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tv   News  RT  March 18, 2019 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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he's had line news after a day long manhunt dutch police say they've now arrested the chief suspect wanted over the shooting on a tram in which three people died and who tracked also this hour. after widespread looting and violence the french government has to ban yellow vest protests in the areas worst hit by violence if there's a radical element to the demonstrations. in new zealand moves to toughen its gun little small pressuring social media to do more in its fight against extremism that comes after the mosque massacre that left fifty people killed on friday streamed online with one man arrested for reportedly distributing the video.
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was monday evening at nine here in moscow my name is colleen bright this is your news from r.t. international first an update for you from the netherlands in the past thirty minutes dutch police said that they've arrested thank chief suspect in connection with the shooting on a tram in the city of tracked on monday morning three people were killed and five injured in the attack with more details his local crime reporter rick. but we still don't know if there's any terrorist threat anymore or maybe we have to look for other reasons why this shooting took place oh there's not much going on now it's a moment near the tram seems to be quiet. police actions moved to other locations since and we know what it's been rates in several homes as of right now we know that one the police have got one suspects it's. a man
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thirty seven year old from he's been living in holland and in a group where the shooting took place or about for quite a while. of the suspects that police had been searching for was this thirty seven year old turkish border man who'd been named as cochrane tannish dr david lowe is a terrorism expert he joins us now that very early on the authorities said that when it goes on with a possible motive here but they weren't using that as their sole line of inquiry since then other reports have suggested it could have been a family feud but how this is regarded by the authorities very much dictates how the investigation takes place doesn't it. quite right call and i think the dutch police are in the right line prices by having a suspect is a terrorist attack because all the machinery if you like the investigators the forensic sciences and so on the international colleagues will be assisting them so
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it's a lot easier to scale it down that is to start of the bottom and try and scale up and catch up so they have taken the right approach. do you find that after everything the various other countries in europe have suffered with terrorism in the netherlands has been largely unscathed by all this and of major a number of successful arrests there's always a leap to assume terrorism come what may for anything else. you know only you know this is so close to the tragic shooting in christchurch on friday. you know pays a male with. a firearm who's randomly shot people on the tram so hence why you've got to look at this is a possible terrorist attack. and of course we wait for the details to come out but you know we we do anything else that happens it was interesting. to note that after the christ church. attack the other events that happened even here in the u.k. the stuff being. you know there's an assault on
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a taxi driver that was linked to comments that were passed by you know the it is quite right said to be vigilant about it but you know this is also writes i wouldn't mind in these type of investigations the police have said they're looking into the possibility that the shooter knew at least one of the victims and if that is the case does that rule out terrorism does seem to have a particular y. definition these days. yeah well if he does this there's many different causes you know over this the islamist cause as we've seen in christchurch extreme far right cause and of course other countries are have got their own nationalist. terrorist issues to deal with i mean here in the u.k. and then of the violent it's still not going away and you know but also i think with the individual looking out from the reports that he had been fighting in chechnya so you can see why. these these suspicions of trying
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to get his motive as he said if he's known someone on there if it was and if this report is true it's a been a family feud well you know it's had some tragic consequences with three people dying as i said the netherlands hasn't seen any terror related deaths in fifteen years there were some successful arrests over the past year also twenty stand you think this is down to the effectiveness of the policing in athens. well i think it's not just policing in the netherlands i think we've all and certainly in europe that we have to cooperate and work together and you know from the tragic events that happened if we go right back to paris and twenty fifteen what we saw a nice and so on and vice versa stocco we we have been learning lessons from it and how how to deal with an instant quickly so what one advantage is because they do talk to each other it isn't just isolated isn't just the french police deal with an instance of the police or u.k. we have to share this information. you know regardless of whether the u.k.
