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can you advise unfortunate open to the house to bring these proposals forward swiftly in the interest of time we have in a sponsibility to end the uncertainty put all our constituents and all over businesses here right origin one from his point of order which i think was probably directed as a wider audience but insofar as the right honorable gentleman asks me for advice what i would say to me is i think that these matters can be explored in debates. almost imminently the prime minister has kindly announced what is to follow and that will be elaborated upon by the leader of the house in the supplementary or emergency business statement the right honorable gentleman is well familiar with the opportunity is there are available to him in the table office and i have every expectation that colleagues who want to propositions in the coming days will have the opportunity to do so i don't think it is necessary for me to say anything
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further than that but that seems to me to be. manifest let's leave it there for now yes i will come to the right on later who may well have important masses to broach . not far distant from what right on just is just raised but let's just take the leader of the liberal democrats point of order servants and cable bill which with your vast knowledge of parliamentary precedents in history can you identify a single case say since the american war of independence in which your prime minister asked me why it's been three to one hundred twenty years with the same policy. well i did well to get government back benchers very kindly spoiled the right honorable gentleman as punch line as a consequence which i didn't hear it. when i asked a precedent where a prime minister had to follow mr ellis komi also. young trees move you to be free
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and it was not wanting to change policy since trees growing trees and all those who are willing to offer an olive branch to embrace policy see so far this year we will share our so we offer a free trip to do so. well i think that remains to be seen as to the matter of precedents it is usually on wise to assert the for a particular circumstance unless you are absolutely certain because most things have happened one time or an alpha quite probably in my lifetime and certainly in back of the right already. there point of order. thank you mr speaker bass this isn't public said this is and family is urgently need some clarification about what will happen in just. a right judy meat from clarification about what will happen in just
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a few weeks time the reason we have provided for the vote is over the next couple of days was to ensure that there could be a clear fight in this house oh no deal and a clear vote in this house on extending article fifty of the prime minister's proposal for a motion to morrow who sounded unclear tonight yeah. we can leave that close hundred and that that motion will be late in sufficient time for it and he's to be able to have time to table an amendment if you hate it to ensure that that they can be clear cut and there can be no misunderstanding or misinterpretation and can also confirm that d.v.d.'s pass that vote will go ahead on thursday on the extent. in article fifty and there will not be
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a new proposal instead to wait for the government to attempt to deal eight time given how comprehensively it was defeated you know to the right honorable lady point of order and i will bring forward what i would have said after the business statement by the leader of the house and say now instead in light of the concerns that she's raised to be fair i thought the prime minister's commitment about what would take place tomorrow and thursday. was clear it was clear to me but as to the detail of the motion that's another matter but in terms of the chronology of events it was all very clear but let me just say this i hope it will be helpful to the house if i indicate as i did in respect of today's proceedings when i addressed the house last night indicate an advisory cutoff time of ten thirty on wednesday morning for manuscript amendments to
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tomorrow's motion my strong expectation and i think i heard it is that the motion for tomorrow in accordance with normal practice will be tabled tonight before the close of business. and there should be an opportunity for manuscript amendments up to ten thirty tomorrow amendments that reach the table office before the rise of the how care motions obviously running high in the u.k. parliament there following that defeat the second defeat al for prime minister to resume a. deal for the analysis let's go live from the studio folly perhaps this was to be expected this result obviously what's next what can you tell us now . well she needed america and it didn't happen another huge defeat for the prime minister deceiving two hundred forty two votes for three hundred ninety one
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again so she's lost by one hundred and forty nine votes that's at the higher end of the scale than anybody was anticipating a delay to bragg's it now seems like the most likely outcome to reason we took to the decision that was taken this evening that the deal was the best deal on offer and she said sort of laid out the plan for the rest of the week and just as she had promised when she announced the schedule she said that there will be now to morrow a debate and then a vote on whether or not parliament is willing to leave the european union on the twenty ninth of march with no deal in place that is now going to be a vote that means that she's not going to be whipping her own politicians to vote a certain way it is now a free for everybody to decide which way to go with that themselves she says that she's passionate about delivering the results of the referendum but she wants it to be done in an orderly way so she's not advocating no deal as
