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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 15, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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i. really meant. this is not the first time something like this is happening i don't think there's enough resistance from the representatives of us overseas territory this is just a direct suppression of the traditions the common people enjoy here in puerto rico does not have any voting members in the us congress we have no one who can defend the interests of the island the government to puerto rican has approved almost no bills to defend this industry on the island that's why we're seeing an ever growing dependence of the island on the united states and i know that america treats like a colony so this is nothing less than a legal dictatorship imposed by the us congress on question this tradition of court fighting has existed since the sixteenth century people of puerto rico will continue to do this one way or another legitimately only that's it for this hour as program for the south of here one r.t. international hope you're around about twenty five minutes time we can join you again for another program.
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we're going underground is the twenty eight western economic catastrophe ten years on catalyzes inaugural european democratic crisis coming up in the show will political legal and constitutional deadlock of the diaries of a now lead to a return to terrorism. we go to dublin to speak to t.v. information famed oil. being laid to rest and gather tomorrow we celebrate the life of pi. campaigner against new liberalism kerry leslie smith who forged so that
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we might live plus the ghosts of grand fell following the last silent walk before christmas we remember those who lost their lives to the new liberalism with hip hop artist and activist loci all the civil coming up in today's show but first this razor may and the future of the british government now in the hands of dublin joining me now from the irish capital is t.d. for calvin monaghan information fame doily to cave in ok on cave on welcome back to going underground so to be overawed saying it's your westminster m.p.'s that should be taking up their seats to vote for to raise a maze of bricks that deal that's the that's the big issue and. well it's a bit ironic that he would be so commenting in the week that we celebrate the major irish electoral success of nineteen eighteen when you shouldn't fan having swept the boards across this island took the very historic and courageous decision
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to set up an irish parliament here in dublin which met next month one hundred years the goal on an up stench and basis from westminster and that has been our party policy ever since so you know it's all very well to celebrate and raise a toast to the likes of constance markovitch but you know the people today who represent chin fan those who were elected as m.p.'s north of the border word elected on one abstention this mandate and that is the message that the people give them and we will hold fast to that relationship with our respective electorates on the constituencies know much about guns as markovitch in the british school curriculum i'm afraid what are you saying that the show doesn't understand irish history well i have to say that he should take note of the fact that you know this particular policy a served us well the teacher of what didn't even be in the position that he is in charge of
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a government at an irish parliament in dublin simply only for the fact that took that position one hundred years ago and of held fast to it interesting leader not in the course of this year a portrait of constance markovitch the first woman elected to the westminster parliament as it was all those years ago was all vanished in the houses of parliament in westminster so someone there are some people there clearly have an understanding of the history of all of that good to me corbin you're referring to there in the moment but the teacher. gave your employees in westminster another option that was to resign if they don't support your resume's break that agreement . well they won't be doing that but they're very very open and ready to face the electorate again if a westminster election is to present any time in the coming weeks or months whatever at the time frame we'll be in are confident that the electorate that
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returned us time after time will do so again with a renewed mandate on the basis that their place in the political makeup of this island is as representatives of irish constituencies in an irish parliament relevant to the whole island of ireland that's where they should be taking their seats and perhaps the leader of iraq or might like to consider the role that he must play in so facilitating them well arguably already is playing a role i mean they must realise that while it has failed singularly to unite the six counties with the land by the power vested even because government by the european union he controls the fate of bricks and he controls the fate of the united kingdom. well i think i think you should have not had any failure i mean this is a collective responsibility and
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a responsibility of both governments and indeed of the british government in the first instance to afford the electorate in the north of ireland a referendum to indicate their preference as to whether to remain part of the so-called united kingdom or to be reunited with the rest of the island of ireland in a new republican scenario i think that that is a very worthy consideration and more appropriate maybe even now than at any point in time and one that leo varadkar caldwell will give some serious consideration to it's not her that is holding a situation to. ransome in terms of the current chaos within the british political system it is the british political system itself that has steered a situation that you know not only a majority of the people in the north of ireland having voted to remain find themselves you know been forced to face
