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tv   News  RT  November 24, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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feels like a really really bad chemical burn but it goes through your skin in your most way down to. there's no really. we're just not sure this is just. scores of people injured and detained across from violence flares during demonstrations against fuel price increases police used tear gas and water cannon against protesters trying to stop fires in the capital. not a bit of difficulty opening my eyes right now not because we've just been in the midst of all of this tear gas. documents
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placed on line by how could groups suggest that britain's government is behind the contest in the anti russia campaigns across the world. plus black friday sees dark clouds gathering of amazon's warehouses as tough protest against working conditions. is just ten three am in the russian capital you're watching international. we start this hour with paris protests against government imposed fuel hikes hitting french cities throughout the week have swept across the capital that been clashes with police too with take gas and water cannon used against the demonstrators who've been wearing yellow safety vests the rallies have left the streets of paris on fire.
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thank you hundred thirty protesters have been detained around the country on saturday forty two of them in paris nineteen people were injured including four offices more than one hundred thousand have taken to the streets and frog's t. shirt it depends k. who's in paris has been covering the story from the start. here on the show israelis as you can see there's a rally gathering behind me and there is a rule of the police of vehicles that there's be cynical is trying to stop the protests is from going to. was. going here at sardis street to the entrance over the earlies a price rise you can see tear gas is being fired by the police that's as the protesters were trying to enter into that streets to get closer change the alleys a perilous was.
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was . oh. thank you who. are great. the tear gas keeps being showed out to the protesters they keep responding by throwing project goes towards the security forces the security forces of also now started using shoot water cannons. again as you can see the war cannons are trying to push down this party this be made by the protest says they're all throwing assy rulebooks towards the police and
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i think she picking up what looks like to be the stones from the ride and throwing it towards them. and i'm a bit of difficulty opening my eyes right now and that's because we've just been in the midst of all of this take us as you can see eyes red is really hard to open them and at the moment we are just a burning uncontrollably. the police are coming we're having to move now because we're all being pushed up the streets into the two gotten into the protest is it really is absolutely crazy here on the streets of paris the protesters throwing projectiles literally taking out some old. stones from the ground throwing them at the police have also been throwing trees cabinets literally anything that they can get their hands on look at this here they've overturned some sort of truck as a barricade korogocho through rates this is eight days of protests now and it looks
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like these protests is not giving up here complete chaos here on the streets of paris as you lazio's take over the shows and he's a hero because. oh. you can see some of purchases of now barricaded themselves in this part of the show and silesia a this tear gas that looks like it's being fired up towards the protesters trying to make as much noise as possible possibly to make themselves heard in nearly say palace which is about a hundred fifty meters away from where we are. right . thanks this is a road just off the arc de triomphe and as you can see here we've got some of the stooges they've become infamous in paris of late they're burning here this is one
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of the barricades are being put in place were actually being shouted out by a protester right you have telling us to not show people's faces and that's because there has been suggestion that this movement has been hijacked by radicalized individuals from the left and from the right and they woundings ahead of this protest in paris that it was going to get hot and it seems that those warnings are absolutely right it was not just all just fuel protests in protest against the cost of living and living standards here for months but it just seems that people now all puti angry at the situation and the fact that the president is still refused to meet them to discuss the problems in this country the suggestion is that eight thousand people are protesting in paris today as part of this a yellow best movement well here only shows iliza we're still hearing what sounds like to be by the sound good aides or tear gas being released we know and you can see the flashing lights of the police the police and security services are surrounding all of the areas of course trying to keep some sort of control on this
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protest and ulti france correspondents reporting on the protests all say found herself course in the crossfire. i. was. really good really good on saturday night's president micron's strongly condemns the violence. thanks to our law enforcers for their courage and professionalism shame on those who attacked them shame on those who have abused other citizens and journalists shame on those who try to intimidate elected officials there is no room for this violence in the republic. the british government is funding a large secret network to control political and public opinion about alleged malign russian activities that's according to documents leaked by hacker group anonymous
