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a nihilistic fever that's why i'm thinking and we've got to hit the road and get out the traveling across america to find what makes america take the charlatans the genius of america this is it we point around which hollywood has gone insane we're starting last with is we're going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beach i think i'm leaving our job and getting more gondolas that we may be completely different but the end of this journey. this is a lot of fog i'm going to go in this building is diminishing every hundred yards you can tell we're heading into san francisco area pushing for systems are breaking down oxygen is low not the sort that really does well and single he always. tries to be crazy the only thing worse is to think. they need three things away.
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to escape through to get away from these bad drivers both you know they're bringing in those self driving cars which i'm looking forward to. you basically your life is a self driving a car you don't even have a driver's latest exactly. the way of those dumb big chains except the. chair of. the zombie grandstand rama's gonzo journey across america and we are of course talking about the best wall ever created and we're talking about things like you know san francisco used to be the home of the counterculture right now it's the councils and to the counterculture yes and this is the birth of free speech movement right then to same sounds to the end of free speech well yes they started out as being the wide open internet which became the closed guard in the walled garden and the high levels of the platform and censorship. it seems like we're close to an implosion. but you would know better
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because you live here you work here you are part of this community where are we in the cycle i think that. underneath the surface something is boiling up even though on the surface that you know we don't see it we see the future maybe moving toward this we have you know tweet or facebook and they engage in outright since to see it and surveillance so so on the end if people don't seems to know what's going on they are good guys that grew to the i pod and i phone you know go on to see evidence of a bit of a approaching of this moment because the opposition party the democrats are clearly having a meltdown yes they are breaking down is having the motion of breakdown and list time right i mean that's evidence this part of the system the whole opposition party is totally dysfunctional this point can't even come up with a coherent one coherent policy that would seem to port and chaos the crisis is over
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twenty people actually buys out people started for the first time and i would be the would be the other words a fulfillment of this cycle in other words a. cycle of that's right cycle with an open ended the good things about it now is that we have democratic known by old in the democratic tool going forward in this journalism so we can use these tools to create to be able democracy so i think i feel very hopeful for the future because of it but we have to free joining us not because of what's happening to him right now is outrageous but he becomes a martyr you know all the revolutionaries in the french revolution all killed each other but they gave us the french revolution that's a very typical are you saying that you know he has done something he needed to do so reece you kind of i'm saying he took his life to a point that there is no coming back. back and he knows it and he's as
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a cause and he he is a piece for themselves do you feel you're free no i know because i haven't done what julian assange has done i haven't laid my life down for a cause i see has done i'm not going to go into a consulate in turkey and have some saudi cut me off my face off and bury me in the backyard as a heroine journalist right i'm not doing that i just i'm not ready for that but you've been to me maybe you would be ready i don't know you know i look into your eyes and my heart is melting and i'm thinking i'm ready to join the jihad for truth and maybe in six months time i'll be gone and you'll be singing songs about me i mean why do you think we need a pretty speech to tell me well i just happen to have a copy of the u.s. constitution right here which is should ensure in this document all the rights and freedoms i enjoy as a citizen of the united states of america and as thomas jefferson of all the rights given the most important one is speech and free speech and what i know nico if that
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the pretty speech actually by the given because it with a figure at least who demanded that we need to have beautiful rights the rights and yet to free speech he was not given from the beginning the funding for his it's actually didn't like the idea and he what's that oprah decision you know to the figure as i mean they are the one who demanded that's why we have free speech so free speech because this is actually a mission from the many beginning we never have shown this free speech and that's where american dream starts with freedom in this country starts because we think we have free speech and we don't and it's only things like a week. that for the first time show us that we don't have free speech now i want to ask you as a psychologist because again we're traveling across america we're going from los angeles where the american dream is me myth the united states is always rescuing the world in seven out of the ten biggest box office. of all
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time it is an american who is saving the world so we're going from there to san francisco where a lot of the social media is connects the world in this global stage we're going from san francisco and heading east to the original settlement of america which was in st augustine florida the swamp one of the things we're trying to understand is the psychological makeup of the american population right now and i'm very intrigued by the sense that this most privileged empire the people there imperial people and yet on both right and left they use the language of a very oppressed people are they verio pressed is their resistance legitimate what do you think i think as i said to be far from the very beginning this country never have democracy that in this country i mean how does it start there we had. dissent and we have genocide of natives and then we have you know on the women and
