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people have donated money so we can renovate the cave. all right that doesn't for now be back with more news the top the hour stay with us desire to international. greetings and salutation. prepare yourselves hawk watchers because we are living in one of those special times in human history that will forever be remembered and talked about long after we're gone it's one of those moments that historians will
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look back on exclaiming it to be one of the real turning points in human history now whether it's a turn to success or failure good or bad it is entirely up to us and the decisions we as a society make in the next five ten twenty years i'm speaking of course about humanity's addiction to fossil fuels and the current push to bait and war to break us from this addiction and move us towards a future of green energy and a healthy thriving environment. this war is taking place all around us affecting all living things on the battlefields are taking shape right before our eyes and if you're living just outside of vancouver british columbia in the great northern nation of canada of the battle it battle is quite literally happening right before your eyes where the hereditary leaders and other members of the british columbia's we salute and first nation people through a series of checkpoints and camps are protesting the building of a six point two billion dollar natural gas pipeline by coastal gas link
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a subsidiary of the energy infrastructure giant the trans canada corporation and sadly my friends the battle is heating up as these star vancouver reports that fourteen were arrested after a checkpoint camp was abandoned by a massive fallen tree and a barrier of flame as dozens of royal canadian mounted police officers finally pushed past the barricade to set up to bar entry to the traditional territories of the wee suit and people the aggressive handling of the situation by the royal canadian mounted police even cause canadian author naomi klein to tweet out a shameful day for canada which is marketed itself as a progressive leader on climate and indigenous rights. greed pollution arrests and protests just another day on the job and a whole lot more when you're watching hawks. to. get the. real thing it's like. at the bottom.
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of the day like you that i got. with that we. would. welcome everyone watching the tyro's been ter and joining me today from toronto to discuss the latest on this new run the pipeline protest is the in the great white north is our t. correspondent alex may love it alex thank you always for coming on and talking pipelines up there seems to be a recurring theme going on as protest over these pipelines now surely is alex it's become a very intense situation between the mounted police and the was suiting protesters can you give us an idea of what led up to this and why did things as kool-aid so quickly on the ground. well so b.c. the supreme court injunction that happen in december basically telling the pipeline
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builders that they have interest or they have an injunction so they could use the road in peat it now this obviously takes off a lot of people saying that this first nation there they've had two checkpoints set up one of them set up since two thousand and ten so they've been waiting for this and now all of a sudden the r.c.m.p. has jumped into this now when you have the royal canadian mounted police get involved in this especially when you see a bunch of them an army like but teague jumping in to where the protesters are and blocking off actually making another checkpoint down the road so that the media and supporters can make their way to either one of these two checkpoints you know the situation tends to get out of hand then it doesn't exactly what we saw here the native groups of some of are calling this a declaration of war by the canadian government against this first nations territory so right now as it stands it looks fourteen arrests made on monday with those fourteen arrests and i mentioned the checkpoints pushing the media and
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supporters back this is a situation obviously has reached a new level with specially when you see federal police coming in on the situation in this province obviously a lot of people across the nation are reacting as you mentioned not only klein as well as many other individuals i mean the twitter sphere has been barking out loud when it comes to this issue and there's been protests across the country so what of that i mean the next logical question after seeing this is what are the next step for not only the protesters but also law enforcement where is this going to go from here. well as mentioned so the protests are happening on the land itself there's protests that happen in victoria on the west coast of toronto our capital auto ah this is one of those situations that you know it can boil over with it's not the first time we've seen this type of action by the police in canada against native groups so people here are quite sensitive to that as for the police themselves i mean all eyes are on the r.c.m.p.
