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yes so there are a couple of things we can be sure one of this. is existence and look around things exist you can also say i just and i exist and this existence go together. because if i didn't exist i wouldn't have this experience so now we get into huge insurance what is mine what is body what is the universe. and how do we know. that these descriptions we have most of my body the universe are actually the real thing so what is reality reality is a species specific knowing and experience what you and i have is a human experience in human consciousness and that experience is basically sounds shapes colors forms sensations
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perceptions images the rest is a story for thirty thousand years of forty thousand c.d.'s the stories have been mythology bust stories religion second. the third. the last the fourth and no sides they're all stories that a basically the interpretation of experience. the human story hundred years ago was that most people lived on farms never traveled more than a hundred miles from home and likely never receive news from far off countries. how do we compare that consciousness that a modern man granted elevated city taken on social media with strangers from all
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over the globe receiving hourly news updates the access to more books our media make it a process and a life time where are all of us already are cyborgs. you have a machine extension of yourself in the form of your phone and your computer and all your applications you are already super human. if you have internet link. you have an article of wisdom you can indicate to millions of people in cricket for rest of our instantly i mean these are magical powers. but didn't exist not that long ago so everyone is already super human we're living in a scientific age but actually the world looks increasingly magical in the sense that we are communicating with people across the planet that we never have seen in real life we are under some basically the spell or the casting the illusions of
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various news corporations and media conglomerates that you know people that we've never met with interacted with i basically helping to program everything from our lifestyle choices on instagram to our political thoughts and ideas very much self everything is about suggestion when we look at the media we look at advertising we look at almost everything that we do the power of suggestion is what is happening really do we have a direct encounter with something but there's always an allusion to it so when we have this capturing of the imagination which is what a hypnotic induction involves the capturing of the imagination and directing it in some way we go with that flow and we are bombarded all the time by images and ideas and suggestions more so than ever before it's almost impossible to escape between the pings that come on your cellphone to the images that pop up in the corner of your eye soon as you go onto your internet browser everything is saying to you on
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some level look at me give me attention give me your life force your energy in some manner smart devices are sort of tell up to see what training wheels you know it's a way of us to be connected together and i think the larger the larger issue there the larger story telling point is that it's activating the hive mind meaning the group mind of the planet or what you know joe camel called the global human and i really much believe in the evolution of the global human and so that the choice point is are we going to activate that group mind that hive mind from you know the rebellion brain stem theatre of the human man. or are we going to actually allow that to be activated from as abraham lincoln said the better angels of our nature and i believe that you know that augmented intelligence extended intelligence and all these transhuman amalgams that are happening could need to reflect the better angels of our nature and make us become more evolved outside of the primal reality
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of being an animal conscious evolution means that the whole evolutionary process of creation from the origin of you know the single cells about each of the animals to humans now to us we are the first generation to be conscious. whole process of evolution. and secondly are you conscious we are expressions of evolution becoming conscious. and third that we have noticed the direction of evolution for billions of years single celled multicell animals human more complexity more freedom more complex love more consciousness the renowned physicist stephen hawking known for his optimism recently published his brief answers to the big question noted in a way the human race needs to improve its mention of the physical qualities if it
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is deal with the increasingly complex world around it and meet new challenges like space travel and it also needs to increase its complexity if biological systems are to keep ahead of electronic ones at the moment computers have the advantage of speed but they have shown no sign of intelligence. however the rapid pace of improvement will probably continue until computers have a similar complexity to the human brain the brain and i'm calling a plastic model of one my hand is a three pound computer made of meat got about a hundred billion neurons and it each one on average is connected to about ten thousand other neurons so that's roughly the number of stars that there are in the milky. it works through electricity electricity as a result of ionic channels things like salt but it's slow the processing in the brain and neural tissue signals is only about two hundred miles per hour that's not particularly fast and so when we go to
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a chip the speed on the chip is order of magnitude greater than that transhumanism is a philosophical belief that mankind will continue to incorporate technology into its intelligence and physiology far beyond girl imitation the limitation is one of bad words so we're bad with constraints to clear out. our input is much better but our output is stream we want to be generous you could say maybe it's a few hundred bucks or second or kilobit or something like that. you know the way we put up a little bit sticks. that we moved very slowly. to a computer which at the terrible level. of very big orders like your differences stephen hawking was one who believes the future of communication is brain computer interfaces there are two ways electrodes on the brain and implants if we can connect a human brain to the internet. it will have all of which has its resource but do
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you think that it's inevitable that we're going to see basically a merging of man with machine that we're basically going to have to. figure out basically how the brain functions to a place where we can just download intelligence and data into us machines that we can prolong our life or expand our memory or do you think that there is actually a potential future where we we have machines augmenting our our technology we actually don't merge machinery you know with nanotech and other things into us i think that we're going to emerge because i think it's a natural aspect of human evolution it's just like saying we you know we were able to grow cotton. we're both hemp and then we're going to wear clothes or just look at them outside of ourselves clothing fashion and all these things to become parts of our identity as human beings both individually and as a group so this is a much much more profound nate aspect of evolution through the expansion of
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a technology but there's no way that it's going to stay outside of us it's going to be integrated inside of us and that's why the stakes are high. thanks thanks. thanks . it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company grown untold developed solidified a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything paul you know
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she said she's just cut short arms minix a little mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge. they're bred for a single purpose. they have a superman. they start training very young. eight months of intensive schooling. their reps. and they save lives. back geysers financial survival guide. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside to artificially low mortgage rates don't get carried away that's cause
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report. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world the politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. injury. or something i want to be rich . to be right to be close this is what we look for three of the more people. interested always in the water using the. there should.
