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might be some claim that there are elements of that critique that has the liberty here's the problem though it's not enough to offer a critique you can say that there are problems with the existing foreign policy and then you have to offer something that's better person period alternatives and this is where i think trump is has failed miserably. in. this government has failed contrary to feet from the government but i'm pleased that this house has expressed its confidence in the gulf. british prime minister normally wins a confidence vote in parliament a day. rudd was rejected. for steele. also ahead on the considering throwing its full weight behind the opposition leader after
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rejecting the legitimacy of nicolas maduro presidency. italy's interior minister hit out from accusing the country of harboring dozens of dangerous fugitives on. their extradition. you're tuning in from rights our run the world this hour a warm welcome to moscow to r.t. international my names you know neal if your company our top story it's been a turbulent week for the u.k.'s prime minister after her proposed breaks that deal was overwhelmingly rejected by lawmakers to resume a mileage to survive a no confidence motion on wednesday by a margin of just one thousand votes now the victory which saw her deeply divided
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conservative party rally around her followed on the. why ranging debate in the house of commons on the country's future. i is to the right hundred three i used to the larry three hundred twenty five so the no i don't know deserve it. but i'm pleased that this house has expressed its confidence in the government and . this government has failed iraq conjuring a defeat for the government with their own bank pinchers on the opposition and the united mine and what you against this government do not take this responsibility likely in my government will continue its work to increase our prosperity mr speaker the right honorable lady ever be know as the nothing has changed prime minister we will also continue to work to deliver on the solemn promise we made to the people of this country to deliver on the results of the
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referendum and here. is we did the case mr speaker that with every other previous prime minister faced with this kind of defeat last night they would have resigned while trees amaze now reaching out to opposition politicians in an effort to find a solution to the current deadlock they all pretty much have the preconditions for talks on a revised break to deal the labor party leader is giving a speech right now in fact and saves his party is considering calling for a second referendum jeremy corbyn has also reiterated his view that leaving the european union without a deal cannot be an option for the. the process of the last months has been one of threatening people by saying well if you don't vote for this deal then he's no deal and it's going to be the crisis of no deal i just said quite simply i'm happy to put forward our views on it but you've got to take no deal off the
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table first thing well they see that she is politically weak right now and that they are back. king into a corner seventy labor m.p.'s came out publicly pledging best support for another vote where also hearing remains from brussels that the e.u. is already willing to extend article fifty not just beyond june which had been floated as sort of a potential extension period given the turmoil but given how big this political crisis surrounding breaks it is that each of you is reportedly mulling over potentially extending bragg's it all the way into next year so in two twenty twenty trees and me is now expected to head to brussels for a crisis talks all the breaks and she will be hoping to win concessions from either officials on negotiate changes to the current deal trees or me will then present
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her plan b. to parliament on monday and peace will debate almost all may twenty ninth of january currently the u.k. scheduled to leave the e.u. on the twenty ninth of march us things it may leave with no deal at all on world trade organization terms. boss of the leader of the you can dependents party mark element of the oxford crisis research institute gave us their thoughts earlier on the impasse in parliament on just what it means for the country. the establishment remind us of being counter-attacking for the last two and a half years with the assistance of mrs my with the assistance of the commission to get to this position where we are now not really leaving this whole two and a half year political sure rod has been conducted on the false premise that you can't leave without a deal and of course you ended up with a deal that nobody wants even before the referendum i remember talking to some of
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the people who organize you believe campaign and i had to imagine that they would have a whole shed jewel of parts of the european legislation they had to go up to par so they could quite happily live with them so they would come out of the traps after the referendum if they wanted and so this is what we're for it instead it took three years we begin to make that process and that's partly because the conservative party is very divided on what to do but it's also true the opposition is very divided so we have all these divisions and they council cross parties and they cut across the country too and while everyone pretty much in the country was waiting for treason maze post vote address i decided her london residence ten downing street some unlikely visitors showed up.