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right now and when you say all eyes are on the r.c.m.p. that means all eyes are on auto up because these are the federal police so the government it's not going to be immune from this and what happens if this actually does ask but let's take one step back here is well you know some people are saying well first nations here they they signed off on this they said it was ok they said this pipeline could be built don't forget there's a lot of politics within first nations as well there's aleck to the fishes and there's hereditary officials now that hereditary officials the keepers of the land the people that don't want to see the wildlife in the watershed of this area ruined are the ones that are talking against this and these people have a huge following against the younger generations within first nations when it comes to a person's politics i don't know tyrrell if you've ever dealt with it or you've ever seen it firsthand it can get very very dirty that you can go by clan if you go by family and you know the within the first nations themselves that in our politics it's not always but sometimes it comes down to who's getting
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a little bit of cash from outside of the first nation itself it could be an oil company could be a gas company could be the government who knows so there's there's always something else at play it could be happening here i should say always but often that there is so tragically politics is politics about or what your background or culture or you've come from you know it's interesting because if i remember correctly the last round of fossil fuel pipeline protested in canada made prime minister justin's or do a brand new oil executive. from him basically nationalize the oil company and all but destroyed his standing among environmentalist could could you know how could this latest round of pipeline drama in british columbia damage trudeau even more what what is he going to do about this can this affect him. well as a part owner of the trans mountain pipeline myself being a canadian you know you see that what has happened with our government here trudeau was going to be the leader of the fighter the you know the the unicorn that came
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out of nowhere basically helping our environment helping first nations people and there's a double doing right there on both accounts october of this year there will be an election happening when we talk about first nations that huge subject here this is the whole thing which governments talked about an indigenous policy and promises of reconciliation this is not reconciliation the fact that some of our first nations don't have clean water is not reconciliation and buying a pipeline is not good for the environment so these are all issues that trudeau's going to have to fight and he's going to have to somehow stand up and have to bake it clear why he's doing this thing because the way the country is divided right now looks of lot is very similar to what's happening in the u.s. you have the one side that loves gas that loves oil we call them the conservatives and then we have the liberals and everybody to the left that's that or hopefully be or try to be environmentalists but when you have your liberal leader in the leader of the nation not really talking environment and talking against or not helping our
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indigenous people which is also a huge factor all of us outside the conservative movement think is very important for this nation he's going to have a lot of questions coming up and he's going to have a lot of answering to do who is going to be interesting seeing how that election plays out alex mail of it's always a pleasure to have you on thank you so much for filling us in thank you. surprisingly admits the government shutdown here in the u.s. over the funding of a bore her while yes that is the tragic state of affairs today. the u.s. senate went to work this week and yet the u.s. senate actually went to work this week no i'm not making this up our illustrious senators actually got some work done on tuesday focusing on a range of truly pressing issues that america needs an active right away government shut. out or no government shutdown and and just like you i am curious to see what what are some of these important issues that the u.s. senate put on the front burner as many u.s. citizens in the coming weeks might see their food stamps run out and rental system
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checks and balance think to thanks to this shutdown i wonder i wonder what they chose to work on today thankfully our t.v. correspondent dan cohn has been following the senate and can tell us just what our illustrious senators did all day. one of the key components of this bill is called the combating ass act and it's what many critics are calling a direct attack on constitutionally protected free speech now b.d.s. stands for the boycott divestment and sanctions movement and its proponents say it's necessary to force israel to conform with international humanitarian law these laws are on the books in twenty six states around the country and especially they say that any state contractor entity who does business with the state has to sign an oath promising not to boycott israel not to have already been struck down by federal courts in arizona and in kansas and we've seen the effects of these laws we've seen them in action in december a speech speech pathologist at
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a texas elementary school was fired after refusing to sign a loyalty oath to the state of israel of a component of the bill that would outlaw b.d.'s was introduced by the new conservative florida senator marco rubio and it's likely to have broad bipartisan support from senate democrats like chuck schumer now it also is a major priority for apac the american israel public action committee which is widely considered to be the main components of the israel lobby but somehow is not registered as a foreign agent a senator bernie sanders has come out against the bill saying it's absurd that the first bill during the shutdown is legislation which punishes americans freshman congresswoman rashida to labor also chimed in saying boycotting and boycotting is a right and part of our historical fight for freedom and equality maybe a refresher on our us constitution is in order then get back to opening up our government instead of taking our rights away according in washington dan cohen r.t.
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. glad to see this leave the roads to work for israel in the u.s. so this. is so typical of our government all right as we go to break or watch. as i do not want to forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered up facebook you tube and twitter and don't forget to check out our poll showed that r t dot com coming up we discuss how the clemency recently awarded to some toya brown and how that will affect future injustices committed by the u.s. criminal justice system not going to want to miss this it's going to be great stay tuned to watching the hawks.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see that. i've been saying the numbers means that they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten thousand dollars fine tempting each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial. but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remembering what one does not show you in a forward to miss the one and only.
