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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  January 3, 2019 12:30pm-12:57pm EST

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it's more lucid moments there are known unknowns but they're also unknown and the ones we don't know we don't know if quantum theory is leading us what ideas about multi verses and dimensions affecting our reality beyond the four there may be no limits to our multi-dimensional consciousness will take. but there are others who would argue the rules of the universe can be completely know starting with the brain. in twenty four cheney might have caught a giant have failed to transcend it which popularized an idea held by futurists like ray kurzweil that one day humans will be able to upload their brains to computer chips their ideas. their memories. their identities.
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at the two hundred million or so year history of our brains through mammalian history we see there's a flaw in the design and the fundamental flaw of the brain has no backup the most precious information that we have is not backed up with this computer system we have is something we can back. out one of the goals of the national academy of engineering in the twenty first century is to reverse engineer the brain and that means in effect to back it up and you get it once a strategy to not just hoost intelligence but to extend life in the same way that when your old computer starts to run out your backup files the software and translated to a new computer to your beliefs and fun is fundamentally believe that we will basically be able to download my awareness my being the day i am this johnstone experience of thirty three years be able to download that awareness into a computer so that i could tend to tell. really live forever as sort of like
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a computer or some kind of robot let's say or something to that effect i think for a lot of us it's hard to imagine living on a computer my answer that is where you're living in right now it's just made of. the mind as best we can tell is a kind of music a kind of pattern played by the brain played by me but it's a very crude instrument so by improving the instrument we can still play the same music that tune those patterns that then a fight now they're all to play patterns in a big bitstream bunch of ones and zeros but they're still patterns so yes we could play them on different instruments play them faster augment them and in that sense your whole being your consciousness is just a seed a seed that will grow and expand in ways we really can't foresee when we start to approximate that with which to put it differently the old saying is that biology is destiny nothing can be further from the truth biology was just nature's first quick and dirty way to compute with meat ships or destiny you see that the brain itself
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as individual qualities and patterns that are not a safe replicable like you can't just replicate all the nature of the brain because the cells themselves have have sort of quantum dynamics going on that's something that's you know it's very difficult to sort of predict and model especially from moment to moment there is this notion of well there is a notion of choice there's no experience so you can see that in actually. right now you can go on a human being but if i clone schon or bob i are going to be saying no we're going to look the same same genomics to behaviorally now because our behavior is piled up based on our experiences and those experiences i'm not that he's aware of that can be transferred to good memory. of our entire. this. should be able to actually been i clone
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you you become a becoming the really second you if human experience alters the brain it leaves imprints in the d.n.a. that can be passed on genetically so we cannot even begin to speculate how consciousness will shift as we merge humans with the sheen and how will that feel. it would be truly transhuman right now again we're thinking with brains with neural systems that process about two hundred miles per hour the electrical signals but if you are in a chip the time would speed up millionfold billion for so a few seconds of our current me time would be for example many years so you could live a very long time and still find that inside a chip until you ran out of power and we could go quite a ways off that the possibility of replicating the human brain can go a long way for the creation of artificial intelligence which stephen hawking believed evolution implies there can be no call to the difference between the brain
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of an earthworm and that of a human it therefore follows that computers can in principle emulate human intelligence created something terrible artificial intelligence stephen hawking wrote about the promise and peril of artificial intelligence relaying that yes ai has potential to eradicate disease and poverty but. must go along with ai experts signed an open letter in two thousand and fifteen calling for serious research into its impact on society it's a real concern because computers are powerful their own right future supercomputers question is a trick before more powerful we just don't know what that will look like we have only one good example of intelligence a sample size of one and it's us and what we're talking about achieving just when we back up boost and extend the brain is a kind of super intelligence and it's very hard to make. inference so there is
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a big scary downside just in terms of the problems we currently have one of the fundamental problems we have right now is computer systems as lack of good security but as we move to the internet of things as almost everything in your house has a computer tie and for the microwave oven to the lights all those are potential sources of hacking just as is any kind of backup of the brain and the assault again is it's much easier to attack and defend and the information age stanley kubrick's two thousand and one the space odyssey featured an artificial intelligence named how nine thousand how was in charge of the space ship and ultimately murdered the crew which epitomizes the fear of ai as voiced by stephen hawking the concern is that it would take off on its own and redesign itself in an ever increasing rate and humans are limited by slow biological evolution couldn't
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compete and would be superseded. in the future ai could develop a will of its own will that is in conflict with ours for such reason the creation of artificial intelligence has often been equated with the invention of the atomic bomb. nuclear bomb is not exactly correct it's this thought it's not as though it's going to explode and create a mushroom cloud it's more like if there were just a few people that had it they would be able to be such that dick protect haters of earth or wherever acquired it and if it was limited to one of the people there and it was ultra smart they would have to man you know. but we're at a moment now we're just still be in storytelling and the fear of things like artificial intelligence has become so pervasive that it's actually going to become a self-fulfilling prophecy and the thing that i think that's most important is. to
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not think of these kind of transhumanist ideas as outside of being human they're coming from us artificial intelligence is an artificial it's actually an augmentation it's augment intelligence or even extended intelligence from us as humans so to think of it as something separate that's scary and alien is actually the very thing that will make it so the idea that it's a i that's programming a guy that's programming it to me as an excuse it's an excuse to say oh we're not responsible anymore screw that we are responsible so we're going to create the simulated world that we live in just like we have since the industrial revolution there's been amazing things about that it's actually a better time on planet earth than ever been before and so many levels in terms of violence and war and all these things people think it's such a horrible time it's actually not in terms of you look at the actual statistics so we have a ball in a positive direction through our technology this next level this next step is like
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the steps of the star child at the end of. that ending of the star child is one of the most hopeful spiritual endings in the history of story and it's very ephemeral various means many things to many different people but the idea that humans come back and look at our planet from a more holistic view from the childlike wonder of the starchild as the next evolution that's incredibly hopeful thing. to keep in mind. places. their.
