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right on the bank. base. and this is going to. be their international market know that these industries. simply ignore the money. and some of the. even this. headline. not enough. demonstrations despite the government caving into the. cost of fuel. the choice the choice the full amount. of the race.
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is feeling the heat she begins. in the house of commons. vote next week. on a remote island for criminal. european countries being. the reason. people want also the united states. to show its complying with a key nuclear treaty before the deal. it
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is wednesday december the fifth and now just after eight am here in moscow news team here gathering up this hour's top stories. anti-government protests are said to be held for a fourth consecutive weekend in france and what they're describing as act four of the insurrection that's despite the prime minister bowing to pressure and suspending a hike in the cost of fuel our correspondent he filed this report. this is one of the main battlegrounds all the weeks of protests over the fuel tax rise that seem belly up to the whole country. cars and buildings and shops smashed a new kids and some of the most iconic monuments in paris crashed. the number of injured keeps rising. you would
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have to be day not to hear the wrath of the french people said the prime minister and it seems the government has heard the cries of the yellow vests to some degree this response and suspending these tax measures to six months with no tax should put the unity of the nation in danger these concessions come even though just last week president michael was adamant that he wouldn't capitulate to the voice of the street but it did not distinguish between fellow citizens and the floods i will not concede anything to those who want destruction and disorder but now the government has given me to some of the demands of the protesters the yellow vests have tasted blood and are now hungry for more. we won't settle for crumbs we will get the protests of common. time when mcewan's popularity has been so are you doing
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down a slippery slope and hitting new all time low we're not going to send it off this eighteen months ago he promised massive reforms from the pension system to the working code and that he wouldn't relent from getting the job done no matter how unpopular it proved to be my reform agenda is to modernize the country and we will pursue this modernization agenda and any chance that you will back down no chance his tenure as president has already seen one spring protests but until now he has launched ignored them refusing to change course the concessions being offered to the yellow vests show that he's willing to drop his uncompromising stance when it seems the violence spirals out of control. member of the french national assembly.
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says that six months is a convenient length of time to suspend the fuel price hike. when the amount of their taking the fringe people for fools they want to gain some time to subdue the beast before the european parliamentary elections out this is their thing that the n.h.s. won't see that they're trying to gain time they won't see in any case to the government or risk of entering into conflict with the e.u. will be obliged to recuperate the tax money not only used by implementing a phrase is used it sounds like they're mocking everybody it is in some sense the same is telling us that will be deceived and that be about it we're talking about french democracy it doesn't exist there is no parliament there is a disciplined or thorough terry majority that does whatever the president says we see yellow first protesters are already being sentenced in court with one man in the city of non-si determined to appeal his guilty verdict during a protest he streamed his exchange with police live on social media he says the
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video clearly shows he did not commit the crimes he was accused of so here is his story. of. what. i was recently saying i should be detained they ordered me to turn around so i did i didn't think they would beat me and i thought they would just push me against the wall now you can see the placement here he's beating me i was hit twice in my ribs there were i explained i was just filming nothing else and was there for just about fifteen minutes one placement had his knees in my back the other one held my legs down and the third put my head to the ground with his knee. they didn't really land we just speak although they gave me a lawyer parachute to me was like i was already a criminal like
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a real distort to try to explain everything. they preferred to trust their colleagues and regular citizens like me. certainly is accused of throwing rocks at police and remaining in the crowd despite two orders to leave his argument that he couldn't have thrown the stones as he was busy filming was dismissed as the court ruled the video contained. u.k. prime minister to resign may is facing the toughest week of her political career wednesday will see a second day of bricks at debates in the house of commons the first day on tuesday saw her in the firing line with m.p.'s bashing her draft. the prime minister has seen these negotiations only as an exercise in the internal management of the conservative party and that did not work out very want to talk prime minister spent
