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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  January 16, 2019 7:30am-8:01am EST

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the dreams of western isolationists near and far and on tuesday evening in london these six hundred fifty members of parliament voted down the bracks that referendum in a staggering four hundred thirty two to two hundred two defeat of prime minister trees amaze bragg's the deal that according to the b.b.c. is the biggest government defeat in britain since one thousand nine hundred twenty four who were jeremy corbin waiting in the wings with a no confidence vote in his hand and a call to force early elections tucked under his arm the new york times is reporting that mrs mrs may must return to parliament by him next monday with a backup plan if nothing is approved by march twenty ninth britain would making no deal departure from the block which would cause dire economic risks so today my friends with may's deal now crushed let's find out what comes next as we start watching the hawks. get the
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sense. that this one. as it gets to the bottom. like you that i got. was that we. would. welcome the world watching the hawks i am tyrrell's them to do that and it seems. that's the fable of parliament much like cher. i don't know do they believe in life after leave. is good and you were good i would i have to give you credit that's really good. but i always look scarcity is unfair to give you a right to because it was back in two thousand and sixteen when this vote happen that you were certain with me and others watching the vote through would you say
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this is never actually going to happen or if it does it's going to get kind of kicked down the road kicked down the road and what they think is going to happen is not what's going to be the reality you call it you called it back in two thousand and sixteen i did not believe in life after leave yeah well the whole thing just seemed very difficult to even sort of palatable for the for the u.k. public it's such a big proposal it affects literally literally everyone there and it doesn't really think about these things so may made delivering brax that her main task that was that it was all is about when she took office in two thousand and sixteen. and she was going to be the whole thing so now she has until monday to come up with a new proposal but she doesn't seem to have a plan. you've got to keep plan b. literally around you've got it it's really important for those monday morning for those monday mornings when you're like when you're why don't i agree to any of the
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plan b. right there right here. so there's only ten weeks left and got about plan b. and otherwise you only have so long so there's ten weeks left before the u.k. will leave the e.u. which is supposed to be on march twenty ninth but it does. and one of the options for them at this point. well they can have a sort of no deal bracks that where they just break off and everybody goes we'll figure it out later without workers. but you know it's. a push toward the sort of soft apart here it's a soft exit from the e.u. where they won't deal with borders and they don't want to with us in the us slowly pick away at it until they're sort of left. but what i think is as probably going to happen and what must must people in the u.k. and politics think is that what this is going to do is trigger a new election and they're going to have to have a second probably another second referendum by the vote that you've seen in
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parliament is too big to ignore and public perception and ultimately as i also as the very good saying that what i end up happening is it will be such a disaster that they're going to go back and say we're going to do a new referendum not going to leave let's just do your job and negotiate new changes i could totally see that avenue and when you look at things here stateside it's interesting because like i said earlier it kind of. it was like a harbinger for trouble many in the political field. that happened that was a harbinger of donald trump i mean literally saying like air of proxy goes through means trump will weigh. the time of ones like them out there like what did happen so what's interesting is they've compared the kind of fight over brooks that you can place in the u.k. with trump spite over the wall and one of the main people saying that there is legit comparisons there is your favorite and mine former trump truth chief strategist steve bannon. actually told the new york times it's stunning how
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parallel this is if you're going to challenge the system the system is going to fight back trump is getting ready for his own no deal hard which is before and obviously donald saying look if you guys don't want to pass this wall i'm going to just declare an emergency on the border and use those funds to build it up it's pretty incredible when you when they both go together like that i think what's really interesting what you can't forget is that both of these referendums both of these things are being pushed through under with the major major. marketing point of immigration and you know national security and that's all you see over and over again as immigration we get out of the fear mongering immigration and national security immigration and national security don't fall for the fear mongering anymore please. eighteen years after the attacks and september eleventh ground zero in new york city is and will forever be considered
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a sacred place a place to remember and honor the lives lost and our lives broken from the tragedy of that morning since that tragic day many new revelations have come to light regarding the still mysterious role of the country of saudi arabia and what they may have played in those attacks beyond just you know being the home country to fifteen of the nineteen hijackers which is why the thought of a statue commemorating the country of saudi arabia on ground zero doesn't sit well with many people who lived and lost on that fateful september morning in new york city r.t. america's treaty travis has the story. this can do nations art exhibit here at the world trade center campus has been making major headlines specifically for this nine foot piece of our right here wrapped in the saudi arabia flag it's been causing fierce backlash because of its location here at ground zero. the sculpture of part of an exhibit called candy nations depicts the flags of each of the g twenty countries as nine foot tall wrapped candies installed back in december the