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be are groups that it can actually somewhat detect what you are thinking. you're thinking of and sure. you know certain patterns by putting elektra not into the brain just outside from recording you know there are physiological recording so right now we're actually controlling the motor function of the brain and there's a project called the brain computer interface you can actually put a electrode into the brain i'm p.t.s. and connect that to the robotic arm so basically when they think they want to move their fingers this robot moves so they're now we have actually decoded those signals that can be translated through a function so that field is developing is such that. now in technology is being used in air force to control the airplane with your thought
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right because that would reduce the timing it that you have to react with muscles so keeping to this notion of it's really how you. approach your brain how you basically are actively engaging with it which really takes me more to the idea of the power of the mind that basically there's something that has to do with. will and choice and decision making it's not just predictable about it is that something that we're finding more and more through brain mapping in neuro science. is that expectations that basically you could control behavior a control patterns and basically control the individual by mapping the brain is not as simple as what was once thought experiences that you have emotionally and change your brain actually does is there's no plasticity correct neural plasticity and we're all made of. you know kind of chemical reactions right so i'm
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brain be the most reactive part of the body and any imbalance in chemical in the brain can change the behavior of the patient i do a lot of patience with a response of the nearest immolation which is like a pacemaker for the brain that's placed inside the brain i think it's very interesting. when you stimulate certain areas of the brain you can elicit emotions you can elicits fear there are areas in the brain that if you stimulate. you can almost solicit like a feeling of bliss. for short time. and that is something amazing but here's the great mystery you know if you if you take the probe. sort of stimulate the brain actually you will have certain experiences you will see images
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you might recall the story you may recall a song that you. and that's an argument the brain produces the experience i can give you the same experience if you're reading shakespeare in a book. you can conjure up the world of shakespeare. all that's in the book. symbol that corresponds to going through what's really agreed on. but when you read a novel you read a book you hear a song in the cd or you see it. suddenly you will then says because symbolically representations of experience in the region of the. dr chipper is indicating is a reciprocal nature of the mind in the brain we can physically pry the brain or chemically alter it with drugs our understanding of neural plasticity informs us we
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can alter neural pathways and chemical tendencies within the brain based on our activities including meditation studies in trauma are demonstrating that the power of the mind can alter the brain using virtual reality the concept is that you basically create the context as best as possible from the memory of the soldier and basically recreate the event and by recreating the events over and over you're actually. releasing the energy that typically with people with p.t.s.d. when they're confronted with trigger stimuli in the real world like seeing trash post so the road which brings back the memory of an idea being a roadside there's an activation in the brain that causes this hyper hyper arousal you know somebody called startle response or you know it's like if you go up to a veteran put your arm on her back from behind you see him jump over her skin and
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that to me as a starting brain behavior relationships really shows how the brain can be tuned by just one big of that have a lifelong impact and you typically see it over activation of the image below this the fight or flight area of the brain this is where it's a survival mechanism so that you know there's a real threat you're ready ready to go in the whole sort of bodily functions chain . prepared to deal with the threat so this simulation behind me is one of four that make up the brute system that we've successfully used for treating p.t.s.d. but hope for the patient to go back to the scene of the call that a certain place there in the therapy office and they go back to talk about what they went through and do this repeatedly under the guidance of well trained clinicians and by this process of confrontation and processing over time you start
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to see the activating the folks in the brain start to diminish from cold six think should and then one study with p.t.s.d. treatment or it was shown at the end if you measure someone before and after treatment you see the loss activation make do and you also see the proper changes you would expect and from a low functioning well to me i've always noticed that there's sort of an electrical charge an energetic charge to memory some memories are very charged that's why we tend to be more reactive when we think of it in writing this is a real charge and then sometimes you can actually quell the charge to lessen it until it gets the place where it disappears when that's as though charging that's when you forget about it. short term potentiation is a short term memory. some electricity comes and goes in just that long term you basically you built if the memories very strong then all of
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a sudden you build. a genetic components toward that's that particularly experience but i mean genetic one gene meaning that you know even really becoming graining the genome of the cell ok so when a cell is regenerating passing the memory to the next one so now we see the memory as distribute it. to out these structures which is coordinating a high. up accomplice so i think. they. our understanding our memories developing because our understanding off cell of our memory is developing . all of our organs are formed from cells which are in turn controlled by our d.n.a. which stores our genetic blueprint including at least some of our ancestral memory a little wonder then stephen hawking says there's been relatively little change in human d.n.a. in the last ten thousand years but it is likely that we'll be able to redesign it
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completely in the next thousand. well of course there's a lot of danger in there about trauma evolutionary point of view need share has been editing the genetic code or vivian's of years and it's been pretty worthless which is to say they've been five mass extinctions before we got here nature does not preserve species nature preserves purpose so what i think is. really considered here i think it's natural that we will be able to improve our genetic code there is no indication that our genetic code is totally perfect in all its name and could not be improved so i think we'll do that as our bodies are formed by our cells which are the progeny of originator cells known as stem cells these stem cells are now being studied and used to regenerate organs and tissues it can only be imagine a gene editing of stem cells you know it's really lead to the redesigning of the
