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a fake temperance movement joins fabricated russian. democrats' efforts to sway. an alabama. stress test for. ridicule the stage traffic jam is. a waste of time. practices being cruel decisions from religious groups. trying to on the rights. of minorities. for example. we don't accept
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we don't accept marriages of. national and. world across this hour for you as well more revelations of us democrats meddling in a special election in the state of alabama twenty seventeen the fresh report says that fake social media accounts of a so-called dry alabama campaign were designed to tie the republican candidate with temperance baptist's to trying decimate his voter base. the new york times has revealed that the twenty seventeen special election in the u.s. state of alabama was hit by a false flag facebook campaign and it did not come from russia democrats tried to create the illusion that republican candidate roy moore wanted to ban alcohol. i
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pledge to abstain from alcohol and live a moral life is defined in the bible i will demand the all my stuff follow my lead by abstaining from the devil's tonic i pledged to fight against the decay of all moral christian society and all that contributes to the decline of values the idea was that roy moore standing among moderate conservatives would be hindered if they could create the illusion that he was a religious fanatic who wanted to ban booze no man woman or child alive today he'd never live to see the stars and stripes we were a little russian salute in the united states friend of america i'll fight the saloon from the high wire i won't keep this long as i have a foot i'll touch on as far as i have a feast it was a false flag campaign on facebook backed up on twitter now we've reached out to both twitter and facebook but have not heard back now matt osborne a democrat who worked on the project said that he hopes someday these tactics would be made illegal he said however as long as republicans were using them democrats
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shouldn't give them up if you don't do it you're fighting with one hand tied behind you you have a moral imperative to do this to do whatever it takes revelations about the shady activities of the cyber security firm known as new knowledge that actually led facebook to shut down the personal accounts of five individuals now at this point u.s. senator doug jones is calling for a federal investigation into the dirty tricks that may have helped win him his seat now did a few dry alabama ads actually cost roy moore the election well the impact isn't exactly clear but what is clear is that the democratic process can be rather fragile. r.t. new york conservative commentator and write to john griffin told us the u.s. democrats using all means to gain power risks humming ties outside america. this is newest game of political musical chairs year by the democrats and they only care about one thing that's keeping power and getting bauer that's it i do believe that
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there's always going to be a new salon or new york times story or huffington post revelation about some new russian plot that absolves the democrats from india what toral accountability for their actions it's is not helping diplomatic relations even though it's body and president putin's laughed about it resent trucks left without it the rest of us aren't laughing because there are so many are uninformed human beings who vote in the united states. the u.k. government staged a traffic jam has been branded a waste of time i'm too little too late it was a rehearsal for a no deal bricks in the port city of dover politico has the details. and this was a department for transport trial it was called operation brocken it's all about stress testing the u.k.'s rodin haulage system to see if it would be able to handle the potential disruption euphemistically speaking in the event of
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a no deal bragg's it now under the government's contingency plans they took a disused airport about thirty miles away from dover and said that they could use it as a parking facility for up to six thousand lorries so to test this plan that department of transport hi it's a number of trucks and got them to dry from this disused at full fire a number of small roads owned to the port of days that bought and this is a pretty thing but only eighty nine lorries took part in the trial so you can take a look at what operation broke looks like now. no not a good representation of a bad situation and chaos in the event of
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a no deal breakers it and there was a bit of criticism for the government's contingency planning first and foremost it came from the author of see on both trucks and roads that the road haulage association they represent wholly is and they said that the whole endeavor was quite frankly a waste of time this plumbing should have been done many months ago on preferably on a bigger scale it should have been continuous stress tested i don't many truck drivers will be impressed by this what we need is a deal to or at least the transition deal business is simply not ready for this page breaks at the local m.p. referred to the whole thing as a wild goose chase as well as much as it is following the story had quite a bit of fun with it too some saw operation broadcast as reflective of the entire bragg's it process lurie's kune sake traffic. using eighty
