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yes we look at some big business news and these stocks and companies impacted from autos to technology from retail to airlines will do so in light of the major news about general motors plants there shutdowns that they've talked about with the able assist of artie's alex my elevations toronto and we'll have an expert commentary from danielle sherry of simpler trading and the c.e.o. of straw mark hillary for which they're standing by all of that in our sights but first we had a right to some headlines let's go. internet intrigue in asian oceana leads our globe report today chinese tech giant huawei is set to complete construction of a broadband cable network for the island nation of papa new guinea according to william dumas the minister of public enterprise and state investment the project will connect the island nation to neighbors and the online world the undersea cables a specialized task for wild ways marine unit the decision to proceed was
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a rebuff to the governments of neighboring australia japan and the united states which have all objected the u.s. has made efforts to a good china companies like while way from such vital project expression a state of the art five g. internet infrastructure citing national security concerns mr duma was notably defiant telling reuters that decision was quote and honor and integrity once you enter into a deal and an arrangement you go with it he went on to dismiss the outside internal effort to dissuade his government from proceeding saying it's a bit patronising. and last time we told you about the french fuel fight and speculated the business community may soon weigh in well they have plus the impact of french protesters has actually hit retailers in paris during a time when many store owners had hoped to replace words from holiday shoppers for more we go to paris where our chief charlotte dubinsky has been following the story this year. on all the yellow vests moving to france started just so you know we
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could go because the taxes you'll see here protesters are unhappy that the price of some fuels of risen by more than twenty percent in the last year however the spontaneous movement has come to symbolize more than this with many also unhappy with the cost of living in france over the last two weekends hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets across the country to voice their concerns. chewing cans of destructions some businesses are now adding their voices to the mountain crowds and they have reason to the minister of the economy says the loss of turnover of the shops was thirty five percent on november seventeenth and eighteen percent on the twenty fourth the day after black friday and that's a big deal considering most shops in the lead up to christmas i looking to cash in
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on customers willing to part with their money in two thousand and seventeen it was estimated four point six billion euros would be spent in shops on the weekend between black friday and cyber monday so with violent protests closing stores here on the shelves elisei one of the world's most famous shopping streets the impact was felt angry protests descended into more violence here on saturday with demonstrators lighting fires tearing down street signs and using furniture from the stores to build barricades in the streets another worry could be potential surest being turned off a trip to paris off to seeing violence the french government has put forward a package with five hundred million euros to support poor households to meet their energy costs but many say it's not enough and the divide between those who live in rural areas and depend on vehicle. to get around compared to those who live in
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larger cities is just far too great. and it with the protests set to continue the current french government faces one of its stiffest challenge yet even ski in paris the. general motors is closing five auto plants across the u.s. and canada which will cost thousands of jobs in the two countries merry christmas while g.m. says it's making the changes to modernize many believe there are other factors at play artie's alex mahela ventures in toronto with the latest alex tell us about what's happening at general motors. well you know what general motors is actually a very healthy automobile maker at this point in time they're pulled in over six billion dollars so far this year they sold three million cars each of the past three years in the u.s. alone and somehow they believe that firing fourteen thousand people right now is
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the right move to make so here's a map given you where these firings are happening we're looking at two plants and in michigan a plant in maryland one in ohio and one here in ontario canada now g.m. is just saying that it's as to modernize that you know they have to change to low emissions vehicles electric vehicles to modernize their plants you know robotics are coming into place and things like that but when you really think about it there's more at play here and that really comes down to president donald trump and some of the moves that he's made in the past couple of years it looks like now things are catching up so when you talk about tariffs and trade wars well trade wars first of all the whole system that we had the supply chain system in north america has been disrupted people just don't have confidence in it just because of all the rhetoric back and forth from president trump when it comes to putting up tariffs and we know that there are tariffs in place when it comes to steel and aluminum which obviously makes cars more of as expensive especially if the stool in
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aluminum is supposed to come from canada into the states or from mexico into the states and get this even the tax and said to those huge tax incentives that he gave companies like g.m. are coming into play here because g.m. is taking that money they're profitable and they're investing it in other places they're putting it into china operations they're putting it down into mexican operations and the american worker seems to be forgotten and don't forget you got to step back a little bit here go back ten years with that major government bailout billions of dollars given since the automakers and what kind of thanks to the country get are going to the workers of america purty much none and that's what's going on with g.m. . well i know alex with twenty five hundred of those workers being fired by g.m. and canada. the united auto workers certainly wasn't pleased with that and that plant by the way i think i read that it was opened in one thousand nine hundred fifty three and for you those canada files let's get
