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i swear it's a full movie soon g.t.c. the national executive vice president of venezuela. venezuela the president. of chaos president much euro accuses the us of attempting to. washington for its full weight behind the country self declared. with like a should be anything but. also coming up
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a riot police fire tear gas and water cannon on. the movement towards eleven straight weekend. in her first interview since being released we hear from an american journalist who after being called as a material witness and it all spending ten days in u.s. custody without charge. most of the time i was in solitary. everyone's thinking oh my god is this one like a mass murder what is the. very warm welcome to the weekly here in r t international and my nams good to have your company our top story venice whale is political crisis deepened this week cannes the struggle for power in the country intensifies on wednesday president maduro a key. the u.s. of attempting to orchestrate
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a coup after washington decided to recognize venice well as opposition leader as interim president one kwaito swore himself in as leader earlier that day the country was rocked by must've anti government protests. for me for bringing that up but i swear to formalise soon the duties of the national executive as president of venezuela i know it's probably recognize national symbol president one well you know as the interim president of venezuela i want him today in venezuela the president is elected by washington and of course they take anyone from the streets who wants to be a president and we're talking to our colleagues in europe and elsewhere to to demonstrate widespread political support for the good of the interim president see if you want to compliment you know i am committed to international dialogue today tomorrow and always i'm committed and personally ready if i have to go and meet
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this guy climb to the top of mount pico humboldt's at three in the morning and i will have to go naked i'll go naked on foot by car by motorcycle and it must be very clear to the world and to this regime and nobody will take part in this fake dialogue while credos announcement through tens of thousands onto the streets of the venezuelan capital it also triggered demonstrations in support of mature oh twenty people were reported to have been killed in the turmoil on a rope for their five hundred arrested caracas based journalist norris are got reports. this is being received in iraq as with both a joy and rejection from both parties and both sides of supporters we are standing right now in our studios in assembly as supporting one white dove and of course some of the national assembly congress men but of course we want to hear the voices of the people who support and the people who reject the is calling for elections
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and this war in enough one way that we're in a situation never before experienced and these were so people are coming home because this is us the venue surrounds it's not the political parties it's not the national assembly it's the venezuelans who are coming out and fighting for what we want. the opposition will not return because we support our president for all the right reasons for our mission for our homes for our children they will not come back oh the party this understand that's coloring buys that matter here is the key thing is to save venice and that is what we are doing where's the fight. this is a government of social justice our country has many major oil resources natural wealth and there are many interests that want to get their hands on it given these obstacles the governments of chavez and nama do it has made significant progress well there has been another development in the last number of hours nicolas maduro
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has asked the european union to drop its demand for a fresh election in venice while the bloc earlier said it would officially recognize kwaito as the country's leader if another vote is not called the u.s. also urged the united nations to recognize the self-proclaimed interim president but the u.n. security council failed to reach a consensus on bond. period urge all nations to support the democratic aspirations of the venezuelan people one of you can tell me in which article and which provision of the united nations charter you can find the legal basis for this program nation it was just this meeting which we've been forced to attend is the. regime change strategy either you stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with his male united states is that. the. it is in advance it's in the. it is in the order how indeed can
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any self respecting government possibly justifies supporting the poisonous regime of the nation destroying missed in the doura if anything goes represents a threat to peace the shameless and aggressive actions of the united states and their allies this discussion in the council is about the right of the venezuelan people to direct their own internal affairs and choose the future of their own country democratically. while for further analysis on this i'm very happy to say we're joined live on the program by alfred desires a former un special rapporteur and we're very happy to have you sir how would you assess just firstly the un security council meeting on venice and u.s. secretary of state pompei always calls for countries to quote pick a side and reject what he called venezuela's illegitimate mafia state. well the whole narrative is so realistic it's actually op seen to invoke
