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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  January 3, 2019 9:30pm-10:00pm EST

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will safety and security of the mash and security leaders and generals we have what we have we have are allowed to do their thing unmolested we've had more than a generation of national security leaders who sadly and fraud generally have done little of consequence and yet we and others embrace them even the highly partisan informers who masquerade as analysts. this is despite the fact that any honest observer would admit and this arc of the soberly points out that since the beginning of the united states war on terror eighteen years ago the world has become even more dangerous and polarized than it was before another words the suppose that mission ladies and gentleman has failed this my friend this is what happens when the television news becomes nothing more than washington d.c.'s version of e.s.p.n. with former pentagon security state officials playing the role of retired coaches and athletes and that is why i'm like i miss n.b.c. fox news and c.n.n. we will always be watching the hawks. but.
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it looks like. this one. as it gets to the bottom. of. what they like you know that i got. with. this. it's like. well we're going to watch in the hearts i am so i robot and i'm tapped into lala so here we are you know i think not a surprise i mean you know we both have worked in other news outlets and i understand how that works but m.s.m. be seen as sort of n.b.c. universal family definitely not been doing a great job since since the attacks of nine eleven i don't think they've been covering things and a way of actually as i said means that they want to. more security no no and they
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don't cover i mean it's all just going to. the national security and then that's not even. a reporter basically say look you guys don't do enough to hold these guys accountable but i would just want to say about the guy that you have to know is this is a guy who is one of the first people to really speak out and break down what the issues were that it happened if you know william arkin best known for a three part washington post piece said he didn't twenty two and what it was called top secret america pretty much just showed all of the sort of secret. unaccountable way that the u.s. national security state. and the nine eleven really broke down how the safety safety was taken off and you know here's the trouble is. i'm not criticizing that you can't have former generals or former pentagon officials or
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former agency people or f.b.i. people yeah i mean you have to be blunt but you also have to hold them accountable you can't just kind of let them come on and rattle off a bunch of things and never hold their feet to the fire never ask them a hard question just kind of let them just because whether they agree with your politics or not and this is what this one of the biggest things is what you have. i don't think a lot of the people we've got on our are being paid by military contractors there are so many and we've heard this from a lot of people going greenwald has brought it up not how you brought it up is that they have former generals who are. owned by places like northrop grumman or. whatever i don't disclose they don't disclose that so it's. a good idea i mean i'm going to throw out some names that we've seen kind of come up. i mean n.b.c. has. john brennan on the payroll is senior national security intelligence analyst
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you've got you know david frum bill kristol you know apparently is now because the hearings are with joe. you know remember this is the guy who was responsible for the project for new american century and was one of the main architects of the you know the first iraq war of the under bush w oh now they call him chris stahl know as crystal i mean this guy is not it sounds like it was about you know this guy helped push agenda policy this was what i was and millions of deaths and destruction around the world but we're going to take him just because you agrees with the political leanings of the channel oh well he's now ok you know that's ridiculous you know and there's a danger tab isn't there of having like security state pundits on when you allow them to just kind of spew forth and don't hold them accountable for the either the things they say or the relationships they have or the policies they enacted right there was actually a piece of political and there's a jack shafer of political point at this hour and what he said was that the downside of outsourcing the national security coverage to t.v. spies is obvious their first loyalty is to the agency from which they hail imagine
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a t.v. network covering the auto industry through the eyes of dozens of paid former auto executives and you begin to appreciate the current peculiarity is that that's the thing when you're looking at say financial reporters you don't have people who are getting paid or on the boards of certain you know exactly the boards or things that could mean that they're what they're telling you to invest and it's personal you have to disclose those or it's all against the law it should also be a counselor for them not to disclose that they're making money off of their analysts their analysis and the media is supposed to be the fourth estate you're going to have void you know guys out there who are like you know pushing the pentagon line or pushing the cia line of the f.b.i. like they're not going to be out there arguing that if the f.b.i. does something bad they're going to defend the home turf search and that's not balanced journalism at the end of the day. the one hundred sixteen congress of the united states of america is now and. and those with no food via an abnormal
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fear of women seem to be suffering greatly this afternoon nancy pelosi the first and only woman in u.s. history to hold that position was one surprisingly elected speaker of the house in what might be her last as the next generation of women is climbing up the hill after and sag this congress has more women than ever before even more than a year of the women back in the ninety's representative david and the first native american women to serve in congress representatives illinois omara minnesota democrat is the first somali american member of congress and her election moved congress to change rules that would have banned her from wearing her he job at her new job omar joins representative electorate tilt top of michigan as the first muslim women to serve in congress representative ayana presley will be the first black woman to represent massachusetts in congress even texas elected its first women of latin american descent veronica escobar and sylvia grace and if you think
