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was. using fake social. seriously heard street assault which police say was. russian military police patrols in the syrian city of. kurdish forces withdraw from the region.
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away. from right around the world. yet more revelations of democratic meddling of a merger this time concerning a special election in the state of alabama in twenty seventeen the report states that fake social media accounts of a so called. pain were designed to tie the republican candidate with temperance to decimate his base. the new york times has revealed that the twenty seventeen special election in the u.s. state of alabama was hit by a false flag facebook campaign and it did not come from russia democrats tried to create the illusion that republican candidate roy moore wanted to ban alcohol. i
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pledge to abstain from alcohol and live a moral life as defined in the bible i would i'm on the all my stuff follow my lead by abstaining from the devil's tonic i pledged to fight against the decay of all moral christian society and all that contributes to the decline of values the idea was that roy moore standing among moderate conservatives would be hindered if they could create the illusion that he was a religious fanatic who wanted to ban booze no man woman or child or live to the age where ever lived to see the stars and stripes we were a little russian salute in the united states friend of america i'll fight the saloon from the high wire i want can as long as i have a foot i'll touch and as far as i have a feast it was a false flag campaign on facebook backed up on twitter now we've reached out to both twitter and facebook but have not heard back now matt osborne a democrat who worked on the project said that he hopes someday these tactics would be made illegal he said however as long as republicans are using them democrats
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shouldn't give them up if you don't do it you're fighting with one hand tied behind you you have a moral imperative to do this to do whatever it takes revelations about the shady activities of the cyber security firm known as new knowledge that actually led facebook to shut down the personal accounts of five individuals now at this point u.s. senator doug jones is calling for a federal investigation into the dirty tricks that may have helped win him his seat now did a few dry alabama ads actually cost roy moore the election well the impact isn't exactly clear but what is clear is that the democratic process can be rather fragile. r.t. new york well conservative commentator ryan griffin believes us democrats using whatever means to getting power risks harming ties i signed america this is an endless game of political musical chairs year by the democrats and they only care
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about one thing. that's keeping power and getting better at that i do believe that there's always going to be a new salon or new york times story or huffington post revelation about some new russian plot that absolves the democrats from any electorial accountability for their actions it is not helping diplomatic relations and even though it's funny and president putin's laughed about it and then shrugs laugh about it the rest of us aren't laughing because there are so many uninformed human beings who vote in the united states. from the rightwing alternative for germany party is fighting for his life after being brutally attacked in the northwestern city of braman with more than what we know you're supposed to. a member of the german parliament belonging to the far right alternative for germany the a if the party has suffered serious injuries after being attacked by three men as he exited the
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new year reception that was held at a local theatre in the northern german city of bremen on monday now the party has issued a statement in which he described this as an assassination attempt what we understand happened to the parliamentarian mr frank magnet is that he was knocked unconscious onto the ground and as he lay there these three men continued to beat him the incident was only stopped after reportedly a builder intervened and chased the main away now the three suspects are stood at large the police in the local prosecuting office have opened an investigation and the politician himself has been described as being in a serious condition he is in hospital with a head wound we've also heard from and if the spokesperson saying that this is a black day for democracy in germany this is not the first time that members of this party have been threatened with extreme violence you might remember that last may hint of a demonstration that they held here in the city of. meter and a left wing extremist threatened to stop the demonstration by whatever means
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necessary also last thursday a bomb went off outside a local office belonging to the party in the city of toobin not three suspects were arrested in that incident there was no loss of life but there was extensive damage both to the office and to nearby buildings and although the motive of that attack has not been conclusively proven police are working on the assumption that it was politically motivated. listing in germany the leader of one of the country's most powerful parties has hinted at a governing coalition once again being established that it would see christian leaders free democratic party team up with. you on the greens there was a failed attempt at creating a similar coalition back in twenty seventeen following a general election this time around though there's a catch once merkel to step down as chancellor nabhan twenty twenty one proposed.