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much of the two and a half years discussing the deal with her colleagues on the conservative party rather than negotiating with the european union the prime minister's deal seriously undermines environmental protection in this country she is afraid that hope rex it shit would sink one thousand jobs lost in the european banking authority one thousand jobs lost from the european medicines agency mr speaker that's not projects here that's the reality on its own ready happened here the first day of the planned five days of bricks of discussions soulmates government found in contempt of parliament for failing to publish legal advice relating to the deal in full and in another blow to the prime minister calls were back to give the house of commons a direct say in what steps will be taken if indeed the draft deal is rejected on december the eleventh however despite this to resume claims still to have faith in the deal. if you reject what the other side have described as the only deal on
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offer then whatever you see. to the contrary you put this country on course for no deal the e.u. twenty seven member states have made it clear that this is the best deal with a little there is no eyes of the time nor the inclination to reopen negotiations and ensure we leave in good order on the twenty ninth of march next year the choice the choice before parliament is clear this deal no deal or the risk. well it has been absolutely turbulent time in parliament the house has spoken in the most unprecedented of fashions and that's as the government has been found in contempt of parliament now that comes following the common supporting a motion demanding full disclosure of the legal texts on breck's it now in theory the government should be now obliged to produce that legal text on bret's that the government responded saying that it will tell the public on parliament unlike
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exactly what it intends to do in due course though many say it would be absolutely unimaginable if m.p.'s did not get a copy of that text ahead of the meaningful vote in parliament and to stay december the eleventh for now all of that drama has completely overshadowed the fact that was supposed to be the ground old opening of the five days of the brics it debates it has entirely divided the nation for the last two years and it all boils down to that vote in parliament on december the eleventh and in the last two years we have seen no any many difficult stages for the prime minister we've seen resignations from her top team we've had deadlines come in we've had calls for breakfast to even be reversed and ideas and notions that a second referendum could be on the cards and even the e.u. has put options in place saying that britain could actually remain within the e.u. but it's really been pandemonium in parliament and it's going to be a very difficult five day battle for the prime minister because now it's make or
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break for her government when tourism returns to parliament this afternoon to face more questions from i'm sure likely more skepticism and resistance but international trade negotiator duration one hundred adults that m.p.'s will be bold enough to truck on roads at all to go. cannot go ahead. the words that are being used right now fast the coal unprecedented political crisis constitutional crises within the united kingdom there's no way we can allow this to continue there is no plan b. because negotiations with the european union are over and anything that comes back with a plan b. it's also got to be approved by the e.u. twenty seven and that they've already said what we've got on the table the five hundred eighty five page withdrawal agreement that's it that's how you leave the european union so if that's not acceptable to parliament no deal is not acceptable to parliament i believe that they are too cowardly and members of parliament the
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six hundred fifty m.p.'s of the sitting there to actually make the decision to say well let's withdraw our intention to leave and stay in the e.u. . the us secretary of state has given moscow an ultimatum over its alleged violations of a key nuclear missile treaty might pompei over so as russia has two months to show is complying with the i.m.f. before washington pulls out. in the light of these facts the united states today declares it is very russia in material breach of the treaty and will suspend our obligations as a remedy effective in sixty days unless russia returns to fall and verifiable compliance so russia now possible last chance to call me back into compliance with the irony of cheating but we must also stop to prepare for a world without the treaty the us has previously accused russia of building missiles in violation of the treaty of moscow denies all the allegations claims u.s. missile defense systems in europe to protect europe from places like iran could be
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used if offensively against russia. the arms race is getting out of control. we did not initiate this turn of events as you know it was not we move out of the antiballistic missile treaty russia has developed then divide. stabilizing weapon systems for more than a decade in direct violation of its treaty obligations. only respond to the threats that confronted we're moving forward to modernize our nuclear arsenal and ensure their capabilities. we will never allow anybody to have anything even close to what we have. to confront is the next. we will give in to meet. the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty was signed over thirty years ago and by short and medium range nuclear missiles both the
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production of missiles and flight tests are prohibited under the agreement and washington's possible withdrawal from the treaty has left some european allies unhappy. regret the withdrawal announced by the us we see this treaty as very important ohm's control instrument and something that also serves european interests and therefore also german interests into this the announcement by the us that is going to withdraw from the i.m.f. accord is regrettable the i.n.f. agreement has been important pillar of our european security architecture for thirty years for us in europe it's of great importance we call on the us to consider the possible consequences if u.s. and russia need to remain engaged in constructive dialogue to preserve the treaty and to ensure. to ensure its cool and very shy of an implementation which of course is crucial for europe's and global security i think it's quite likely the us
