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tv   News  RT  January 15, 2019 2:00am-2:30am EST

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when the history books are written people would look at the decisions i. think. the reason made efforts to convince m.p.'s tobacco deal that met with the regime in the u.k. parliament the big vote on her edu divorce deal is happening today. donald
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trump russian interpreters could be subpoenaed to testify before congress as democrats suggest the president is concealing information from his meetings with vladimir putin. the three months national debate gets under way in france as president might be wrong tries to tone down the temperature on the yellow vest demonstration. to world news on the hour every hour this is off the international live from moscow welcome to the program. to stay is perhaps the biggest day for brics it since the day of the referendum back in twenty sixteen british m.p.'s will vote later on to resume a z u divorce deal it does come up to five days of intense debate in parliament. over these next twenty four hours give this deal a second here we've seen a divided government deliver
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a botched withdrawal deal with nothing more than a tiny guy outline for what our future relationship with the e.u. will be when the history books are written people will look at the decision. during the past two years of shambolic negotiations the prime minister has failed to listen i. say we should to the british people and get on with building up brighter future for our country but i think. the statement to the how. the government is in disarray right it's korea is a prime minister's deal is rejected tomorrow it's time for a general election it's time for you government. and it seems that may won't again a lot of support for the deal from our own conservative party some of our m.p.'s have already made it clear they will reject it. unnecessary churkin it gives us
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a round up of events leading up to today's vote. today could make or break what has become theresa may life mission delivering on what the british people voted for the twenty sixth the referendum the house of commons votes on the british prime minister's brags that if it gets their backing the u.k. will finally be able to get on with it as they say after more than two years of vision and confrontation about what perhaps it is meant to look like but if lots of me is in big trouble and most predict that m.p.'s will be showing to recent means deal the door today's night is nothing more than a repetition of exactly the same position that was pulled more than one months ago and doom is as dead as the deadest downing street has already had to postpone the vote on her deal in december in order to avoid the humiliation of defeat and we will therefore defer the coach edgel for tomorrow. and not to proceed to divide the house at this time what followed was a slap in the face at home
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a vote of confidence triggered by her own conservative party mate may have survived but passions continue to boil following this but we now need to get on with the job of delivering bricks it for the british people may travel back to brussels for some extra support but didn't quite get it the e.u. made it clear there will be no reading goshi ation on the withdrawal agreement only clarifications at the shore and says it's not open for you to add insult to injury reports were flying around that the president of the european commission was calling me names and i was told the gross you know if they haven't checked. it's. fast forward to today little has changed what's continued to pile up though is criticism m.p.'s have decided that may's government will have three days if the deal is rejected to come up with plan b. a plan to resubmit is likely not to have opposition leader jeremy corbyn once
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a general election as a way out of the deadlock the government is in disarray. right it's time for a general election it's time for a new government but despite the resistance made continues to insist that her offer is the best one possible saying not supporting her deal could lead to a new deal brock's it for new grex if at all well the deal remains a serious risk having observed events at westminster over the last seven days it's now my judgment that the more likely outcome is a paralysis in parliament that risks that being no bret's it but isn't that something that so many politicians had preferred all along anyway with some already laying the groundwork for a second referendum what else can we possibly up to the british public we had any case here it's up to get back. to reconsider this breaks it is a call a trip a swindle a fruit
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a deception but most of those people that promise to help you know why we bothering to leave and when we leave we're still subject to all the rules and paying in cash and all of this kind of thing freedom of movement but we have no say over it it's the votes cast on tuesday evening that will indicate in which direction the ship sailing in unchartered waters will head towards next associate you're going to r.t. . and one pregnant m.p. from the u.k.'s labor party has postponed ace's arion section to enable herself to take part in this crucial vote. if by some and does the role given one day later than the doctors advised but it's a rolled with a better chance of a strong relationship between britain and europe then that's worth fighting for nathan girl the u.k. politician i mean pay for wales things remain a m.p.'s are doing everything possible to stop brecht's it from happening. she is the prime minister over a remain in the vast majority of m.p.'s who actually remain is so if she's telling
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them if they don't back a deal they will be no breaks it they're not going to back a deal she's not going to persuade them to do so it said very clearly on the ballot paper to stay in the e.u. they said nothing about arranging the deal is said nothing about truth in the article fifteen said nothing about any of these delaying tactics in which the remain as a trying to galvanize the supports and trying somehow grasping with their fingernails to stay within the e.u. when the british people were very clear about what they wanted and the reality is five hundred m.p.'s voted to trigger a fifty fifty ses very clearly that it is even a deal that is all on the twenty ninth of may we leave without a deal and there is no option in there no so i'm not sure where she's coming from. in greece protesting schoolteachers of clashed with riot police over
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a proposed new hiring system with tensions running high gas and batons were used to disperse the crowd. the violence took place near the greek parliament protesters trying to get into that building but the police as you can see pushed them by and no arrests or injuries reported we understand those protesters were on friday when that demonstration began. greece's public order minister strongly criticized the police response calling the conduct unacceptable and politically dangerous and she also accused them of
