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tv   News  RT  January 1, 2019 10:00am-10:31am EST

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a baby boy is rescued from a collapsed the common block in the russian city of. after spending nearly thirty four hours in the rubble. british police say they're treating a stabbing incident which injured three major railway station you have related incident. united states exits the un's cultural heritage wing the latest in a string of international accords abandoned by the trumpet ministration. the world spectacular welcome to twenty nine thousand travelers have been showing in the new year look up some of the highlights.
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hello and happy new year for me in the team here at. six pm have histories danced on for some good news this new year's day as well baby boy has been pulled alive from the rubble of that collapsed apartment block in the central russian city of magnitogorsk the building was devastated by a suspected gas leak in the early hours of monday morning. one of the rescuers had a child. crying we stopped all of the machinery to listen in we were saying to keep
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quiet and the baby was reacting and kept silent we started asking where are you also if the baby started responding to you we started working there but there was risk of further collapse we were afraid as the baby was asking for help. and the baby is reportedly in a very serious condition and is being sent to moscow for treatment he reports now from. right now i'm right outside the hospital where the medics are fighting for the life of the eleven month old vanya yes imagine spending more than thirty hours under the rubble in his crib when it's minus twenty celsius outside really the rescuers are telling us that it is just because the baby was wrapped in very warm blankets this is essentially what saved diviners life so the moment van his parents learned that their youngest son is alive they rushed to this hospital and we talked to them their. new film it's. the bullshit the surgeon provide each other
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in america is you. know really is the first and most of them. for this reason. but perhaps the most incredible thing about this whole rescue is that it was called the making of dad's hands because he was at work when the disaster when the tragedy unraveled he came back to where he used to live and he really wanted to shill because he had an idea as to where the baby my degree and he wanted to show rescue support but because of the whole place was cordoned off and because of the very grave risk of the demolition of the building he wasn't allowed to vote for a very long time eventually he told me he had to sneak into to tell the world rescuers that that approximate area where his son could be and he got
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a number of one of the rescuers and do you know that very rescue and did manage to extract his son from under the rubble gave a call to the dad this is one of the families in the their stories one of the stories that struck this industrial city in russia as you are as we talked to other survivors who two other residents of this building who were affected by the. tragedy have to drag out the day before i had called out all you know the next day he says unless part of the block had fallen down i was sleeping when i heard only boom we were at home but we're supposed to have gone there to my mom was supposed to be. but it's a lost moments ago today oh and. my daughter called me at seven fifteen in the morning and told me that our entrance had been destroyed. when i went down i saw it was in ruins but my wife was rescued by firefighters with
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a ladder. as of now emergency services have had to put to a halt all operations outside the building because they say the danger that the other parts of the building might collapse are just too high for them to continue what they were doing so right now the figures are the total of eight bodies have been recovered and more than thirty people still remain missing we will be keeping you up to date on this. it goes down of there well over a thousand people were evacuated from their homes following the collapse of the building here's what some of the witnesses have said about the disaster.
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british police have confirmed that they are treating a stabbing attack at a major rail hub in manchester in northern england as a terrorist incident three people were injured including a police officer on new year's eve. we are treating this as a terrorist investigation which is being led by counter-terrorism officers with support from greater manchester police the suspect was heard shouting allahu akbar while police arrested him this is the taser and pepper spray to subdue the man who is now in custody with three wounded people suffered serious but not life threatening injuries the police officer who was stabbed in the shoulder is not and
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police can. trump used his new year's speech to list what he views as the chief months of his administration he took the opportunity to praise the deals he struck but neglected to mention most of the agreement that he broke. there is never been an administration and i'm very proud of this that's done more than the trumpet ministration in the first two years of office we made a deal with mexico we made a deal with canada we made that deal with south korea and then you look at north korea we're doing really well we moved our embassy to jerusalem in israel well one of the broken records that wasn't mentioned was the decision by the united states and israel to leave the un's culture and heritage organization after years of bitter wrangling washington announced its intention to leave us go in october the accusing the agency of anti israel bias now that moves come into force. on the twelfth of october two thousand and seventeen the department of state notified
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unesco directed general it mean a bulk of the u.s. decision to withdraw from their goodness nation and to seek to establish a permanent observer mission to unesco this decision was not taken lightly and reflects his concerns with the mountaineer being the need for fundamental reform and they're going to say sion and convening anti israel liason. now at this point that we can review that in twenty seventeen there was outcry from the united states and israel when unesco designated a hebron the city in the west bank designated as a world historical site now there is a contested area in the center of that city to muslims it's the ibrahimi mosque to jews it's the cave of patriarchs and at that point we saw some loud outcry from the united states and from israel now it's important to note that this isn't the first time that we've heard accusations of a pro palestinian bias from the usa and from israel and twenty eleven when the body
