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the u.s. welcome stroman his decision to deny landing rights to iran's mahaan a or airline transports weapons and fighters across the middle east supporting the iranian regime's destructive from bishops around the region we encourage all our allies to follow suit last week a fifty year old german afghan citizen with attained in germany on suspicion of spying for iran iran's foreign ministry dismissed the allegations as a fabrication we spoke to geo political analyst iran or office who says bolin it just out to curry favor with washington. iran is. the pressure since donald trump has gotten out of the nuclear deal germany has soloed a request of its nato countries above all united states. air during many years to a whole or a little amp to all we in respect of that relations to the to the united
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states to with stand their wish this move has happened just two days before our foreign minister. says it will be resitting washington so maybe it's also thought to be like a president like a gift that wants to bring to washington your program returns at the top of the hour. greetings and salyut asians welcome back to a brand new week hawk watchers week that begins with the celebration of the man the
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dream and the legacy of dr martin luther king jr the icon of the civil rights movement of the one nine hundred fifty s. and sixty's every year on the third monday of january we observe a national holiday honoring the life and work of dr king's and this year even u.s. president donald trump got in on honoring as he paid a visit to the stone memorial for dr king here in washington d.c. for a majestic two minutes of reverence and veneration. yes two minutes walk up lay the wreath and bounce was our president's version of praise for one of the biggest and greatest figures in all of us history not that the puff pieces mind you my you know don't get me wrong not that the puff pieces you'll see on mainstream cable news are any more you know reverential than what we witnessed from the president on monday you know rare will you hear on cable news and today's news media will be discussed or even allowed to be observed dr king's stances against the vietnam war in the us military industrial complex not enough probably
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not going to see that very much today but this year one group of citizens did more to honor dr martin luther king jr than just another cute video package and a two minute wreath presentation they banded together and called for a new investigation into the still suspicious circumstances surrounding dr king's tragic assassination a group of at least sixty u.s. citizens called the truth and reconciliation committee which includes journalists lawyers artists historians and family members have signed an official statement calling on the u.s. congress to not only reopen the investigation into the assassination of dr martin luther king jr but also in the reopen the investigations into the assassinations of president john f. kennedy malcolm x. and senator robert f. kennedy as well for great leaders tragically cut down in their prime whose killers many believe were purposely never really brought to justice or to cover up the true reasons and possibly the institution whose mind their deaths so today let's truly
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honor the legacy of dr king and those other great men by not being afraid to ask the hard questions challenge the unjust and i'll always be watching the hawks. the. real thing is what. is the part of. the day like you that i got. with. this. i. welcome everyone to watch from the arc so i am tired rover and i'm tapped wallace and today and ok i'm ok. yes it's interesting you know the seeing this group the you know the the committee to basically say the truth and
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reconciliation committee basically come out a couple days prior to this and say look we need you know we need new investigations and not just be out luther king's death but these are no more grad no leaders in history that's incredible these are four men who were who spoke of peace who spoke of ending the military industrial complex who spoke of bringing soldiers home and that was very dangerous yes still lives yeah it's out and i thought out loud. whoops but this is we've seen this i mean we were sort of all raised on this idea that it's not and this idea that also i think that most of us were raised on this idea that no nobody really thinks that they were just like killed and they had nothing to do with anything of importance just oh it was a lone gunman no way it was those it wasn't and no most people don't believe you know well i think if someone just sixty seventy percent of the u.s. public now believes that john kennedy was killed in
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a conspiracy or you know more than we are we always walled and a lot of these are the ones too and the public inquest i think what's interesting is is is what they're modeling this after and what they're saying this is going to be obviously if the says i'm about. finding people and putting them in jail and it's about getting to the truth but i think how they're doing it is it is really interesting the group basically you know statement calls for this kind of public inquest and before into the four major assassinations they are modeling this after the truth and reconciliation hearings that were held in south africa after the fall of apartheid this tribunals which would hear testimony from they say you know living witnesses and legal experts investigative journalist historians and family members of victims you know they're basically saying look what happened in the past was not fully invested it officially investigated the way it should have been what was surrounding these four people we need to do that now while there's still witnesses while there's still people alive are still alive to get that on record when i think