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sculpture stands tall right next to the oculus one of the buildings that replaced the original world trade center the installment sparking fears backlash since fifteen of the nineteen attackers on september eleventh were saudi citizens. as a result port authority officials have decided to remove the art exhibit and place it somewhere else after receiving countless complaints from social media users and local victim groups the agency said in a statement to our t.v. we have been in contact with the nine eleven memorial and various. stakeholders and in full collaboration with the artist will relocate the exhibit from its current location we believe the solution respects the unique sensitivities of the site and preserve the artistic integrity of the exhibit many of the victims' families and survivors have sued saudi arabia claiming that it helped plan the nine eleven attacks however the saudis tonight its involvement a coalition of family members of nine eleven victims and survivors said in the
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statement that the sculptures presence at this site depicting the chaos a kingdom of saudi arabia flag is an outrageous to front to the nine eleven community and all other americans who seek justice for the attacks on our nation on september eleventh two thousand and one however not all agree and then people have been unreasonable to just blame an entire nation more interest. there's more to it than that i think if it should stay here because it's for everybody and like you said everybody you at the end were as such but what happened the exhibit which was created by french artist lawrence chin kell in two thousand and eleven has been shown in twenty five countries and according to the port authority an initially garnered the support from several companies and organizations including the chanel foundation the international olympic committee and coca-cola the artist said in this statement to the observer i first created fly candy sculptures to celebrate mankind on an international level and pay tribute to people of the entire world
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given the unique and justified sensitivities surrounding the world trade center it came to my mind to propose to remove a sculpture showcasing the flag of saudi arabia or relocate it to a less sensitive location but there is no way i can do such a thing as the flag of saudi arabia is entirely part of the g twenty just like any other candy flag of this candy nation show now the exhibit was originally supposed to stay here at ground zero for two months but since the backlash port authority officials are now going to move the exhibit to j.f.k. international airport sometime this week reporting from ground zero trinity chavez r.t. . while we can't blame all nation. for the actions of a few of their nation that's funny because iraq didn't get that we blame the whole nation we blew it up we got rid of everything and last time i tracked you're pretty sure you can blame the whole country of russia for everything. everywhere
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throughout thrust fault as well as our us all saudi arabia fall but this. this is huge considering the amount of backlash that there was frame a mosque and good point you know four blocks around the corner away from from ground zero the idea that it's like oh but that's not an image of the flag of a majority muslim country that had fifteen of the nineteen hijackers right there in front of it that that's not offensive which there is a pending lawsuit letters a lawsuit right now against them for the new information that's on covered you know in the saudis involvement potential involvement alleged involvement in you know the attacks and what role did they play you know there's a lawsuit against the two it's a great point bringing up the mosque as i remember how ridiculous that was all those a lot to me i would rather of the mosque then the. statue celebrating a country that may i may have been involved with it's all part of this like oh great let's celebrate a bunch of countries coming together to crush all the little different areas and
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take all the money away from everybody in the candy like i just don't think it's a very sweet thing to be celebrated we have to be made like a big thing that can be and is given to poor people and i don't like laughing at nine foot babies as a food and what the met people as they walk down this story and i know you're going to said we you know the u.s. spends well and trillions on the defense budget but yet you could use the same trillions to like feed the world six times over there is the same kind of principle there and i am but i'm glad they're taking a down and moving it except the fact that they're taking it to the j.f.k. airport an airport. all right as we go to break cargo terms told forget to let us know what you think of the topics of government facebook twitter and your bizarre poll shows that on t v dot com coming up we delve into whether your political party may just be grooming like a cult celebrated author lisa cohen stay tuned for the horrors.
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what politicians do. they put themselves on the line and they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to upset. you to try to cross the saliva before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. or at the city hall. i've been saying the numbers mean something they didn't matter the u.s. is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each dish. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to the rich eight point
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six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business show you can afford to miss the one and only boom bust. president donald trump is repeatedly said the u.s. will withdraw from syria it would seem he's the only one in his administration backing this move is trump in charge of his own foreign policy are john bolton and my cum pale actually in the show. when i came back from iraq oh marijuana her was
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cocaine methamphetamine see anything that's all. trying to get us out of. that. using the chemical that would be so. i want to be drinking and drinking just killing myself but i. drink to get drunk alcoholics drink to feel normal. that's why all it's this way you. shop us over the next. star cool i do what these guys are going through to do it it just means to. need to be helped and pushed on by the v.a.'s are as drugs go and stuff they need to be built. and they this really shouldn't be looked at like numbers they should be looked at like people if they go to a veteran center for health issues be considered as someone who really needs attention.
