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way that out of. remedial school i go into wellness is over it with a lot of political some audio. just a casual look total style all should lie down. through your meeting. dusty post e.-s. tell another must join me at the main thing can reopen i must be happy that you similar to be able. to write them a thousand on wednesday and with it and we will be no idea. that your family are seen as quote us but i'm about i looked a little style but any town that has yet to scuttle nearly caught their own enough when i was alone with the secret but it got old when i was in doubt a little thought i meant that when it all really you know there are elements of this but i'll bang bang bang. in. the end this is how we said a word to. jam a. pretty good just arc out of no forty kicked out a middling seem
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a. jelly case where the. us. has to force you to start coming down the lesser sea now than i am or know how to take cover in the almost four years he carried. them if i know them all on a more a more subtle in line c. and they are the r.c.c. c.s. no where in the learn is in this the in the notes are in the p.c. and in the same field by yes so you're on the right he in. the last unger report released by the can was repealed. or to get your she was. getting pretty good now a kid i last. had would always see my demigod and i was made. but mccrery agree with his hit on the company and cancer support that's
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the stuff. i said about it and you know what i'm going to pay. him at least allen but i think it's time. in a book i give up on this thing give out the i get that i'm entirely i get about. she took her ass but i'm out here but up irish cargo area you are so much i don't wish you were listening but i guess ever hear me because i'm a are coming to pretty hard are not very sad until there's a government led by us and put out our not very smart it just as easy a court order to send the iraqi paper is there not a word we have lawyers in may a time interest where. dollar debt may sit on no money. but the need at. the start of this is good our want to know is heavy no entity m. paul. foreigner minds. are spreading.
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this again as a man now serve the mom put to live for nearly a month here limon their own florida. yet this economy in the c.m. being. mentored on the must be very unwilling to increase us here not really made up of them into tomorrow. for today jurors are we any and people. need your me after the he hour month or less i mean that has paid or will be
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a new up or down i either. quit or was put in. place kenosha in los he has come a primitive push pull is what he had there years he needs had meant to me he popped out how generous potential police young. who had a professor at the park. is it coming up or is not i look at me you know. what i meant by those who remember one time. when that little. noise by the maze is a i mean masses would you know certainly. see they got the last saturday by ease. pain. but i only see end up buying that yeah.
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from numbers from going to. see what a stupid. car. was it worth no or these predatory the coconino why we're lapping up your part of the me i spore saw me come by new place order. me no i have not been that british could be a case in. which i mean now but for nothing more. that i left. town and.
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then look. but i mean when i met the man who study in contrast many of us here in canada pedo matty and those were the males who met the man obviously on the commodity. oh. a lot more to make dinner special not like i you can make it i have to like i you know what i'm going to say you know what ok so you know what a load already been thought of me but yes i look up with a car that. if we don't but i wouldn't want to spoil like everybody wants i had better get up and get that it has got. to go right there when i can leave it at the moment the cia are going to do to make it ugly make it i thought just for a limited you know b.s. when it. isn't clear no no political you need to know the answer is no. one is there you know people the whole you. school morsi you mean like
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you say i don't live out before your eyes use them in the. mail you know. my home my unless. someone took to. be it will boy boy. look at. me. they said it is my dog and that's the. worst are you guys i never tell them i was going to. do legal can them in order for me know that you know i think the important. give me a place have to know. it's striking the. only important person i see the bus i get to admit that. i was basically every month still
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nothing. i think. it's like a yoke i think of as a leader. giving control committed upon us and eventually he'll end up with your name in one do you mean going to out there in my head is ok me and i know you like i you know until this business can make a day like i did she make integrable konami my tunnel me up when your lies i mean the ending well case own demise feeling tell him things when they come out us. on the ship that we can really look at the window it always comes to but immediate thoughts on this united. someone else was the idea all the. jane i watch you much courses as you point out especially when i was on my last show middle of malice in . order for silence and illinois. killer socialist almost all of we had no say
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in this a moment of i am afraid believe. some of us will see in the mud. and there that they story a person as can go through the plays. in those infocom was a. place that is a place. that the new blessing minus clue us he for the next us lovely quit of the perfect that made us here in the. square in the boards us. in the mood because you and i could go to school it was how you know this to most of.
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them but the twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred nine and. plane exploded near bogota killing all one hundred seven people aboard as father amongst them. say's out god delia was a colombian presidential candidates and ask about a sworn enemy he had been shuttle to be on that flight but changed his mind at the last moment. when this american this they come or. see him to see the person this ily so if we see a little spice our head of. yeah . ok so we'll see the put this whole group of my food in my hand. a few years ago founded a charity to commemorate the victims of terror attack even left his job so that he could investigate the case which is still shrouded in mystery. when the last sixty
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was. known but it was be imported by east going to be was. a port that i scream in this. one which was if he. played. plenty o. . from it yes we need. money for. this by the lead in to it that this business will be at that price even so i had. those pretty and there's. me. in the day. with. it then you know what that would have been which is i. repeat it but i'm me and contrary.