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minorities i mean that's where we started and then that we somehow have this political system where you know we hear the freedom and democracy and that that we think that we have freedom in the democracy that we have a choice is that we every four years that we come back to they dictate i mena and engage in that is through with a to evoke and them a to come to settle for something less they think this is democracy but then in that already know in this political system the real injustice oppression you know never been talked about it was never addressed nobody talked about it so it was outside of the political discourse to begin with so that's why once again i'd like to go back to the publication of the deal and during the sons when he published the b. deal together with. money he asked the question you know he threw that video uncensored to be more than war and he asked a question. we symbol and this question was
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a neighbor being asked nobody asked that question with the secret ideation has been operating as a monologue never be a count and they haven't checked that with these crimes and in this for the first time in the history of the global scale. you know it's true we. asked that question is this when we saw the emergence of these wacky means some of the words when the basic questions were asked are we civil again and there was no answer right now is that where you saw the emergence of the frogs and all these other crazy memes because it gives the elites and the powerful in the media a way to just track people's attention yes i mean any logical discourse right whatsoever and to focus on the go. away nature of these nations. is bubbling no yang to nightmares never to take the tension away where they come from is that the value of a peppery the frog is so we don't ask are we still part of the american dream is
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that we poured into corrected by media so we don't remember things we don't remember our past the american people don't have a sense of past they don't need member what happened in the past they don't talk about genocide they don't talk about you know they don't they think that ok we have put in the black obama so we you know pass the city body every single day really fast with their lives the job of hollywood to reinvent america every few years with the new heroes and new scenarios and he's in the world again and that's are you sure is always the brighter and will always be the shining city in the shining in the night but that only would isn't working anymore then to come up to something deeper in the in our subconscious mind you're a psychologist i mean shit on the unconscious level all right so they're attacking it's warfare of the unconscious they're attacking our unconscious with these means to try to persuade us to try to confuse us to take us away from that basic question are we being civil things and then we point a finger or said you know. people in the middle east in the calling them terrorists and and you know just projecting our. on bugbear to them presumably the population
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itself wants to forget they're active participants and wanting to forget from here we're going to cross your seminary and you're somebody the name yosemite comes from a native american word meaning the killers it was the white man calling those people the killers those people don't exist anymore they've been eradicated from earth just a few years after they were eradicated abraham lincoln made that a national park so here's the guy that all agree is a right on guy and there's also in between yosemite and death valley is of course a former concentration camp for japanese americans so that's all there if you want to see amidst the beauty of this lender of the national park and the pride of america so the cycle keeps repeating itself is big different is it going to take us to a different place it's up to us i think you know it will be broken with because you know i think that's what i hope so i mean that's how i see it i mean actually to be
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going. to in the money and they do it's a money step towards you but ideation you know just as the free speech. in impulse towards. so for instance we are by baby and so i mean we are in some ways models you know. programs i mean the past you know the you know or the times that we engage in the bio and then the use of might to solve a dispute and the conflict and then the free speech gave us another way to solve conflict which is to do dialogue sue discussion and trying to hold programs conflict to peaceful means and that is a stiff toward civil aviation so that money yes little money money training could be resolved yes instead of engaging in violence and you know it was a cycle over the bench. and what stopped. was money well what's
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the value that. some ways i think yeah so the cycle can be broken definitely so when we're heading east we're going to look for signs of it and report back to you yes i'm saying the zomi cycles breaking yeah right and you know i have to be important part of breaking the cycle because i'm so handsome. i mean the because of who you're with them and you know your humor mine and everything and i retreat to the tall grass of satire as a way to keep from the overlords from murdering me. otherwise if i had to if i stepped aside and i said that was not in a satirical way i would have been thrown off media platforms years ago. paris because it's all grass let's go this way when you do for the next three weeks by the way. i'm not supposed to talk about it that one hour illyana sounds and changing your life around or not sounds fantastic.