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democracy to destroy democracy is obscene to invoke human rights to destroy human rights and by the way as far as the europeans. the treaty of must east the treaty of lisp and. commit them to promote democracy rule of law and human rights and it's impossible is incompatible with that commitment to support it could it now there was acquitted already back in two thousand and two against. google choppiness that was on the eleventh of april two thousand and two and what happened is that carmona the head of the chamber of commerce will face a common us. all to proclaim himself the new president the first thing he does besides abolishing the national assembly and is. dismissing the
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supreme court and everything else so destruction of the rule of law what happens he does a way with forty nine sole szell pieces of legislation so of course my daughter is aware that if he is toppled that the new neo liberal government is going to destroy the social. of venezuela now people seem to focus only on these so-called humanitarian crisis now what we have is a serious economic crisis which are the courses is not just us from pale would want or critics. contend is not just incompetence or corruption etc it's the fact that venezuela is a country that depends to ninety five percent on the sale of oil if your income drops to. thirty percent of what you got before you got a problem and then that usually. you can solve you know by issuing bonds you
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can solve that by taking some and then what happens is that the economic war that is being. waged again in his will or the internal economic war because there actually is a major local problem in the form of hoarding you know private sector. buy food and medicine for then keep them in warehouses release them to the. black market and there's enormous smuggling of subsidized food and medicines into colombia into brazil's etc etc so you've got an internal problem but the external problem. these sanctions and especially the financial blockade has made it practically impossible let me just ask for your old revenue of like anybody else and yeah just the overview of the you know what right does does does anybody have
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to recognize because we are seeing the u.s. pushing forward accelerating its focus on venice with what right does washington have to recognize the opposition leader who is not of course mean elected president by anyone. well of course he has no right whatever in international law and it is a violation of customary international law and what we're seeing here and it reminds me a lot of the run up to the two thousand and three invasion of iraq we have seen here according to an effort to denounce them on the. other little to invoke human rights to say we need regime change because of the venezuelan people but who is costing who is aggravating the problem these sanctions have aggravated the problem the economic war have aggravated the problem when other
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little needed anti in leiria medicine for an outbreak in november two thousand and seventeen wanted to buy it in colombia colombia refused to stop so he had to go and buy it in india now in the report that i presented to the human rights council last september. all of this is documented i mean they are hundreds hundreds of cases in which the financial transactions that every state needs to survive have been blocked because citibank or wells fargo have close the accounts of venezuela so money doesn't enter like brazil owns i don't know fifty million dollars worth of electricity just a little or story target as well when you were just at a game. on this about your report you said that u.s. sanctions against venezuela are illegal and could amount to
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a crime against humanity height did you come to that conclusion in the extensive report that you carried out. because because there is a direct nexus between the sanctions and death why is there death there's mt tertian there is lack of medicine you need insulin you don't get it you die you need anti retroviral drugs you don't get them you die that has happened what we don't have is what we had back in the one nine hundred ninety s. during the sanctions against iraq unicef actually. determined that by nine hundred ninety six five hundred thousand children had died as a direct result of the sanctions regime against iraq now there are estimates of course that hundreds of people in. venezuela have died as
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a result of the sanctions regime because if there is a delay in the distribution of medicine say the government has actually succeeded in buying from move out of this or from whoever has managed to buy the medicine necessary but then if it doesn't get distributed and the distribution channels are in the private sector so you have here a problem of a lack of good faith and i am calling for mediation i am calling for dialogue back two thousand and sixteen two thousand and seventeen eighteen ok former spanish prime minister also luis rodriguez zapatero had that kind of a mediation and they had a compromise they had let me take on the table on the day let signature ok your vote has refused to sign let me just ask you because this is we're getting a lot of questions when we're running stories like this to they're asking what
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extent is the unrest a product of financial mismanagement by the majority government do you put any blame internally on the state itself. of course there of course there's been financial mismanagement as i told the government myself they have too many a.t.o. logs and not enough technocrats but that's why i brought together f a o u n x c r the w h o i had a meeting with them in caracas and i said look you know the government the peephole need your help you are technocrats help them and indeed they are helping them there is increased cooperation off the united nations agencies with the government of venezuela and that is the avenue to take but it is true i mean i obviously if you have. a government that is run shall we say by.