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child's seemed wrong. but old roles just don't hold. the old beliefs yet to shape out just they become educated and engaged with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. hello my name's peter and i've been living in russia for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've got. i mean. i still.
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think. stephen hawking argued knowing the mind of god is knowing the laws of nature my
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prediction is that we will know the mind of god by the end of the century. but first we should perhaps recall the ancient history school dictum to know that i sell. for who truly knows his own mind his own body let alone the universe with each affecting each other more deeply than we recognize. if people are watching us and. what humans would cause. as being activated. and what you would see on a cat scan is neural chemical activity that neural chemical activities cause the new world of coralie of consciousness. another would need to experience there's no experience that is not recorded in the brain or what we call the brain by the way the experience that's not recorded anywhere in the body the
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body is the written is recording the experience with the brain sending messages to the body so that memory right cells cells are everybody great interactivity so as long as you have them into a prediction of the universe where you actually believe that green the. real women and entities we see mind and body and the. shifting perceptual experiences intimate and stream of sensations images feelings thoughts all these are human systems of thought trying to interpret experience which is nothing than consciousness modifying experience so there is only consciousness it's infinite most people think that consciousness emerges from the brain acting as a computer with each neuron in the brain and synaptic synapse acting is fundamental switches and bits and that if you get sufficiently complex computation among these
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simple neurons and interconnections then consciousness will emerge at a critical level of complexity i think of the brain more like an orchestra than a computer and you have opera oscillations and vibrations and resonances that these different frequencies like in a piece of music you have high frequency and low frequencies and beats and interference patterns and so forth and the e.g. would be the slow beats where as we have very fast vibrations up into the terahertz and perhaps even. faster in that we can't detect it yet and i get a lot of flack from about that from people but what i say in response is until you can explain consciousness in the brain you cannot exclude the possibility of consciousness outside the brain what is it about the near death experience or consciousness after death post-mortem consciousness that you believe in the kates
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consciousness does not actually originate in the brain and brain activity it's impossible that conscience should be probably reduce program brain is because we didn't respect the study found out and didn't descent don't go straight now memories from the period of our consciousness they were in a cult debt which means there is no secret mission no wheezing there unconscious and undone very moment the admin and has consciousness you. are going to school she's in the midst of bullshit going to your perception memory scrutiny shouldn't emotions etc so you can corroborate it by asking this discern should your cardiologist the nurses in the family member. about what's happened and about the moment it happened do you have any theory about what the actual nature of the brain is that if the brain functions as a sort of a receiver of consciousness or what role it really plays in relationship to consciousness bad that's a good turn important question being asked and i was charles as well as well and my
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our dear and not only my idea on sentry go with them joe james a senator as well that you have greenhouse and filter i'm sure aren't transceiver and that's metric solutions who do understand it. parrot the group like communication and this very moment culturally you are you are now and i'm here now hundreds of hours of telephone calls calls go explore us through walls and such a great you meet need an instrument called the focal is not produced by your mobile phone this comes back to this question about you talk about them the mind being a sort of more symphony more musical waves and getting into the quantum nature of our reality right which is yes at one level people have predictable patterns and there are things that you know from biochemical perspective can be predicted but there is also this notion of our ability to be wrong our ability to be counterintuitive right to go against our own systems of logic and rational behavior
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which gives us what we would consider you know the human expression right and creativity exactly so do you feel that if we increasingly merge with machinery we actually may be diluting the the potential for creativity cemetery say because it becomes really becomes problematic i think this will enhance creativity i think shifting from meats to computers only amplifies the properties of the currently have good in bad including the creative leaps and if you can think about something like music you have to ask yourself a brain that's backed up on a chip that would be the equivalent of a fifty pound brain today. what kind of musical patterns would it come up with another word what what what it's saying in the shower we mabel to recognize her appreciate if you look for example a classical music the works of johann sebastian bach and see a lot of work called feuds which have three or four independent voices and that's
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about as much as we can handle from the brain and listening to it but what kind of fugue would you get from a twenty pound brain there might be fifteen twenty voices working in parallel that she has some overall global musical pattern quite immense beauty but we can't even begin to imagine what that would be like so i think creativity will benefit it can be argued that creativity is already benefited from technological innovations that allow millions of hours of content to stream to the individual making our consciousness increasingly trends dimensional but all these virtual worlds invite the question is this reality simply get computer generated simulation. iran must because and so. there's only a one in billions chance that it is not from what we know about the real world all of this is a bunch of physical energy use and we have transducers is yours to use that take physical stimuli and translate it into