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human body our bodies our stem cells all throughout that so we have it in our bone marrow we have a fat. your liver cut off part of your liver and will regenerate. just recently found out that there stem cells in your brain literally every your teeth every little part of your body has stem cells in it and basic as you age over time you stem cells are what replace damaged parts so if you have a building and you know plumbing is better electrical it's bad. repair man that comes along and you know does everything so the more stem cells that you have the more repair you can do basically recreating the original structure but then we can get into things and what if i want to function differently so what if what if i like your brain cells or somebody else's you know michael jordan's hamstring cells or is carl if you only get start getting until he designed. stem cell cocktails and the like going to. the shop and saying you know those fruits in the next small
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together but the problem is that it seems to me that is the stem cell of about einstein is not going to make you einstein because even the stem cell works in the context of all the billions of connections absolutely but if science connections are paved in gold and that's what allowed his connections so you know flow better started paving some of mine in gold so you know maybe my connections will start flowing better stephen hawking pointed out the best intention of genetic manipulation is that modifying genes would allow scientists to treat genetic causes of disease by correcting gene mutation. there are possibilities for manipulating d.n.a. one negative effect of gene in the crops has been the reduction in seed strains. compared to one hundred years ago we should fear such loss of diversity of plants animal and human life if gene modification goes unchecked. it is for this reason
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that stephen hawking notes intelligence is the ability to adapt to change we must not fear change we need to make it work. here we have a sense of direction of civilization. inclusiveness. everybody's genius being important and we have to just increase that as we gauge the powers that we use to attribute it to act. or to god's. knowledge of the genome is reminiscent of the apple offered to adam many by the serpent for other than that if human future is the most natural evolution of all technology is an essential tool in mankind story but it is up to us to decide how you'll continue to assimilate it . that decision will affect not only our mind body but our universe as well
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what creates financing is the human you know this will be created money for example . religion god and god as we usually describe god is another concept ok so everything that you can name is. creation no you'd say this is both advance or creation this is board to construct a new creation but you don't understand this is a construct of creation galaxies are plans for creation atom is a construct of it's you who's your consciousness that i am is tied to the universal consciousness that you tap into that every eye there is only an aversive. if we'd really get this then we would be. one day challenge darwinian. thoughts about evolution because darwinian evolution says random mutations and natural selection. would replace the unpredictable mutation. and
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natural selection this means. so if i go to grand central station everybody is seemingly randomly going. but they know where they're going this one is good for them. and this one is going to bust and this one is going to be interactive i watch them every day i would be able to plot a good often create a business to say this is how this works. the bold. the be. a little. child small seems wrong on one old gold just all. the you get to shape our display and you can stick out to
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a law and engage with equals betrayal. the once a many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground the. thank. you no the yellow superman film
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he can see as you know if you buy it. if you're in the form of the live you. always see more in the way one was in the mud almost nothing to do with many balls up in the film while in the movie it was a defense. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy the incident dacian let it be an arms race is on offer very dramatic development only basically i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical . you sit down and. nobody could see comics that false confessions would be that prevalent in the place
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before. if you look at any interrogation out there what you'll see is promise threat promise threat lie a lie a lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make them uncomfortable. make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said before we. send a statement that i will be home by the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in misconduct that has nothing to do with all the crime. it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi don't it was still active rich in the nineteen seventies cretonne had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery. a german company develops in the demise
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of drugs it was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything but. you know she said she's just got choked up mimics a bit of mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge. country's gone into a nihilistic fever that's why i think they've got to hit the road and get out the traveling across america to find what makes america take the show is this the genius of this place the south american hero this is it we've come a point around which element done something we always are on the margins something . called the culture party. where starting last with is going to headed east into the swamp we're going into
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the belly of the beast and i think i want to leave now governor getting more ground on them it may be completely different but minister. i have not. the baby boy is rescued from the collapsed apartment block in the rush . after spending nearly thirty four hours in the rubble. a stabbing a u.k. rail station and a big money being considered. by local authorities both incidents left several people wounded. the french president takes a swipe it's extreme elements among government demonstrators in his new year's eve address. to the world spectacular wild comes the twenty nine t. . the new with jostling.


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