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it's just the women making strides keep in mind that we now have the largest congressional black and hispanic offices ever the question on everyone's mind though is that how this new congress could be better representing the american population it isn't about the new voices bringing something new to the table former congresswoman claire mccaskill who claims to be not one of those crazy democrats kind of sounded like one when she called newcomer alexandria cortez a bright and shiny new object in a recent interview after losing her seat in congress. not only is this more of a tired notion that women are no more than props and objects but as a macdonald culture critic for the undefeated put it on twitter not every person of color is going to bend over bend over backwards obama nice that doesn't mean they aren't dignified which is what words like sassy and tirade these are just women who stand up for themselves what exactly is so feather wrestling. are you afraid of the
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lady power or do you think women in congress are just. one petrified of women who can't. get anything whatsoever. or how does they ignore it. and then you have people like. come on all male politicians get away with way more than female politicians all politicians of color things like that. they get away with a lot and are the same objectives are. we got to be honest about. everything that there has been doing anything close if trump is supposed to be this like truth. and we need congress is supposed to be made up of the people i know that gets lost in kind of washington very often usually no need to be made up of party apparatus.
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but at the end of the day congress is supposed to be a representation of the american people ultimately the american people are just one color one religious group or one that. or one gender has to be the whole garden in the united states of america because they. are represented and not something that was really interesting that's the thing about new voices and there was somebody we were talking about who really talked about the border and. the woman who won the battle. formosa see veronica escobar she's a representative you mention from texas the sixteenth district and she has a very different approach to the border which i think we should take a listen to let's hear. a native i'll pass when i'm a third generation i my family's been in el paso for over one hundred years so it's a community that i love very deeply and it's a border that is part of my identity and in my d.n.a. how so it is. you know i think growing up on the us mexico border
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i thought every community was kind of an international place where people would speak multiple languages at least two languages where people were interconnected and it wasn't until i became a little bit older that i realized how different we are from the rest of the country and then as i grew up and heard kind of the rhetoric and rhetoric that's been ramped up over the last fifteen years twenty years about border communities especially the last two years trying to paint us in a very negative way trying to mythologize this place that i've known as a safe place where i grew up as a safe place where my children grew up i realized that it really was a part of my identity in that i felt very personally about attacks against my community and very personally about the need to make it prosperous place that people looked at as a wonderful part of america. if it's really interesting to me to hear someone.
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really describe that community as i want to make this community not what we usually hear as well there is huge problems there's this that you're saying look i've been here for a hundred years shouldn't we be more like other places where you do speak two languages because you live your neighbors well and also it's important again representatives in congress and being able to have someone who's part of a major debate in congress in congress talking about representing about people not people in the group of americans who. live along the borders that's very important it doesn't mean that with all the new faces that we kind of just celebrate them and we don't hold them accountable of course we do because that's also part of the process for them and part of the process i guess just to get out and as a lot of this will be handled the next couple of days major priorities for the demolition crew i mean the democrats are. restarting the government getting these changes in and passing a major infrastructure bill you know about what i use the. passing
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a bill that will bring down prescription drug prices anticorruption which more or less that you know finance reform going after trump blah de blah de blah to let him keep their feet to the players as we go to break our watches don't forget to let us know what you think about topics we've covered of facebook and twitter so your poll shows that r.t. dot com coming up former senior security policy analyst in the office of the secretary defense michael maloof helps us discover the warhawks upwards to stop the removal of u.s. troops from syria on this estate to watch the. year span different fantastic all the episode drill down into twenty nineteen predictions. will be suffering ten years of the kaiser report.
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shows seemed wrong. when old rules just don't hold. any beliefs yet to stamp out these days comes to council. and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. so you will be and that is your last yes does the she does it with the big business of going this one up well what i mean.
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i mean it was not. really a lock to get me to move he can see as you know he is if. you're in the form of the media. i'm with you more in their favor when within them what are most of them given many balls up in the phone while you most will start to feel .