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a solution to this and she spoke about the potential damage of leaving without a deal. if the house votes to leave with no deal well then it will be the policy of the house to implement that on the twenty ninth of march however it's not and i have to say that it's pretty unlikely that the house votes to leave with no deal is pretty much the only thing that there appears to be a majority for in parliament is leaving it is is it not leaving without a deal is who they want to exclude the option of no deal if not then thursday there will be another subsequent vote on potentially extending article fifty i.e. delaying. and the reason may has said that voting to leave without a deal and an extension doesn't solve our problems and certainly it is kicking bragg's it can down very short road she said that these are an enviable choices
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but thanks to the decision made in parliament this evening it is a choice that must now be faced jeremy corbin the leader of the opposition he took to the floor as well he said that the deal is dead it's going to be taken off the table and so the labor party you know they've got their own proposal they say that the u.k. should be staying in a customs union which the e.u. all of what's taken place this evening appears to show how willing they seem to be . the remain is and the brigadiers united against this deal he was willing to meet anybody halfway enormous times given this string of failures that a reason may has enjoyed she wouldn't have survived as a politician as prime minister but this isn't normal times and this is. greg's it issued is
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a suitable reason we're not seeing her resign there's no talk of her resignation at the moment because somebody has got to get on with this brags that. now the reason they had really banked on her tweaked agreement the changes that she'd been killed to the deal. that that would be enough for the deal to be pushed over the line tonight but the big blow today came when geoffrey kronk's the government lawyer the attorney general who really said that there weren't enough changes in the deal to the issues around the irish bank started that that dreaded issue of the irish banks are going to be fully resolved and not in lead in turn lead to a domino effect whereby the d u p the democratic unionist party of northern ireland that props up to resume a government and the hard line friends that. it is in her own party said that they just couldn't support the deal so according to reason maines planned tomorrow there's this no deal vote and then on thursday another vote on potentially
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extending article fifty and that she says would be short and necessary extension and after that what is really anybody's guess really a constitutional crisis now over a break that the reason may going into the vote tonight said that a second just feet would be a moment of crisis for the country and then it might imperil breaks it all together we certainly after the vote tonight are looking at so much more. few weeks ahead and really unclear what. brands it is going to. certainly very much on chartered waters here and certainly key three days for the promise the money for part of the most of all of course for the united kingdom with a summary of what's crucial vote on that second defeat to reason. well let's go live now to geraint jones professor of economics lancaster university thanks for
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joining us on the program today obviously a second defeat for to reason moshe's lot by one hundred forty nine votes worse result than expected will she get a third chance. it can defeat a second very heavy defeat for her and she is likely to get another chance on the deal clearly we need a deal forward on this tomorrow. on whether or no deal is supported by parliament or not is very unlikely to go through so it's nothing to be the one thing that the house of commons is united on nobody wants no deal so given that nobody wants no deal we have to have a deal of some can't imagine blimey so there has to be a pivot of some kind by the government and the places where there might be some. these are in the form of softer breaks it means the position within the customs
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union and possibly also the single market is certainly support on the benches for that or possibly another group who mrs may would be to port her deal through the public can go over the heads of parliament and put this to people. around she certainly between a rock and a hard place isn't she between those remains in parliament and those tory rebels the hard line tears they're speaking of the pivot you mentioned they're. saying on monday there are no third choice no third chances i mean do you think this is just fear mongering in the u.k. is a is a massive market for the e.u. is it not also in the e.u.'s interest to come to some sort of constructive solution here not perhaps one that would you know detailed article fifty being revoked of the u.k. remaining in the e.u. but to avoid that nightmare scenario which. would be extremely damaging for the economy and the e.u. u.k. economy and u.k.