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for many in the middle and upper classes here in the united states the us criminal justice system will never truly touch their daily lives beyond maybe a traffic ticket or a drunk driving charge from their early college days the late great charles bukowski said it best when he observed that the only time most people think about injustice is when it happens to them tragically this is resoundingly true for most people but they include not all people because as dr martin luther king jr brilliantly stated injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere there are many out there fighting injustice in every corner of the united states and around the world we saw them credible example of their efforts in the recent news of full clemency being awarded to the unjustly
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sentenced and toyah brown brown a victim of sexual trafficking who was convicted of robbing and killing the man who effectively bought her for the night was given a life sentence for her crime and she was only sixteen years old at the time. well now thirty years old will finally see the blue skies of freedom of being in prison for more for about fourteen years thanks in part to the thousands of e-mails and phone calls some to tennessee governor bill howes limbs office and the efforts of activists and lawyers fighting for cakes to discuss the story of some toy brown in the fight against injustice we're joined by social justice attorney now mucci and political commentator and activist lady dame figaro d.d. thank you very much for joining us today always a pleasure to have you on the and welcome to the supper the first time lee thank you for having me i want to start by asking you both given the nature of this case and the long work that you guys have put in. you know in your respective crews and
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fighting against injustice especially the criminal justice system. did the result. were you were you expecting this result or were you surprised by this move for clemency. yes i think. the organizing francis brown has been going on for over ten years with the organization specifically black women organizations on the ground in tennessee and so i am i believe in hope i'm hopeful person i believe in justice i believe that justice and change falls on the side of people so i think i was shocked but also still expecting that because this case has been brought to the limelight that some form of justice would happen when people take collective action so i believed that something would happen and so i think it's a mixture of both i believe in change and i believe when people take things into their own hands that we see change. i agree i think that change actually if
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activated by the community right like the community itself or weakening and forcing the state to shaft a right because this i mean this country was and was founded on genocide. of those things right and the exploitation of black and brown. people and so. for me you know. it is it is absolutely wonderful and divine and a main thing that everyone has clemency and. there can always be more because she's also on parole and just magine how. easy right because the way that the state is structure for someone to break their parole even unknowingly and. i think that i think the governor did the bare minimum very bare minimum so i don't think we should thank our congratulate. him
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for doing what is right. great point and i agree some tell you this case was really a tragic case so little you know you talk about underage a victim of sexual trafficking sixteen years old at the time probably even younger when we started you know convicting good of killing robber your guy who was subtly bought her. you know. you know is the justice system's treatment of the exception or the more when it comes to victims of sexual trafficking in this country it is the norm in d.c. there is. a safe harbor law which basically says that if you're under eighteen and you are caught in gays in the sex trade that the police and the prosecutors will not charge you for a crime but a report came out early last year that said that the fastest growing population of incarceration in d.c. are among black girls in the top two reasons or truancy which is not going to
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school being criminalized for not going to school and. prostitution charges right so even while d.c. is one of the few places that has a slow black girls are overwhelmingly criminalized for being survivors survivors of abuse survivors of engaging in a sex trade both willingly and they get and coercively and so i think that case is not the norm there's countless hundreds thousands of black girls brown girls indigenous girls who are currently incarcerated for surviving because every step of their life the government and the state has felt that the failure of investing in resources the failure of rendering them victimhood right so you can see because you know no i'm just saying right and i think we even talk about like almost all right i'm a black trans woman and that the largest number of homeless people and that you are . and i think about. for me i always try to approach any
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kind of reform or abolition from a holistic way which is which means that there are several things that have to change or be abolished in order for all of us to be free and liberated and so it's definitely it's definitely not. something that we see often and for me. what i kind of talked about like. a couple of weeks ago as i was saying you know in this last election everyone was talking about sex trafficking reign last year they say that there's over ten thousand children being sex trafficked and this country as of twenty seven thousand and the number continues to increase and so what that means who by right who is buying these kids. it's a class issue it's about poverty it's about are we. actually invested in making a world in which our children are allowed to be children and i think the response to victims and survivors of trafficking is to criminalize them that is the absolute
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norm the police abuse their authority abuse. they're one of the main perpetrators of abuse and complacently around like the sex trafficking of black girls and i think a lot of the resources that go into combating trafficking is really this like rescue industry right it's like for instance a toy she was running away from home because she was not in the most ideal situation is an abusive situation and by leaving home and looking for something that is safe she was criminalized for that which often happens with. huge black and brown youth there criminalized just for trying to survive. abusive situations as well as what are the situations that we need as a society to start looking to change situations so are some toy bro isn't put into the situation where you know is killing a robbery one of those elements that we have to look at to keep people from falling into those traps keep people from being abused and we have to end right culture