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ok two more world news this thursday venice will is embattled president is facing fresh challenges to his authority as he begins a second term in office on wed and say i group of exiled military officers call for a nicolas maduro was overthrown saying the. must reject his leadership in the wake of last year's disputed election they foist their support for the opposition leader one way to deal so has washington's from backing down seems his party is ready to form a government with more on the crisis here it's. one boy who has declared himself to be the interim president of venezuela he's choosing not to recognize the inauguration of nicolas maduro the president who was just sworn in no election took
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place to select one who is the head of the national assembly at this point he is granting no legitimacy to the venezuelan state and it's worth noting that the u.s. government loves him this is what was said by u.s. vice president mike pence nicolas maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power who is the precise the venezuelan people who for. the united states strongly supports the courageous decision by. the president of the national assembly to invoke constitutional protections i'm to clear the country's presidency vacancy now at this point rumors are circulating that donald trump is planning to recognize the unelected leader good wedo as venezuela's head of state marco rubio the u.s. senator is trumpeting the call from the us his perspective since we recognize the legitimate president c. of the national assembly president pending a new election i think that the time has come to expel them a dural appointed embassadors and allow the new constitutional president to appoint
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replacements the washington post even gave a platform to publishing an op ed that he wrote now doesn't that sound a lot like foreign meddling the usa has been pretty open about choosing to side with the opposition against venezuela's government back when she was in office this is what nikki haley said at the united nations the systematic oppression of the venezuelan people has become an active threat to the entire region for the safety and the security of all peoples and latin america. it is time for meant to go back in september the white house would not deny that it had met with people that were plotting a coup to overthrow the venezuelan government when asked about the issue it simply gave a vague statement about democracy and since then we've actually heard donald trump calling for the violent overthrow of the venezuelan government. a regime that frankly could be toppled very quickly by the military of the military. now the
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washington post in the new york times two top newspapers in the usa have both published op ads calling for the military to overthrow the elected government in venezuela now u.s. leaders say this is simply out of humanitarian concerns they only want to intervene to rescue those poor oppressed venezuelans socialism has bankrupted the oil rich nation. and driven its people. into abject. poverty as we've seen the completion of venezuela's collapse into dictatorship we have many options for venezuela including a possible military option there is no greater chose today than the full scale dismantling of democracy and the heartbreaking humanitarian disaster in venezuela but how exactly can u.s. leaders claim that they know what havre to venezuelans want venezuela is facing a deepening economic political and social crisis but we can't possibly understand this crisis or see a way out of the crisis without understanding u.s.
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intervention the and the u.s. has been trying to topple this government since the year two thousand two thousand and one and so i mean the us is not promoting democracy in venezuela the u.s. is stepping up in intervention in a moment in which it sees that it now has an actual possibility of overthrowing the government the u.s. particularly is threatening to recognize this opposition as the legitimate government and it is threatening to impose heightened oil sanctions so that it would not only import venezuelan oil and refine it in the united states the purpose is not to bring democracy the u.s. doesn't intervene in other countries in order to bring democracy to those countries that it intervenes in order to secure its own interests so it if it bolsters recognizes and props up dictatorships when it's in its in the u.s. interest to do so and a choice to bring about regime change through elections in which it intervenes in those elections so the usa says that it wants democracy in venezuela well nothing
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sounds more democratic than having the military role in the capital and overthrow the elected leaders caleb mop and marty new york. a sleaze interior minister matteo salvini house accuse fronts of harboring fugitive terror suspects and this calling on a month to home them over with the story this hour charlotte events. after decades on the run one of italy's most notorious criminals finally steps back on to home soil says are protesting charged with four murders was part of the so-called red brigades that terrorized the country back in the seventy's.
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to me is into a prison sentence but tiste escaped to france now under the so-called to me to hold on doctoring by which foreign terrorists were given safe haven if they had to announce their past crimes fraunces welcomed him with open arms for decades he enjoyed something of a celebrity status becoming an author he mingled with the literary elite and politicians now the success in bringing him to justice has led to italy to call on other countries including france to stop hall bring terrorists. to the french president to return to italy the fugitives that should not be drinking champagne under the eiffel tower who should be rotting in jail in italy it's only walls france to hand over more than thirty over these champagne terrorists.