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a lot of people don't realize that for some of these cases it is on record that it was a conspiracy it is on record this isn't just you know oh excuse me i want to take my tinfoil hat off these are these things work question. which is chief counsel of the house select committee. on assassinations that may actually have to have one that determined in one nine hundred seventy nine that was that president kennedy was the victim of a probable conspiracy yes you know john lee harvey oswald didn't work alone and i mean that and then also you have the pentagon that whistleblower danaus berger served as a national security adviser to the kennedy way yes these are two people huge figures of history that the signs are one of the sixty that signed this i mean you know like you said how would you get blake blakey one of the guys who was on the original house what committee you know who found probable if you're saying is that this should have gone further should have gone further i mean those two names follow newton first junior who's the nephew of reverend king reverend james i'm
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lawson's or near close collaborator with with dr king and is also a major figure in civil rights history you have the children of robert f. kennedy robert f. kennedy jr kathleen kennedy townsend. and that's just to name a few big names in this but what's interesting about m.l.k. and you've talked about this for years is that this was already his nation was already covered in a trial yes a lot of people don't know the and if you don't know this at home karada scott king and then and the family filed a civil suit in one thousand nine hundred nine i know a lot was going on against a man who claims to be involved in the assassination now a memphis jury ruled during the civil case that the local state and federal governments were in fact liable for king's death and representative john lewis and by the way a seventy year old civil rights icon who was march the first day said i think there's a major conspiracy there was a major conspiracy to move dr king from the american scene i don't know what
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happened but the truth of what happened to dr king should be made available for history's sake look courts found this in a civil case you have people who are there at the time who say it didn't get handled and if there's anything these lies will come out and it's worse later it's time to clear the air. on friday january eighteenth u.s. government funded media agency voice of america reported that analysts were noting outgoing military chief general goddy eyes and coke had made a rare admission of the israeli military strikes in syria he told britain's sunday times that quote in january two hundred seventeen we began attacking the infrastructure of the iranians were building in syria the critical mass was from mid two thousand and seventeen we began attacking systematically a number of times each week without making any statements beneath the radar and early this monday the israeli military shocked many again by openly admitting that they had launched an air strike in damascus syria containing some ten cruise missiles at the damascus international airport the targets were according to
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israeli military contained a rainy and munitions storage intelligence sites and a military training camp and while the targets were iranians at least three syrian soldiers were killed in the strike a fact noted and lauded by israel's prime minister ben benjamin button and yahoo stated we will strike at anyone trying to harm us but it wasn't just israel's recent openness regarding military strikes in syria against iran that has many scratching their heads it's why they're talking about it now here to help us get the facts of the matter is our t. correspondent r.c. america correspondent dan cohen thanks for joining us good to be with you dan you know it's interesting because what do we know about this this strike on the airport in damascus because you know naturally the thing is as it always is just pure often spy israel where the you know just like we're sending rockets over was there any response from the syrian side of the border in this case well i mean no there was there was absolutely no response i mean israeli media anonymous sources in israeli
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media said the day before this attack that the iranians are syrians have launched a rocket over into the golan heights and saying that's an attack on israel but of course the golan heights syria exactly that's occupied syrian territory it's been occupied by the. early since one nine hundred sixty seven but there's and there's no proof that there was just an anonymous source but it was it was an attack on the damascus airport and actually just before an iranian civilian airliner for a flight from tehran was going to land it was actually forced to abandon the landing and fly into neighboring iraq so that's the closest they came to killing iranians but there are actually four syrian soldiers killed and six injured so i don't know how it's an attack on anything iranian or yeah it's pretty incredible it doesn't make any sense and one of the parts that i brought up is you know many find the timing more about politics than security you know where is this we were going to go after iranians but netanyahu is making trips to chad and saying hey look at
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our great look what we've done one of the things former defense minister told the arab news that key question netanyahu his motivation saying quote unfortunately everything is connected to his political survival what does the publication give us can someone tell me what the benefit as besides politics didn't do these upcoming elections mean that or at least they are analysts saying that there could be more escalation as we get closer and closer to those you know could be in a fifth term for netanyahu well it's definitely a good question i mean there's no doubt that israel's had this long term strategy of keeping the war in syria going as long as possible but there are elections coming up in israel and netanyahu you know there's kind of a longstanding israeli political tradition of starting a war just as elections are coming up but israel netanyahu the prime minister is really kind of unable to i mean we saw in gaza about two months ago they were on
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the verge of an escalation and then. there kind of sent a message by targeting a bus that had just all the israeli soldiers had just left and said if you want to do this we can hit back and the israelis stepped down and then in lebanon israel. it's not really able to hit them because hezbollah is so much stronger than it was even in two thousand and six when the israelis basically ran back across the border with their tails between their legs so the only theater that israel's able to really do anything in is syria and you know the big the big enemy is iran so so if netanyahu says i'm hitting targets in iran it's kind of a way to show the public that he's strong it's kind of that classic thing you see that over and over and we saw donald trump duce kind of something similar with right after he took office when he launched the rockets into syria just kind of showing look i'm a president and i can launch rockets in my opinion right you know and that's the good part about it yeah but then and the health and well and i mean the other thing