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indiscriminately attacking the protesters. after months of violent protests across france president is trying to engage the nation has initiated a twelve week public consultation to address the issues that have been spurring the yellow first protest movement at the move has been met with cynicism by his political opponents. of course is the right one and we're not going to change it just because the wind is poor weak. i will not concede anything to those who want destruction and disorder. at least. i take
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my share of responsibility. as france begins a nationwide form of group therapy president hopes he can find solutions to quell the anger of the yellow vest movement in doing so he's taken a leaf out of the book of louis the sixteenth he used a similar method to try and put cold water on popular discontent with the french media drawing comparisons to how the french revolution began to bubble away it's not the first time that corn has been likened to a king with these monarchical style of leadership and that seems to see through the letter he's written to citizens about his national debate for louis that debate ended in a revolution will it be different this time around for me there is no boundaries.
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you were interviewing everything which is normal in a democracy but at least will show we're a people who are not afraid of talking exchanging debating mccaughan has promised that he will listen to all opinions but he's already come under fire from opposition politicians who've described the debates as a diversion a big debate a big diversion it's like redoing the presidential debate but the government is fixing the outcome the bait yes of course but when it comes to this big debate we don't know who's organizing it the topics are limited and before it even starts the government is announcing that it will adopt a radical policy. one
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hopes this big debate focusing around four themes will be a turning point and though he says he listened to new ideas he's also been crystal clear that the core economic reforms that he's already instigated it's just scrapping a wealth tax won't be reversed the debates are not an opportunity for people to offload all their frustrations nor are we questioning what we've done in the past eighteen months we're not replaying the election many protesters see the whole debate as no more than a masquerade look we don't care about the national debate because we know it won't change anything that really many demonstrations they used tear gas against protesters this national debate is like sleeping gas you know macross and suggested a national debate but we know it's useless because the government says they won't review anything that's been done in the last eighteen months and there appears to be a real apathy for this initiative with one poll suggesting that only forty one percent
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of respondents saying that they would even take part. it wasn't just louis the sixteenth two faced his greatest challenge when the french took to the streets the fifth republic's pounded to go also found his position untenable following the riots in sixty eight and would be yellow vests still calling for corns resignation it appears that this national debate may not be enough to heal the wounds of a country so deeply divided. auty paris. us democrats are reportedly preparing subpoenas for donald trump's interpreters who worked on his meetings with vladimir putin over concerns the american president has concealing nationally significant information if i had a choice i'd rather not do that with the with the interpreters but we may have no choice we'll have to see down down the road what happens but we want to get to the truth comes after the washington post reported that trump went to extraordinary
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lengths to conceal the content of his meetings with the russian president allegedly keeping the notes his interpreter has made all the articles published at the weekend suggest that the trump might well be a russian asset u.s. president was quick to react. i never worked for russia you know that is are better than anybody i never worked for russia not only did i never work for russia i think it's a disgrace that you even asked that question because it's a whole big fat whole just dark. trumbo also lashed out at the media saying it's getting crazier every single day another big story this weekend was the inquiry opened by the f.b.i. on whether trump was secretly working on behalf of russia and said the probe was initiated off the trunk fired f.b.i. chief james comey last year so the us president had his say on this as well. so the people doing his best to go just for people that have been born that are known
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sounds old there i guess you could say dirty cops so what you say should i have confidence in the f.b.i. or zealots it's a disease when i see more and i see all of these see both when i see lisa and her lover as there's no sin there's sex just sat here you see what they said about me having nothing to do with us to go to the election is next year so what the republicans and other people going to be asking is why don't you just wait and get him out the old fashioned way by beating him by coming up with somebody better than actually the asons of what this thing is because in this froth and in this frenetic this move to say impeach impeach my respect lisa miller again i don't think anybody really understand what impeachment means the american public is complete and totally tone deaf at this point by virtue of this incessant russian collusion
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russians buying russian does. the american public it doesn't make any sense nor we've heard a big cheer waited to it anything new anyone russian involvement here american public just have said said enough with this police give us a new country maybe make it chinese just to to mix it up a little bit americans are tone deaf when it comes to everything and any they russian. and plenty more pictures are stories still to come on the program here on r.t. international just a moment as well live to television with paula for the meantime we're back in just a moment. join me every thursday on the alex salmond chill and i'll be speaking to us from
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the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see that. country has gone into a nihilistic theme. i think i'm gonna hit the road and get out there traveling across america to find what makes america the charlotte is the genius of this place especially american hero this is a point. we always are on the courageous and. we're starting west with the movie going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the bees i think i want to leave now doesn't get any more. you may be completely different and it is just.