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law you do need to have the know how the expertise especially in the field of buying and selling in the field of finances there has been as significant number of people who have left venezuela an hour today in exile now these. mines are necessary for the people on the other hand it is not for me no i'm an american. it's not for me to tell the venezuelans whom they should elect if they elected massively again and again and they elected. in two thousand and thirteen fourteen two thousand. well i mean i believe in democracy i believe in the ballot box if you believe in democracy you cannot boycott. an election the name of the game is that you actually have to put your candidate and expect that the people will vote for you or against. you no not
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particularly faith in this modern casual viewer watching from the outset. then we'll be asking why is the u.s. taking such a hostile stance towards venezuela what what is the brief answer to those who are so obvious. but. two thousand and three oil rich country iraq gets devastated and it's the major oil companies that are reaping the profits two thousand eleven. libya another oil rich country gets devastated and the oil companies are laughing now if you read things that circulate in social media stings that you see in the internet you know that is an enormous interest on the part of u.s. business to get in there the first thing that they will do is to privatized the oil
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industry and not only the oil industry people forget that. venezuela is enormously rich in gold so all of the gold mines all of the people who want to make money in. exploiting a gold will go there and they will exploit it on their will exploit calderon they have a lot of coltan now the thing is if it was properly distributed and the venezuelan people were to benefit from their natural resources that be fine but when all the profits flow outside of the country where they flow to the united states or to a very small elite of super rich venezuelans that does not serve ok the venezuelan people and i am very much concerned that the narrative has been. overwhelmed with fake news ok i mean there's been a concerted effort to miss inform the people it's very interesting to get your take
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on all this what we can you break it done for us in your opinion how can the current crisis in venezuela be actually resolved and as an aside to that how do you think it actually will be is there a difference between the two. well dialogue is necessary the government is ready to have dialogue with the opposition . of course. if there is going to be dialogue it has to be in good faith it cannot be like in the case of the mediation of hosts at least rodrigue a zapatero that on the day of signature that says i want i mean that it's taking not only for a right but it is taking to six ambassadors who participated in this negotiation for two years so if he wants to speak seriously with. the government that is the way to go that is the way i hope it will go perhaps with the
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mediation through our high commissioner for human rights and. through the mediation of the united nations secretary-general so what we want to avoid is violence would we want to avoid is shedding of blood and i told the opposition people who might personally met in caracas at the time look if you topple the government what do you think is going to happen there are seven eight nine million committed child least that's one of the got to do do you think they're just going to roll over do you think they're going to disappear no they are venezuelans they have rights and they are going to demand their rights so you cannot simply ignore their existence so you have to make sure they do reach some sort of a compromise i it is not for me to say whether. a person a or b. should be president of venezuela that is exclusively exclusively for the venezuelans
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to decide in free elections ok elections means you're not going to boycott them you're going to participate ok you've been incredibly good winter time this hour thank you so much for coming on the program alfred desires former un special rapporteur giving us a lot to think about enough discussion thank you sir. more news immediately after the short is the phrase.