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seven norreys to try and see what five thousand plus who do is so perfectly on brown bricks it is like preparing for a famine by skipping lunch. rather than using a load of lorries to create a fake traffic jam surely they should have used red buses with we're out of ideas emblazoned on the side of those tweets may be funny but they are beginning to reflect this sort of quiet hysteria that's painfully constant and surrounding all continuing to surround the issue of bragg's it here in the u.k. and of course rags it is still a massive cliffhanger for us this week the u.k. parliament is set to debate the u.k.'s withdrawal and ahead of two reason may's crucial and delayed vote in parliament next week the parliamentary mass in terms of getting her deal approved isn't looking good her team says that they've still got a week to try and win over those that are dead set against the prime minister's deal that's looking pretty optimistic and if
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a deal isn't approved by parliament well then we're staring down the barrel of potentially a no deal breaks it where contingency planning like the sort that we saw today from the department for transport it's not going to look so funny anymore. next seen as a victory by animal rights activists a province in belgium has banned the traditional muslim and jewish methods for slaughtering animals it's joined a handful of other european regions which are prohibited the production of and kosher meat a huge law states that animals should be stunned before slaughter so they're incapable of feeling pain kosher and halal rituals however require the animals to be in good health and fully conscious but the latest decision in the belgium region of flanders which could lead to a nationwide ban has outraged religious communities. today is the last day in which kosher meat and poultry can be prepared in belgium for the jewish communities of brussels this is a sad day for the jews of europe a sad day for religious freedom in europe all opponents of the religious traditions
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though who've called the ban a humane development. they want to keep living in the middle ages and continue to slaughter without scanning and they did mean didn't get to exist back then without having to answer to the law flanders join sweden norway iceland denmark and slovenia in providing no exceptions for hello and kosher meat we heard from the chairman of the islamic human rights commission in the u.k. and the belgian based journalist on the possible implications of the latest bout. i don't think it is against any religion at all fifty percent of muslims in belgium believe that indeed animals could be or should be stunned before being killed following the ritual i don't see where the problem is it's so much more humane the reality is when mrs starr there you're talking about electric shock or in the case of the cows in the middle rob being fired into the rain
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really that is no more humane than the kosher way this is the sort of all the evidence points out to muslims and jews are going to be given the perception that they are not full citizens and indeed their rights in their own country and in their own area it's been undermined while in europe i mean in belgium for example it's more than one hundred fifty years ago that it was decided for humane reasons to stun the animals before killing them we simply respect our laws i have seen myself oxen and cows being killed it is pure cruelty for three four minutes this is unacceptable frankly i could see this whether muslims or christians or whatever they really don't understand that the animals suffer unacceptably that's all the jews community members and the muslim community members are belgian too we can have a situation. of majority exposing and putting pressure on minorities for no
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reason if you listen to. dorothy of islam. of the great asking paris he says that to him the stunning is acceptable if the animal could come back to its senses after the stunning scientifically proven there is no extra hardship is brought on though more when it is not accurately according to that is true that is true does much more true than you highlighting one i will buckle from friends. as your reason for who we forward the reality is that also you're not going to stop we are living in a global european community and indeed those slaughtering which is now is not going to be done in belgium is going to be done in france and elsewhere so the reality is that all you're doing you're actually excluding your muslim and
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jewish community from being part of the bill joe. the leader of one of germany's most powerful parties has hinted at a second chance for a coalition he would see christian linda's free democratic party team up with anger merkel's c.d.u. and the greens it was a failed attempt to creating a similar coalition in twenty seventeen following the general election this time though there's a catch he wants merkel to step down as chancellor now not in twenty twenty one. new opportunities in our rising there's a phase of uncertainty of this the new setup we're in a kind of transition period era is drawing to clues and everyone knows that and she knows it as well but generally. and no more transitional period in which nothing gets decided. apparently that message was intended not only for party members but also for merkel successor at the helm of the c.d.u. party who theoretically could speed up the chances departure our europe correspondent peter all of us sums up i'm going to merkel's twenty eighteen. the