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a lease birthday and for the auto guys that was the first year of the chevy corvette one nine hundred fifty three some weird knowledge i have but many are calling this news pretty devastating and our need to keep in playing the blame game what can you tell us about that alex well that you know we're talking about twenty five hundred jobs as you mentioned in this is the asha what plant nine hundred fifty three is a city outside of toronto which basically depends on auto market manufacturing this is devastating for the city so obviously the premier doug ford who is probably remember rob ford the mayor of toronto this is his brother he's the premier of ontario did everything that he possibly could to turn things around offering cheaper electricity offering tax incentives he said this is a no go these guys plant a year ago to come out when it comes to justin trudeau many people attack him but these are the conservatives attacking people like their opposition leader andrew shear who's saying really ridiculous things like oh this is because of carbon taxes g.m. wanted out they had a plan has nothing to do with the canadian government has nothing to do with anything on the ground to canada the decision made someplace else and it's
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unstoppable and that's the direction that it's headed so alan thank you for that stay with us because we want to broaden the expected and bring in others danielle shay of simpler trading and the c.e.o. of straw mark ladies welcome danielle let's start with you is g.m. up by at this point. absolutely not you know you have seen a terrible down trend in this stock and i think that traders and investors alike could potentially look at this last quarter earnings report and look at the pop that we got and say hey you know this looks like a cheap buy but honestly but isn't that what you want to do in this market you don't want to buy something that is near the dead lows and i think that this bounce that we're getting is going to fade very quickly hilary what do you make a g.m. yes well you know they say that capitalism doesn't do cam compassion much good so i don't think at this time of year it's what any of those employees needed what i would say is you mentioned just
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a moment ago but you mentioned some of those classic cars one thing that you know g.m. really hasn't done and of course g.m. stands for government motors has done you know mentioned where they were taken over by the government or at least the government huge bailout you think about the engine is so i mean the engine in general motors of the same chevy the same ford they have not done what they should have done in terms of the dynamic system of cars nobody wants to drive a car that looks like and so that's why s.u.v.s and trucks are being far more creative in the design work and you think about like the ford mustang with the ford mass but mustang of this era there isn't one look at the jeep there's nothing new in terms of jeeps same thing with chevy impala there's nothing new and so bob i think some of these companies should take ownership of the fact that their cars all very interesting and that's wants happening also there's a huge demographic movement of course don't forget the millennial have moved into open areas and those open areas they don't need cars because they are using hoover and list that for
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a classic rite of passage of american youth isn't happening anymore than not buying cars so they're not buying them because they're not engineered to be very exciting and they're not buying them because they live in urban areas my prediction though is you wait another decade when they're all having babies and want puppies they'll be moving out of those open areas and then sort of the. they will be a demond maybe cost sales will go up but not the classic so that wow what an interesting perspective thank you hilary hey alex can you look at the big three ford g.m. and chrysler are all dealing same with the same issues do we think we're going to see something from ford or chrysler like this that we're seeing with g.m. . or stopping making cars because of gas prices are low and they're looking at classics like the mustang to redo something they're looking at jeep with these brands that everybody knows but they haven't done anything interesting with them there are they i mean they're cutting manufacturing of cars going to these bigger vehicles and again lisa takes us back to president
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donald trump the gas prices are low why because you know he's got a very tight friendship with somebody in saudi arabia those prices have been knocked down and now we're looking at these massive vehicles coming into play he's not friends of the p.a. he's not friends of electric vehicles so this is what we're seeing in the states there's no innovation here so why what makes these cars interesting especially since cars are basically gone it's s.u.v.s it's crossovers it's trucks and it's not only that the people are buying and this is what's being marketed to us this is what's being pushed on the population and that's why people are buying so can these companies compete in the in the longer scheme of things who knows because there's a lot of interesting manufacturers coming from different places such as china as well as in the states itself you know these companies are dinosaurs really and if they don't start changing things up well you know what happens dinosaurs we've you know happened before. it danielle there's some new news about tesla i read this
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morning that they lost seventy percent of their car sales last month in china is tesla by now. you know i actually do think tesla is a buy and i did see that news story but you know i am a technical trader primarily and also ok so there's two things here number one. i have a really nice technical bias set up on there is a lot of consolidation on both the monthly and the weekly charts that i think is going to really take off in a big way i'm looking for tesla to trade up to about four fifty after we get a break out of this consolidation so number one looking at that from a technical standpoint that's what i can tell you number two looking at tesla as a whole and as a company i mean tesla really is the wave of the future my husband and i we just bought a new car he really wanted a tesla and it's it's going to be all about electric cars so i think that you know on a short term basis it's a little bit difficult to trade tesla just due to the fact that it is so news
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driven especially whenever iran wants to tweet about something but on a longer term basis i absolutely think that tesla is a buy and i like it to go higher thank you all alex we thank you so much for your insights always great to have you're going to ask danielle and hilary to stay stay with us because after the break we're going to look at the tech sector now we're look at retail and maybe a lot of time to look at boeing and that is a company also and there is stock but hang here right now because when we come back we'll have all that and here are the numbers at the closing bell all green arrows but some by small margins will be right back.
