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because he. was. always going to be from the from. the search for survivors of a deadly apartment block collapse in the russian city of magnitogorsk has been suspended emergency workers are trying to prevent further collapse at the site freezing temperatures on diminishing hopes of finding anyone alive. the united states exits the un's culture and heritage wing the latest in a string of international accords abandoned by the trump administration. the french president take this wife an extreme elements among anti-government demonstrators in his traditional new year's eve speech. and in hawaii the clock has just struck twelve meaning it's now twenty nineteen for most of the world have a list of been out a string in the new year and we've got the highlights of the festivities in moscow
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and over around the globe. to. a very warm welcome and a very happy new year to you from all of us here at r.t. international thank you for joining us this morning. well it's a somber new year's day in the central russian city of my needs a course people are still coming to terms with the tragic collapse of an apartment block in the early hours of monday morning at least eight people died on the fate of dozens more their main. hand man. man.
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the search and rescue operation in magnitogorsk has been suspended teams there are trying to secure the remainder of the building against further collapse our correspondent it was done was at the scene early this morning if the rescue and search operation is still ongoing as you can clearly see behind me in fact it hasn't stopped for a minute in the rescuers worked overnight searching for anybody who could still be trapped under the rubble now the figure of people still unaccounted for stands at thirty seven so it has slightly climbed up from yesterday new estimates have come in those people still haven't made contact with the rescuers here although all
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around us we can see signs saying please if you lived if you if you were housed in one of the collapsed parts of the building please do make contact and telephone numbers here written as well in fact well the buildings around here they stand with shattered glass so really you can clearly see around here how powerful the explosion was so far the total of five survivors have been recovered from the rubble among them a teenage boy who used to live on the third floor and who was saved rescue just an hour into the tragedy the russian president vladimir putin this spoke with. on monday in the condition. to. be called. the police charged. with putting. the british team up. if you believe. the. victory
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of the british state if. this is as close as we were allowed to get here by the emergency ministry workers in fact if you just look carefully enough you can see the crane over there which is that right now it looks like holding up the concrete plates of the building that still stands and that is because really we're being told today the risk of very grave danger that other parts of this residential building might collapse once we couldn't really get any closer and right now we're being moved even further away. well the u.s. president donald trump used his new year's speech to list the achievements of his administration he took the opportunity to say to praise the deals he struck but i'm
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at it most of the agreements he broke. there is never been an administration and i'm very proud of this that's done more than the trumpet ministration in the first two years of office we made a deal with mexico we made a deal with canada we made that deal with south korea and then you look at north korea we're doing really well we moved our embassy to jerusalem in israel one of the broken accords that wasn't mentioned was the decision by the united states and israel to leave the un's culture and heritage organization after years of bitter wrangling washington announced its intention to leave us go in october accusing the agency of anti israel bias well that's now come into force. on the twelfth of october two thousand and seventeen the department of state notified unesco directed general it mean a book of the u.s. decision to withdraw from their goodness nation and to seek to establish a permanent observer mission to unesco this decision was not taken lightly and
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reflects his concerns with the mountaineer vs the need for fundamental reform in their going is ation and containing anti israel liason. now at this point that we can review that in twenty seventeen there was outcry from the united states and israel when unesco designated a hebron the city in the west bank designated as a world historical site now there is a contested area in the center of that city to muslims it's the ibrahimi mosque to jews it's the cave of patriarchs and at that point we saw some loud outcry from the united states and from israel now it's important to note that this isn't the first time that we've heard accusations of a pro palestinian bias from the usa and from israel and twenty eleven when the nasco body officially recognized a state of palestine at that point the usa and israel both stopped paying dues to unesco they were then stripped of their voting rights in two thousand and thirteen
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after having not paid their dues so at this point we see the united states carrying out a policy that its long carried out which is when it doesn't like certain international accords and agreements or international bodies it simply withdraw its review the united states will withdraw from the optional protocol in dispute resolution to the vienna convention on diplomatic relations the united states is officially withdrawing from the un human rights council we will not cooperate with the i.c.c. we will provide no assistance to the i.c.c. baseless politicize claims are brought against us there are critical bodies and institution unjust prosecution by this illegitimate court the council ceases to be . or they have it's name we will commence a review of all international agreements that may still expose the united states to purported binding jurisdiction dispute resolution in the international court of justice so the united states continues to withdraw from international bodies and