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what would you call an organisation that requires even the unemployed members to contribute financially in order to remain a member are one in which dissent and doubt are severely punished what about groups that claim that their members deserve exalted status while being forced to refuse friendships family and work with anyone who does not adhere to their beliefs. and if that group prioritize is getting new members in the financial contributions they bring well it's probably a cult now when most of us here call it we think the church of scientology the manson family or probably most famously the people's temple of the disciples of christ most well known for their nine hundred seventy eight mass suicide murder of three journalists a defector and us congressman leo ryan what we tend to ignore are when political
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groups act in the same greedy fascist and hypocritical fashion as any religious cult and wrapped in a claim of patriotism or revolution a closer look at many political groups as a dangerous parallel to the kinds of cults that strike fear in the hearts of americans from the progressive purity tests of the last to their reinterpretation of basic law from the right these so-called friends groups are part of a much bigger problem in american politics the cult of personality so what are cults how do people end up joining them and what can we do to help navigate a political sphere that's now using the tactics of dangerous cults to market their political agendas joining us now to help us understand this trend is the author of to the moon and back to childhood under the influence about her time as a child and young adults in the unification church i want to welcome lisa cohen. hello sir it's a pleasure having you back on the show and i want to start off with this interesting that george orwell once wrote that i have always thought there might be
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a lot of cash in starting to move religion and we can see that financial exploitation is one of the most glaring behaviors of political call and also religious cults in all spectrums from the far right to the far left you see groups that require not just a financial contribution but one that is large enough to prove commitment to the cause some even requiring an amount that proves the number is truly sacrificing for the cause how common is money or well be used in you know cults to control their members. so i mean my experience is that so i grew up in the information church the mini's and it was. everything you have everything you owned was given to the church so i and the there was a lot of money in the church but there wasn't a lot of wealth and there was a lot of wealth and interest but there wasn't a lot of wealth experience by the members of the church so i don't know if that
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directly answers your question but i know that everyone i knew gave their lives gave everything they had and worked for the church and got no money back from the church but was supported by the church so it just was. yes i don't even know the answers i like a win win win lose i don't even know what it is but that's what it was. when i was at one of the things we noticed in speaking to you about the unification church and then and reading your book and doing more research and ever it seems that all of these religious organizations that do kind of turn into cults really use certain things as collateral it's that you don't need these things we can do that and one of those is behavior modification once you sort of financially taken away somebody like give us your money make sure whatever. controlling behavior becomes a big component one example i found very similar to yours was in the memoir of
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alexandra stein it was called inside out a memoir of entering and breaking out of a minneapolis political call and all kind of explain it to a little bit she was part of a marxist leninist organization called the oh that grew out of a minneapolis co-op there was literally the food co-op for us of the seven days it's a real thing but it really came out of this idea of what she witnessed was that clandestine structure charismatic leaders and all controlling environment sometimes forced marriages or pregnancies and all of it was not because of a religious it wasn't because god or you are the true religion this was because of it was part of the revolution they had to do this in order to get this political thing in today's political climate and do you see some of that more and more are you seeing some of that that kind of behavior and political organizations and how do we how do we protect our minds from the brainwash. so i mean i
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don't know that i agree that our general political parties are cult cult to me is a really strong strong word but at least the ones on the fringes of the essence to me of a cult is when this is completely right and everybody else is completely wrong that to me is when it becomes cult like and so you know when and when you have me believing that i am complete whether it's god or you know the lack of god or politics around god anything that's the essence of completely right compels me to do whatever it is i need to do to stay involved so it's brain you know i think i said last time with all of you when i was on with you right we want community purpose and certainty as human beings and so anything that gives me that sense of community we're in this to fight the fight that purpose that fight that we're fighting an absolute certainty that i'm doing the right thing is intoxicating so when someone offers you the complete package that's the first time to go i'm not
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sure i'm not sure there really is no complete package but we are susceptible to the complete package the answer whatever it is i'm curious why why you know. it's interesting is this why do you think we want to know this and why do you think we're so subside susceptible to you know why it were a human being so susceptible to kind of the promise of like hey we can do everything for you just believe in this leader believe in this god or believe in this why why are we so susceptible to that. as is my page long price tag so so we are like we are hive animals right we literally do need other people we have emotional needs social needs that's the way we've evolved and i think that you know that's that monday sunday night monday morning blues why am i here what's the purpose what's it all about it's esoteric question or a question we all have so when someone says this is what you're all that it's like yeah cool right i have an answer i don't know what i mean maybe it's because of our