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to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is on all sides very dramatic and developing only mostly resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and. talk. i've been saying the numbers mean folks they matter you have over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten like our current happy this. eighty five percent of global wealth if you want to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw
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a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one show you can't afford to miss the one and only boom box. office or. toyota to get up off the ground yasir begin to pay them down to. hurt them focus on the sounds of kind of fighting in syria i mean grown man like wrestling essentially the officer. drew his are trying. to push their way from the office or the joy out of his crib. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then when it happened on tree swung at the observations didn't hit him i never saw any contact with you do you any kind went
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back to where they were so the answer is back here they're trying again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and even turned three. if. you. think. it. was. easy. to get. the. eat. every single meal. mr meal with all the plus this third see this is their
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interest in the other specialist that you represent thank you i mean the starving yes they said to me oh. you should start a serious trade a cigarette i said i mean that i hope this year i will remember all the oldest resident there are just around who do the same in t.n. that i mean how do you know which is able to kind of buy the effort to just be doing some was when the internship dollars for missed just. from a half a group is that i want you to collude or so it was but there is a look when i'm in there by most our lot of they like order of joining cologne be a brutal look especially in say the end of a political colombia like corruption are stuck on me and though b. was looking to see i mean they were a little place they don't know when they go away of course yentl in a class of political of vienna so not a lot us. eat when i class a political case head on one deal as one or the hand this time my mother asked of my deeds and he said i'll just get all of your celebration are you playing with the r.c. one of the one who while this as i me why whatever chuckle. they could any part could
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you know in the numbers you want. think of this. those as those simply. get on with the residency ellis superimposing quote i go you're not going to be unreliable and all of us in our course have a local talk about what is already ohio alaska but last year i made it here i get about a year. after uploading yet another political manifesto popeye takes us into the mountains to see an unusual prison he spent about a year there with pablo escobar in the early ninety's. when not visiting the prison alone to buy cars going with us at the last minute
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popeye decided we needed potty carts. were going to. work a lot of them that there was out earlier so i'm going meals. that are as it would be a companion good looking as a tourist i want to see and on the other solo there's one in response to. the body . but out of your nose i think especially because on. this but only. in one thousand nine hundred one pablo escobar made a deal with the colombian government this extradition to the usa was an old and in return escobar stopped his reign of terror and went to prison when he built himself . under that same agreement no police or government troops are allowed within three
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kilometers off the premises. well you india look on the out of. who were. alone there they were there were photos of his being blown he not sure though a. yarmulke army says that. it's the issue not by just because americans are there the parking lot a lot and i want to know you have a. young proceed to a yearly core there are some at the body one are good but there are plenty delicate many other there are guys this time which i did though is the import yet the guys here sent the kettle might put out their gun is their central bit as you know they're kind of the limit in. money is the weak ok nationalist tony or the north america. or india is when i was here at the oval we had no choice the eat dinner alone see an orca then when is he going to go give money hollow we're really here isn't it the usual among the militias you know how you.
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used to be fairly this had a couple. that i'm aware that i mean this is you know the loony quinta moment took it that it really was that like us are you jewish influence in play women here. just interrupt us and help other annika. mccue which i was a t.v. most likely get real more like you will a lot of them are the kind of with a lot of political below them aka. interest the council the most all of those are the problem your score of the media noticed of to them because i was still coming. up on this one i'm going to talk to them and also cooperation we got there. they don't nobody would put us in we cannot supply you know media. then you would have more footage of people hillary spent on one of these but i'm with the vision like i say this. this where this one of these on
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was criminal. if you're not belted out in the mafia a lot that i feel. for those i see not the deal but i can go here instead of being you know like i said you know what i know who got i want to go you know me i've got the limited. but i me as he'll become a kind of they made him a seal come we didn't know in this interview. there's a eleven thousand. years in don't say dollars when you say most kids it's a nice k. in the eyes and the gun was sort of had been looking for by law school that they put up a did. you know most in new york if i said i knew that i signed. to seem to be pretty good but if you see. a kid he says had killer fischetti i knew that kale
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day looked to see more news they qualify the nice christmas party see part of this that is case but local numbers became we just put it on the scale or india some of us billion d.s. wonder suppose our leaders agreement dk or india and do it. in iowa last month i lost my watch i. think i just was across. the us though if you. had us earlier that's coming from a group of those really are doing ok i just wasn't i didn't know you get a thing or you would think well that's a good thing but i like the idea. you never think of me or this unlucky to punish moon of the video game which of us you don't hate obey those are in office i want what i did a middle. ground is overwhelming no one. does as he does i mean it i used to. mind
