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tv   Documentary  RT  January 6, 2019 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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it's not independence because it's going to be like hand controlled by customs and they're. in almost as specifically stated there to all major questions have to be consulted with consent to know paul it's also odd it is also stated so that it's considered noble will have opportunities thirty eight are holy sites parishes and monasteries under its direct control of the ukrainian church is forbidden to have its own parish is abroad etc etc etc so it's independent of only in the name but really it is controlled by consent and. might see it as a part of war all old like war old russian company and a portion of the church has been mixed the religion has been mixed into into into the politics nobody thinks about the rights of ukrainian or so there was believers who are being or being persecuted and will be persecuted even harsher. and you can
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watch the weekly here not international good to have you company dissaving we're back with the headlines and more stories in health and. so. forth . hello my name is peter and i've been living in bushnell for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've got to in the time. the stimulus bill shifts who will be the first one you will full scale before you. will see me as you would still.
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wouldn't believe it but this beside the area a place called should make you feel you might expect to see some of maybe a minor. would definitely help people skiing in the swimming just. to do a good deal but look at each of them look good what you're going to make. sure you get a show scale the first every spring and thousands of people fall kid to ski don't bounce in your mind. so it just behind the stop ok yeah. well. it's almost impossible to get any work told. me there was so see only a couple use the leisure thanks to all the kind little. girl you see of me this is
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your this is your wall i'm just out to see distracted. means that you know. the course is useless because. so it just behind the outside so we're just behind the stuff. when you get yet but you're the one. yes not sure noone could touch him you i saw it doesn't know it yet just see you is not the. only cause to show you that you're just down there still would you describe because it's. a start is not cheap but. i don't have a clue what they want but just saying it's russia see streaks plain anything out of the ordinary. with a like russia on this russia and that russia isn't bad either.
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frankly people are really very great yeah ok if you sit through the thread because the area. ok yeah i mean what. they say period and just have to leave in such payment so used to use three excellent well let's say the event starts english i want to start you thank you very much it's nice to me i'm a good look i see you back a. kid since all but always keeping their pickiness and screenshots of shit yes but such a large scale of it starts of thanks to crazy. he's going to meet a man but as i wouldn't have said he was a salesman i want that well so much me yeah so by the way you like to be. here well
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. yes she says yes. losing that in the price you must. be making if you're scheduled to begin your spell in the even that is the might. be a good time with this month you don't really cool is a little of you tube one number. this is this huge surprise not the imagination that's a million to me on the show certain but i make a lot of establishing a system of all of them and i'm crazy good to go and kids move carrillo. you write teaching t.-z. for a local you know. when you cheated we should cheer or sing this song which i don't want you to see. but. this is hindsight this is my friends in the financial. times.
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amazing i think we just know my favorite time of year and whatever you do you. don't forget yourself you stay the. same as yourself to stick i don't know why dogs. and the ok steak but easy like a house as a feeling myself how you feel. really very happy that it was i don't need yeah. right. to speak break it yeah i just. i thought it was cruel i was just very sad oh yes said that as of yet about. such i says the. real risk here. was. that i
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wasn't doing ok i want to cut separate the young exercise got real deal. gobby what's in the e-mails of course they had that. yeah yeah i read sure i didn't. write the book i but i mean. that's ok but. i got pretty tired of telling everyone that i can't ski so i decided to do something about. it i was wrong because i do we're going to play it for. the both. the so what are you. ok. the fire and you're saying that it. was wrong.
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it will be deal i've. moved on but never never did you know the down oh by the up and. you know the dirty bombs people need to stop this most will be more. movie watching plus you see the world. so i finally learned to ski and know my buddy to do it in my swimming shorts i just need to get through the summer somehow. my summer kicks off with the bits of trucks are racing. it was pretty extreme would not be in the. morning you know why i was i don't know what i thought. then i decided to try something a bit small cultural turns out contemporary arts isn't for me either.
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oh but you. know. bob these days. to this. group. ok that's enough culture for one day. that's better i sure did. most. of the water men with me and. lots more fish for marshall writes now don't worry this isn't my neighbor's flats this is a room specially created to relieve stress. let's see if it works.
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governor patel a formal. i must admit it's not a bad way to relax. i recommend it you know what they say smashing a shelf a day keeps the psychiatry has to wait. i almost fell on my in the sea. but i still missed the mountains so. i went to the ski resort to consult. the google festival starts tomorrow it's basically the same bill consistent with a big twist this only want
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a clue. this unfortunately isn't a ski boots it's a leg brace i need to wear off to breaking my own coat. takes things to a different level the mountains are higher there are more people means one thing of it was my goal was to sleep in the suv because two she was more bikini's i was the only one with a broken leg by the looks of it so things could have been better she is. the least likely of the legal rights of the. boys who are just. so i joined some knowing me. oh. oh oh oh.
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oh. this is. a. so obviously the dance floor is the best place for someone in my condition.
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it's actually fifty.
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three minutes and we can see as you know here i think. that you're in the home where they really are. with you more than there was in the north and even many balls are going on my way in the most difficult to.