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new opportunities in our rising there's a phase of uncertainty really the end of this there will be nice and stop we're in a kind of transition period merkel's era is drawing to clues and everyone knows that and she knows that as well. germany needs a new start a new mood transition period in which nothing gets decided. well apparently that message was intended not only for party members but also for merkel's successor at the helm of the c.d.u. party who theoretically could speed up the chancellor's departure our europe correspondent peter oliver has been summing up under merkel's twenty day. the clock is ticking on i'm going to moguls time in germany top job she's already stood down as chair of the c.d.u. party and has said she won't run for another term in the chancellor's office just behind me twenty eighteen was a tough year for mrs merkel back in march she was finally able to cobble together a coalition government six months.
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cracks in the grand coalition were evident right from the off interestingly enough the first with the knives out for mrs merkel was the leader of a very insistent party as migration again was front and center in german politics truth in photos to avoid the prohibition eventual prohibition of state should be immediately turned away. eventually a solution was found most important here is the results there are a few nuances that i have clarified that i'm now this coalition in fighting no paled in comparison to what we saw in the eastern city of chemist's in oldest a thirty five year old cuban german man was stabbed to death following a late night all to cation one syrian and want to rocky man was charged with his slaying it prompted and sparked violent. demonstrations in the city which at times spilling over into full blown riot.
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your rival of autumn brought with it a string of regional election failures those closest to the chancellor and bavaria with the first to be hit with heavy losses then it was the turn of past where we saw a mea culpa moment for mrs merkel as she pleaded with the electorate not to punish the party for problems they had with her a stark stance only when there isn't hasn't been a good example in the past few months it won't be a vote. the sunday you will be voting for the future of your home and. didn't help and while there were approval rating. we saw the center left the green party make gains on the right alternative for germany may well in fact be anti immigration a day when. you get. a single regional parliament
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and also of course being represented in the bundestag as well. on the up and this is merkel is taking the chance of rain down. on the feet of many people have shown during this election that. if stays on as chancellor until twenty twenty become germany's longest serving post-war leader the election of her protege. as the new chair of the c.d.u. party gives us a better chance of happening however should that relationship sour at all or if we see a repeat of some of the problems of twenty eighteen when the good ship merkle could well be sunk well before that.
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russian military police say they have started to patrol the rural areas close to the syrian city of man they say the main goal is to provide security and stability in the region right gusti if one takes a look at how the city has become pivotal in the syrian conflict. this safe zone a buffer zone really was established after kurdish y p g forces moved out they handed the area over to the syrian government the syrian army and it was declared a demilitarized zone. patrolled by russian military police monitors who arrived on the seventh of january now the kurds weren't acting out of altruism but because turkey was and is threatening to invade use the y.p. g p k k its terrorist. because the turkey started to
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incurred zora tional took you star get to the kurdistan workers spot to. one of the goals of turk to struggle against the p.k. k. in that searing of suits to save the kurds from the tyranny and suppression of the terror group trumps declaration that he's pulling out of syria suddenly through things into a state of flux us allies the y.p. ji who had lived and depended on american protection suddenly face being left alone with hostile turks rebels isis syrians on all sides their own arab allies ready to dump them reportedly and u.s. national security advisor john bolton is desperately trying to secure a future safety for his kurdish allies we're going to be discussing the president's decision to withdraw or to do so from northeast syria in a way that makes sure that the stance of israel and other friends in the region. is
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absolutely assured and to take care of those who fought with us against isis and other terrorist groups at the end of the day the us will leave the kurds understand this obviously and their fast tracking negotiations with president asaad with the syrian government could into various reports reconciling perhaps obviously they have their differences but it's a hostile neighborhood friends a few and far between and as we see now they can leave at any moment. that you know the story generating a lot of debate this week seen as a victory by animal rights activists a province in belgium has been the traditional muslim and jewish methods for slaughtering animals it's joined one full of other european regions which have prohibited the production of how well kosher meat e.u. law states that almost should be stunned before slaughter. so that they're
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incapable of feeling pain kosher on how rituals however require the animals to be in good health and fully cultures but the latest decision in the belgian region of flanders which could lead to a nationwide ban as art reach religious communities. today's the last day in which kosher meat and poultry can be prepared in belgium the jewish communities of brussels this is a sad day for the jews of europe a sad day for religious freedom in europe opponents of the religious traditions however have called the bomb a humane development. they want to keep living in the middle ages and continued to slaughter without standing and they didn't didn't get the disease back then without having to answer to the law well flanders joined sweden norway ice then denmark and slovenia in providing no exceptions for a lot of kosher meat we heard from the chairman of the islamic human rights commission in the u.k. and also a belgian based journalist on the possible implications of the bomb i've seen myself oxen and cows being killed and the animal sent panic before because the