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medic cognition our ability to think about us thinking that we start thinking too much and looking for looking for that that reason that makes it all worthwhile when we're suffering is it all worthwhile right what's it for that makes it all worthwhile versus just you know we just live it's kind of depressing through very good answers over the good of the real most over think it so much in a good yeah and then in this day and age it seems like at least you know our generation's seemed to have this feeling that we have to say we have to change the world but it's our job that we have to get out there and joins you know somehow it's like what are we doing to save the world we have to and do you think that somehow makes it a lot easier for people to sort of take advantage of that or become extremists in that ideology because we must save the world at any cost yeah i mean i grew up with there's sponsibility saving the world so i know that one and i joke in my
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life as a coach executive coach and leadership consultant i'm still trying to save people but i do think you know with a generation that thinks it's their job. then you are looking for the way to do it and it's very easy to get caught into if i just do this it will be worthwhile it'll be saved it'll be better i mean the world's wonderful in a lot of ways and not so great in a lot of ways and so and all the things are going on as our society start to get a little fall apart even a little bit more you start to think that there has to be some way to solve it right so i think if this makes us more susceptible looking for an answer but again anybody who gives you an exact full this is a complete answer to me that's when the red flags go off i just don't have something that exists and that's what's funny is what you say that that's all i tend to hear a lot of times from politicians that a lot of different side of the political spectrum is of kind of like no i have the answer vote for me and i promise you that everything will be ok and don't vote for this other person because you know they're evil and they're going to turn your
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world in the hell how important is that kind of us versus them mentality in a cult like in the spirit and what purpose does it really serve. so us where it is important us versus them you know i think that's where a lot of our societal problems come from i need to think that i'm separate from people and that's because of the problem and i'm better and they're worse and that's we have racism we have you know between countries we have all these fights based on that i actually argue the opposite i am a staunch follower of one party i won't say which i have firm beliefs but even in even in that there is no ultimate truth right and i'm trying to everyone if i look at that side is completely wrong and i can never come to a solution right there's really there's very few. believe simpy people and situations that are accompli the evil or come please write there's a lot of gray in a lot of stuff so how do i allow for the person on the other side of the political
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party how do i see the truth in what they're saying how do we find where what we have in common that we find a goal we both care about versus if i just blame you then nothing happens and that's why things go so far in our society when people does blame each other and then they can't come to an accord and see what's happening right now isn't that right so good reward good good it's hard to fly right now hard to go to a national park hard to do anything. and that's the thing i think we learned a lot is that the more we learn about political cult political organizations very clandestine organizations are those that start to control members is we're seeing so much of that because it's used because it's it works you know and hopefully where you know i can't wait to talk to you again lisa cohn author of to the moon and back thank you so much for coming on again and helping us understand for having me. and now for another round of good news in the
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fight against cancer yes for once cancer has been on the ropes this week with the announcement that. scientists working at the university of basil's department of bio medicine in switzerland have developed a new therapy that involves turning metastasized cancer cells and to get this fast cells using might use and to f.d.a. approved drugs the researchers were not only able to change cancer cells that broke free from the tumor into fat cells but they were also able to suppress the growth of the tumor and prevent further metastasis if that is what we were able to accomplish today just imagine what we can accomplish tomorrow is one that we're reading accomplish a lot as long as we don't join cults. old boy and old very good tell us later little cold the. yeah i mean i am sorry i will disagree there are democrats republicans want to join cults alright that is why are so pre-debate remember every
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one of them as world we are not told or loved about so i tell you all i love you i am i will. keep on watching those hawks not the great. kind of financial survival job today was all about money laundering first to visit this cash into three different. oh good this is a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in europe something in america something overseas in the cayman islands it will all these banks are complicit in their tough talk or soon we just have to give him a call and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got that and i still dream watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. luxury on a bill again for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal don't be
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a crook watch guys record. join me every thursday on the elec some i'm sure i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics spoke this list i'm showbusiness i'll see of that. one almost seemed wrong but all all just all. to me all get to shape out these days become active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground. zero officer. told to get up off the ground serve began to pat him down.
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and then place on the sounds of an mit grown man mislead essentially. to do his or john. as you wish to do away from the office or the joy out of his group. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the web in one's midst and then when it happened on trace one as observations didn't hit them i never saw any contact me to do any kind went back to where they were so the officers back here there try again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he bids on three. oh. you're so your height oh i lost his mask is. that any.
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so not as you know part of his you know. you not just i mean. the i mean. there's an up as well i must admit that really. getting noticed but those were the old. my family fussy about my just but that's already. in the. breaking news and u.s. soldiers could be among those injured off an explosion hit the syrians to see if that's according to a. u.k. prime minister faces a vote of no confidence later
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a day after she suffered the biggest parliamentary defeat in modern british.


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