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it was done of explained. in secret it's funded from the federal budget and it seeks to property and manipulate foreign governments no matter how far they are for all its worth program integrity initiative sounds like a brainchild of russian intelligence especially given all the recent hype and hysteria around it except it isn't it's british at least according to a hacker group called anonymous which has published what it claims are classified documents from the u.k. foreign office through a london based ngo the u.k. government has allegedly been working with opinion makers all across europe to promote anti russian narratives an effective network is best achieved by forming in each european country a cluster of well informed people from the political military academic journalistic and think tanks fear's who can analyze examples of this information in their country and inform decision makers and other interested parties about what is happening in clusters the key instrument of integrity initiative and
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a fairly powerful one as proven by the spanish cluster which has shown how the program gets things done back in twenty seventeen in the u.k. seemed surprisingly concerned with events playing out in spain's catalonia and london's keenness to see russia's hand in their bid for independence from spain so step one get public opinion on your side it's. really you can write up or a study yourself this close to produced a major study on russian influence in the catalan referendum process which was circulated privately to key influences in spain including the prime minister's office and throughout europe on the integrity initiative network step to feed the results of your research to the media its main means of influence is through academic papers and especially through articles written by independent journalists in newspapers like this based on material provided anonymously by the cluster. the
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most read spanish newspaper put out quite a number of independent pieces on catalan referendum some of them written by the man named as the head of the spanish cluster just take a moment for this information to sink in the leader of the cell designated with pushing a very specific message parts of an information secret service with a budget poses as an unbiased journalist in some of the most popular national newspapers that is what anonymous claimed to have revealed in its leak and the hackers claim it's not about one outlet the list of names in the spanish close to includes writers and contributors to different media some even outside of spain but selling the same message and then it's step three sit back relax and enjoy the show you scripted the u.k. foreign office says that information about the project is publicly available and that it welcomes any publicity it gets meanwhile
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a source at russia's foreign ministry told us that they're looking at the documents and they're not surprised that u.k.'s allegedly carrying out such activities we also got reaction from one of the people featured in the documents released by the hack it. the documents prove no such thing i have not been paid by the institute but i applaud their work in dealing with the check his regime has put knishes information and influence operations the crimean is losing russia bullying neighboring countries and murdering its critics why don't you investigate that the real risks of phobia instead of trying to smear people who are trying to resist the kleptocratic xenophobic incompetent hoodlums who make your wonderful country into an international pariah we discussed aspects of ressa faith with this can amnesty to which samueli western countries are doing exactly what they're accusing the the russians of doing i mean they are essentially waging
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a psychological propaganda war. directed at the russians what that should tell us is that we are initial stop believing. all the various pronouncements of government ministers and the stories that constantly appear in the media russia there's russia did that russia's response of adverse ruff is responsible for that because it's clear that this is all part of a. concerted campaign to manipulate public opinion. hilary clinton has came to europe needs to curb the mass immigration to prevent the election of populist leaders like donald trump but critics point to the fact the refugee crisis was in parts created by foreign interventions by the u.s. and its allies peter oliver has more. former u.s. secretary of state and twenty sixteen presidential candidate hillary clinton has
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been having her say on the state of liberal democracy in europe she says the e.u. nations need to cap immigration if they're to halt the rise of the populists i think europe needs to get a handle on migration because that is what lead the flying i admired the very generous and compassionate approaches that were taken europe must send a very clear message we're not going to be able to continue provide refuge and support if hillary clinton is correct and immigration is the root of the popularity of the populace let's have a look it's where those refugees and migrants have come from and why they came to the european union well the top three nations of origin for asylum applications to the e.u. since twenty fourteen syria iraq and afghanistan all of those countries that have been bombed or in some way to stabilize by the united states and their allies in nato.