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international agreements in response to decisions it does not approve of peter galbraith a former u.s. ambassador to croatia believes that america's withdrawal from international agreement found organizations and eventually be run fast so this is entirely political step you know everyone has pointed out that we already have it is that so many of these institutions the united nations the international court of justice were ones that were the human rights were created by the united states the united states to lead. and now we withdraw but also this concept from a very good sized ministration are very extreme one one i have to point out that lost the election by three million votes and based on the midterm results is not likely to be around it after twenty twenty five and so very likely these decisions
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will then be reversed so my advice to the rest of the world is take a deep breath and america will be back. french president mccrone has used his to dish until new year's eve speech to slam extremist elements in that country. minions of own city we have periods great division and anger broke out anger against injustices against the course of a sometimes in comprehensible globalization against an administrative system that's become too complex and lacking in empathy there was also anger against profound changes that call into question our society's identity and direction this anger has shown me one thing no matter how excessive or overflowing it is we will not quit. opposition leaders have criticized him across methods calling him an imposter and saying that he's out of touch with the french people authorities in paris were primed to tackle more unrest on new year's eve with twelve thousand police officers
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on standby in the end very few protesters turned out and those that did were blocked from joining celebrations in central paris aymeric one via a friend publisher and writer warns of more demonstrations in the new year. with all the blunders the government and especially the m.p.'s are making i don't see any soothing of the situation this movement through of course continue into two thousand and nineteen the movement is so popular it was seventeen eighty percent of the french support them all approval movements that it is not excluded that especially in the provinces john barbs or even produce men who have more in common with the protesters than the officials in paris because become a sympathetic with their cause and refused to execute alders eminent mccraw embodies what the yellow best rejects globalization and pro-business policies in a way he cannot really given without stopping bit what he hears he's lacking leeway
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he he sorts through to diffuse the crisis in mid december by announcing ten billion euro package of measures which was which was not so really convincing france was hit by anti-government protests for much of twenty eighteen starting from demonstrations against labor forms to the latest yellow vests protests over fuel taxes paris correspondent sheila depends recaps events. hake this infamous phrase often attributed to mary on twitter has been used to demonstrate new blood livius nurse the selfishness of france's elites which in turn led to the french revolution now the attribution may be misguided but the lesson isn't if you can all the cries of the social classes or you mock them you do so at your own peril. the current french president should have seen it
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long ago as unrest has been bubbling throughout two thousand and eighteen. things started to turn nasty as the french government attempted to a victim and she community that they. pool at kate. it's a protest against expulsion. destruction. of the talks will be eco are just joking but meanwhile calls for dismissing these should should be built this period it must be that great it will give back during the month the money used in the republican field must be respected.
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mayhem first reached paris in spring obama calls reform plans well may first violence quickly spilled over and dozens were arrested. but the penny still didn't drop by my colleagues spend the summer offering advice to school who would listen in raging. the country in the process he said. given these lutheran people who've lived through transformations in recent years i'm not exactly ghouls who are resistant to change. notes diplomatic he doesn't know how to talk to people he cannot say about all of people all of the nations it's just bad like both sides to the foreigners and to people like french people comes down to. just trying to find you
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a job by crossing the road oh yeah you don't say that people people are really struggling to easy to sign when you don't have a problem helping me to my job it think that everybody can do it just by working out crossing the street bad it's not real life it's just a very obviously a rich get out service just sort of it's not great to say things like that to french people people are in precarious situations i think it's quite ridiculous for a president to be so far from reality so by the time he told pensioners to stop complaining the french. had come pockets full of him because of it if you choose to do so in the general shoulder who told me you can speak freely the only thing we those have the right is to clear the country would be different if everyone did the same. saying stop trying to people in france you don't see people complaining specially in france people that complain all the time we love it's.
