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tv   On the Touchline with Jose Mourinho  RT  March 15, 2019 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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no chance so i thought that if any team can can do with these joe and those and let me tell you that i'm not unhappy at all because in the end. only one that one leapt into doing for the whole season. with regard to you now although he's thirty four years old now he seems to save himself the big stage mean you talked about athletic defense very strong i think we had over twenty clean sheets this season already but they couldn't cope with renowned zero in the air which seemed to surprise and i think. it's career is going through. different phases in his list periods in real in the last the a couple of years he was already being like a second striper and now i seem to use a striker use a number nine and he runs less chooses to move once you see efforts. the defensive have had foot is less and less and position in the box is incredible
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the scene issuing skills are amazing the wall is scored against as against as much as are allowed to do in the group phase was phenomenal these rightful to win with a volley not to incredible headers and by the psychological point of view i got in the beauty of where you want stupidly every minute of every game if you want to dig you more of mean and seventy eight is not happy because he wants to play twelve more minutes and in these twelve more minutes probably can score one more goal. if you have to choose the moment i sing these moments includes every single. great cross. believes will have a phenomenal safe. and then the goods the goods via because we can we coax we have sometimes.
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some via the seasons that we we really have some doubts specially because they are based on technology and technology shouldn't bring dogs but this one is phenomenal i think would be almost impossible for the linesman even the referee even the man on the goal line when they had the. really really difficult to see because it was really a strong hand by all the luck of course is a ball the is all sides but these armies insides but the power of of the right hands is a phenomenal would be a phenomenal safe but i like to through five of the v.a.r. when when he puts the things right and that to neil was. was a key moment of his and also a great performance from liverpool this week before you fall behind with just an edge you said it would be good he will ease three one on the nine or. no belts
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at all no dogs at all my my analyze was based on. byron tradition and by seeing from nine consecutive years. they go to the quarter final so i think is the first time you nine years that they don't go by the other side i was looking at liverpool. they were on the way down in the in the premier league they were losing lots of points and they weeds for sure the best performance of the season in the champions league for sure where they were not goods on the group phase soul day they manage to surprise me. i don't think too surprised themselves because of course they have the first ones to believe but to surprise lots of people with that we've had strong performance that puts them now. of course in the goods position for the for the. i've been sick
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fights but i think also by the mental point of view maybe they reborn and they can bring this kind of performance to the to the premier league and by and was it was just. sad to see pine buckling under the pressure because when it went to one they didn't seem to racing said buckle at every possible perspective liverpool's the team that brought the line up. by a was the team that kept the line back big distance between the lines levon those get too lonely. no pressure in the midfield. hamas or the league is absolutely a loss them capable to to make any kind of. pressing any kind of game in between the lines connection with. we destroy attacking players so i think really.
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set performance by by by him and like nicole was very on this stuff after the game and you were saying that liverpool totally deserved to go in and win. normally managers we many times we try to find even for ourselves some excuse because very objective now also impressive this week as you predicted comfortable wins for barcelona imagist the c.c.m. boss to thrash liam five one at home messi scoring twice and providing to assist you think he competes with renowned that player is of course special. when i was preparing myself for these for our program before it starts a few weeks ago was in my preparatory week was when i was trying to choose the special one of the week the moment of the week everything was about messi because it was the week where they went to sylvia and the completely
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destroyed city the. and the yes to the if chris general doesn't go with that performance again he would be would be there because this is what he does week in week. week out i think. they are lucky and they are lucky to be in the same generation they are lucky because they can compete against each other. and they are lucky because i am pretty sure that the loop they look to each other and in a positive way they get extra motivation we've seen as they do the number of tricks the number of champions the number of of gold boots all these things at the. top level if they were only one of them there would have like ten like then gold balls golden boots and. so now i think they really put
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the bar really really high and then. the other i call them the little monsters are coming behind and the body is high and they're saying has to be incredible mount. vision for a guys like. bob. agrees that unfortunately chris journal and and messy the long they don't last forever ok now moving on to match the city i thumbed shellac a seventy again he said it would be easy but that's easy seven ill and a challenging thing that's not easy with us easy as a. much better team than ben sharpe at every level. the resolves to a way is a fantastic result i couldn't imagine. doing something. at manchester but seventy that was really. really
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a big big big result also this week another big good to get your opinion on this in the things that damn returned to coach three hundred after quitting that ten months ago albeit after winning three champions league titles what are the challenges of returning to a big club because you did it chelsea and i do that chelsea and. you know by one side's you you know the club and instead of go to a club and spend time learning the clubs you go to a club that you already know you meet many of the players that you already know so by that perspective is easier. but. you cannot forget what you did before and the people don't forget what you did before and the people sinks that you can do what you did before so when i went to chelsea i went with. that responsibility. of i have to win the premier league again. and i think in this
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case it was even going back to to real madrid of course one of the reasons why people goals back to clubs is because the clubs they know what you can deliver and they expect you are going to do. the same. so i think people will not forget. the work he did there and they will do we want do want more so i think that's that's the little bit of of the pressure and. another another point that will be acquired through is that naiveness to build a team. you've got a team that was basically playing together for a four years we've the bays that was there for years coached by one two three experienced managers and and then you have these you start you have these know