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clock is ticking order time in germany she's already stood down as chair of the c.d.u. party and has said she won't run for another term in the chancellor's office just behind me. twenty eighteen was a tough year for mrs merkel back in march she was finally able to cobble together a coalition government six months to germany voters. cracks in the grand coalition were evident right from the off interestingly enough the first with the knives out for mrs merkel was the leader of her bavarian sister party as migration again was front and center in german politics truth and photos to avoid the prohibition eventual prohibition of state should be immediately turned away. eventually a solution was found what's important here is the results there are a few nuances that i have clarified that i'm now have this coalition in fighting no
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paled in comparison to what we saw in the eastern city of chemists in august a thirty five year old cuban german man was stabbed to death following a late night all to cation one syrian and want to rocky man was charged with his slaying it prompted and sparked violent migrant demonstrations in the city which at times spilling over into full blown riot. your rival of autumn brought with it a string of regional election failures those closest to the chancellor in bavaria where the first to be hit with heavy losses then it was the turn of where we saw a mea culpa moment for mrs merkel as she pleaded with the electorate not to punish the party for problems they had with her its dark stance only when their line
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hasn't been a good example in the past few months it won't be a vote for the sunday you will be voting for the future of your home and that didn't help and while there were prove all raking in the last weeks all the center left the green party making. on the right alternative thank you many may as well in fact be on t m a gratian a day when told to get represent a single regional palm and also of course being represented in the bundestag as well. this is america is taking the chance of rain down. on the feet of many people here in this election to see. if stays on as chancellor until twenty twenty one should become germany's longest
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serving post-war leader the election of her. as the new chair of the c.d.u. party gives us a better chance of happening however should that relationship sour at all or if we see a repeat of some of the problems of twenty eighteen when the good ship merkel could well be sunk well before that. a port in israel and china's growing influence in the middle east has the us rattled plus surviving against the odds with an update on the baby pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building and russia stay with us.
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they put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president. wanted. to be closer this is before. the more people. interested in the war.
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welcome back the united states is raising concerns over china's role in building infrastructure in israel is particularly worried about the port of haifa which is a frequent dock for u.s. warships the issue was among the topics raised by u.s. national security adviser john bolton on his visit to israel on sunday according to reports a chinese company has been building a commercial shipping facility in the israeli port where the country's nuclear capable submarines are believed to be stationed became a key transport in the distance hub during the syrian conflict the trump administration is now reportedly worried about the chinese increasing their influence across the middle east despite those fears though israel's hopeful about further friendship with china. meanwhile israeli exports to china in twenty eighteen showed a seventy three percent year on year increase. who's an expert in israeli arab
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relations thinks that israel is dealing with china regardless of american sensitivities. america is very concerned whenever any country which cooperate with the milk corporations with the components of america like china. india in some cases where apparently those chinese. they maybe even signed with them did not take into account the american. sensitivities. that now when america raises these things. and we have we might have to recalculate the world with china because as you know we depend on many cases so we definitely have to listen to lankans concerns about our business where that. ten month old boy who was pulled from the rubble of a collapsed apartment block in the russian city of miami to go square thirty nine
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people died has regained consciousness. nice it would be more of these cases. groucho city. like new additions to the state to. actively begin to change this mom. i think. she wouldn't postpone. if you saw what was written. to the point of. publishing but the world watched with bated breath as rescuers pulled ten month
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old son in from the rubble of that collapsed building he spent almost thirty six hours in freezing temperatures. we spoke to the rescuer who led the operation to get him out. the unit will do the laws and we are trying to keep up to date with the news progress we keep in contact with these parents but try not to bother them we all me and my colleagues who rescued him are waiting for the moment when doctors allow us to visit him in hospital i think many envy values great fortitude if you see showed real courage to stay alive it was and to cry out when help came after such a long time in the freezing cold. next fear and loathing in mixed martial arts as irish fight economy gregory's once again mocking his opponent he's now slammed former five weight world champion floyd mayweather for fighting for money in japan . i wish to go to tokyo to face tension asacol or in a mixed martial arts exhibition bout before the sun please arrange this this