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joining us here at all to you today a canadian data analytics has accused the u.s. media of having a pro israel bias and you study published by four sixteen labs says u.s. outlets routinely depict israel in a more favorable light than palestine. and looks at how this alleged bias might be making life a little bit difficult for u.s. politicians. if you want to be a mainstream politician being pro palestinian or anti israel is not your best option congresswoman tulsi gabbert was attacked after she announced that she was running for president in two thousand and twenty because she had criticized israel's use of live ammunition against gaza protestors among other things on it. for support for israel and i consider her a friend and good woman but she is dead wrong on assignment and criticism of israel and gaza was a mass terrorist israel attacked and it's not enough to just support israel but you
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have to want those who don't support israel to be punished senator marco rubio is going after a newly elected congresswoman simply because he had voted against a law that would penalize those who boycott israel and it's not just democrats who catch flack if they don't toe the tell of the wine rand paul a republican is facing away the attack ads response to wolf arised the military support to keep israel safe president trump strongly supports that but not rand paul will be with him to stand with israel or will you stand in the way if you want to be successful in politics follow the lead of new york city mayor bill de blasio he actually went as far as saying that being pro israel is part of his job and this is what i do as mayor it's a sacred responsibility to speak up for and defend the state of israel there is no closer relationship on earth literally no closer relationship than that between new york city and the state of israel and when it comes to media coverage of israel
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palestine conflicts well it's not exactly balanced new research shows that for the last fifty years pro israeli stories have been amplified in american media the large gap in israel centric headlines over palestinian ones was four to one in favor of israeli stories israeli perspectives and narratives find greater space in the american media compared to those of palestinians now the authors don't even see this imbalance is a problem they think it's just natural that u.s. media would follow us foreign policy. critically this appears to be a systemic problem and coverage rather than a result of deliberate planned bias instead this has likely more to do with what scholars allude to as the us media's affinity to broadly align and support their government's foreign policy objectives but despite the media imbalance the us public is becoming less and less favorable to israel a new poll shows that thirty eight percent of americans think that israel has too
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much influence in american politics and that's fifty five percent among democrats so it looks like the gap between the u.s. public and mainstream media coverage is growing up and r.t. new york. the outgoing chief of staff of the idea has for the first time acknowledged that israel has indeed been fighting iran unifor says in syria differently but tell over the first supplied militants in the region or with weapons something that has long been denied straight knowledge of middle east senior correspondent paula slater joining us live here on the program paula what else are we learning. well as you say what we're hearing now from the outgoing idea of chief of staff and self is that israel has been fighting ukrainian forces inside syria and at the same time supplying rebels fighting the syrian president bashar al assad with light weapons for what he says was the self defense not got the eyes and has been the idea of chief of staff for the past three years
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and essentially these comments are the first time that really we're hearing and high ranking israeli officials spilled the beans on what until now has been a poorly guarded secret he also said that israel began attacking ukrainian infrastructure back in january that the west systematic and that it was happening beneath the radar and this is not the first time or a that we've heard some kind of rumors or some kind of suggestions that israel was involved in syria and that israel has been supporting the rebels there that last year in september the i.d.f. the israeli defense forces forced a truce impose new scapegoat to take down an article in which it reported that israel was supporting the rebels there were also reports earlier in the year that a former israeli defense force minister had mates with syrian rebels in the wall street journal also published an article in which it said it will have been providing cash to the ripple finds has despite all of this the official position of the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been that israel is not in any
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way involved in syria or supporting the syrian rebels. we do not interfere in this terribly bloody conflict we do however provide humanitarian aid to young boys and girls it is expensive but we will continue to invest. now as of yet we haven't received any comment from the israeli defense forces but its twitter page is full of tweets people congratulating the outgoing chief of staff and wishing him the best of luck in the future. our daughters policy where they're joining us live thank you. well the years of conflict in syria by regional players and international power players have left scars on the country and its people many of its citizens are still in fact trying to fight for their lives here's the story of one boy.