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will pull out of this treaty i think the at the end of the story that just are finished and my fear were guarding the europeans and how it will affect our relationship with them is they simply do not have the courage or the the strength of character to say to the americans no this is bad for us this is bad for europe this in danger is our security we won't go along with this whatever trump's impulses might be to either have an agreement with the russians and as well as with the chinese to have a better relationship that he has a national security team that is in kampar entirely composed of the wrong people and what they want to do is to put russia into an untenable security position and this is simply one more iraq they can throw at moscow and they don't really care with a consequence are that is what my fear is here. the danish government has announced controversial plans to send some migrants to an asylum center due to be built on an island. one is that they want to indeed a society one cannot be
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a burden for ordinary danish people that's why those who are deported because of crimes will get a new address that means we'll send them to the uninhabited island when home they're not wanted in denmark and they should feel it the center right government a box the plan announced by the denmark's immigration minister the right wing danish people's party posted a video on twitter praising the decision it depicts a man with a middle east and a parents who was left abandoned on a small island. now i limped home island is located around a kilometer from the mainland not far from the capital copenhagen and the only infrastructure there at present is a research center into a contagious diseases some stables on an animal crime a tory m but the government plans to spend one hundred fifty million dollars on building an asylum center by twenty twenty one but the island isn't for everyone only certain groups of migrants would be sent those with visas that allow only very
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restricted movement around the country a certain types of criminal including war criminals and people who pose a threat to state security it's unclear whether the various groups will be segregated or not however foreigners will be required to report to the island center daily on pain of imprisonment. and the political activist and social justice campaigner george botha and media commentator neil wallace discussed with us whether the idea is a good one. a so-called center right party you know getting into bed with the far right party and allowing them the opportunity to you know put these horrible racist cartoons out there i think just fuels the flames of this kind of divide and rule where more and more the social problems in european countries are being blamed on you know muslims generally and it's not just somebody of middle eastern appearance in this cartoon it's somebody you know specifically as a muslim the reason this government has done this. in denmark
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is because that is what the people want and the people of denmark are fed up with people like. george telling them how they should think of what they should think and who they should welcoming to that country when you said it comes down to this i mean you know a few jump lawyer is telling the majority of people in the country. no we metropolitans. know better than you do this isn't just a few lawyers saying this this is virtually all the progressive parties and i think it's rich finial well it's to talk about people like me telling people what to think and when he worked for a very very long time for them out of that many people. that have a sort of progressive politics as i see it recognize to be of to have been a huge part of creating this incredibly divided society in the first place where the weather spectacular concentration wasn't wealth and power. being used quite
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that clearly and i. referred to bodies really that is all you don't want people to like i want to god all of them things like we've finished my family and i let you all simply to chant endless cliches about multinational is what does not take away those basic things people are unhappy and that's why they smoke and it's an elected government that has done this where about seventeen million. fiji's at the moment we're headed towards about two hundred million by mid century and it is a tragedy where increasingly you're criminalizing people who have fled very very difficult circumstances in just one of these in life this is not a solution to the problem of immigration to demonize muslims. a group of political artists in the german city of camden has called on the public to name right wingers who took part in an anti immigrant protest there were a set of the protests earlier this year pictures of some seven thousand demonstrators have been uploaded to its website but the office of the group was
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recently shot down by police a puter all of a picks up the story. hunting season is open for the cold problem germans people who attended fall right on to migrant demonstrations in chemists following two migrants being charged for the fatal stabbing of a german man in the city. were the hunt has been organized by an collective pushing their message haunt. you months and a signal we've seen you and it was it's a mistake it's not ok with us what you've done to our town or our country it's all sorts of the general public to deal with offenders and also know if it's a management to recognize the supporters of right wing violence the room ploy to in their own companies and to take action against them the group called the center for political beauty isn't messing about with their name and shame campaign on their
