know and then link to a city university study that doesn't mention russia it mentions twitter and the use of twitter for the bricks and referendum well look. when you're investigating something you don't necessarily know what you're looking for until you start finding things and no doubt this is all about improving british society as well as the british economy what do you make of the fact that now the bank of england's brics impact assessment is going to be released do you expect it to say that we're going to be doomed on your first for what i make of it's going to be released well i repeat this is going to be released because you know we need to know what the bank of england thinks i want your as it were impact assessments and the. conservatives are people's vote welp because there is
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a segment of the future you can only get under bridges we think that leaving the world's largest and three. free trade area the single market is not a wise thing to do margaret thatcher was instrumental in creating it we celebrated its start we've been trading freely with the european union for you know over forty years and we've also developed an economy which i realize on just in time money for . sure and if we find ourselves in a situation where the inspection. and so forth are threatening that supply chain system if you like then we'll probably not do as well as we would if tres amaze agreement falls at the last hurdle first hurdle in the goldman's what do you want we want people spent on an opportunity for the people to make a decision between what have a deal is available i want twenty nine we're leaving wells of your vote if we
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manage to win a an amendment in some legislation to secure people's vote then of course we then have to put in place for the mechanism for a people's given that march is coming up then we would probably be wise to get started soon but there as always you think you'd have more johns a german. well jeremy. extraordinary really. what he would do in connection with people's instinct is to leave the european union but he knows that vast majority of his supporters are in favor of staying in beirut and saudi arabia and iran. you can almost feel it geopolitically that a lot of talk in the foreign secretary in iran trying to secure the release of the jewel national saudi arabia concerning congress over the killing where do you feel as in terms of british policy as regards these two books well good foreign
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policy is about finding out and finding a strong case to promote on in the situation that you've got in saudi arabia and iran we need to make sure that you know. human rights are properly respected you know i think that's a colon. well that's certainly an issue that has to be considered because one of the questions we've got to ask is what are the almost being used for we should be using our skills and our soft power as well as sort of a reputation as a country which is always promoted liberal democracy and everything else to the best possible advantage thank you thank you and that's the show join us on saturday when we question a drone operator by us you came to a collaboration backing saudi arabia and yemen after this week's shoji assassination tape until then you can judge by social media will be back with a thirty nine years to the day washington admitted u.s.
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soldiers are being exposed to chemical weapons against the people vietnam up to two point four million veterans of a class action lawsuit millions of dollars rewarded and out of court settlement with no guilt in seven companies and thirteen months. he has a significant portion of all u.s. commerce something approaching twenty percent i guess their goal is to get fifty percent of all commerce in america would be commerce and they need artificial intelligence to do that an artificial intelligence needs data to run effectively so but they call out all the cities and they said we may come to your town just give us all the data all the people living in your town and we'll jump into our computers and our ai systems and by the way you know.
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iran's foreign minister describes donald trump's words as shameful pledging america's continued partnership with saudi arabia as the u.s. leadership focus from the murder of journalists. to both countries fight against iran.


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