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stern fairy slowly to have their head down and then only killed and one at the throat is slit it takes more than one minute before it becomes cincom unconscious so it is pure cruelty for three four minutes is not that cut in the truth of the animal the mains are trees on either side are actually caught the second that you do know blood flows through the brain so brain sees to function no pain no hardship and this is what is known proven if you listen to north oratory of islam. of the great mosque in paris he says that to him the stunning is acceptable if the animal could come back to its senses after the stunning which is the case and i think by the way that fifty percent of muslims in belgium believe that indeed animals could be or should be stunned before being killed following the ritual i
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think. from one individual in paris norm on behalf of the all the muslims and all the jews in the country it really is outrageous mr bucket that i mention turley is the image of the greatest mosque in france so it's not anybody is it all girl some might be just concern about the you and the more right but really there is the whole live of the. who trying to undermine the right of minority muslim or the jewish community and make him feel uncomfortable filled make him feel that they're not really part of that society or tolerance and acceptance of minorities goes to a certain point there are laws for example that we don't accept. we don't accept poly give me we don't accept marriages of underage girls we don't accept the hitch up in the public space that's our laws sorry nine belgians out of ten support this
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stunning issue so laws are made by the majority and we must respect the citee even if it's understand it's a bit emotional i mean the jews community members and the muslim community members are belgian too we can have a situation that we should not majority exposing and putting pressure on minorities for no reason as i said scientifically proven there is no extra hardship is brought on the mall when it is not accurately according to so that is true that is true does much more true than you highlighting one bucket from friends. as your reason for forward a former boxer is under arrest in france for allegedly turning his skills against riot police that and more right after this.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamped each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrials. but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one doesn't show you know four to miss the one and only. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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we start back in china where a hummer wielding man has injured twenty children at a primary school in beijing three of them are badly wounded but medics say their injuries are not thought to be life threatening a suspect was arrested they saying authorities say he was a contractor hired for maintenance work at the school where his contract was believed to be expiring this month and that happened being renewed there's been a number of attacks targeting children in china in recent times last october a woman injured fourteen in sichuan province and twenty seventeen a man killed nine middle school students also in the side of the country leaving the authorities to boost classroom security nationwide.
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the u.k. government stage traffic has been branded a waste of time too little too late it was supposed to be a rehearsal for a new deal breaks it near the port city of daughter polly boyd who report. this was a department for transport trial it was called operation brocken it's all about stress testing the u.k.'s rodin haulage system to see if it would be able to handle the potential disruption euphemistically speaking in the event of a no deal bragg's it now under the government's contingency plans they took a disused airport about thirty miles away from dover and said that they could use it as a parking facility for up to six thousand lorries so to test this plan that department of transport hired a number of trucks and got them to drive from this disused at four via a number of small roads owned to the port of dover bought and this is
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a pretty thing but only eighty nine lorries took part in the trial so you can take a look at what operation brought looks like now. they're not a good representation of a bad situation and chaos in the event of a no deal breakers it and there was a bit of criticism for the government's contingency planning first and foremost it came from the old story see on both trucks and roads that the road haulage association they represent wholly is and they said that the whole endeavor was quite frankly a waste of time this blaming should have been done many months ago and. it should have been continues and stressed to i don't mean
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a truck driver. will be impressed by this what we need is a deal or at least a transition to business is simply not ready for a broke that the local m.p. referred to the whole thing as a wild goose chase as well and the journalists following the story had quite a bit of fun with it too some saw operation broadcast as reflective of the entire bragg's it process lorries kunis a traffic jam. using eighty seven norreys to try and see what five thousand plus will do is so perfectly on brown bricks it is like preparing for a famine by skipping lunch. rather than using a load of lorries to create a fake traffic jam surely they should have used red buses with we're out of ideas emblazoned on the side of those tweets may be funny but they are beginning to reflect this sort of quiet hysteria that's painfully constant and surrounding or continuing to surround the issue of bragg's it here in the u.k.