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you mustn't this put is a little i don't understand what kind of. feeling what i mean you know. you make out i mean if you look at it as you know it. did me up until about the end to me yeah but yeah because you know you. know you think in the book as a clinton i think this was the first meeting up with us have newly elected camilla and they put it with us that is you know i mean. that is by them i didn't like i said i mean look at me that is lower than face i think i just did i was not i mean that is you know that unicorns i mean that's the important of the and those quotes by libby include at the empathy employees just going off the scale you know as it was and then the question always will be going to do is it do if they say we're on the court that they maybe get them you know in the lead they go they look at the label on thursday. when the case is coming up i think you just on your thoughts on this one because you're going to do when you get something out of no use that i mean obviously it was great to see me without. it there was but no one says for now
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you know how to lead that this is spies who does it get up which had little but i mean i don't know who but i would not can say since i think i was kind of. in the yes the honest i mean i guess the mental model that you don't often oracle is coming through with a body you know what the ok let me know and i had a perfect you know what i thought is going into this particular you know you can't you know couple can i want to be tough as i can i think yes i didn't know so yeah i mean i don't know if it goes ok you know what i'm going to. go that game those who do it because you get your k. stern says she meant the end stapled to forty one the one episode you know if you put on just a miss and we're cool special became us you can of course i model can automatically my new joint because i just wasn't working up a mediocre yet again said b.b.n. of. but isn't that a nice you know part about you know ok you know media the media you know because if you become as and you have taken up i just got it done now just think i'm just yesterday you know saying no no ok ok. just say i mean i mean as we see them and
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you go out of those as you say seize and i mean it was you know there was even then russian federal police sort of audio but i mean i don't know if we get focused on them we might call ourselves that when i don't mind people with people going up and i could i mean just imagine. if i got to look at ok you know same thing so he says i'm really not a pro and does as you do yes when i just get up i think you know we're fine nope we're focused on you know media stuff to me that i'm going to bother you but no i think what you think of me but i mean if anyone has the other side of me then when i do something so yes i just go yeah i mean i faked i'm. not a moment like you know unless. it's.
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be in the press when i care but i mean the most people i think in the end put it down or go through i mean as it will be in those hint that he would put a little can notice but i'm going to put in a cell from the yankees in d.c. get a place and even though you're looking the fico credit it'll probably get in the system do you play ok so i went there and you know when they saw until i was t.c.s. look at a layup or you when i said put a coconut up on that they got they made you. put it has implemented so and then when they michael my sad but i can answer in a way less but i carry on in the lead ok so i can't seem of course as this was i had no cooking but they got up into me into the. secular alessio they want to solicit. me home. and then i go and remember when the
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. let me move i thought i mean you have. to say no. but i don't know you. at the moment not that i mean look it up and but you're still call me. just i just it just say that you know. when you don't believe them i thought it's berlin i. think. you know better than i do you know if you don't want to. just live in the images in a way. that i want to go to.
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make this manufactured sentenced to the public well. when the ruling class is protect themselves. with the financial merry go round be the one percent. i'm doing all middle of the room signals. doing room for the real news group.
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please reach terminal debt build up that no amount of economic activity going forward will ever provide the tax revenues sufficient to pay down the step we're past the point of no return we've gone through the debt looking glass this means only one outcome that central banks will continue to print to keep the interest going on this insurmountable debt pile which means wealth and income gap are guaranteed to increase which means the g.l.a. shall movement is going global and the global insurrection is upon us and that's a guarantee. when i came back from iraq now whoa marijuana her was cocaine methamphetamine see anything that's altering trying to get us out. that
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bad mindset using the chemical that would be so. i want to be drinking and drinking ino new nope just killing myself drinking alcohol links drink alcoholic drink to feel normal. that's why it's this way drug out if you. shop while silvermoon and they're right here star cool under which these guys are going through to it it just means to. reduce need to be hoped and not get pushed on by the v.a.'s are as drugs go and stuff they need to be helped. and they've really shouldn't be looked at like numbers they should be looked at like people if they go to a veteran center for health issues be considered as someone who really needs attention. in twenty four you know bloody revolution to correct the demonstrations going from being
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relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just the lawyer i mean your list book to do with him in the new bill is that i'm spoiling you to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four. those who took part in this to do over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. this hour's headlines stories both the us president a special counsel robert muller forcefully reject down in century new buzz feed reports on the légion wrong doing by all of truck. from europe or to to a jail cell and american born journalist working for a rams press t.v.
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is the tane without charge in the u.s. us part.


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