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the list includes new cisco an n.t. who said to live in this house south of paris. i think that of the forty years we could find a solution to this story as has already been done in the history of the world in civilised countries it's time to turn the page but i've never done what they accuse me of. a warrant from an n.t.'s extradition is currently being looked at and it's likely that he won't be alone in wondering if onse is about to give him up but there is a big but french officials have said extradition can't be pursued in most of the cases as the statute of limitations here would quash the proceedings with tensions
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between the two countries already at a tipping point over migrants the forthcoming elections and italy support for the movement they seems to be no sign that president has any intention of allowing salvini to claim a home run. r.t. charlotte so nor. now the u.s. has said it will withdraw from a key cold war era arms control agreement with russia at the beginning of next month now it comes after american and russian officials met in geneva for talks on the u.s. side concluded that moscow is in breach of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty a position long held by washington. so we're going to terminate everybody we're going to. important to the russians and they're not going to see the treaty they've been violating good for many years and it is russia's position that they're not
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russia has been developing stabilizing weapon systems for more than a decade so one has to ask how do you convince the russians to back into that obligations they don't think they're violent in the light of these facts the united states today just clear as it is found russia is in material breach of the treaty. would not to let them violate the nuclear agreement thank you out it was. not allowed to do was. not allowed to. say it invited us inspectors to examine the missiles which washington claims violate the treaty but to no avail russia's deputy foreign minister claimed on wednesday about responsibility for the failure of the agreement lie squarely with america which he's saying sounds being unwilling to negotiate in good faith despite the vladimir putin said should the trump administration change its mind about the pact russia is ready to hold talks but let's just interrupt this story because we're going to go
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to belgrade where you can see president putin arriving in the serbian capital being greeted by the serbian leader. mitch. is expected to have a warm welcome in the country which enjoys close ties to russia for this one day visit his first foreign visit twenty one just meeting dignitaries and other officials at the moment the plane just touched on a few moments ago in belgrade it is for the two leaders will have a full and frank discussion a little bit later a lot of issues to be spoken about including the status of casa folks as well as what putin has described as attempts by western states to this. some interesting focus i'm sure in the. next few hours they're also likely to sign a deal to increase imports of russian gas to serbia slugger putin you see just gets into the state limousine to go into the center of serbia at the center of
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excuse me and later on thursday we are aware that the pair will also attend a wreath laying ceremony at the cemetery of the liberators of belgrade so a packed schedule right at throughout the day here in belgrade we will keep you very closely aligned with developments on that meeting between the two leaders of russia and serbia as the meeting progresses. all right plenty more still to come this hour an hour to international right after the break. you know world big partisan movies. and conspiracies it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. make this manufactured to send to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the final merry go round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick.
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let's start back stateside where an interview on the american radio station sirius x.m. took quite an ironic turn on tuesday now c.n.n. analyst the riva martin she appeared on political talk show host david webb's program suggesting that white privilege was a key factor in web success however that claim backfired spectacular. and by virtue of being a white male you have white whole long conversation i don't have time to read i hate to break it to you but you should have been better prepped i am black. well twitter users blasted martin on the social at me network following many criticizing the rise of identity politics political activist anthony rogers right believes that while white privilege is real the abuse of the term undermines the push for the
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equality you know it's very unfortunate that she made that gaffe because i think it precluded from having a much deeper conversation but there are definitely some people who use it as an ad hominum attack and we have to we have to call that you know we have to keep it germane and we have to have cogent discussions i mean we we have to be honest that white privilege does exist in the united states of america but if i'm not doing my part you know i'm not going to go as far as our president obama threaded so that anyone who pulls up their bootstraps is automatically going to get success but at the same time yeah there are definitely people out there who don't want to do anything and would sort of use this narrative and it does week in with people who would just throw it out there without any basis because it does weaken actual instances of white supremacy or racial bigotry. two leading democratic senators in the u.s. are turning up the heat on donald trump requesting access to the interpreters who