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website there's a section called the mentally ill catalog that contains seven thousand images of people who were at fall right on t. migrant demonstrations the picture at pay is alongside a barometer denoting how far right they are deemed to be from soldier to hitler and greta now the public also encouraged to upload their own pictures and in fact is being offered cash rewards for identifying those on the gallery that don't already have a name and employers have also been asked to check the list to see if anybody they employ is that police have said that the project could fall foul of germany's strict privacy laws as well as copyright infringement while the data protection commission has said that he will be looking in to the campaign while activists have said that this actually diminishes understanding of the real dangers posed by the extreme right i asked people in berlin if they agreed with the campaign to inform
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or if they thought this whole thing was well a little bit seeker. police. tricky one and you have to ask if people give their consent if not the shouldn't be posted on the other hand and the people are going to someone's face and they're also doing it like publicly so it's quite common that's the would be recognised there is a new money goes up to something. probably have a quiet word or there must self of it in. name and shame and i'm. quite. quite sensitive and it counts as a personal data especially when it comes to determining history and whatever your opinion about far right radicals this idea isn't good to identify people like this isn't the correct way to handle a problem it is a fire that there were people from the extreme right came with demos some were seen giving straight arm salutes a symbol that is bound by law here in germany however it does seem though that
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people aren't too happy with this group taking on a job that really should be worn for more in force and peter all of a. professor and a part self of the title university of dress and says attacking political opponents is absolutely fine but not when it's done the way these activists are doing it. this is doing serious things in a very un serious way. attacking political opponents is fine this action we'll read write in populists who are now with some right can claim their say or are treated unfairly by their opponents and appear horrid his whole initiative will end up getting the opposite of what they were looking for. a court in the netherlands has rejected a sixty nine year old man's request to legally change his age it argue that doing
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so would set a dangerous precedent. and the main reason is that h. requirements in the law gives rights and duties to people for instance to rights to coat or the duty to attend school and if those requirements wouldn't count if you could change your date of birth. that would become meaningless a meal the man who wants to change his age describes himself as a young god he's a father of seven and even promised to give up his pension if indeed the dutch court would approve his request he also things that being legally younger will help him get more work and more matches on dating applications so we spoke to the plaintiff himself. two years goal my doctor told me your biological age is around forty forty two years young i said but how is that possible so he actually could be
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because of the blocks and about the nurse and about. the brain we as human beings we have to change and so the state and the government has to change also they have to adopt and to realize that people nowadays have free will and that more consciousness about all those things will happen and that's the meaning of me court has given us many many reasons so we can think now at the same time we have lost the battle where we are going to win the war never give up if there is a way if there is no one i will create my own way it's not just their age that some people want to change names are often legally altered and sometimes for rather bizarre reasons.
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there are your top stories for this hour here on artsy international though we are back with much more. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be preached. to the right to be cross that's why the flag three in the morning can't
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be good but. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. they should. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to get a little bit politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that. show small seemed wrong all right old quotes just don't call. me old yet to say proud disdain comes to educate and in games from an equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground the .
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and. there your going not. like. i'm going i do. fine you can do you look at that. gun. here and.
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then they are. coming this is a bad world is not all it's reported all right but in this end of this like there is going mairi about. its longest biplane. this invited going to win that eva.
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will come in this museum and one more very exciting thing is this so far. used to be. back before with their fans guards and. they had no. standing next to. this museum is don't expect project. for many years he was promoted to oil it's that may seem a peculiar obsession but according to the world health organization one third of the world's population has no access to proper toilet facilities and almost two billion people think they're drinking.


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