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jobs. no deal would be most damaging the u.k. either also pockets of the european union where no deal would be damaging certainly the republican. a lot from no deal. and so there is some incentive for the european union to try and get a deal of some kind it may be that it's waiting on sort of regardless of the ball is in the u.k.'s court now as to where we go from here the u.k. is likely i think to ask for an extension of the article fifty process and how the european union responds to that it will be critical we have this problem of the european parliament elections coming up in a couple of months time so the possibilities are either for a very short extension and it's not clear what progress made on proposing a. deal within that time frame of the second possibility is having a longer extension that takes is well beyond the european parliament elections and
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that brings its own problems of how the u.k. act in which ones of those election is do we have an election and this and of course. chief negotiator stated that all it can to move into a the dot the bricks of dollar going to constructive form here this this problem can only be resolved now in london it's up to london to resolve its issues internally it going into negotiations with the e.u. at the eleventh hour cap in hand as many have said surely puts us in a weaker position than we were months ago. desperately weak and the ball has always been caught in the sense that the difficulties with this negotiation over all been around the ideas but the british government has been able to agree within the party that got you on the way forward i'm not going to go leave me and
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be really good so you've got some leaders that would be very happy with the norway style the arrangement to those that are concerned about the cultural policy the fisheries problem. you go. through the movement towards you. want a different kind of solution and then you've got the very hard line is the one to maximize the distance between the european union and the u.k. so there are many different breaks. the. process of collecting around one of those visions. should go in the future let's just talk a bit more about the economy about that the power to particular because the there has obviously been fluctuation has been instability in the wake of the referendum result plunged by anything between fifteen and twenty percent it's gone regained some of that value now against the u.s. against the euro. over the last few hours though once again it's been affected i
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mean do you think the fluctuations are something to be concerned about or eventually do you think it will even out of baps even be good for u.k. business if it loses value against the euro. one of the things we saw in the wake of. the losing around twenty percent of its value as you say and that did help you could manufacturing exports because it made our exports cheaper for consumers brought. however you get a depreciation. does raise prices. and so a consequence. would be higher prices and tension with lucian in the u.k. . and the united states is also public objectives for a post brics u.k. to align itself further with washington to win hearts that special relationship as the american government likes to say do you think the u.k.'s influence globally whatever will fall off the brics it will become less of
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a global player. considerable influence around the globe as a member of the european union and being part of the. person hands that influence you once the new position to trade to you than it has been as a member of a major trading block and sort of negotiate with the united states he's going to be relatively new to the u.k. to get the kind of training that it would consider going through just. just talking broadly economics once again to reason as promised to further votes one is to rule out no deal. and one further on thursday to get an extension and we've heard all this talk of a nightmare scenario of hugely damaging. situation for your jobs for the u.k. economy just talk us through what that could mean sort of in practical terms in real terms there's a no deal scenario what really could happen that is so damaging for the u.k.
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economy. damage that comes from no deal. if he leaves the european union without a deal the fact that it doesn't have it the real means that the european union must be rules charged the same time arrives on whatever imports from the u.k. there is dollars on any third country imports into the european union so that means the cars for example european union would have to charge ten percent tariff on cars that are produced in the u.k. and exported to the european union that would make cars very much more expensive on a competitive and exports but the u.k. current us to the european union just wouldn't be competitive and be able to dry up altogether and that means if we're not selling things to the european union remember the european union accounts for around our exports if we're not selling things to use us in the demand goes and. speaking broadly about
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bricks that once again i mean is the u.k. is the e.u. you know stubbornness and willingness to compromise on certain issues here they are being one of them perhaps some sort of pressure to dissuade other members from going the same way about something people have speculated on if this was to go smoothly perhaps other countries would get a similar idea that they can get a good deal more we start agreement etc. is this perhaps as critics have been saying a bit of pressure being exerted by the e.u. to stop further things like this happening. it might be bullish be clear about this backstop when the bank store is a response to red lines the british government drew up in self the british government didn't want to make trade across the irish broader more difficult than it is now they didn't want to have a border on the island. and they didn't want to have a border in the irish sea. the backstop has been
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a response to what the british government wants it it's not been a case of stubbornness on the part of the european union on the other hand the european union is. organizing issues it's very difficult to get coordinated action across twenty seven or twenty eight countries without there being a set of rules that govern that actually and so it does have to adhere to its own rules and understandably the european union has needed to protect its own interests as the u.k. has decided to withdraw forecasts university thanks so much for your take today on that i'm sure we're seeing more of those key votes go ahead this week. the break. on our. other headlines are arms president rouhani is in iraq aiming to boost ties with the neighboring country in baghdad is currently
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under pressure from washington to cut economic links with tehran of course it seems there already has the upper hand when it comes to red carpet welcomes.