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currently one of the main routes into europe for refugees and migrants is the dangerous mediterranean sea crossing from libya a nation that was plunged into chaos following the nato intervention that took place on mrs clinton's watch we came through assad he died. apparently politicians couldn't have forseen that people would start fleeing in their thousands since they were bringing democracy and the new promise for the future we are standing with the people of libya the bank yesterday. and get out these domination of libya and so freedom can develop and his country and when refugees did start arriving they told the europeans not to worry those who flee musically a war political oppression there we have the responsibility to help. lambing the door on every syrian refugee that is just who we are the rise of populous
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parties is also a major concern for those at the very top of the e.u. tree liberal democracy has never been under such attack since the collapse of the soviet union it's all well and good for hillary clinton and like minded e.u. politicians to say that they are concerned about a rise of populism in the e.u. but when they say that the way to stop this is to clamp down on refugees and migrants it comes across as more than just a little bit hypocritical especially when they had a direct hand in making those people refugees in the first place she directly contributed to this rise in populism it was under her rule so to speak under the obama administration that libya was bombed into the stone age. as supposedly to promote democracy and created a failed state is in direct effect from what she did in office. europe isn't just
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being told that migration is a bad idea plans for an e.u. army have also been criticized from across the pond. takes a closer look at the french german idea if the european military force which has ruffled washington's feathers in case you missed it the european talking about building a get. go wrong. and i know my own and i'm going to not have written breezily outlining their plans to dominate continental europe the french president declared that it's a france that a german responsibility to prepare the reef founding of europe i'm sure that the other twenty five union members have nothing to worry about i'm sure that the. much less leaky thirty z. in the original french at least this time paris and berlin all working together the german chancellor she won't run in another election can finally say what she
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actually wants and she really was a real true european army isn't it lovely how europeans have mature because no one's really is grieving to hearing a german leader say that well i want from britain we can't wait to get out and seeing eminem's plans of friends it may finally look like a good idea of course looming in the room is a rather large numbers around a brother nato which has been in charge of making sure that europe doesn't have to look after itself for the past seventy years behind very specific to the part played by the dog. does not like the sound of it you're. trying to spin from his french kissing buddy rather well breaking out the classic you'd be speaking german if it wasn't for us. around britain kolby idea of a european army to undermine nato great. so let me start out european nations
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don't like being told to pay more for nato they all you want me of their right which will cost more than outsourcing to the us marines and usually the us once europe to do more to defend itself as long as it doesn't when you need to do it and britain moans about the threat to nato unity even quantifying just a pure peace and unity of these armies planning to fight anyway micron is worried about china russia and the us but that is a whole nother episode. still to come on black friday ten south misson with stuff around the world saying working conditions well the details after a short break. i
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think that i would want to go fast but inside i'm i'm dockside really i think. going down to your backside that you can improve yourself. but it's also a body. but i really believe that. part of that we show our side that is so we depend. on our condition our life. unless you're on the line circumstances that allowed for the emergence of this very very lengthy violence i think that we may get the sons and even grandsons of guys
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at some point in the future it's primarily a political issue in iraq that has taken on military. ramifications. welcome back to the program on this installs have told that bosses to stop treating them like robots a number of the retail john simply staged protests on black friday a the working conditions in the company's warehouses amazon work has in the spanish capital to munson improvements to both conditions on salaries while they were in the us they protested against plans to open new amisom had quotas demonstrations will also house in france germany italy am u.k. one trade teenie and catch the protest as the following video. a muslim knowing all shall mobile phone now from our books and the souls we are in the world and on
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our way out of the world. amazon has more than half a million employees worldwide including a quarter of a million in the u.s. the minimum wage it pays and now is twelve dollars in europe and fifteen dollars in the u.s. the company recently increased the rate in the u.s. off to work because protested. following the black friday protests and denied exploiting way as and said it provides a safe positive way pace with competitive pay and benefits labor rights lawyer told us amazon is susceptible to way and consume of prussia. we see in the united states that because of bad publicity and some calls by people like senator bernie sanders amazon raised its wages to fifteen dollars an hour from about twelve dollars an hour so we see that they are amenable to pressure look it's