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arrogance i think a little aggressive you know. there is no other word in the good old french spirit of things anger and resentment towards the mind often described as the president of the rich really poor without a body seventy they had had enough. to. see the crazy on the streets of paris. the tale squashes. suited for all of the many it was too little too late for the yellow best small still don't call me a new role the rules of play to win for the expected two thousand the like you could still see a role in the french government if the violence in the. paris
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. time to come in you're way after this very short break. seems wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape our disdain comes to educate and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. to make this manufactured sentenced to the public wealth. when the ruling
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classes and protect themselves. the crime. nor middle of the room sick. welcome back in the u.k. counterterrorism police have launched an investigation off to among top three people including a police officer in manchester in northwest england. suspect was heard shouting allahu akbar while police arrested him officers used a taser and pepper spray to subdue the man have not confirmed whether the incident
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is connected to terrorism the three wounded people are now receiving treatment for non life threatening injuries. and it's been a rocky ride for britain's prime minister and her briggs it deal as she seized on the opportunity of her new year's speech to rally support new year is a time to look ahead and in two thousand and nineteen the u.k. will start a new chapter the brics that deal i have negotiated delivers on the voters of british people in the next few weeks and these will have an important decision to make if parliament backs the deal britain can turn a corner. but briggs it still hangs in the balance according to the u.k.'s international trade secretary pro brags that minister liam fox is a button's to get behind the prime minister or face the unknown reality of a no deal when the country leaves the e.u. m.p.'s are due to vote on may's deal in mid january downing street says the prime
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minister has been in close contact with european leaders over the holiday period to seek is sure and says she's faced a serious challenge to her leadership over the past couple of months and it seems to be until the deal has to do has been ratified it is the responsible position of government and it is it would be the responsible position of any government to put in place contingency arrangements for no deal no do y'all would reduce sastre for our country no responsible government would ever allow each i know it's christmas i know it's not to be stocking down the chimney under the christmas tree this just hasn't found. the prime minister who is supposed to be undertaking a negotiation with the prime minister the trial to bring an acceptable deal but why didn't the prime minister stop the pretense and stop wasting four billion pounds in a cynical attempt to drive good deeply damaging do you all through this house.
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is the right honorable gentleman doesn't want to see money being spent on no deal he's got an easy answer for this. but while parliament pressures for changes to the deal the european council president has made it clear that he doesn't want any more negotiations. the union stands by this agreement and intends to proceed to as it's of the fish and it is not open for you like a fish. was going to satisfaction in the u.k. of the briggs's situation throughout the year there were been waves of protests the biggest one happened at the end of october when more than seven hundred thousand people rallied in london to demand a second referendum political commentator john why i think that to raise a maze now trying to use the countdown to break that as a weapon against parliament i think the idea that there would be no bricks or is on the table no i said as not being in the last two years of these torturous
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negotiations but we have knows a crisis is mature to the point where to get a consensual camps no domini the issue which is those who advocate heartbreaks or and those who are pushing for the second referendum the so-called people who do need music in the country is that they twos or threes deal is washable world it doesn't satisfy anyone it's only in eighty eight everyone on board says of the issue in opposition to her and that she's trying to use time when are say a rino that taim is running out march twenty ninth as a mark for departure from the e.u. but she's trying to weaponize tank to leverage more pressure on the tory tory our precious years and i think she's. a plot that wouldn't be out of place in the t.v. blockbuster game of thrones that's been unfolding in singapore it's been revealed that the young brother of the current prime minister has been financially supporting a long time government critic and it is that they picked up