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just the for christmas the. a little world here in washington d.c. was shaken to its very core when president donald trump announced that the united states would be pulling its troops out of syria and drawing down in afghanistan most were surprised by trump's sudden shift towards withdrawal because just days earlier the washington post was reporting that the administration as late as last fall was positioning itself to stay in syria illegally for the long haul in an effort to trump iran's presence within the war torn country combined with the resignation of secretary of defense james mattis coming shortly after trump's
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announcement the hysteria here in the heart of the u.s. military industrial complex was out of all without another front in our endless war on terror what we do know how we live but now is be reemerging from a near as hangover are we we're hearing reports that withdraw from syria might not come as quickly as many war hawks were fearing with president trump telling reporters that quote i never said we're getting out tomorrow we're getting out of syria over getting out very powerfully joining us today to help better understand how powerfully we will be living out if there is a future of u.s. forces in syria and afghanistan because former senior security policy analyst in the office of secretary of defense the one and only michael maloof thank you for joining us live where do and why would you want a few people to come out of the pentagon and come out of that world that. you know i know that i can argue with i know that i could draw so i know i get old you kobold also know that you're not getting paid by like walk even more of other things that you are so thank you that's one of them that you don't like because you
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know the president holds the rank of. the commander in chief and i think most american citizens with the basic understanding of u.s. civics that's the highest that's the most important position in the reagan scale with u.s. military so it's a correct whatever president trump orders the military to do they are to do is that correct yes that's correct and i think that's where some people were conflicted that i had some folks from overseas why why didn't why i was mad is fired because. decided he had to go and it was a shock to them they don't understand the chain of command the commander in chief had to let him know about the you know the u.s. constitution and his rule do elected role as commander in chief lot of foreigners did not understand that there was a civics lesson it was exhibited whenever we heard him kind of tweet in the ministration say we're moving out of syria you know people would kind of like what happens next i think very well that's a legitimate question you got mad mad is did not want to want them to go and again
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this is all part of the whole notion of it's the old world order of maintaining your coalitions your alliances and we've got a new world order developing here and it's totally different than what we've seen before interesting interesting it is that you're saying especially the setbacks idea because it is and it isn't common around the world know the president or the prime minister runs the military you know and it may very well you you have some some presidents that are figureheads but the real power might reside in their prime minister for example interesting that's one of those things i've never thought about it's very strange and almost seems a little dangerous and shocking already i have to do a tutorial on all of what's happened because i think i make a claim it is going to welcome you know the u.k. things they have propagated politics right there that's a nothing on us and the new york times is now reporting that trump has in fact amended his plans to withdraw all whereas risley was the estimated two thousand american troops that are in syria over the next few months instead of weeks which
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isn't a huge difference but it's well what they're i think trump had in envision initially moving them out move into into iraq where they're probably going to wind up anyway their special forces might be staged and if you'll recall his message on new year's eve sorry on christmas eve to the troops in iraq he not only mentioned that the troops were in iraq to stay to go into syria if necessary but also your. rob yeah so that that that was a clue to me that we've got some staging going on there's some other other things going on behind the scenes and we really need we need to really be watching this because something else is developing and what trump is basically conceding there will be they have the turks the russians that the iranians are not the iranians so much but the syrians basically handle isis as best they can and try to
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come to some accommodation between the kurds and the and the turks and that was one of the reasons for the delay because everyone was of turkey was ready to move troops in in fact they were on the border to go into mon be and we had still had u.s. troops there we still haven't pulled them out yet but so that's why you're seeing a closer coordination and cooperation between turkey and the united states right now it seems like us very well when we start a war it seems like we get there and today as we got five thousand troops on the ground it's now been six months in desert shield desert storm right even when it's never sort of put out that way it's just one day we show up and magically all showed up there but if you know anything about military history we usually move things then years or months before these things start so it's more than just that here's what a little bit what the hurdles are just pulling people out it's not just as easy as putting a bunch of men and women on planes home you know first of all you've got have a plan that's done weeks maybe even months ahead of time that's why the military
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basically had a plan because trump did say i'm going to be moving out they had already done a contingency to move troops back into iraq and that's probably where they're going to be staged for not coming home not necessarily some may rotate around but you're still going to have the strength there because they're all special forces they're all advise and and train and and and if you pull the troops out of afghanistan half of them rather some seven thousand. or are they going to they're not all going to be going home there i'm my my. supposition is that they could be moved into iraq a potential that's a big kind of a staging ground to stage a potential future or potentially future actual iraq and also a northern northern but yeah but also northern iraq because isis is still has a as a strong hold up in that area and it but because are now in insurgency mode it's going to be much more difficult to deal with them you know it's interesting when