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remains of the or not with the latest. debate going on but you know you're opposed played a very important role in this is the use policing agencies intelligence based agency in one two and hans policing throughout throughout the continent but regardless of whether we're in or out or the states we actually do. talk to each other i think that's the benefit of very important. terrorism expert dr david live in manchester thanks for your thoughts. you're welcome. the french prime minister says the universe protests will be banned in areas that have suffered the most damage as a result of the demonstrations if they contain a radical element or turn violent. is that if you're only when you first we will burn your levesque demonstrations in the neighborhoods that have been most affected as soon as we become aware of the presence of extremist elements and their intention to vandalize. i'm thinking obviously of the shawm sillies in paris plus
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paper. and plastic of italian to lose another measure follows the eighteenth consecutive weekend of anti-government rallies again they were marred by violence with fires being set in luxury shops looted and clashes with police but in a culture of a report from the chart and ravaged. one of the world's most glamorous avenues looks very different this monday a burnt out kiosks shattered windows and graffiti on luxury stores that's the face of the iconic some sleazy after the protest on saturday the french government has already admitted that not enough was done to prevent extreme rioting from taking place analysis of events shows that the measures taken proved to be insufficient in containing the violence and preventing the actions of the rioters protesters who are throwing rocks right into the windows of the shops they used molotov cocktails flares and pieces of these mines to damaged buildings police say ten thousand
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people gathered here on saturday and among them fifteen hundred extremists were identified two hundred forty people were arrested and over eighty shops including some luxury boutiques were vandalize. the french president was forced to cut short his skiing trip for an emergency meeting he said that what happened was no longer a demonstration it has become a national security threat what happened today on the show mr lee's a can no longer be called a demonstration these are people who want to destroy the republic even at the risk of killing everyone who was there was complicit in this yellow vests protest set for the eighteenth weekend so far it is unclear what made ease the tension and put
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an end to this violence again a question of r.t. reporting from paris. or let's go live now to french political journalist to analyser forte welcome to our take five coming on again i suppose the authorities have got to do something to stop swathes of paris being laid to waste protect the people living there and visiting there but all these new measures really getting to the crux of the problem. well it's simply whether it's actually going to the whole crux we don't know who but there was our own intention to show goodwill from the bulk of the government for a bit none of these demonstrations had been as to be the case in france had been declared to the clinic you'll agree and therefore they were not are they were in the gray area around on the altar how do you think it would be submitted and the idea to get them out last night after the talking of you know news just in shops and general destruction and if i didn't fire in buildings to do that and
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essentially this is it's a bit of luck that nobody died is delayed and so there's a feeling a bit of you know too little too late but we'll see we'll see how that goes and what went wrong in the weekend just gone then is the violence simply overwhelming the police eighteen weekends in. several things the first of all is doubt of the actual. now really you have a combination of what can be turned a demonstration with people sort of going to walking in the street showing picard's and expressing their anger which is legal and welcomed in democracy and small separate groups that were known for answers many of them coming from the organized an archivist extreme left and who were there to essentially sort of laying waste to capitalism he said and every now and then help themselves to products of the horrible commercialism that discard this despised and loot and what we've seen this asserted it was really the fact that the yellow jackets were washing for instance
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the people setting fire to places and then some of them went and helped themselves to luxury home bags and other things and most of them were taking pictures and smiling and so what you have is really a riot it was not a demonstration in any way shape or form it was an organized right of pollution and if these people going to be blocked from going to some places i guess the fear is they'll just turn up somewhere else since two weeks ago that the leaders such as they are so the going to tell the police where we're going to protest in future what emanuel mccraw best plan here to try and tackle this unrest. she well they have find the cliff it pretty stupid said police of paris is the official in charge of policing powers and he really has the lowest. rung of. the scale of people who could have been trying to do this and there are lots of people in the country who are. calling for firing the interior minister who is really responsible for policy in the country and. whose tragedy to say the least was not very good
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the general consensus is that there were enough police forces in the city of paris but they're not properly deployed and they didn't know exactly what to expect and that is something really all to have known because the french security services knew that if there isn't the leads of the leadership which will mean the which is a pretty stewing it's actually there's a there's a feeling that it's been some treated kind of amateurish way and people call up names and phone with politicians from a full circle to show their squalling eighty's and ninety's to former president sarkozy ten years of you who they feel would have handled this after this the longer it goes on the more entrenched forget meantime unfortunate i suppose you have to brace for weekend nineteen and a few days right in paris but i thank you very much and and as a personal attack. in the wake of friday's terror attack on two mosques in christchurch new zealand looking a ways are preventing similar atrocities in future the prime minister is promising