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you want to make sure that the quality is not just a slogan reasonably but that also is associated with the rise of this believe how can you have it was it was the. by having people reach saving and investing. broadening increasing the size of the mission will so that we could be steve bould. in twenty four to you know bloody revolution to. the demonstrations going to be relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know we're here to put a premium list put in the new blue zone of the new school in new to the former ukrainian prison. recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took part in
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this today over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic place. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one business show you can't afford to miss the one and only boom
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bust. yes when you're in san francisco and. down london and kind of get in. on a warrant that's my book you're reading really. isn't it what a coincidence this is one of the books of anyone on yes laura the boy crisis is this book and corning to the flyleaf here you're considered to be one of the world's one hundred fall leaders a corner of financial times that's what they say never to trust the media they. have or i guess we're talking gender and gender politics even gender an identity
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and particular men and boys and this is because big bang topic recently when the women's movement surfaced i said to my daughter committee at n.y.u. this is going to be a big movement they said no it isn't this is could be a fed and i said you know throughout all of history we've been focused on survival and survival was piss taking care of by men playing raise the money and women playing raise the children and having divided roles but now that survivals us so focused in developed countries were to be able to have some freedom some freedom too from the rigid rules of the past to develop more flexible roles for the future ok so women's moment in the seventies you know really came into focus and at that time you were suggesting that this would create an offshoot of that movement where men would in some way start to feel perhaps alienated in society or in their life i felt that myth is would be a tremendous opportunity for men because instead of having these rigid roles of i have to raise money i have to be a human doing rather than
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a human being if my passion is to be a musician my father will be really clear that you cannot make money from musician that if you want to be an artist excuse me. starving artist if you want to be an actor your name were easily done it was a dual liberation it's a it's a lose a deal you marry liberation in lands liberation it was a way all ball genders to enjoy but somehow down the road now we've come to a place where men are feeling hunted almost yes so what happened what happened was that the thinness movement that i was a part of developed will be what it was called patriarchal theory they said that they were old is dominated by a patriarchy in which men made the rules to benefit men at the expense of women they completely misunderstood the male role they adopted this from marxism because in marxism you have the oppressor oppressed in civil rights you have the oppressor oppressed and they said the oppressor was male the president female they missed the fact that with men and women we were both in the same family boat and yet that women you know with through the women's movement then they as you say they took
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this route of a patriarchal oppression that they needed to extricate themselves from and you know but i'm thinking back a hundred years ago hundred fifty years ago in england there was a and saying asylum called battle yes and there's a list of qualifications were a man can send his wife or a woman to a battle for such things as reading too many books for having menstrual cramps and for disagreeing with her husband yes and on that basis the husband can send the woman to an insane asylum so to me it's a little bit of karmic justice in all of this and men who feel they're being stalked who feel they're being hunted you know it's the shoes on the other foot well certainly any time men understand more of what women go through that's a very big plus and the he has to take me to movement has certainly helped a lot of men understand some of the vulnerabilities of women in some of the fears of women but we should not be having it has to take me to. monologue we should be
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having it has to take me to dialogue that men can't have a dialogue because men. and women are thinking extraordinarily different ways men and women are more networked and cloud based and men are very linear hammer nail base and that work great for a millennium and so suddenly society went to the cloud based went to digital based economy where it women skill sets are more preferential and that new economy some men have a feeling of being made redundant because they have been made redundant essentially yes in many ways they have but it's really it's really a great opportunity for men forty nine percent of men when the pew research center as the men who are full time workers who are also dead said they would prefer to raise the children full time if they were good to be looked down upon and that the family didn't need the money but in order for that to happen women also have to change in
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a different way instead of just changing by being executives many women have to feel ok about marrying a man who might want to be a full time dad i can tell you as close to sixty year old man having been in a number of relationships that women will say they want a man that shows emotions and feelings but when you do actually show up feelings and emotions a find out they don't really want you to show their feelings and emotions you are right you are right and you are right and so this is the growth that women need to do they need to look inside of themselves and say you just exactly what you said and you know there's a contradiction there and every man knows there's a contradiction there and if women want men to be emotionally intelligent they need to support men's emotional intelligence that's a big ask you know you're asking both genders to go against huge ecologically d.n.a. unable to parent yes the ability of human beings to adept is part of our