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is netanyahu is being challenged by benny gantz the former israeli army chief who's video who's campaign series just came out yesterday who was bragging he said only the strong survive and showed this drone footage of gaza after the two thousand and fourteen war just this kind of like devastation moonscape and so that's his competition so it's really like who can beat their chests the hardest politics destruction and war of lovely dad i got to say thank you very much dan cohen our two murders correspondent thank you very much for coming on today. i was going to bangkok watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter and see our poll shows that our teeth dot com coming up sean stone sits down with the executive director of the alliance to rescue victims of trafficking conchita sarnoff to discuss the latest in the fight against human trafficking so stay tuned to watch and see.
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what the politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line they did accept the overture. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to be that's. what you going to be this is what the three of them will be that. i'm interested always in the waters about how. they should move.
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according to most experts and even the u.s. department of defense lieberman trafficking is the world's fastest growing illegal industry with sex trafficking accounting for an estimated ninety nine billion a year according to equality now in fact both women and children make up roughly seventy one percent of trafficking victims recently sean stone sat down with the author with author and executive director of alliance to rescue victims of trafficking conchita sarnoff sean began by asking her about u.s. president donald trump's recent executive orders on the problem of human trafficking since taking office in two thousand and seventeen let's take a listen. since two thousand and seventeen there have been eight executive order signed that aim to protect victims aimed to increase funding to organizations to federal agencies to law enforcement officials that protect victims that identify traffickers and that prosecute human traffickers
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so beside the executive orders which get very little attention and have gotten almost limited no if any press since the signing of those orders between two thousand and seventeen and today there have also been two very important laws passed sponsored by representative from new jersey chris smith the latest this year which was signed on january ninth two thousand and nineteen was the frederick douglass reauthorization of the trafficking victims protection act and that law that was signed by both house and senate. it gives the government including the state department different organizations of four hundred thirty million dollars over a period of four years and what the purpose of that law of course is
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to continue to protect the victims of trafficking not only sex trafficking but labor trafficking as well and as you know there is a growing amount of organ trafficking of children. sadly across our border so the most recent bill the frederick douglass signed two thousand and nineteen doesn't number of things and if you don't mind because of the. because of the extensive. items included in that law i wanted to read to you what exactly the law provides so if you allow it it helps to educate children at schools across the nation with age appropriate prevention programs educational programs it also provides shelter which is the first time that any law in the united states since the first trafficking victims protection act was
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signed and enacted under president bill clinton in the year two thousand there has not been a bill signed into law that actually provided funding for shelters for victims and this has not just the programs for the victims but the actual bricks and mortar. it allows and provides for funding for the reintegration of victims into society. it also provides and supports corporations to be able to have a traffic free supply chain this is an enormous step in the right direction and it's extensive and we can get into that and at another. time it provides funding for training for u.s. government officials and airline industry employees currently delta airline and american airlines are two of our national. airline carriers that train
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employees to identify. traffic victims and identify traffickers and get in touch with the security at the local air at the airports nationally and internationally and it also provides oversight. for government employees so this law is quite extensive it is very important and it provides the necessary funding even though of course it is not complete in any way and there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of increasing awareness and i think one of the reasons as i think we have spoken before is that when you don't have enough shelters and i don't mean just open unlocked shelters but locked down facilities to rehabilitate and rescue the children who are trafficked for labor organs or
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sex it's very difficult for these victims to come forward and to escape their traffickers because they know that they have nowhere to go and the homelessness rate is so and the fear of homelessness is so incredibly big when it comes to traffic victims that sometimes and most of the time say. they opt to stay with their traffickers because they know that they have a bed to sleep on it not sure one thing that obviously has come up in the last few months six months or so has been this issue of detention at the border of children separation of them from their families there's been a huge outcry on these on this problem but the same time we don't seem to as you pointed out hear as much from mainstream media when it comes to things like the desire to actually stop human trafficking and address the issue of human trafficking the fact that there are cartels that are that are working to not only immigrate into the country would obviously be the cartels that are really very much behind this global ring of trafficking so can you address how the administration is