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my friend and i were clean ball when we found something in our backyard we didn't know it was a mortar shell started to play with it down we decided to put it in the basement and that's when the explosion happened. a few incidents from died in that explosion so my son got multiple injuries and doctors have to amputate one of his life so there was a risk he would lose the others i didn't know what to do. in the hospital my trash and dr macneill yes. and this is all to international clashes erupted in chile's capital where people took to the streets to protest the killing of a young man by police. local
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authorities used water cannon and detained five demonstrators as they tried to block the road in front of the chilean president's official residence and people got that after a young indigenous was killed by police in november health already say this was during an operation against local coffee but after video evidence of the shooting was destroyed several officials resigned and police officer and is a police officer involved in the killing i should say they wound up being fired. and many more of a tuesday worldwide news headline still to come your way though we were turn at the top of the hour.
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when i came back from iraq now iowa marijuana her was cocaine methamphetamine so anything that's altering trying to get us out. that bad mindset using the chemical that would be self medicating. i want to be drinking and drinking ino new not just killing myself. hollings drink to get drunk alcoholics drink to feel normal. that's why i'll call it so that's why a drug addict knew what a shop was still for and there. still are cool under which these guys would bring through to it it just means to a. need to be helped and good pushed on by the v.a.'s are as drugs go and stuff they need to be built. and they this day really shouldn't be looked at like numbers they should be looked at like people if they go to a veteran center for health issues be considered as someone who really needs
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attention. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race based on often spearing dramatic developments only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. ratings. so they hawk watchers we're going to start with one of the exciting. new old phrases added to the language lexicon courtesy of the trump era of u.s. politics you know if you love a fake news i guess the glorious fake news the war cry of both democrats and
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republicans alike when confronted with journalism or news outlets they just aren't happy with even the united states congress has hammered away at the scourge of fake news and hearings with social media companies and technocrats all less of them and all every news outlet in the trump era has at one time or another been called fake news one of the big questions surrounding the supposed to disease of fake news is just who only it who is truly falling for it or according to a recently published study in science advances fakes news is truly. a baby boomer problem yes using a sampling of facebook users sharing history to use it hears or sharing history before and after the twenty sixteen presidential election the study found that the oldest americans especially those over sixty five were more likely to share fake news to their facebook friends and as the verge notes the report also revealed an eleven percent of users older than sixty five share
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a hoax while just three percent of users eighteen to twenty nine did wow but fear not fake news sharing baby boomer friends. and doubt because thankfully there is a cure for ending the reign of fake news and its name is a news guard yes the brainchild of media executive steven brill and louis gordon it's the browser extension provides users a color coded guide green good red bad as well as a nutrition label to news sites and organizations and if they're fake or bad or whatever because hey you know who better to decide what is or is not bakes news than a former time magazine reporter and a member of the council on foreign relations. i'm just in case you're wondering yes r t got a red check mark for being russian government funded propaganda but voice of america got a green checkmark for being us government funded propaganda by news guard. so
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today let's delve into the latest stat stats and schemes in the world of big news as we start watching the hawks. were pretty. good looking like real that this would be. as it gets to the bottom city. but they like you that i got. was that we. would. be. exactly. welcome her when watching the hawks i am told them to have had so tab fake news and what guards against it yeah i remember just a few.


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