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a brags that that they don't want the people in scotland under many other places too when you're based in london look at the votes across the whole of the electorate and i think that perhaps if that question was posed once again now that people realise exactly what is unfolding before their eyes they might take a very very different view. i'm sure a senior politicians is saying is that it is learned and not sure how westminster m.p.'s will react to a irish politician like yourself telling the bridge electorate about bricks of but surely you must be cheered on by the legal advice that there is a may was forced to publish that says island will forever have a veto on the u.k. border control of the six counties. well let me say at the outset that you know you make the point about british politicians not finding much comfort with an irish politician recommending a particular course of action but let's not for
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a moment forget that it was british politicians who engineered a situation that is impacting on the daily life condition of the ordinary people of the island of ireland people that i represent in a border constituency people north of the border people of the border and the impact of that has been dilatoriness and that is even before we see the final outcome in terms of the triggering of brecht's make no mistake about it theresa may has certainly survived a vote of confidence within her own party but there are very very troubled waters ahead and i do believe that some very serious decisions will have to be faced because quite frankly there is no read negotiation of the withdrawal agreement there is no prospect whatsoever of the backstop being removed or in any way been tweaked so whatever formula of words will give her comfort in terms of returning to
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the house of commons well let that exploration take place but in the end of the day let nobody be under any illusion or dot brags that no matter how one views it bragg's it was always going to be bad bad for ireland north of us it was always going to be bad bad for ireland north and south and bad for the interests of the people of the island of britain ok well millions of people disagree with you but you don't seriously believe the god commission a jew harriss saying the deal or no deal could be a terrorist rallying call surely that's overblown as well one has to recognize that the peace process that we have all. all invested so much in just twenty years in being this year arising out of the good friday agreement in one nine hundred ninety eight it is of course
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a fragile situation it's still embryonic we are still all working to root to ensure that it will remain stable and sustainable throughout all the years before us but anything anything adverse could in fact upset the political and there is every reason to be concerned in relation to the reintroduction of significant upper rattus in relation to a hard border presenting along the way in the interface between the countries i represent and the neighboring counties are from tauron and all along the border you know there are some over three hundred crossings are we going to see a situation where a british forces are going to return the rolls will be closed roads will be blown up once again as they were all those years ago that is not
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a scenario that people want to see people have and joy don't have invested so much in an open. access across the border people have restored community relationships that were. sundered over a long period of time and nobody wants to go back to that past so we should be mindful of any risk to the current situation that is a very much a product of long years of negotiation and investment on the part of people across a whole plethora of political views he just very briefly and finally because it does sound like you are back in the gutter kulish the your leader millionaire donald saying we dramatically. for on the issue of bricks it with lifelong campaigning for irish civil rights jeremy corbyn meanwhile you will not put your empties in to support a second referendum even though your leader is calling for
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a second reverend observes the ship reins position it doesn't want a hard border even though our border could arguably mean the good friday agreement kicks in they vote on the irish unity and it wants as a referendum but it's not going to put m.p.'s in westminster of of the second reverend let alone store well let me say let me say first of all it's not just that we don't want a hard border let's be upfront and straight about this and nobody beyond any doubt at all we don't want any border that's quite simply the situation that is our position and in relation to standing back in terms of a second referendum on the contrary our m.p.'s in the north and indeed our elected representatives a consolation and our party activists right across the country already will be fully engaged if a second referendum opportunity presents the way to really think about getting a second referendum is what i'm saying because you know when to be in europe we do and gauge let let let debate no doubt about it while we don't take our seats within
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the british parliament we engage on a continuous basis marilu mcdonald our president spoke with three said may only earlier this week and that to engagement continues as it does with the irish government representatives in relation to this very important matter shouldn't féin are not observers from the sidelines shouldn't fane is a not to fully involved un fully engaged political party right across the length and breadth of the island. david ok don thank you after the break we remember socialist and world war two veteran harry leslie smith paid tribute to by both jeremy corbin and to resume and following the law silent will provoke christmas wrapper and activist loki before the song ghosts of britain fell about arguably one of the world's most guy. new liberal incidents the civil coming up in part two of going on the ground.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back it's arguably convenient that the fragility of the premiership of tereza maker and sided with the seventieth anniversary of the un declaration of human rights there was little media attention for a document that aimed to create a better world forever as we heard from historian marketers on monday's episode of going underground nations in nato have routinely violated the declaration of a goal five bands torture you decide what britain's former highest ranking military officer was talking about when he came on this or techniques were used