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a story. the new year to see family and loved ones getting together to enjoy festivities and celebrations right perhaps not so much at the top level of politics in singapore meets the prime minister and his rival brother and sister whose family quarrels a well known in the country recently their leaders brothers been supporting this blogger has found himself in brawls in the scathing battle with the pm it all started off to the blogger posted a seemingly offensive article on facebook it claims the former leader of neighboring malaysia had signed secret deals in exchange for the singapore spanx helping to launder money out of malaysia's state coffers accusations the singapore ian prime minister strongly denies the blogger is now facing defamation charges as the two prepared to fight it out in the courts in times of need you would think you could turn to your family for support but as the prime minister's brother is instead helping the bloke pay his hefty legal fees he sent me
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a message that he has drawn support lo and behold the first one to do so into my account this sibling was of a safe when questioned about the actual amounts donated simply stating it was a meaningful some when pressed further joked it's not one dollar we might not know the amount but we do know this is a prime example of a lengthy family feud ass's the dispute over this colonial era bungalow that belonged to the late father and the country's first prime minister who wanted the property demolished after his death the quarrel got so bad it's his brother publicly accused him of misusing his position for personal gain but the prime minister denies putting self interests before good governance. regarding the. continued existence and honks as my ward as prime minister. your very media trucks magic properties to some are struggling after thirteen years as prime minister must
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be in a pretty. sidestreet the people of singapore will all say reassurance that disputes what distracts from more important. over the last week singaporeans have been disturbed and confused by news of the private dispute between my siblings and me i deeply regret that this dispute has affected singapore's reputation and singapore ians confidence in the government. much as i would like to move on and the most unhappy experience for singapore eons these baseless accusations against the government cannot be left unanswered they must be and will be dealt with openly and refuted but it's within and identified some in the block as back pockets and as legal proceedings continue the least siblings will have to put their differences aside if they're to stop the public from speculating on any further family quarrels . clears day for most of the well the people from all walks of life have welcomed
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in two thousand and nineteen from war zone countries in the middle east to affluence here at nice that operation told a very special place in the hearts of the russians to have us some of the best moments from around the globe. up. was i.
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call him bray will be with you at the top of the hour with all the latest. sgt. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to. be first that's what the
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four three of the more people are. interested in the waters of. their city. it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active. in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company developed. a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby anything. you know she said is just cut short arms minix a little mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact on all of us thanks for joining us i'm daniel bruno in washington filling in for children coming up today on our last show of twenty eight team. we take a look at her story lending in some of the unusual forms it takes around the world plus the human baseball federation thanks to deal with major league baseball in the u.s. signaling a possible historic shift archie sports producer regina him joins us to discuss
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plus we will tackle social media and regulation with miles edwards all of that directly ahead but first we have some headlines let's go. worldwide market volatility leads are global reports today as twenty team closes on a scene that feels like a prelude to even greater drama in the coming year on december twenty thirty first at twenty eighteen for major global stocks exchanges china c.s.i. three hundred south korea's kaspi the hang seng in hong kong and germany's dax as well as the m.s.c.i. emerging markets index were all in bear market territory defined as a twenty percent drop off from a twelve month high meanwhile a number of other major global exchanges including the u.s. based tech heavy nasdaq are more than half way to bear territory so how should investors prepare for twenty nineteen stay tuned to boom bust as always and buckle your seatbelt. we know circle back briefly to
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a story that feels strangely appropriate for the end of twenty eight seen a fifty point one percent stake in gatwick airport the second busiest airport in the united kingdom and its busiest in europe has been sold to the airport management subsidiary of vinci s.a.a france for two point nine billion euros the airport was sold even as the drone citing reports that. the grounding of more than a thousand scheduled flights from gatwick over three days starting on december nineteenth remain unexplained over the weekend the police chief of sussex giles' york apologized to a husband and wife who were held by his force for thirty six hours before being released and cleared of suspicion and they got what case then another indication of the current level of confusion chief york denied the drones flown by police had caused a security scare and said.


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