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i france's yellow vest movement shows no sign of letting up in twenty nineteen holding nationwide protests against the government over the weekend. also to come mourning their loss funerals are held for the victims of the collapse in the russian city of magnitogorsk which claimed thirty nine lives. on another news week germany's interior minister is demanding tougher laws on the side in seekers after a migrant gang brutally attacked local residents including children and america's government shutdown interest it's the has the raw funding donald trump's border wall intensified.
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hello there the latest news and a look back at the main stories over the last seven days you watch the weekly here on r.c. international. now any hopes the french government had the yellow vests protest would be confined to last year were dealt a blow on saturday at least fifty thousand people once again took to the streets across the country in a scuffle with erupted in the capital protesters set barricades on fire and called for president to resign. and the was was. the.
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was. literally out of the commodity dock and more were these things were calm at first people were told they needed to declare their gatherings to authorities and that would guarantee our safety we declared the gathering spot where was our security things got out of hand everywhere they used tear gas on us it looked like a civil war they charged us used pepper spray journalists trying to take cover inside building lobbies were thrown out it's a hostile situation and it's terrible in any case what's apparent is that this movement is still here it's not losing steam into twenty nineteen it's still going on so as we saw the movement hasn't called a halt to his actions despising government climbdown over fuel tax increases this weekend's process team comes just two days after the yellow vests sent macron a blistering letter you do not give straight answers and you drag things out by
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proposing false measures measures that the people of france reject when will you understand that you and your people are no longer credible and that you have lost the confidence of those who believed in you and in your movement nineteen months ago. disservices growing menu macron has condemned the yellow vests on twitter and called on the protesters to come down and recommit to dialogue the marrow of the town of maize on the fi believes that the reforms micron is trying to push through are active touch with the with what the public wants is said that they will continue is reforms but the reforms is asking for are not the reforms that the french are demanding today you know what is the king of european sovereign to which the french doglike so i think he is absolutely dreaming you know all european in the church are and i thing is absolutely. absolutely out of the common sense of the french today i think that the uk all as been elected by chance
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but is not having a huge ledger it to me that he needs to implement what he wishes because you know they are seventy or eighty percent of the french nation which doglike what you propose. with protests spreading from france to other european countries pro breaks it demonstrators in london have now also adopted the yellow vest as a symbol a rally in the city on saturday did result in clashes leading police to make several arrests including a thirteen year old girl. i. was she was one of four people taken into custody during the demonstrations did see protesters holding smoke bombs police they marched across the capital growth of bridges and disrupting traffic about one hundred people took part in the protest new downing street where characteristic high visibility jackets they also shouted insults at british prime minister to resign may and call for the case immediate
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exit from here i. and other news this week it was the last day of twenty eight team in a suspected gas explosion tore through a block of flats in central russia dozens of people were killed many in their sleep as their homes collapse to nearly as of the morning. shift to double which in secret for good but the shot in the office might be it's we didn't meet the defendant the game watching see me to dump or to get in touch of the shots or not so let's talk about a mammal number washboard distress provides clues should you wish called a creature alabama needs to see to a competitive she was there what good is the sort of praise
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a shoulder when up in creature which is seen a machine a creature al gore spicy to his nervous system still a specific. suitable words to the so. i'm just. going to have a somewhat to instill a look it's not. bush's job of. leadership like you. see it's got a bad supply chain it is now of course passe in the kitchen.