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officially recognized a state of palestine at that point the usa and israel both stopped paying dues to unesco they were then stripped of their voting rights in two thousand and thirteen after having not paid their dues so at this point we see the united states carrying out a policy that it's long carried out which is when it doesn't like certain international accords and agreements or international bodies it simply withdraw let's review the united states we withdraw from the optional protocol in dispute resolution to the vienna convention on diplomatic relations the united states is officially withdrawing from the un human rights council we will not cooperate with the i.c.c. we will provide no assistance to the i.c.c. baseless politicize claims are brought against us there are critical bodies and institution unjust prosecution by this illegitimate court the council ceases to be . are they have its name we will commence
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a review of all international agreements that may still expose the united states to purported binding jurisdiction dispute resolution in the international court of justice so the united states continues to withdraw from international bodies and international agreements in response to decisions it does not approve of kind of open that while former u.s. ambassador peter galbraith believes america's withdrawal from international agreements and organizations will eventually be reversed. so this is an entirely political step you know any wood has to be pointed out that the irony of it is that so many of these institutions the united nations the international court of justice were ones that were created human rights were created by the united states the united states to lead. and now we withdraw but also this constant from a very sized ministration or very extreme one one i have to point out that lost the
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election by three million votes and based on the midterm results is not likely to be around it after twenty twenty and so very likely these decisions will then be reversed so my advice to the rest of the world is take a deep breath and america will be back. in france president mccrone used his new year's speech to head out into extremist elements in the country. winners of all see it we have perience great division and anger broke out anger against injustices against the course of a sometimes in comprehensible globalization against an administrative system that's become too complex and lacking in empathy there was also anger against profound changes that call into question our society's identity and direction this anger has shown me one thing no matter how excessive or overflowing it is we will not quit cold across message didn't go down well with opposition leaders who called him an
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imposter and accused him of being out of touch with the french people with orators in paris were primed to tackle more unrest on new year's eve with twelve thousand police officers on standby in the end though very few protesters turned out and those who did were blocked from joining the celebrations in central paris french publisher and author emerick mambo predicts the demonstrations will soon resume. with all the blunders the government and especially the m.p.'s are making i don't see any soothing of this to ation this movement through will of course continue into two thousand and nineteen the movement is so popular between seventeen and eighty percent of the french support them all approve of the movement that it is not excluded that especially in the provinces john bars or even policemen who have more in common with the protestors and with the officials in paris could be caught become sympathetic with their cause and refused to execute orders eminent mccraw embodies what the yellow vests rejects globalization and pro-business policies in
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a way he cannot really given without stopping did what he is he's lacking leeway he he sorts through to diffuse the crisis in the midst of december by announcing a ten billion euro package of measures which was which which was not really convincing france was hit by anti-government protests for much of twenty eighteen starting from demonstrations against labor reforms to the latest yellow vest protests over fuel taxes paris correspondent shot to do bensky recaps event. let's . take this infamous phrase often in tribute you to marry on twitter has been used to demonstrate a live reassess the selfishness of france's elites which in turn led to the french revolution now the attribution may be misguided but the lesson isn't if you can wall the cries of the social classes or you mock them you do so at your own peril where the. last thing the current french president should have seen it long ago as
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unrest has been bubbling throughout two thousand and eighteen. things started to turn nasty as the french government attempted to evict him and she community that they. pool at the gate. it's a pretty nasty case expose should be distributed to. the talks will be eco are just joking meanwhile the call for dismissing this should should be built this period he must be evacuated will be back during because the man with the money is the republican leader must be respectful.
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mayhem first reached paris in spring obama calls for reform plans all may first violence quickly spilled over and dozens were arrested. but the penny still didn't drop for much cornice spend the summer offering advice to all who will listen in raging. the country in the process he said. giving these lutheran people who've lived through transformations in recent years i'm not exactly ghouls who are resistant to change. i know it's diplomatic he doesn't know how to talk to people he cannot say about all of people all of the nations it's just bad luck on both sides to the foreigners and to the people like
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french people comes down to. just trying to find you a job by crossing the road oh yeah you don't say that to people people are really struggling to easy deciding when you don't have a problem with needing a job that everybody can do it just by working or crossing the street bed it's not real life it's just a very rich get out service just sort of it's not great to say things like that to french people people aren't precarious situations i think it's quite ridiculous for a president to be so far from reality so by the time he told pensioners to stop claiming the french had come pockets full of him because of it if you do things on the general shoulder who told me you can speak freely the only thing we do is have the rights of the least complete the country would be different if everyone did the same. staying stuck trying to people in france you don't say people stop complaining specially in france the people that complain all the time we love that
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it's causing it's not. arrogance i think a little aggressive you know. there's no other word for me in the good old french spirit of things anger and resentment towards the end often described as the president of the rich really poor without him by seventeen they had had enough. it really is a city crazy on the streets of paris. she's. too old to late smart still. play to win the expected two thousand. and five government the fight for.