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or imperative what we we have evolved with certain rules but the most important thing. thing that it happens to all humans and all animals is our biological ability to adapt to changing circumstances and one survival was taking care of in developed nations that created a new opportunity for us to not have the rigid rules of the past to be able to adapt to more flexible rules for a future so in my own journey we're going across america trying to determine whether i should have a say in this country or i'll just leave should i stay and be part of the fight to make this a better country in some way or is it hopeless the most important single thing america needs to learn is to teach its children to know how to listen to hear other perspectives that are different to not assume that because the to get over the self-righteousness of liberals calling themselves progressives and conservatives
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calling themselves patriotic people who are patriotic are people from all parties people who are progressive or people from all parties no one knows ahead of time what the best patriotism is or what real progress is the fear is that it makes us weak to open one's heart to a different perspective takes courage than some very difficult concept for anyone to understand i mean it sounds more eastern and western i mean in the east they have this concept as readily available that you buy stillness by meditation and by matt and you become aligned with the greater forces of the universe but in the us it's about individuality and individual triumph of heroism right and any sign of weakness emotional or otherwise is death yes that's not going to come well we we have to see that it's just functional and we have to adapt to what is more functional and what is more functional is to retain a lot of individual ism but also not to the degree they were afraid to hear somebody else's feelings in a country in the world that's getting that has
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a better representation of what you would consider to be more gender healthy janitor dialogue to a greater degree. the keester children in the first second and third grade to listen to listen to songs from the center of the happiest nation in the world exactly i mean we're trying to pick up women using this rap actually the woman i met who is my wife would listen my partner the last twenty four years knew full well she read the myth of male power before she met me and so. happy ending there's a happy i was going to snow down the road here you can give me some of your pickup lines you know i can pass on to our viewers as well very valuable place my pick up point is that i'm a curry just enough to be somebody who is more than just a role i can be a real. son. she was quite fascinating just she was very fierce. and i liked her the
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outside view just like alexis de tocqueville was able to look at america with such clear eyes and see all of our problems and all of the greatness of this democracy the fact that she said we've never been free. here there was a shooting take was a. show has been commissioned to space. the constitution gives permission for free speech so it's been permission speech and she contrast that with bitcoin which is permission lois so what is that what does that mean to you like or does it where does that leave oh right now to post anything on facebook requires the atlantic council to approve of your post the atlantic council is a think tank funded by the u.s. state department various bodies of the u.s. department of defense the united arab emirates which is mainly also from funneling
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funds from that saudi arabia so saudi arabia the guy who is chopping. journalists and then dispersing their body throughout istanbul that guy gets to decide whether your thoughts are legitimate and whether your thoughts can advance the notion of democracy and liberty in america. i don't want that guy who rips off people's faces to be the guy who tells me whether i could post something to my friends and family on facebook. but so it is an individual sovereignty and i'm like sovereignty a laying the groundwork and opening up the necessary space for having speech sovereignty as well and having that free speech escape the confines of their life to council so that's what nasal me seems to be implying is that there is a path out of the constrictions were we because we do. it konami
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sovereignty with big coin and she said there's two ways people have evolved around history societies and one is to use free speech and having economic sovereignty those are the two things that she mentioned and they work together and there are two sides of the same coin and because. provides a path for both. me here in the street on the engine everyone smile where starting to head you know somebody shoots sierra nevada mountains. we also talked yesterday with me up there of the boy isis yeah how did that go so this is a feminist movement and i think seventies you had a corollary movement happening in the men were men and over time we're kind of what we're seeing now is that they were left out they were left out of this shift of
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like the whole society made a tunnel maybe is a one way and men that missing with it you know so they're now they're thirty years forty years later there are drifts. they don't know work what they're supposed to be doing any more. oil has turned. messed up my conclusion is that men are redundant and we are dying spaces i don't believe that i believe that where you're going to be here. we need you that just comes across as patronizing sorry.
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this manufactured sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect them so. when the final. six. foot there's someone else living inside of me or controlling my body.
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the byproduct. the drug is the cause like some. because it literally made him into a zombie it's crazy. you know we don't have to do anything it's not our fault you know shoes clay z. and all that. here's. the quote. unquote. close. to.
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those. who. believe. they are. among the stories that shapes the week plunges into political chaos that the prime minister has said deal suffering a mammoth defeat cuts to reason may hold down have position now are they surviving a base of no confidence just twenty four hours later. calls intensify for donald trump's impeachments from the democrat camp as the u.s. president is ahead with a slew of allegations of wrongdoing but he says he's not going anywhere. somebody that.


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