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that hawkins visited the site of the disaster to his some of the stories of those affected by the tragedy. thirty nine bodies appears to be the final casualty count from this building collapse that the recovery works went on for around seventy two hours in total almost nonstop throughout the day and night pausing only for safety as you can see behind me some of the balconies and the roofs are in a state of total destruction and we're not allowed to go any closer for fear they may collapse as well residents fled this disaster scene with only the clothes on their back perhaps a few documents or cash they didn't have time simply to grab anything else they were allowed intermittently to go back to the seam to pick up any other possessions that they have left behind. on the ship a smart and is that of a woman they are innocent of all i see it was. just a child some did you condone bush so wanted to be sure to just let you have it when
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you're could you were sure what their own and as you spoke to these people more and more stories emerged one shots example the family a mother and daughter who slept just as a one off in a different room they would have stayed normally the father stayed on the couch tragically that was the first part of the building to collapse she managed to get away with her daughter the father tragically was not so lucky another story to come out of infant boy who was buried in the rubble here just behind me he was heard crying by emergency workers who rushed to the scene managed to get him out after more than twenty four hours in these freezing temperatures he seems been taken to moscow and now disquiet his multiple serious injuries his condition is described as stable many of the people we've spoken to the witnesses at the scene those who were directly affected by this tragedy saying they're also pleasantly surprised by how people have come together offering their support for the political news in. the
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squad of. the need to this time so much time is. just took a c. love with adults got the shaft took over the solution of my milk told me see i need to see. most of the prison lights in the margot did a little one of the songs you know children in version could have been put on and we saw a pile of flowers of candles soft toys and i was getting bigger and bigger as many of them quite emotional interiors coming here to express their condolences there simply is offer support for those affected by this and of course preparing for the large number tragically of funerals in the city of magnitogorsk. says not much headway was made on saturday in terms of breaking the deadlock over funding his border war which has seen the government and shut down for over two weeks neither the white house nor the democrats look like backing down. we are committed to keeping our borders safe we're in
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a shutdown because democrats refused to fund border security situation with you would accept even. for this president in order to reopen. the dollar. one dollar. deal with a wall it's not who we are it's a nation i'm very proud of doing what i'm doing because we're going to go in there really some of it. i don't want to shut down i call it doing what you have to do for the benefit and for the safety of our country keep the government closed for a very long period of time. so we can call a national emergency because of the security of our country absolutely you know we can do it i haven't done it i may do it i may do it. well the democrat controlled house of representatives passed two bills to fund reopen the federal government but
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the include funding for border. legislation while senior democrats decry the notion of the wall as an american us president argues that his side here does have widespread support and to hammer home his stance to instagram posting this statement of intent and also posted the following video. the to. illegal immigration is wrong plain and simple. was. crushed. and the standoff over the wall does look like it's going to intensify to be with the democrat bills on getting the government running again now going to the republican controlled senate where they are likely to face hostility we discuss the
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border wall issue with ned ryan he's from the conservative group american majority and also robert patillo he's a civil rights attorney. well also understand the president has absolutely no no leverage in this situation he's already made his position position clear they should negotiate this last february during the last government shutdown there there's no reason for nancy pelosi to move on this unless the president is willing to make a deal on daca make a deal on comprehensive immigration reform basically nancy pelosi has him bent over heard me right now she can demand whatever she wants were a minimal amount of wall funding there's no leverage to present a hales donald trump cannot back down on this i mean his base is expecting him to fulfill this major campaign promise and i know it doesn't seem like a lot of money i think we're not even really talking about the money because five point six billion and a four trillion annual budget doesn't really mean much at all so this is really a showdown between his trunk going to get his wall or democrats going to deny him that and also you know at a certain point we have to acknowledge the left base inside
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a democratic party does not want to see a secure border is more favorable towards open borders and not really fixing our immigration policy so i think if they want the wall that should be telling the president to do is bring back the chuck schumer legislation from two thousand and thirteen that passed the senate sixty eight votes to thirty two votes in the house republicans killed there could have been a border wall for the last five years of working for the freedom caucus and some of the extremists in the republican party not supporting it so for the current wall what we need to see the c.b.l. score for was actually wall will say that's what we need to see as a funding mechanism so we know exactly how that actually this is being paid for and we need a concrete and universal comprehensive plan on immigration reform not simply say we're going to stick still slate's and in the desert that's going to probably need a real plan for this a lot of trunk space is willing to compromise we understand that these daca these dreamers they did not come here they were brought here they did not come of their own volition we understand that there's a situation and i think that you would be really surprised if you were to talk a lot of time space they understand there has to be some legal status maybe even
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potentially a path to citizenship i think people are willing to negotiate but on the same time if there is not funding for a wall in return for pat. the citizenship or legal status then we can have a serious conversation in this at some point we all know that politics is the art of compromise we have to actually get to a point of compromise donald trump has said here is my non-negotiable nancy pelosi you have to come up with something that says what will give you that in exchange for this and i think there is a path i got to tell you go they do not want to give donald trump any wins especially on one of his major major campaign promises you watch in the weekly here not international are going to take a quick break we'll be back in. you know like the e.k.g. for countries is their ten year bond rate you look at that and say oh the country's
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healthy the country's not healthy well looks like the health of the chinese economy based on that their interest rates are better than america. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit per second and when rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one doesn't show you can't afford to miss the one and only.