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the north korean leader meanwhile delivered a stern warning to the united states in his new year's address kim jong un said while his country still intent on denuclearizing washington must lifted sanctions if it wants to see further progress. if the u.s. does not keep its promise made in front of the whole world and misjudges our patience and insist sanctions and pressures on our republic we may be left with no choice but to consider a new way to safeguard our sovereignty and interests and establish peace and stability on the korean peninsula. the relations between the united states and north korea have been improving since june when kim jong un met with donald trump and singapore for an historic summit promised to work towards denuclearization in exchange for concessions from the united states and washington is yet to ease
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economic pressure on the young which is being hit hard by the sanctions regime during his speech kim jong un also called on south korea to end its joint military drills with the united states right let's pull this into context now we're joined by andrew young he's an independent china specialist welcome back to r.t. in some measures it was all quite measured words from kim jong un compared to some of the statements that have come out of north korea in the recent years so how serious would you take these warnings. well this is these warning must be seen in this plot a context i mean let's face it never before have you seen more career been warming up to south korea to such an extent i mean it to size on improving their relationships building up their view of egypt by leaps and bounds and both economically and also culturally and also easing because of the structure and so on people to people contacts so these are very very positive signs but on the other
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hand this report was supposed to as a step towards the nuclear isolation in exchange for easing of sanctions but as far as the american politics been so in the north koreans it's not seeing any color easy on the sessions but here lies that the dilemma because for the trouble in this situation they want to see concrete and even versatile in the their isolation before they can he's the sentients but i'm also curious where that would be giving up their insurance policy without being sure that the easing of the sanctions would be deliberate particularly over the strait should this all appear the most reliable in this region in the world i mean their. policy experience shows that. the trauma of this regime is prone to changing tactics maintaining sections
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even if the north koreans are. giving up some or some of their salaries so i think that here as that level but on the oil on the part of the north koreans they see that if there are improve the relationship the improve the kind of a sphere. that tension over the last korean consider and they expect to see some at least some easing of the sanctions that they're all seeing that that's why . explains that warning. rather donald trump seems to think you might be meeting with kim jong un in february do you think that will go ahead and if it does will that give president trump the answers he's looking for to possibly work towards exactions. i think that trump is unlikely to get that well because after all that north korea and so really changes change the captives. really. testing any kind of weapons. and the.
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atmosphere over the. whole thing that would give up the butt unity of me thinking but we're worth a lot that meeting will result in immediate. which was says one of those remains to be seen. what about the joint military drills between the united states and south korea a banding which is what kim jong un was calling for in his new year's speech is that likely i mean that would almost sort of deal with two problems one it would help with the before that's currently taking place with south korea and also from kim jong un's point of view that the u.s. off his back door. yes i think it's on the americans but what they won't see at least as a first step is a kind of catalog all the koreans nuclear arsenal had them all it's not the complete it is still you know anybody's guess and even if there was
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a catalog where the americans would believe that that's the complete. and comprehensive a complete list again. so i think that both sides will. have to continue it and let go she would talk about it but i think the meeting is likely to take place and all the world thought of. their. illusions because i don't think that both sides want it all back to the final. kind of scenario which is why it would also that's why anybody. trueman the situation i don't think that was. his electorate because the american electorate doesn't want fair or very major. over the top of it and at least it's on every situation. in achieving something easy engines.
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well if ever there's a day of hope it's new year's day so let's think positive thoughts for now though andrew young in hong kong thank you for that. thank you very much indeed. it is in japan say a minivan was deliberately driven at revelers in central tokyo just minutes into the new year the attack left nine people injured one of them in a critical condition it happened in a tourist hot spot known for its fashion and pop culture misha arrested a twenty one year old japanese driver hit eight people along one way street before crashing into a building and one person was assaulted as the suspect fled the scene local media say a big tank of kerosene was found in the minivan and the driver. police that he intended it to be a terrorist attack. twenty nine hundred hairnets taken the reins around the world people from all walks of life of welcome the new year from all countries in the middle east the prosperous new year celebrations hold
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a very special place in the hearts of russians to hear some of the best moments from around the globe. i. i i i. i. i. i.
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i. and i go twenty nine thousand is happy healthy i'm prosperous that's the way the news looks so far this new year's day thanks for watching your next update from a is off to watching the homes. chose seemed wrong. but old rules just don't go all. the way to get to shape out just become educated and engage with equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. when we all make this manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts and the the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies tryna tell had as
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the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at ash was a german company develops a little mite drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy and it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything paul you know she said she's just cut short arms minix a little mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that. not only want the money i want the revenge. he. says the presidential election of twenty sixteen we've seen the rise of what the mainstream media terms fake news as though news had previously been honest and accurate until online platforms it always thought her in the media outlets that
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circulated stories that were less than accurate and even intentionally misleading but the british documentary about him curtis had first seen if not predicted the rise of fake news this way sixteen felt. hyper normalization you described a landscape where people increasingly look to validate their personal realities in a hall of mirrors of online portal echoing political voices that reinforce their previously held beliefs and it is perhaps best exemplified in social media technocratic dictatorship the search engine optimization the tailor's content to our personal life. modifying our behavior patterns but in a world where citizens have been replaced by consumers monitored and fed content information to justify old patterns are left to wonder is our reality like the internet a construct of our own creation. what. good
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looks like real truth this would. lead to the bottom six to be just. like you but i got. that we. would prefer to. listen to music because. there's a phrase that's been part of our culture for a few hundred years really it was the beginning of the enlightenment so-called but the cart saying i think therefore i am and i tend to actually challenge that and say i am therefore i think i think therefore i am is of the indirect really of trying to know who you are before. you exist i am the put chopra's.


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