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yeah i mean. really that's one of the things right and like the ending of rape culture i think about so having r. kelly just aren't right and really what he was doing was trafficking children he was trafficking a little black girls. and ending rape culture is absolutely paramount. and we. need to end poverty which means that i really do feel you know i mean i know people get scared when you talk about like democratic socialism right but i think that i would rather know that everyone has a house has food. and then they're having to people who are homeless and having to get into a situation where they are absolutely one more thing. i was going to say that another like concrete thing that is often not brought up is there is
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a global national and local movement to decriminalise sex work and most people who are most likely to be vulnerable to sex trafficking are also most people who are doing street based survival based sex work and so the reason the reason why it was criminalize for engaging in the sex trade coercively is because we have a very negative and violent posture towards people's sexuality if towards people's sexual experiences and so decriminalizing sex work is one way that the police now use their resources to house people and use the resources to feed people rather than doing these big raids that actually just reach traumatizing criminalize survivors of sex trafficking so i think that's one immediate thing d.c. is one place where people are working to decriminalize sex work because recognizing that people in the sex trade are more equipped to recognize who is in the industry is being trafficked and who in the industry needs to get out there's an interesting trend noticed in pop culture. is this kind of hyper focus and hyper excitement
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through crime t.v. . you know it's kind of growing we saw earlier like the eighty's ninety's had to live through you know with cops and things like that but now you have shows you know how to make a murder of the killing fields and all these shows kind of that everyone super popular to talk about on netflix as two people who are kind of on the front lines of fighting these kind of injustices you know. is this pop culture kind of fascination with true crime stories a good thing or a bad thing in the long run because it's kind of debating myself because i don't know if it's something that's kind of making it like other people look at other people suffering or is it awakening people to say hey that there is this kind of suffering going on i don't know i'm kind of torn on this i mean white people have been fascinated by the suffering of all our sense as long as i can remember and then this removed three and so i don't i don't now you know i don't i don't think that. contributing factor to what we're seeing right i think we're at
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a. period in our our humanity right in our human race where the veil is being torn off so people have to see people for absolutely who they are i don't know when i say one thing that may contribute to the next like negative cases is this like i do this like myth of like cops solving crime or cops like getting a witness for a domestic violence case but like the number two reason number two complaint against cops are domestic violence sexual assault specifically for black women and girls and black people and so like these myths that are perpetuated in the media actually make people think that's in toilet deserved what she was coming from you know what was coming to her or don't render a black woman a black girls and black people and black children and children in general victims and so i think there are shows like how to get away with murder and queen sugar that are like complicating how people have experiences with the criminal legal
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system but i think you're right like people already have in their mindset that black people and brown people indigenous people are not worthy of justice and respect and so it makes it really easy for media to encapsulate it's an interesting thing with two of the biggest popular shows in that is you know how to make a murderer like the staircase both dealt with you know white people being accused of something and potentially being innocent of it i want to thank you both for coming on a very socialist attorney and political commentator and activist lady lady for growing thank you so much for coming on today always a pleasure thank you. and today let's close with a little good moves in the world of cancer it's rare i know good news and cancer but well according to a new report the american cancer society has found that from one thousand nine hundred to two thousand and sixteen the u.s. cancer death rate has actually dropped steadily. by about one point five percent per year which results in an overall decline of about twenty seven percent during
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that twenty five year period and while this is incredibly good news in the fight against cancer like all things dealing with the big c. there is still some bad news namely that the report also discovered and found that when it comes to cancer wealth actually matters it appears the gaps based on socioeconomic status and cancer death rates are widening which adds a rather deadly bribe product to the growing wealth gap in this country so my friends maybe it's time we close that gap. well that is our show for you today thank you for joining me and remember everyone in this world we are not told that we are loved enough so i tell you all i love. tyrrel but keep on watching those hawks never a great day and i thought. you know like the e.k.g. for countries is their ten year bond rate you look at that you say oh that country
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southie the country is not healthy well looks like being the chinese economy based on that their interest rates are better than america. nobody could see coming that false confessions would be that profile in this population of people will converge if you look at any interrogation out there what bill c. is threat promise threat promise threat lie a lie a lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said if i would cooperate so i stayed there i would be home by that time the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in misconduct that has nothing to do with all their crime.
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when they came back from iraq oh marijuana her was cocaine methamphetamine anything that's altering trying to get us out. that bad mind. using the chemical that would be so. to be dreamed kenyan dream keno new nope just killing myself. says. drink to get drunk alcoholics drink to feel normal. that's why it's this way drug. a shot while surfing the net. star cool under which these guys are going through to do it it just means to. reduce need to be helped pushed on by the v.a.'s are as drugs they need to be built. and they've really shouldn't be looked at like numbers they should be looked at like people if they go to
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a veteran center for health issues be considered as someone who really needs attention and. gives an oval office speech claiming that the u.s. is in the grip of an immigration crisis and urging democrats in congress to fund is . a lawmaker from the anti immigration alternative for germany party is severely injured in a street assault with police are treating as politically motivated. and the russian military police began patrols near the northern syrian city of month after u.s. backed kurdish forces withdraw from the area.


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