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sleeplessness spending and stressful situations it sounds like comparable ones that we're hearing of american soldiers or in some cases british soldiers in iraq who found that knew them there was no volumes used. over time to waterboarding no one no it was i would say stress positions sleeplessness white noise called that was one of britain's highest profile generals since world war two talking to me in twenty fourteen but while the legacy of british atrocities in island is now the context all of bricks it the u.k.'s violated more than just that un declaration article for instance the head of scotland yard described u.k. police as institutionally racist that's a violation of article seven equality before the law ozzie guillen. evan maintains that guilt needs to be proven is that the case with russia or in the script files incident article nine is about unfair detention something to raise them is government is already in trouble with the un over thanks to the arbitrary detention
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of wiki leaks founder julian assange a few miles from this studio but what about article nineteen one of teresa mayes cabinet has actually made a video about it hello this is jeremy hunt foreign secretary here and following the case there's been a lot of concern about freedom of expression and what's happening to journalists all over the world certainly is article nineteen is the right to freedom of opinion expression to hold opinions without interference and to secrecy even impart information and ideas through any media yes any media so if the u.k. state mandated b.b.c. and jerry corbin the shadow chancellor are in breach of article nineteen here one very clear thing that you could do is stop appearing on russia today which has been described by one of your own ministers as a kremlin propaganda vehicle mcdonnell arguably promoters of that presenters defamation of this channel in that interview but since then he and shadow foreign secretary thornberry have called for an independent inquiry into an alleged
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conspiracy of perhaps watergate proportions tourism is government it is alleged is part of a multi-million pound conspiracy to use journalists and think tanks to subvert the information landscape of this country one man who was unarmed campaigner against racism is policies and risked his life for that un declaration was world war two veteran harriers the smith tomorrow he will be laid to rest with tributes paid by the leader of western europe's largest socialist movement jeremy corbyn a survivor of the great depression harry spoke passionately in defense of a savagely cut u.k. health care system and more recent be toured the world's refugee camps to raise awareness of a huge betrayal of the un declaration as a tribute to one of the greatest communicators of a life or death struggle for internet. human rights here is the last of his going underground interviews about his book don't let my past be your future harry welcome back to going underground before we go to the book we have
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a new defense secretary was remembered sunday your a veteran how important is the military covenant between the state and protecting former servicemen and servicewomen in just the most important thing in the life of a serviceman has to be i want to kill you and to the people where it's been defending their country for is. aware of is rich and he takes only a few years and years it must be taken care of when he comes back to asia home country i remember. soldiers after the end of the first world war well now they live in really dumb please share around. in their. lives. there were so many men who had been in the first world war who are long legs and they didn't have
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a penny from their government no care whatsoever is what we want to happen to our men is what you say to our defense secretary you voted against strengthening that government our share you just lead to lead off the party. may be one day you will have to be out there and face about. where you like to come back and. no protection at home tell me about the title of the book first wife feel it's so important to water as it were not to have the future be your past it's really. my life from the very beginning and the sense. that my early life of course was brutal. no extend we. had not no food emotion cations my father was injured in the
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mines. and he had no jobs and there was no job in even if you were wealthy. so consequently my chest turned usually round up around the back of hotel a guy goblets cabin. trying to find some scraps of food we could. silence the painter in our stomach with. i remember going to school in the morning when i was about five and my stomach was growing so loudly america had had no shop owner and there got no breakfast so all i could think of was that little glass of milk the government suddenly realized my good to give indigent children at school ok well obviously this is that you took