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in the united states we've proactively required brominated flame retardants to be put into furniture and marketing among other things and that's resulted in extremely higher levels of those flame retardants in the human bodies of americans as opposed to europeans and that ultimately has affected the cognitive outcomes of literally a generation of american children. you're back with the weekly the yellow vests movement brought chaos the cities all across
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france for an eleventh weekend in a row protesters defied calls from president mccollum to negotiate and were met by riot police using crowd control measures. thank you protesters actually set fire just in the distance a sorry a short that sarah covered in scaffolding and that is one of the reasons they're trying to push through you can see that they've been moving these barricades here these here be moving these away because there's also work and going at the moment here at the grass the trying to move it to create what seemed to be barricades again and then setting those all on fire as you can see very separate yet just coming down from all angles over the crowds here water cannons have now been
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brought in to try and deal with this situation you can see more security forces there just behind us that the firm smashed. the bus that's all going down really is coming into quite curious we've just seen some people injured including one of our colleagues in roughly looks like he's received an injury as a result of who i assume with the projectiles being thrown from the protesters from the crowds the police as you can see they are getting their flash pulls out now this is to launch to tear gas and we have been told that police officers who are using these flash polls will all be wearing a party come see the material can be reviewed off to it yes it was cold we were expecting it to be a calm protest on the eleventh weekend but yet again we're seeing move islands from the side of the protest is and the police then responding she that you. charlotte
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devinsky will saturday's protests in paris lasted until late evening with the fierce clashes continuing to escalate between the protesters and police several people were injured in the clashes including a leading figure within the yellow face movement who suffered a severe injury he was streaming video of the protests at the time of capture the moment he was hit. zero. zero zero zero. zero. zero zero zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero seven zero there's no. commemorations are being held this sunday in russia's northern cal but all of st petersburg today marks seventy five years since the end of the siege of leningrad which gripped the city for more than two years during the second world war president putin has laid flowers there at the memorial of the fall in swords or earlier a massive parade was held in the city over two thousand military personnel marched
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past the winter palace where the iconic hermitage museum is located on the city's central square r.t. to speak to some of the veterans who experience the horrors of the city. it was pure horror but we were such patriots who didn't think the siege would last long i remember the day it was announced with thought that maybe in three months we will advance we believed in it until the very end the faith is what kept us alive i never thought about live in leningrad we can't believe in the end of the siege it was neither. do you mean your book or that there was no childhood for me during the siege it was a horror that we young boys only survived because we were able to bear more suffering than the elderly i remember sometimes our relatives would die during the night the next morning would wake up next to a dead person that was our childhood i remember how during the most difficult periods we would find. empty herring barrels and they'd be
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a viscous residue at the bottom we boiled in a tit that's how we survived. the evacuation through this so-called road of life is one of the most memorable things from the sea i remember how the car driving behind us sank in the lake after being hit by a nazi bomb it was a horrible experience i have no positive memories from that time. incredible testimony well nazi germany siege of leningrad for eight hundred seventy two days believed to be one of the deadliest blockades in history more than a million people died mostly from starvation and cold the only route for supplies to reach the city was across a frozen lake called the road of life here is the story of one family caught up in the tragedy told through a young girl's diary i was the sole survivor. following
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months of uproar in the media and on from international n.g.o.s and american to remain t.v. presenter has been released from custody in the united states after being detained a without charge. were. generally she seems ok bad. she was not happy with the fact that certain bad her instructions were there just agile instructions. not being with. her head staff had been removed against her will.
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well in an exclusive interview mars a hush emmy shared the story of her detention with option written post of artie's going underground. let's fly around private plane. to d.c. and then met with a whole lot of that be i take it into the f.b.i. i think take the f.b.i. headquarters. i was. my my picture was taken mug shan state took my d.n.a. with no one has read you the rights no one is still yet read you the rights no one ever read me my rights actually my rights were not read i was treated like a cry in the middle of prisoners when most of the time i was in solitary k. i was locked up i couldn't come out everyone's thinking at oh my god is this woman like a mass murderer or what is going on. during her ten days and detention people gathered
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to protest in the us under a you're so free journalist here. it's not about me is about the ability. of. the u.s. basically to detain anyone. i would say illegally dealt they are going to say that it's legal so it's much bigger than me we want to demand a start to these actions in this country as saying that a material witness it is mind boggling that you can be arrested it did change shackles not charged with the crime and. wow i definitely cite first hand. passed for the.


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