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you kind of look at all of these components together and i think that you know most people just kind of when you look at how the u.s. operates around the world it's kind of like you're at the point never going like ok i don't think we have a very good impression here at home and from people around the world looking at us especially our military acts. you know was it june when you saw the media reaction and the reaction on the hill here in d.c. to what trump just saying hey let's walk out of syria did that reaction seem over the top to you know it was a no he had already telegraphed that his actions were like the reaction to what all the other i think the other reaction to his statement was. that they were totally caught off guard i think they legitimately were caught off guard. and they trumped basically does what he says he's going to do they just got to listen to him as a once in a while. and and but when he spoke with air to one on the phone and
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that action then came right the decision came right after that discussion on the phone. it was clear that some arrangement had been made some agreements have been made but you also had to consider too that. trump wants to keep air to one in nato and nato and everyone is playing and he's playing both ends now just he invents eventually he could get burned and but right now right now he's in that he's in the driver's seat interesting interesting i don't know why why. before we run out of time i want to do one thing trump also spoke about the concept of expected specter general reports on u.s. military operations a man to have credibility in pretty much every every other aspect of u.s. government and what we do it's pretty easy to at least by law request information even if it's redacted so you get a lot of information but. trump told reporters that they shouldn't give those reports out that they should be classified stating we're fighting wars and they're doing reports and releasing them to the public which is basically the enemy those
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remarks should be in private reports it's insane let me ask you knowing that sort of how that works and should inspect original reports be classified and how important are they for accountability well in war zones and whatever's going to should be scrubbed i mean when you're talking about money for the contingency fund for special ops they've got to be absolutely scrubbed now some previous reports of come out about afghanistan and billions of dollars have gone. out of window nobody knows where they went and they came to the defense through usa id and all that wasn't the defense thing but when you're talking about the operational contingency which is overseas in something like sixty nine billion dollars. a year for special ops you know those kinds of things really need to be carefully scrutinized doesn't want at let me ask you should do this shouldn't the american people have
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a say in where seventy billion dollars a year is going to hell i'm going to have to carry out for guidance to their representative voted for it so. people need to remember is that ultimately it's congress was congress. that's right trump is also made it clear don't question every dollar that the military spends because we've got all these. unexpected things that come up and well but we're talking trillions of the last. four years of experience with. those inspector general reports they can be scrubbed i'm sorry i don't understand what you need to know i thank you so much pleasure so much larger always a pleasure and thank you for. smooth and precise those are the words used to describe the landing of china's national space administrations for a lunar rover on the dark side of the moon now the dark side of the moon isn't actually dark though it's actually just gets as it gets same amount of sun as the rest of the moon it just happens that because of the moon's rotation one side never
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faces or thing is that dark side is blocked from radio transmissions to earth so chung has a friend a dedicated satellite to relay its scientific findings to the ground in china launched on december eighth the lander is named after the chinese moon goddess chung who according to the story drank her lover's elixir of life to keep the us from stealing it but the elixir was not for one person but two and it ended up sending moon to live alone except for a rabbit which is why china is last lunar rover was named u two or jade rabbit so as china's goddess of broker finds out if we can live on the moon let's celebrate another step into the future for humanity and the god and not lose it was our show for today remember going in this world you're about to. tell you all i love you i am to roll them through and i'm to have a policy for watching those hawks out there ever great very night everybody.
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hello my name's peter and i've been living in bushes now for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've gotten through time. when you're older that's. i don't you just published or do it you've.
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gone into a nihilistic fever. got to. get out the traveling across america to find what makes america the showed the genius of the. american hero this is a point. we always are on the. culture . we're starting last with. to begin to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the b. i think i want to leave now doesn't get me more. it may be completely different but in this. it's hard to imagine after the
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war. was still active. in the nineteen seventies critelli head as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery as a german company developed. a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it's terrible side effects what has happened to my baby anything. you know it is just. minutes of the victims i have to this day received no compensation and never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge.
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the headline from our take jamey as divided as ministers to months deportation and tough the asylum laws offer a shocking attack by migrants. to be honored to be able to be here and to commit a crime and if they do so they have to go back they deserve a second chance we have our laws we don't have to change the laws of the sit should rescue operation comes to an end following the tabloid collapse in the russian city of magnitogorsk tough to the body of the final victim was recovered in a tragedy which killed thirty nine. and so u.s. stock markets are seeing friends off to apple issues a profit.


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