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were present at his meetings with blood and ripping. we believe it to be in the national security interests of the united states that any record of these conversations be preserved and immediately provided to congress we insist that the interpreters for these interactions especially the individual who interpreted for your meeting with president putin in helsinki be made immediately available for interviews with the relevant committees in congress well that letter followed with an article published by the washington post on sunday it claimed that trump deliberately concealed details of his meetings with a lot of our putin including at talks in helsinki last year other democrats have also shown menendez unredeemed calling on the interpreters to testify do you intend to try to subpoena the interpreter or get the notes we do want to pursue this we certainly could subpoena the interpreter with subpoena interprets notes the question is on what basis will they refuse because they will refuse and what is or
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chance of success on that well dollar trump has responded to the allegations by lashing out at what he calls the fake news media he sees there becoming crazier every day until scientists call him cavil told us that if the interpreters are interviewed anything they say will be taken by the democrats as evidence of wrongdoing on the president's part. i think president should work try to prevent that and say that the president's record says he doesn't have to turn over records until he leaves office however if by some reason they are able to get an interview with an interpreter then of course will make all sorts of claims about whatever communication is provided by their interpreter. it is obvious by now there are crowds want to dismiss as fake
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and false as anything that presidential observes and so it does not matter what the interpreter of those that are going to make charges and say it amounts to. the washington post meticulous fact checking house being throwing ridicule on line after it launched a special investigation into donald trump's recent fast food i quit out the white house for a college football winning team the publication of partly thought it important to establish the height of the president's pilot for. about one thousand. member course. so we actually are we've got a thousand burger king all american companies i wanted to see so was piled up a mile.
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well thank god we have the washington post to dig deep into this important. every investigation well them all around. this gives us a whole new meaning into that your mouth and maybe the russians speak for it's. border security our nation's broken system the crisis and shut down billion dollars a year leader of the house democrats who just want a big victory let's let me let me just read me just and that's where the idea for the president is drifting. all right discussing seemingly the bose word of the
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month so me i'm talk muscularity next on the major u.s. companies approach to its in its latest advertising campaign we're watching the hawks and it's coming. there's a whole cost going on in america for profit and the drug companies are killing millions of americans for profit and if no politician does anything about it i mean i look around the world and i see this in the frats protests and i see that is growing going globally and john locke said in sixteen of the ninety i believe that if the social contract was broken then it's up to the people to revolt the social contract has been shattered revolution is in
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a sense. there is no provision on my back when i want to. get. there so i don't hide away lost his boss because i just got the. american people. but the. so. you know. what i'm already but it was but. i mean. if it up as well i must admit that he was i just don't get it on us but those were the. one of the. just but that's already. in the.
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greetings and salutations well i got i got some really really terribly disheartening news hawk watchers yes it would appear that the annual state of the union address you know washington d.c.'s mid winter formal might not be taking place this year thanks to president donald trump nancy pelosi in the going federal government shutdown i know i know we were all hoping for one to keep us warm on these cold winter nights here in america but yes sadly according to house speaker nancy pelosi the state of the union will more than likely be postponed my friends listen and listen quietly and you just might hear into the gossip the bitter are
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you see winter winds hundreds of capitol hill journalists cable news pundits and late night t.v. hosts wailing tears and anger over their lost ratings bonanza that is. oh. and yes watching grown men and women in bad suits applaud lived we each other while standing up and sitting down more often than the catholic mass is truly fantastic television. there was another story this week of grown men and women in bad suits lying to each other on capitol hill that has a potential bigger impact on our lives than a postponed state of the union address i'm talking of course about the new attorney general confirmation hearings taking place this week and this very very peculiar exchange between minnesota senator amy club which are and nominee bob barr take a listen. so i want to ask you something i asked turning general sessions if you're confirmed i will the justice department jail reporters for doing their jobs.
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and i think that you know i know there are guidelines in place and i can conceive of situations where. you know as a as a last resort. and where a news organization has run through a red flag or something like that knows that they're putting out stuff that will hurt the country. there might be a sit there could be a situation where we're someone would be held in contempt. putting out stuff that could hurt the country while that is frightening leave bag to hear from an attorney general.


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