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a consumer oriented business and so particularly if consumers are willing to put pressure on them they will change their way but also again people do care about working conditions of others in the pay of others and i think people are realizing that while jeff bezos is making many many millions of dollars and his people are working in prison my conditions it is unacceptable. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov haven't since questions at a news conference in lisbon about the scope as well as u.k. claims of a russian threat that softer meeting his portuguese counterparts. was that for us the portuguese foreign minister began by saying that countries should work together to fight terrorism internationally yet he didn't exclude russia and that is in stark contrast to what we've heard from you please see generals doubt recent feat
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he said now that it's not a big state had pretty much been eliminated russia poses a greater threat to the west then i saw it and so i asked. for his reaction to that statement. as to whether there is a red line in russia regarding statements similar to the one that the british chief of the general staff allowed himself to make you know we can appreciate it and he want to exercise their intellectual and political abilities so the pneumococcal of portugal was one of the few european union countries that refused to expel russian diplomats as a result of the script oil. i mean the scandal and so a local journalist asked his foreign minister the question on what could be seen as a lack of diplomatic action to this the portuguese top diplomat replied that orchard call will decide on its own what to do when it comes to international politics and the russian foreign minister went on to say that britain was losing
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trust with the moves it's making know when it comes to this crippled poisoning case glow in the report of seward would be the main question is where is yulia script and her father they haven't been seen in public for many months recently a film was released about the script but what is significant is that there is not a single word about where these poor people are so if the reason no access to this information it can mean only one thing the british secret service and the government have something to hide if you start a lab rovs trip to rome and lisbon is wrapping up and according to the washing side it has showed that rome and lisbon are the places on the map of the european union where it can be felt that the tide is gradually changing when it comes to how senior european politicians are treating their relationship with moscow.
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animal rights activists have been accused of trying to ram their intended down the throats of an english town called whoa that's a mounting its remains to make it more animal friendly. it. with a simple name change huge can take a stand against cruelty and remind everyone that it's easy to stay warm and be warm hearted to sheep by choosing the going to rule. the name should remain as it moves the idea of renaming the village is possibly ridiculous the most easy antico easier i have come across in a long time the name wall has nothing to do we cheat because from distracting the
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words bush spring. thanks. for more details on any of our stories r.t. dot com is just a click away more news in half an hour's time. when lawmakers manufacture game sentenced to the public well. when the ruling classes and protect themselves. with the financial larry go
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real the heart of what we do is the truth. but politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. somehow want to listen. to the right to be prosperous what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. city.
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hi i'm max keiser i'm starting again here's my gang sing signal. she's going to be in my gang no but i do want to talk about a topic. that might trigger you and it has to do with brakes it oh. oh oh oh see i totally off going. no a lot of the headlines talk about the economic disaster that is the united kingdom and place it as the explanation on breaks it al gore edwards from soft is back and he said it's not to do with brags that in fact it's to do with what one of our guest said that steve keen and he was right we're going to get to that so i'm going to first lay out the story of his thesis this is albert edwards from society in general famous bear was very bearish during the two thousand and seven two thousand and eight two thousand and nine and finally capitulated and went long i think in
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two thousand and eleven or two thousand and twelve but he's back and he's saying time has run out at the start of his latest albert edwards highlights a recent warning by the chinese central bank that the financial risks associated with grey rhino events which are highly obvious yet ignored threats may surface next year and reminds readers that going into the two thousand and eight global financial crisis many of the massive macro imbalances and credit bubbles that ultimately sunk the global economy were all too apparent but now he says we have all the same risks and actually more disaster on the horizon but what's going to be the trigger of this time might not be with the chinese say which is the grey rhino is it's obvious is there but nobody is afraid of it which he compares he uses a metaphor of in south africa where i think you see from but in south africa. reserves there you know the wildlife reserves what they find is that the buffalo
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