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that away but people who support capitalism this government they would say you can't compare those stories to today we shouldn't be able to compare them those who unfortunately. see them returning and reach an end very quickly. or pork children going to bed hungry in britain today than we had at that time because the population is bigger. it's really a crime and it's not just a church dollar and you only have to look in the city streets and say the men and women lined up on the sidewalks because they can't afford a place to put their head down. their country is going to the dogs you know one of the new appointments after the resignation of the disgraced defense secretary said we should celebrate food banks because they show and we have a conservative minister on this program saying that it shows the big society. they
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could try silently. because they're increasing every year in number. and it's a downer insult to to the country and to that individual that the rest of us. having to get other people to feed our citizens it's belittling for those people it makes them free who are not part of a country himym or simply. vive that showed their surviving it was a jeremy corbyn talks about class a lot which hasn't been talked about for a few generations obviously people are going to say that class divisions are worse in your childhood than they are today we shouldn't be talking about. i think we
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should be talking about class because class is more stripped magenta the situation i think we're. in shuts down they it because of our one percent of our population who. minions. to orange rule form and they'd sure that they're getting near what they call their due but in the meantime . all our small cities and towns are not getting the taxes which have been diverted from the government which would use post taxes to build new schools and roadways and everything else which is necessary for a stable society but arguably the bottom of that pyramid are refugees from major
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wars around the world are there any echoes of the nine hundred thirty is when the blame for austerity of a poverty was deflected against the foreigner the refugees i don't know where all this fear of refugees came from. i wish i thought just as intelligent justice demanding of fair play as anyone else and not. overly demanding they knew what they had and what they could exert and. they had a thought that maybe even forget that this is something which pains me greatly to her wish it were got the idea that because oil of someone's skin is different to ours they don't need shame to change that we need they don't need food to survive don't need
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a cover shelter over their head but you have to realize we are or people are individual we should be able to live in peace and harmony and league nor the color of our skin. that's become one of the biggest barriers towards civilization that's ever been no i think well i know you visit a catholic where they were refugees from these nature wars in the middle east what's your next book going to be about. planning on another bench and of course you probably know i'm going to trip the end of january in january and visit all the hot spots of europe. just to find out what was happening there how political the. shootings were faring the people were content or. becoming an obnoxious show
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in delhi and i want to come back and write a book. after book two. should the government tell me what this country needs to make sure that we don't get involved in another war. just around the corner has become more and more vibrant since it will trump into power. i'm not no dro able to tikrit be the next hitler. and when he does. you know preach anywhere in the world a country in the lobby schottische in our nature thank you very much airless with. that was harry leslie smith's last interview for going underground his legacy will live on and it was arguably channeled in the past twenty four hours on the last grenville silent walk of the year dream of those who died in what many consider to
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be a monument to violently liberalism hip hop artist and activist loki will play us out with his song ghosts of grandfather but that's it for the show on monday we go to the birthplace of jesus to speak to the mayor of bethlehem under siege by de facto british backed israeli settlers until their keep in touch by social media will be back on monday one hundred eighty eight years to the day of the death of revolutionary simone believe are his battles against imperialism with our future freedom fighters propose a party to chavez here is lowkey and karim kamar with ghosts of gravel. words cannot express please allow me to begin one thirty a year to shout it from a window people craned in the street watching the burden of big. fields how would now historically be a symbol of people reaching the windows screaming for their lives in their graves trying to reason with the skies the champions' comparison it's clear the every
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single person in the bill would do would see here so don't judge the tide and i try and sometimes leave him leave. the. p.c. yes a sort of fire and he ran inside that would say when he and his family died she was like the grief you want to see. over the last who shall live now so that when that was now christina for. you wes and me to go in this position now was flower was fitted to. his feet it. was. god. go sit still for justice now here on.
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c h when the faces of the walls of the witness this in the sits in the faces of. the missing the sea hopes fulfill would be ships never which no one would be one see that did him which means try for good leave the yes you want to use the gift of a d.j. if the person you be blessed sits in never will be to repeat strive for the new. maybe we. can somehow make. the laws. with the recent so we face what they face we never know what. was basically house in the best place not to be left c. c d's read. book press made in debts paid. for the
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families from. the city and homes the love. of. a palestinian teenager is killed and dozens of other protesters are injured during
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clashes with israeli soldiers in the west bank and gaza.


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