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welcome back to waking hour germany's interior minister is demanding tougher laws on asylum seekers after a migrant gang brutally attacked passes by including children. i've been asked for months old ready to make the deportations more effective in germany that's why we've been working for weeks at the ministry of the interior to prepare a constitutional amendment for a more efficient deportation system so violent offenses are increasingly worrying me whether they are done out of xenophobia or whether they are carried out by foreigners and asylum seekers. a state governed by the rule of law must decisively combat both that is our basic position the person who randomly attacks innocent passers by demonstrates that he does not seek the protection of our society the need to perpetrators can expect no understanding in our country but only the full
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force of the law currently deportation is not legally possible but we're working hard to change that well those statements to come after a group of migrants attacks local residents in the german city of hamburg twelve people were injured including a child police arrested four suspects who were reportedly from afghanistan and iran the current law forbids deporting minus the people whose lives would be endangered we asked locals what they thought about the issue. they should be honored to be able to be here and yeah should act like they have to do and not to commit a crime and if they do thorough they have to go back to pencil. it's their mind this is ok they have. been through a lot so in the war in afghanistan they need help i think we have our laws we don't have to change the laws i think we are right doing it. right now they deserve
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a second chance well however some do think that the interior minister is trying to exploit the issue for his own political gain. i do understand the anger which i see in some of the reaction to amberg but this hate and the threats of violence now coming from all over the republic have gone too far the hope for is using the amber consistent effectively to tighten asylum legislation such proposals have next to zero impact when it comes to fighting crime and only helping extremism we have a constitution that is very strong on human rights you cannot ever under the german constitution be part someone to the united states when he is facing the death penalty he is gassed and they commit crimes then they can no longer be our guests so what is the all of us should be doing is to actually work with countries. to enable us to deport people when we have the promise that they
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will not be tortured like in ca rendition sites or on the threat of the death penalty in fact what he's doing he is fear mongering and so he is scaring those people that are willing to integrate while he should be targeting the radical islamists that his government has let into our country. meanwhile on tuesday a fifty year old german man slammed his car into a crowd of people in a german city in the fourth row and s. and injuring eight majority of the victims were migrants from syria and after. i understand it's reported the driver made xenophobe comments while the police were arresting him the man reportedly has mental illness. in a historic spirit a newly formed orthodox church of ukraine has been granted independence from the russian church just a few hours ago constantinople patriarch bartholomew handed over a document formalizing the split head to the head of the new church and while many politicians in ukraine are elated at the decision some orthodox christians are
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concerned about the moves possible consequences decor chain of a dismal. long awaited present has finally been delivered to ukraine patriarch of constantinople has granted its ukrainian are to dogs to urge and autonomy on the eve of our two dogs christmas special decree was signed officially recognizing an independent ukrainian art adox church and of course ukrainian president petro poroshenko was there shedding tears of question shoot. thank god it would be impossible without god's blessing. i want to thank the millions of ukrainians across the this has become possible thanks to your prayers well sems like for once happy but what's all the fuss about churches independence from whole . per se interests ukrainian are to dogs church has been
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under control of moscow patrick kate and everyone has been ok with it until the fall of the soviet union and ukrainian independence and nineteen ninety one gradually tensions between the churches. through the years was more and more voices inside ukraine demanding churches and dependence sounds like some in the religious dispute so what's so important about it. all to us of should effectively give ukrainian orthodox church full autonomy in terms of parish financing and lands but in fact how much of it does keith actually get while the documents signed states that ukraine in church actually falls under control of constantinople ukrainian are dogs church can control only territory with then ukraine and as perhaps to create any parishes abroad and all disputes are
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going to be sas wells by constantino people so basically it is just replacing moscow mike. well that's well president par shango is struggling in the polls they had a march presidential election and experts say while making this a centerpiece policy of his campaign he hopes to win over it and more than that other are to dogs churches are not thrilled at all by them. the tentacles of globalization are trying to penetrate the church to destroy its politicians interference in church affairs is a clear sign of this show even is led by corrupt politicians and illegal assisted by the constantinople patriarchy have deepened and worsen the already existing split and put the unity of orthodox christianity as a whole in danger and inside ukrainian church itself there is not want unanimity when the plan of autonomy has been announced back in autumn one of the branches he