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instant your sincerely the champ champ. like last year mcgregor launched a vicious pre-fight verbal assault on russian fighter a babe. in the end her baby came out on top taking the most lucrative person mixed martial arts history all sports correspondent alexy irish f.c. as the story. the sleepless night in the capital of dagestan makhachkala followed by a mad street celebrations when local hero had to beat irishman conor mcgregor in the biggest you have see fight. not only was the night tense but everything leading up to it as well the notorious irishman corner mcgregor the absolute king of trash the u.f.c. fights and won a lot of fans with his swagger and style but when he attacked. new york everyone knew this time he would take it to the next level. for me is
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more than fight for them and even personally get the money that's sony play them like a little she can just. hole sat and that was only one way to find out who was the real tough guy. to that question was plain and simple mcgregor tapped out in round four with a russian fighter already way out in front on points ahead of the fight many m.m.a. experts predicted that he could win what happened after his triumph hardly anyone expected that. the eagles literally flew out of the octagon triggering a mass brawl with team mcgregor several of the beeb's entourage were detained by nevada police and he sparse with health as a deserved winner of the bout was the school to do away with doubt his belt and the after fight scrap was followed by a flood of public criticism. of his heavy weight you have see fights his fight
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against. american derek lewis came on the same night in las vegas two fights before he'd be just like many he was surprised to see his compatriot explode after months of stone cold calmness in front of the media understand why he did that but i wouldn't. but you never know maybe it was a plan to get people talking about that even more after arriving back in his homeland was having none of that criticism. only played consider. despite the post fight antics of swindon game the highlight of the year for many. different ocelots have always been there but safe to say. it might just be eclipsing the popularity of football despite. not only did the result fill arenas and training james
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for the muslim world cup he immediately became something of an i can fit respect for the guy on the coach to talk about just how talented he is for us especially resonates in love his humbleness and his principles that always remember his road parents sentenced in his country from whether he's pondering his next move with a boxing fight against floyd mayweather on everyone's lips or simply enjoying the moment as a global celebrity it's hard to tell someone to distance himself from the media but without a doubt millions of his fans in russia and across the world are holding their breath for the next flight of the dog eagle in twenty nine thousand. reporting from moscow and you can see in. staying with sport we're going to look back now at one of the biggest events of the past year which attracted football friend from around the world to russia last summer.
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russia pulled out all the stops to host the twenty eighteen world cup or fans cheered on their teams russians were busy making everyone feel at home our correspondents were there too capturing the atmosphere for you. live. action has been taken over by friendly people belgium egypt should the city with the french the mexican the still very stiff they said. that he should. it'll kill people to this day sixty six seven. i. think.
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it will be scary so maybe they will. want. to go. live. to go. live for us. i'm fine. live. belgium france are going to link rosie to the right is also going to win but both are going to write yeah he did yeah i think it i'm.
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feel like it was just yesterday as well right that she do for now remember you can get updates on the go with the r.t. app i'll be back in just about half an hour the next update off the boom bust. live. when the goal make this manufacture come sentenced to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the crime and merry go round the sun we the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. room or you'll need to.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see that. this is going bust broadcasting around the world and covered the world of business and finance and the impact upon all of us i'm part children watching this thank you for being on board we are glad to have you coming up to date chinese and u.s. trade negotiators have been meeting in beijing today we'll look at what could be
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accomplished and markets to well look at that with steve malzberg and danielle sherry who are standing by and it's the final countdown to bret's that on march twenty ninth only eighty days away we'll get a brecht that update from the c.e.o. of throw mark hillary forward which was we take our first bold look at energy and twenty nine thousand what types of energy are beings person to do that and which are being used around one. well answer those and take a couple of more questions about canada and u.s. energy specifically what parties scientists have endured and alex much pilotage all of it in our sight but first we get right to some headlines let's go. to the latest major merger to reshape the world's drug and health care sector leads our global report today as i literally in company of indianapolis indiana acquires luxo on college e. for eight billion dollars in cash.


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