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can it be a monkey business only colds and chose to assure all dig it mr president on the gratitude of a rope for the rainy and support that they provided through the war against terrorism. trump an answer to roxy repetitiously without any coordination and no respect for iraq's sovereignty he spent three hours celebrating with solar says it has achieved a great victory in fact this means that it is considered the feat rather than to make three of them. this is great dear the provisions that they are they are ok
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true you are not particularly they are clear preserves for the archives there is a quite different from back. i think through. this through reaches a. reception this is a plea for u.s. shores and i think the other girl you should or. should she. says united states pressure on. the way from germany's five shows washington is considering only its own interests. the united states for other countries to sacrifice the legal right for development for the sake of america's self interest calculations china insists that the united states government should acknowledge and respect those countries when they're making their own strategic
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decisions but why such anger response from the chinese will it seems that the rhetoric and campaign is continuing from the united states government washington pretty much warned that if the use any of. the older five generation network that would limit it teligent gathering between them to the warning comes after a letter was passed on from the u.s. ambassador richard grenell to the german minister last friday stating that pretty much a d.c. cure defense system and corporation between the two countries could possibly be compromised if they used equipment when rolling out a next generation network this is not the first time that the u.s. have been pressuring its allies last month when mike and mike pence did a tour in europe warning their allies for not using their equipment but they haven't stopped there are new zealand were forced pretty much after receiving a lot of pressure from the united states to ban any of wall wheeze equipment in
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their countries so it seems that so far the german government is holding ground against american pressure instead of banning why they decided that it would be pretty much better. to boost their own security criteria when dealing with any of those vendors but it seems that washington is not really happy about it they want the complete control the german twitter pretty much blew up against the united states claiming that the us ambassador is pretty much acting like a mafia boss saying you know stepping in our country and telling us what to do and recalling memories few years ago when the united states government was eavesdropping on european politicians merkel's government thinks that this is a kind of a campaign from the united states and love to all the blog them of selling their equipment to countries but the spy themselves and other countries present prison. marci. well that's why what was were presented
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is remembered snowden's revelations conference and change and last week with the war trade with two countries on the table between china and the united states and in a race to establish a five g. network it seems that this story will not end anytime soon. anyway if i were back in just a few moments time for the latest headlines and more analysis on. this is a stick from the water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is spawns of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litter box they're throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic.
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that's. the new phones at a special projects funded. on the. fun now the mountains of waste only grow higher. during the great depression which are old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed working. there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo doubt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles
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according to no on chomsky one set of rules for the rich. that's what happens when you put her into the. narrow sector of wilf which will is dedicated to increasing power virtue of just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america.
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would normally get manufactured sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes can protect themselves. with the crime merry go round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. to lose the real news. for family to the decision that this house has taken to it i continue to believe that by far the best outcome is the united kingdom leaves the european union and orderly fashion with the. the second blow in a row britain's parliament rejects the reason may's new divorce agreement from the
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e.u. with a no deal vote coming on wednesday. two decades after the violent conflict named the troubles in northern ireland ended fears of return of the irish.


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