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basically its immigration policy. he is actually being proactive to thwart the cartels and undermine the trafficking absolutely as a matter of fact in the eight a few of the eight and i'm going to read them to you so we're clear on them given the number of executive orders not bills but executive orders that have been passed since the trumpet ministration came into power. in two thousand and seventeen alone . the executive there were five executive orders one and handsome public safety in the interior two border security immigration and four spent improvement three protecting the nation against foreign terrorists and tree into the united states this of course included the cartels the mexican cartels the russian cartels are ukrainian cartels. chinese cartels etc. there has been
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another executive order was the task force on crime reduction and public safety. in forcing the federal laws with requests to trans national criminal organizations and the prevention of trafficking that was another executive order signed in two thousand and seventeen and the blocking of property of persons involved in serious human rights abuses this actually goes back to a law passed during the obama administration called the magnitsky act and that law had to do with mr bill browder and when he was in russia working in russia and the russian government. obviously abused not only mr browder is but his attorneys privileges and his attorney sergei magnitsky
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was jailed and tortured and eventually killed and so the magnitsky act was the precursor to the two thousand and seventeen blocking property of persons involved in serious human rights abuses then there was a federal interagency council on crime prevention and the last one of course the blocking of property of certain people regarding the situation in iraq at our watch and that was passed on thanksgiving day or forgive me no it was november twenty seventh two thousand and eighteen and that had to do with the. cartels that are in particular in nicaragua and how those cartels are bringing in not only abusing children in country but trafficking across the border so you know you've got multiple executive orders that are focused on preventing trans national criminal organizations confiscating assets of
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traffickers and protecting vulnerable victims be they foreign nationals or american victims. but those are the executive orders and so we are actually seeing the application on the ground i mean are we look at what kind of statistics have we seen across the aisle in terms of the actual arrests of sure's you name i'm sure there has been an increase of course an arrest the first thing that has to happen sean is as you can imagine is there has to be a creation of task forces and awareness and educational programs and amongst these task forces and federal aid interagency zip and organizations so they can best. understand how it is that these trans national criminal organizations function and how they bring victims across the border which they do on a daily bases be it over the wall under the wall through the tunnels through
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air lines walking across our very porous border so you have to have you have to lay the found work the ground work which is where we are right now we are in the midst of not only providing the resources and the funding but we're also providing training. and providing educational programs to law enforcement officials across the nation including in homeland security and border patrol ice so they can best understand what they're up against with these trans national criminal organizations trafficking children across the border. here on earth it isn't easy to find records of ancient asteroids they have a road it ever been built and grown over for the most part but on the surface of the moon the history of ancient asteroids is all out for the universe to see and
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a new study has found that those craters can tell us all about the ones on earth we can't say if the scientists have found that the moon shares an almost identical history of asteroid bombardment and it was a doozy showing times when the big hits came two hundred sixty percent more frequently than normal but the most interesting thing they suspect from this data is that all those earth craters last time there might not be as many as we thought because the moon data crater shows that earth had few far far fewer bombardments and most craters two hundred ninety million years ago turns out the mown as more than a mythical block of cheese could end up holding the key to earth secrets not even something i never thought about that but it makes total sense that the moon would share a lot of the same scarring from you know interstellar the interstellar softball game that is to asteroids but we see you have more you know but at the same time there are times you know and there also are dinosaurs it's pretty cool you know
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that we don't want them we don't want that we don't want or. desires over you to remember everyone in first world we're not told the real love so i tell you wall i love you i am a robot and out of the lawless people are watching those hawks in a great deal. with the me manufacture consent to the public well. when the really close is protect the. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. of the time we can all middle of the room six. million more you leave the room.
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and twenty forty you know bloody revolution here to clear the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it your style or here i mean your list with video a clue in the new bill is that i'm spoiling you to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took. it invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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but i. was. headlined. italy outrageous from the spy accusing paris of treating african countries like call the names and a few of the my current crisis with rome calling on the e.u. to impose side.


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