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what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and. want to. have to go on to be pros this is what we look for three of them or can people get. interested in the waters of our. first city. it's ukraine versus russia again a minor maritime incident on the current strait is said to be anything between a major international crisis to a cheap campaign trick as ukraine interest in election cycle take your pick but one thing is for sure russia is deemed aggressive by the west even when defending its sovereignty.
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over most of the of it. welcome back seven european consumer groups have petitioned regulators to impose fines on google over use of consumer location data the european office of consumer union or b c and its french acronym said you see network member groups in the czech republic greece the netherlands norway poland slovenia and sweden will file
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complaints with national privacy of forty's the group say google's location history and web an app activity features collect sensitive data and quote the company uses various tricks and practices to ensure users have these features in a bold and does not give them straightforward information about what this effectively entails sites google's obligations under the overarching e.u. privacy law the g.d.p. are we spoken about on the program many times serious violations of the g.d.p. are couldn't tell fines of up to four percent of the offending company's annual revenues for google that could be billions of bucks. and we now welcome back to see all straw mark henry ford which and danielle should have simpler trading ladies let's look at the tech sector first and let's start with alphabet which is the parent to google pillar let's start with you what are your thoughts for investors here what i think we need to look at what's happening in china because obviously google employees have just protested they don't want to work on
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a vast change in china mainly because of oversee the restrictions that predicts ssion actually from eric schmidt former c.e.o. was that there's going to be eventually sort of to google's an alphabet of course is the parent company of google that is going to be almost two google's one to china one for the rest of the world now whether those employees avenge they will work on it i can't give you that answer but i do know that's a very legitimate concern and that is going to affect the stock i think between now and the end of the year for the fine stocks and of course that does not include microsoft because there's no end in sighing i think for most of the tech stocks so it's going to be bouncing with a lot of volatility to the end of the year many factors and one of them of course is including lost lots of things a sitting on the shelf at apple there hasn't been innovation there for a while with regard to microsoft i would say the chinese issue is a different one you can actually refer to it as fast you know as steve balmer has said the majority of operating systems in china over ninety percent are operating
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on microsoft operating systems where they go any purchased about one percent of that ninety percent so it's fundamentally staff to not as affected stock as well very interesting danielle i mean two things that meant when hillary's talking it makes me just think what google's not going away you can't get away from it if you wanted to and she mentioned apple what's your take on google and apple so same with ample right i mean we're not getting away from apple what do you think then you know. yes i mean i do agree on the fact that no we're not getting away from apple apple's still going to be there google's still going to be there but the fact of the matter is that our thing stocks have been market leaders and they have led. market higher most of the year at this point fang is down more than the rest of the s. and p's and all of them are down twenty five twenty percent or more which is very significant and they are leading the market lower whether we want to believe that or not so while i do think that apple's going to be around google's going to be around they're in
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a down trend and at this point it would take something really significant to reverse that downtrend so i am actually looking to trade google lower into about the nine seventy nine eighty range and i think that's going to take the nasdaq with it all very interesting nine seventy nine eighty lonely facebook the one that did is legging behind. in the tech area but we're going to refill a little bit hilary what about kroger and costco some of the two big retailers in the food area what do you think about them you know the good news about kroger actually is particularly they've made a huge investment two years ago the c.e.o. talked about he was going to make a vaal still best man in terms of their employees and e-commerce which he has done and with regard to wal-mart i would say you know look at the chinese new year that's coming in february and that's actually the middle of february or february to get states to the one nine hundred seventy like that in one thousand but chinese new year bought is huge is actually larger than christmas across the world in terms of sales and movement is very well positioned as is kroger i think that the pick up
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process the pick up option now installs has also been very beneficial so i think both of those stocks are doing well because they've been so innovative and they're in the top ten. you want to give us a quick take on programming cost go but you've got wal-mart. about costco and kroger daniel. sure well i mean kroger does look like a good long term buy look going forward and looking at what the market is doing right now you really do want to focus on stocks like kroger stocks like wal-mart stocks like costco why because they're consumer staples so when the market hits a little bit of a down trend money is going to pour into those companies because i mean at the end of the day families are still going to go to costco pick up toilet paper stuff like that but they might not be looking at consumer discretionary products so i think that all three of them are are pretty strong and i want to continue to look at those to the long side for both buy and hold and for short term trading decisions i