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crane in church has slammed the plan we consider these actions to be empty canonical they sanction will not bring anything to ukraine except trouble separation and sit well at least anyone supporting the move apart from ukraine itself well you must have guessed the answer the united states reiterated strong support for religious freedom and the freedom of members of religious groups including ukraine's orthodox community to govern their religion according to their beliefs free of outside interference oh well not everything one calls freedom is actually making you free. clearly we discussed the spirit but that extended to fork in a professor of church history at st tikhon's orthodox university. the majority of ukrainian churchgoer is belong to the canonical church the church of
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the ukraine which was under the paternal gate of moscow and they showed no sign of joining this new structure and in fact a lot of people in ukraine ever go meant talking about forcing their person with them into this. new structure they are discussing a new law which they would adopt to facilitate so-called to facilitate them to leave mosco for turkey. whatever consumption overall gave to them it's not independence because it's going to be like hand controlled by customs and opel there are in dormice as specifically stated there to all major questions have to be consulted with consent to nobble it's also odd it is also stated so that it's considered noble will have opportunities thirty eight are holy sites parishes and monasteries under its direct control of the ukrainian church is
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forbidden to have its own parishes abroad etc etc etc so it's independent of only in name but really it is controlled by constant ennobled. i see it as a part of war all out like war old russian company and a portion of the church has been mixed the religion has been mixed into into into the politics that nobody thinks about the rights of your premium orthodox believe years for being for being persecuted and will be persecuted even harsher. if you can't beat them join them in the u.k. army's appealing to snowflakes and selfie addicts in these latest attempt to get the younger generation to enlist but just time many would be willing to swap phone time for the front line and sit your reports. a new year and time for a fresh start but the british army is kicking off twenty nineteen when the curious
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one struggling to get new additions to join its ranks have come up with a new recruitment campaign aimed at the new generation or those the u.k. ministry of defense addresses in their new ads as me me me millennial snowflakes selfie addicts class clowns and phones are the new your army needs you series of posters video clips and radio ads aims to turn those society allegedly undervalues . news useless into those the army would properly appreciate. all this with. the new campaign is the third execution of the this is belonging series showing how the army finds potential beyond gender and millennial stereotypes and identifying the essential skills needed in a new army recruits such as compassion self belief and focus this is how the u.k.
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ministry of defense attributes those qualities in its attempts to recruit if you are a snowflake the army needs you and your compassion if you're a binge gamer it's your drive that's useful if your phone's on be you must have great focus skills and if you're a me me me millennial you must apparently be fantastic at self belief that's the logic but how likely is it that this approach will appeal to the audience but i think the appeal to younger generation think they're all offensive like to people like a different message thirty five connotation put in the military in a bit of a strange light this would be quite rude to make any sense. because the difference on these doesn't actually mean anything to do so. it's appealing to the saying so to people is. the people always have thought about the army being for them it's no secret that the british army has been failing to reach its target recruiting
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numbers currently at seventy seven thousand fully trained troops it's several thousand short of its eighty two thousand five hundred goal momentary drop out rates for uplands have also been recorded at a whopping forty seven percent that's almost half of all those applying so it seems likely that even this kind of in your face campaign could mean winning this recruitment war proves mission impossible and as i said r.t. . earlier this week to get some water cannon were deployed image violence in the indian state of corral after two women and one of the country's holiest hindu temples. oh the protesters blocked traffic and burned effigies entire side government offices across the state one person was killed according to reports in over seven hundred have been arrested in two days of violence people have been rallying
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against the lifting of the ban on women entering the temple a move that goes back to autumn last year meanwhile millions of women helped form a human chain across roads and highways in corolla in support of gender equality human more stretch for over six hundred kilometers so here's a closer look at what the temple controversy is about. as long as the temple is here we have to follow this tradition. so will ensure that anybody who wants to go to the people will go without any
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obstruction nor struction will be tolerated i mean you go. to splashing out god says i'm not a devotee i'm just here to do my job just let me go then she faces still infected and that's when she's forced to return back. to support for the sick. and give a little bit of a protest going there we don't talk to the instructor just nonsense. you can watch and we can hear not international we're back with more stories in the headlines at the top of the.


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