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and of course the exit is still a massive cliffhanger for us this week the u.k. parliament is set to debate the u.k.'s withdrawal and ahead of two reason may's crucial and delayed vote in parliament next week the parliamentary math in terms of getting her deal approved isn't looking good her team says that they've still got a week to try and win over those that are dead set against the prime minister's deal that clicking pretty optimistic and if a deal isn't approved by parliament well then we're staring down the barrel of potentially a no deal breaker set where contingency planning like the sort that we saw today from the department for transport it's not going to look so funny anymore. a former french boxer who was wanted for allegedly punching policeman a yellow vests protest at the weekend has turned himself in he posted an explanation for his actions on facebook. i saw the repression that was the i
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saw the police. i've seen the police hurt people with flash balls i've seen people hurt of sin pensioners get tear gas i've seen a lot of things i was tear gassed on the last day yes i want to dance in the riot police was gassed with my friends and my wife i was gassed and for a moment the anger came up in the air yes well i wrecked it badly i reacted badly but i was defending my son he has received pledges of support and a funding campaign has been launched to help and the french interior minister those states all aggressors will be brought to justice. here i want to say to all the police and john down and firefighters who have been targeted and experience violence during their work and in particular over the course of the last few weeks but they can count on my support and complete determination to systematically identify and bring to justice their aggressors and their celebrate the surrender
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but he knew he had been identified and sought out of the individual who on saturday in paris brutally deployed on this bridge they are here and i salute them still more people happy. to. see. the maulvi city to people. who just wanted to take a can teach. your vehicle dog are the only ones using them we just. want to say see. authorities do with me or said your title to me counting out a path. to coup what i do to get to know who. said what you really want to. you know can i get you to go you want to see your country to spy heard condemnation the minister is here to comment on another controversial video where a prominent police officer is seen beating protesters on twitter there were calls
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for equal justice the officer is now under investigation after an injured woman filed a complaint meanwhile thirty five people have been arrested in france in connection with several fires started at a motor way too but people claiming to be part of the yellow vests movement were reportedly behind. the m.p.'s in france haven't escape the wrath of the yellow vest protesters either the home of one member of the country's ruling party was barricaded shot on sunday you must know on sunday morning i was a bit choked by the wall made of blocks there were around fifty of them i couldn't leave my home and it prevented anyone. from coming in because of that i'm very disappointed very disappointed it's happened before the attack centers are blocked by the sea walls i thought immediately that the yellow vests associate the tax offices with mccrone and his dismissal. all right max is here in moments giving his verdict on who comes out on top in a heavyweight trade title bite between the u.s.
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and china the kaiser report. with gold makers manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round lifts only the one percent. nor middle of the room six. million. u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either there are already several generations of them so i just
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got this memo from the circulating branches off that says we're going to attack and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with their money others with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war then surely we can risk some discomfort or uneasiness for. one else seemed wrong. but old rules just don't hold. any beliefs to shape out just to come out to it and in games from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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i am max kaiser this is the kaiser report you know like the e.k.g. for countries is their ten year bond rating is look at that you see all the countries healthy the countries not healthy well looks like to health of the chinese economy based on the their interest rates are better than america what am i talking about let's talk with stacy well certainly investors see the chinese debt as less risky than the u.s. debt according to our first headline markets conclude the u.s. is riskier than china now the treasury has to pay a premium over chinese bonds to attract investors they see four major red flags in u.s. debt so we're going to look at those four major u.s.
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red flagged debts and i want to point out however we've just ended our new year special from the you know our western new year we just finished the orthodox christmas yesterday and now we're heading into the chinese new year period soon so this is january is always a you know a crucial month into these the global geopolitics geo economics because all of these things kind of come together at the same point zero interest my birthday your birthday is january twenty third if you want to send max anything like that nasty tweeters. like any other day. well here's another reason donald trump is not at all happy with the fed and will continue to be frustrated by the world's number two economy he is the first president to suffer the new normal a china becoming more credit worthy than the u.s. that's right.


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