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want to ask both you ladies just hang right there because there's more to come but we're now joined by jamie fish the former director of the office of government public and family affairs at the national transportation safety board comes to us via skype from manila philippines jamie thanks for being with us give us an update on those boeing max eight jets the one that we saw fatally killed one hundred eighty nine people in that line air flight in indonesia what's the latest jamie. well the latest is that the train the internation transportation safety committee is about to release its pulling every report on the on the crash of this the liner seven thirty seven max the crash in october plymouth very findings seem to support the idea and concept has been out there for a while that a system that was in installed in this new seven thirty seven max series actually contributed to the to the crash information from the flight data recorders that
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they have or that organ also known as the black boxes the flight data recorder box shows that the pilots were struggling to keep the the plane in the air in flying almost from very from take off they have still not found the flight voice recorders the cockpit voice recorders which is the second black box but they are still looking for that pilots' unions are expressing a lot of concern over this for various airlines because they have not been informed or they don't feel like they have been informed properly by the by boeing regarding this new system. and there's a lot of customization about that. they be there's still a lot of information is coming from this investigation is will we are nowhere near a conclusive finding on this ng caused this crash there's a lot of conflict ing information coming out of what was happening with this
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aircraft in prior flights the investigation will showed. do a thorough investigation and look at all of those. data and information and compare it will be in the final report so we're nowhere near that yet however the lawsuits from the families and wrongful death lawsuit for being are starting to pile up that is not unusual in situations like this but they get it that's just another. slap in the face for boeing unfortunately boeing's stock has taken a big tumble over the last month as we've gone through this this plane crash in october twenty ninth but we saw in that it's been. almost continuous slide downward over the last month november right jamie thank you for joining us i'm not sure what time it is over there but it's not the middle of the day thank you so much jamie thank you former director of family services at n.t.s.b. thanks jamie danielle so what do you make
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a boeing now as jimmy says it's gone down is now a time to buy i mean but unlike apple and google boeing is not going away. no and i mean the thing that's interesting about boeing is that yes first of all the news was terrible bad plane crash it's scary and i mean i fly all the time and it is scary but the fact is is that it has taken such a hit at this point is being a little bit of an oversold bounce i don't know how far it can recover the problem is that the trend has completely shifted here so i want to be cautious i don't want to jump into boeing because that goes back to the entire industrial sector and we're just not seeing any strength in the entire sector so i really want to stay away from buying week sectors and focus more on buying strong sectors. hilary i want your take on boeing but i want to also ask you to give your response in light of these trade tensions in the steel and aluminum tariffs we know planes are made
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of aluminum so every what do you make of bowling and what you make of these tariffs as they impact things like not just aircraft makers but auto makers of course that impacting with tesla going back to tesla they're impacting tesla and that was accounted for the vaal swings in terms of the pricing of tesla's in china and that accounted for the story you mentioned earlier about the of course the report of the sales and lack of sales two hundred eleven although roy does to get that somewhat wrong but i would say the aerospace ecosystem is something that is generally very healthy at least in the u.s. ninety percent of the jobs of boeing are in the u.s. and boeing has an eighty billion dollars surplus trade surplus because eighty billion exported so i think that's really important for the u.s. economy really important for all the manufacturing they reckon that for every boeing plant just like common you factor is there's a seven to one ratio in terms of job seven dollars seven dollars to one investment in the local computer community so it's very important we keep these jobs very important there robust to that end i think that the towers have been
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a lot of i think that trump in a lot of these instances obviously anybody who's read his. book the art of the deal he comes out very strong he comes out very warlike a bold strokes and then at the end he backs down and or he gets a better deal than we had originally so the hope of course across the aerospace ecosystem is that his talks with china are going to end up that we will have a better situation and that these trials won't shake the stock nor put those jobs in america in jeopardy well we hope that there will be some progress i don't want to overstate it down at the g. twenty coming up president trumpet president xi scheduled to meet down there hillary ford which of danielle shay we thank you for being with us for the entire show that was a blast thank you guys and then it isn't it for this time i thank you for being with us you can catch boom bust a you tube dot com boom bust artie we'll see you next time.
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i do have these go camp sundown camp for people that came. in they're like so vampires can't. see housing as they don't have to talk about with you go you're with us because we understand her daughter she was diagnosed with a very rare some sensitive condition i get sunburned i see she does are patients. with want to talk to your son the brains are actually shrinking inside the stone gets thicker in the brain still small. the pain is indescribable it's feels like a really really bad chemical burn but it goes through your skin in your muscles down to the bone. there's no relief. we're not sure this is
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historic. it's seemed wrong but all in all just don't call. me old yet to shape out just they become active. and engaged with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. us veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either there already is several generations of them so i just got this memo from the circulating branches off that says we're going to attack and
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destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with their money others with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war. surely we can risk some discomfort or uneasiness for. the russian president calls sunday's clash between russian and ukrainian vessels nothing but provocation describing the russian sentiment as a brother to sell ahead of the general election next year.


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