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join me every thursday salmon kewl. and i'll be speaking to get off of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. the shooting can be official this is the finish this is the this is just see. my above script was a premium charge idea wallace doesn't storm which was not. right . then they got. to appreciate what
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type is next you have to understand wish it yes you can sort. this four thousand kilometers apart and suppose into someone here from this pos to be eight. why god doesn't go in looking good to see so i just go so he looks good to see a musher yes first of all for us because the area. ok yeah sure we've been telling you not true god. you know amazin not amazin but yeah it's a bit embarrassing going on with this yeah so how's the house treating you received very smart here is boiling. oil in what i just want to put make yeah almost didn't recognize yourself. so who you here with i'm just alone alone you know this so you basically just go everywhere to where you just live still being in your
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bikini. what you did. it was what up i man i made you go in. there yeah nice what i like you i like your costume it's address is just so sorry very old woman very old woman you don't look like an old woman although maybe would be if you do look like i am an old. well do you know who i've come to do you think i'm with this like yeah that's robocop me that's maybe maybe a man of steel when a still better. yeah robocall robocop is the idea. while i was talking to the bearded lady masha disappeared somewhere i went to look for the slow. starter we love and that's a lot to me at a pretty. yellow who would just read. this if.
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some piece of the need to steer me to don't have good schools just beach ball. with a touchdown. is not so she really is an interesting place and his a reason why. does this to be. done this. week. yes you could just. do it. those could be excellent of such as. hold a religious yes i told speak english i was a kid and i was plus. in ohms it was like five years supply of years ago oh my god no way i have a sinking it's not yet well on a joy to do expats always good to see you it's good to see of you yeah i know you i
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mean well i mean i work in moscow five years now oh we'll. this is today was my russian yup touched by your post is this. what you. did start it's not going to go. with c.m. yet. so it was just me but it's the small bit oh i did alright i think i did once was. a monkey well. i think that you know now i think oh yeah you've been through the daily the right be like the few that like the . people. who are. you yeah i. usually.
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work for a short fifteen year olds you sure. coupon they could even at some go to wood shop throughout. much the ya ya could go to the last is a sweet gold outscoring like he. bought of us yet. he got his us bought a puzzle stuff yet. the doc not talk to the dutch it's. not. well this job is made by job i still made sure when you michel the sports team recruit a. genius so what is sure of the ball. it doesn't give you could trust us trust. me my amps the my in general. the reason you
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think. you know i mean about. like neil dutch sneaks is not go away. but it in all of us know brought to. use the you know a little shithole which is. what he still. does it. gets you autism she seems to be a little know. too it's. silly by its own suit to my it's a bit of the awful just. leave i was going to hold them all i could have the offical.
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full custody i've been a demo who. was joe mcquaid because i still should deal with most of what you know and you've used you. would just give you a deal with you still among. this only a plus. it's just a shame i didn't find mushrooms. i know showboats russian people but the only thing that stops me from getting a cold is the bunya. szell to the bunny i discovered something else that's russians in ski resorts mostly like getting undressed but i also like wearing some pretty weird clothes. so i will. not are far. more asked. if i was a fool he argued before the chemo if you are healthy one. apparently you
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are just. in when you see this. stuff. just reminded you bill itself of the thought was. the truth is the choice. i followed at school and ended up with some sort of carnival and my leg brace just about us for a bobo called quest. who was trying to get to hans when the costume contest so i supported gandalf principle . i never did find out what this guy was in fancy dress or actually among the.
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six zero zero. zero. he's going to. yes well and upper level well. not really easy yeah done by. the. place being pm they thought. it was meant he could. clearly see puns. this morning. i think this is what happens when you mix too we.
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can only go into drug. it's a freezing cost you. i think i'll give this one has to. go. back. to chris he was at argo u.s. diplomacy yes. i. spy yes. but just then real spoke and folded the brights before my eyes. just look to touch him and this guy is. i think
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this lion has to stop the show. just a bit you can do it. and that's for me the only pool i was willing to jump in is a key to. my life in russia so sicily. if only i could see musher again. i was just going. to go you're. right. skis and the selfie stick wasn't exactly how i much.
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actually i am so excited. to go whoa wait my equipment starts at length also you see the most part i spoke still. there i think maybe we may fix it so he will think it will continue to. look at the overcrowding in the school board make that only race old people. was there so why don't you shut your dog like a brick. that he's a. small you must be pretty close calls. if i was going to say. i would be very. busy on a parent's life when i take it you mean to make you do things. on the. roll
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marsha. no stronger. no no no strong. books all. weekend it's weird but i feel more uncomfortable now than i did in my shorts on a mountainside i'm sorry if you want with this time for me to choose between filming and with russia. i want to shave it's happened again looks like romance and filming don't go hunting. because i do. not know. about. it yet. they are going to mates i almost forgot next year comes a boogie woogie confessed on the find ok stalks me next time i'm skiing in my swimming sure.
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you know like the e.k.g. for countries is their ten year bond rate you look at that you say oh. well looks like. the chinese economy based on that their interest rates are better than america. with the only movement see. lengthy thinking unless you. played as you know middle of the. low done years our model oh. movies are. going.
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and. france's yellow vest movement shows no sign of letting up in twenty nineteen holding more nationwide protests against the government. and used to shape the week funerals are held for the victims of the apartment block collapsed in the russian city of meaning to go which claimed thirty nine lives. the u.s. government shutdown enters a third week because the route of a funding from border wall drags on.


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