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how you had these fantastic feeling and it was developed amazing results i think this time is a different challenge for him do you think he'll have enough time to do what he wants to do because i say that because he's their third manager this season and this is really a sense monks. some people and fans think that clubs feel a lot of pressure to make changes when things go slightly wrong and but that's the way football is is going and i don't think there is a way to. to change it now because. yes he is the social the social pressure but there is also be connection between the social pressure and and the media and in this case on the majority of the cases the social media is changing a lot in the way people approach approach football and it's not just football i
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think use is a bald society in general that our needs people has needs of changes at every level for them and there's those walls are not good news because of course the dream many years ago was specially to work in english football because english football was culturally at that level. give a few years to the manager let them and there's a. the club at the image and and after the build the club build the team and stay with this team for a long period of time and. i think that's the tendency in always used to change more than before. i think gone into a nihilistic. think and. think that travelling across
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america what makes america. america this is a point in which i would have done so we always are on the margins that. are being boring and. we're starting. it is going to headed east into the swamp to go into the belly of the beast i think i want to leave now doesn't get any more ground zero of the earth it may be completely different but the mystery. is not an ideological scarecrow russia is a real neighbor who will have to leave it always being in nato you or wherever. it's in no real interest to go to russia to talk to russians and to understand.
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desists is a stick from the water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is sponsor of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad was there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. seats to cook out soon. that soon. their plastic. surgeon projects funding me. on i'm your best bet is the end of a pretty fun now the mountains of moist only grow while. the internet has no bill for security so we have to take it to a different level and we have to take the new value that is five g.
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level when you can embed security security as an industry in the security has all they need to expose the fears and all they can devise is so that people get freight and they believe that they should know we have to come up with new infrastructure this is very important to start thinking positively about the new tools to build a new system. suppose it's our time right now no ninety will be schizo right. but you really have a half son you have. not really not really normally finish. the house and sometimes i run when the distance is
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so short or. other times. i walk but i'm already in my gym talk the first people i want to to see is my my analysts to see if they got any of the images to have during the first gulf and. i hold immediately to my to my tactical screen and depending of course of. what happened in the first gulf. you were in the direction of sometimes on the mistakes you made when the majority of the majority of the buttons on. the second alpha. and many many times you need really to focus on what you want to do in the second off i
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always feel that the health i'm just too short i would like to do more so i have always these feelings is that a very difficult part of your job to have time to no no no i am very good on that. emotional side of things because you need to read not just the game to. the players and you need to know how can you be positive many many times is just about the mental side of it and the more you know. the players and the more you understand how you can influence generally positively and change things do you have to resist your speeches or is it all spontaneous when you get in the home. the meeting is organized is organized in the last minutes of of the first off the experience they motion all control is very very unfortunate sometimes when you need to stroll or even be. it's more emotional. than
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normal even that has to be under control and there is also a part that i really like and when i feel it when i feel it i let it go when we are lucky enough to have some players some dialogue with for even in between themselves is very important because as i always say. you have a vision from the outside and the more experience you are the more knowledge you you have the more comfortable you are but they are on the people and their vision of what is happening on the pitch is also very important i would still it would make great television having cameras on the street in august would you be happy without who he has i wouldn't i wouldn't be happy. but i would in the stands that. by those soul the. point of view would be
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amazing that when you you go with the cameras to the dressing room before the game you showed the position of the dressing room while the dressing room ees where the machine beds of display of the ship of the other one i think the seas go into a world where you are not able to put a foot in most because you see is a very closed is a very close darby thought the problem is when your communication becomes becomes live you know i will be speaking with my players and i will have a screen with the dressing room of their home and really see to it with a sense of the impossible to to interfere in the game. joe you say if you could choose a math watering time for the next round which two sides would you like to see come head to head i would like english english teams to play. against each other
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without any kind of preference. i would do two matches between english teams we would mean that two would be. in the semifinals i think if the door gives something like. their seat against manchester united or talk them against liverpool for example i think would be if absolutely fantastic. the match is my second choice would be. not by tactical or emotional reasons but by what i see and could be. a fantastic extra motivation and something that they will deserve i would do it against portal because that would mean one hundred percent that one of them reaches the semifinals and they are doing so so well during the competition that i think would be amazing for
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one of them would be amazing in these moments for. portugal as a country netherlands as a country to have a team in the in the semifinal i wouldn't like juventus against. against barcelona because i think would be. something really special barcelona going to enthuse in the in the possible final or even semi final two great teams that are not being successful in the champions league. for a few years of course you venters for much more than barcelona and lead by. two big players like. christian or messi would be something that i wouldn't waste on on the quarterfinal i would do it a little bit more active the teams that remain the strongest. i always. i always say when you get into the quarterfinals.