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a perception and some people made the case will virtual reality of the real world there's not much difference it's the brain processing stimuli in creating a perception everything about this reality is a simulation from the standpoint that our brain is taking sensory signals interpret them and there's actually a almost one second delay in how we are perceived so there actually is no actual now now now it actually is something we're proceeding with what is in technology called the transport latency of almost a second that means it's a simulation from the standpoint of perception and if you look at what's happened in you know quantum mechanical. theory and the way in which particle physics has sort of an address these issues of the perspective of the experimenter being more important in almost any other aspect of the experiment now you're really having almost impure eckel. to stand she a sion of this idea of simulation at that particle so when you've got that reaching
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towards us from the other something from both sides i think you really got to really think there's something very plastic or fluid is a better word about the perception of reality and i think that even cinema for me as you know cinema is one of my one of my religion cinema is just a reflection to us of the emotional states of being human in this artificial in this artifice why does it work that we can go cut cut cut cut and then we think of that as reality because the brain creates that into a simulation that gives us the entire emotional experience of what the filmmaker or what that cinematic expression is trying to create that's why i talk about virtual reality in such intense terms in terms of a an ethical framework around this medium because the merchants of virtual experience what i call v.x. and transhumanist modification that really is becoming what the perception of being
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a human will be all about we won't will have generations that aren't thinking of being a human in the same way as someone who grew up on a farm in iowa who was able to walk from one farm to the other and that was their daily understanding of life this is going to be going to the human imagination is going to be able to range free and the fact of that i think is a tremendously positive thing because we can absolutely evolve the human imagination that's always where our greatest levels of expression come from but if we control the human imagination with the smell of things that's where we get into you know. in one of his most dire. there are warnings to us the optimist stephen hawking says a world where only a tiny super elite are capable of understanding advanced science and technology in its applications would be to my mind a dangerous and limited one. i seriously doubt whether long range beneficial
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projects such as cleaning up the oceans or curing diseases in the developing world would be given priority worse we could find the technology is used against us and that we might have no power to stop. it there is a threat to the human race in the misuse of these. awesome powers and so to deal with that we have to become more conscious in our own doubt of the of choosing under democracy so yes it's dangerous and that means we have to become more conscious on the positive side of it i've always thought that earth has given birth to a universal humanity i've always thought that as we heal the earth and free ourselves here from hunger disease and more we're going to discover that we can go beyond the planet it is necessary if we are to fulfill the destiny of evolution
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within a to have the power artificial intelligence nanotech biotech quantum computing and all of. requiring us to have a deeper spirituality requiring us to what i feel about conscious evolution in post evolution going to get greater consciousness freedom and love for billions of years same as purpose is to expand his ability to love her ability to love what does that mean quantifiable way of assessing and our ability to love i mean how because i was in love is a very qualitative experience and a very. personal thing so is there any way to quantify that. expression of expanding love the way nature takes jump from disk order to higher order is through connecting separate hard to make a new whole greater than the sum of the parts so as
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a system gets dysfunctional all these innovations in different fields arise and just take it right here on planet earth we have innovations in health and education economics etc at some point there is a tendency in nature for everything that rises to converge and i am assuming that the convergence of what's emerging. is possible can be facilitated and as that happens that culture of homo. doing this is so much greater than the sum of our part that we will know how to heal the earth free the people and explore the universe in the words of stephen hawking this is not the end of the story but just the beginning of what i hope will be billions of years of life flourishing in the cosmos truly there is no
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limit to consciousness nor the potentials of human creativity. so to answer the question who creates reality we do by our choices our perceptions you know we change our brains and our d.n.a. . of the universe around. so i can ask one final question what do you think is our purpose then in terms of if we are really this consciousness is closely playing tricks on itself central our purpose i think is to give meaning to existence and once we give meaning to existence and once we agree and it becomes. and till such time that somebody comes along and says you know that meaning was not quite accurate. this is a bigger me. because. we never get to the fundamental meaning of exists.
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it's hard to imagine. germany's divided as ministers demand deportation and tougher asylum laws after a shocking attack by migrants. should be honored to be able to be here and to commit a crime and if they do so they have to go back they they deserve a second chance when we have our laws we don't have to change the laws. such a rescue operation comes to the tower block collapse in the russian city of might
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be that after the body of the final victim was recovered in the tragedy that killed thirteen. plus looking back at last year's mainstream media coverage we look at why twenty team could be.


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