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everybody has the feeling of. twelve point five percent of chances of winning get every team in the draw they have of course their preferences in the teams that they wouldn't like to play against at this stage but it is a very positive feeling for a for everybody that is there what i think is that is is really in motion even before the draw is huge emotion and i think the fact that. the organization of the draws in the group phases and the seeding and the pots and the questions. i think it change it all. lecours before as you know was about the questions and now the pop won. the champions of the countries so you don't have any more in the ports one two
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three teams from england you don't have. teams from spain you don't have three teams three mentally you have one and one and one and one and then you get immediately in the group phase two big teams in the same group one of them is going to finish second the second will play against the first so immediately on the last sixteen you have met she's like liverpool against. bodies or against manchester united juventus against athletico madrid and then immediately you have real madrid bodies are out but me in the alps athletico madrid help from a dream playing the final in the. in madrid so i think these gives a different dimension to the to the competition and the the next step is to finish we'd. teams from the same country they cannot be between each other before the
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quarter final even battle. against monaco lose the second in these having a phenomenal season very well coached a team that is great to see them play and monocle team with. apparently more power but struggling a lot and changing the manager twice already during the season and i think a very interesting game going into the week and. i still see in fronts bodies are against. all the big must see and that ease be. not in the full of course but as are my is the champion but in big rivals for years in the years of big rivalry on russia i see interesting
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because the two top teams both not teams from moscow and of course the need is the first cross although it is the second they play respectively in moscow against spartak and the locomotive and they sing out of these. two matches in moscow lots of saying can be decided if the distance goes bigger than it is now. they need to stay very comfortable if he is a need the team that loses points and cross all that is the team that wins in moscow and shot that distance then. the story can change until the end of of the championship in england is f.a. cup time we dealt with these matches that make the country stop teams like. crystal palace over and i think he is right and to the they
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haven't i on that amazing stage so emotion unless which is really the big one of the weekend. which is the milan milan barbee. doesn't matter the stadium is always the same but more a million supporters than interested this time and he's not just the meaning of of the darby is also what it means for the top four juventus is too far in started the season obviously to. to try to finish the best possible but the now in this moment they are struggling to keep the fourth position mulan improve the lot during the season now they are. but these. fourth roma feasts these stunts one point i think only not only he's safe and these.
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we beat also because of what it means for the qualification for champions like. seventy four design submissions. to join judges. eight hundred sixty nonstop days of. the russian w.b. . and
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a russian. show you how that. bridge was built. witnessed the construction living you need to transport. that will help them out of crimea. most of those you know what google more familiar quite a bit but. the braggs it saga continues a deeply divided british house of commons can only seem to agree on one thing it doesn't want the u.k. to leave the e.u. without a deal the problem is there isn't a parliamentary majority on what to do next maybe this was to resumes play and all along breaks it down. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed working. there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen
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today but there was an expectation of the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the ten principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo down engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to know on. one set of rules for the rich opposite set of rules for poor . that's what happens when you put her into the hands of a narrow sector of will switch is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america.
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i'd say the number. they've matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime happened today. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the old rich eight point six percent world market rose thirty percent some with four hundred five hundred three first second first second and fifth when he rose to. twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars . mark but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one you know you missed one and only one but. that.
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was the. terror attacks in new zealand mass shootings at two mosques in christ church killed forty nine people and injured forty eight others many of the survivors are still in critical condition. but the monument splashing money. oh my god from africa we know it was. and everybody just. goes. for suspects are now in custody one of them. were reportedly lifestream the attack.


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