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to make changes to the country's gun laws and is also shopping criticized a number of social media websites she says the platforms need to do far more to tackle extremist content you know neil got more details earlier from correspondent daniel hoare can't. questions are being raised as to what exactly happened in the lead up on the aftermath of this terrible act of barbarity among some of those questions social media the role it played this act of terror the shooting of fifty people was actually live streamed on facebook for around fifteen minutes before it was taken specifically at the request of police in new zealand it was then a shared subsequently all other social media platforms as well as the police in new zealand have reminded their twitter followers certainly that distributing objects at all publications quoting here could mean a prison sentence if deemed too public good one arrest already confirmed in new zealand over the sharing of these images very much and present a legal framework here the prime minister of new zealand has also confirmed the
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sheer challenge they face dealing with this and how exactly they could stand this out in the future i would call on our social media platforms of all variety to demonstrate the kind of responsibility that both lead to these have been and that includes stars who perpetuate their messages in the aftermath there's a lot of work that needs to be down done this attack was only live stream for a full fifteen minutes it was also assured multiple times a kind to a kind people were saying they had no problem finding about leads to a lot of questions as you were saying with the social media platforms how they responded to criticism the big three giants facebook twitter and you tube do face questions over whether they really did handle that sort of area that situation with these pictures being channeled across the whole world in the first twenty four hour was that removed one point five million views of the attack globally of which over one point two million were blocked and upload we continue to work around the clock
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to remove violating contemned using a combination of technology and people. we are working vigilantly to remove any violent footage of course i don't think anybody is under the illusion is here that simply removing. these streams any quicker would have of course saved the lives of these innocent people but there are questions raised this to him age where these sorts of horrific videos can be streamed online is the threat being taken seriously enough all these preventative methods working the moderators the algorithms how exactly this can be stopped from happening again. a fiery football darby in greece between the so-called eternal rivals kind of and i caught the libby arcos marred by clashes between fans and police on sunday both in and outside the stadium in athens .
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the game was interrupted just six minutes in when dozens of massed kind of michael's fans attempted to invade the pitch and then attack the visiting team substitute bench the referee eventually abandon the fixture in the second half as police used tear gas to disperse angry supporters the matter official said the savior was not safe as toxic gas forced plans to move closer to the pit no serious injuries were arrests have been reported so far. here with r.t. still to come a third vote on to resume a's breck's a deal has been ruled out unless it undergoes major surgery will be live with our correspondent in westminster after the break. you know world of big partisan movies modifiers and conspiracy it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. a day since it has become at apple has been comments at forty eight on this day in the day see below it gives it not think is that one day is to be leaving j.c. feeling good yes even more figures forty eight odd because it gives three bags to adduced to do even the poorest.
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again the soap opera the it has taken another twist to solve that and it's only ten days until the u.k. supposed to leave the british prime minister's been dealt yet another blow this time the house of commons speaker has ruled out of vote on to resume a plan unless there are significant changes right after the lowdown on that now wife to westminster ati's polly boyd was there so unless something big happens no meaningful vote to resume is rather stretching the definition of meaningful there it's taken downing street by surprise this one of the consequences for to reason may. well look if you go out and ask for your home what would you bring it back unchanged to the teacher and say oh well you've got to really give me a good grade because the exams are coming up soon most people wouldn't but that's
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pretty much want to resume a was planning on doing with her beleaguered bragg's it withdrawal deal it's been rejected by politicians in parliament twice already after the first catastrophic vote she went back to brussels she tweaked the deal but she still failed to get it approved last week one politician referred to it as a polished turd of a deal and yet we had been her hearing these rumors that the government was planning to take this unchanged deal back to the politicians for a third vote this week the only difference would be that the risk of a no deal brag zat or no brags it via a lengthy delay might make politicians choose may's deal as the least of all the evils however the speaker of the house of commons john bercow has just thrown a clean stitches tional curveball into to resign may's court take a listen to what she had to say today. has been strongly.
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though i have not received. confirmation for this third and even possibly for meaningful vote. will be attempted what the government can more legitimately do is to resubmit to the house the so even proposition or substantially the same proposition as that of last week which was rejected by one hundred fourteen. so very hears torpedoing the idea of another vote unless to reason may substantially improves her homework or changes her a deal that politicians are meant to be voting on now he's based on this legal precedent called erskin may and you might be hearing a lot about it in the weeks to come essentially it's a parliamentary mechanism terribly old used as far back as sixteen zero four but
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it's meant to stop government's bullying through legislation that's how this is being seen as politicians what does all this mean for greg's if that's what you asked me well if it was possible in any way to reason mazed job has just got even harder she's set to attend the e.u. council summit on thursday but now she's to come back from there with a substantially changed deal when the e.u. has said repeatedly that there is absolutely no way they are making any more concessions for the u.k. . almost couldn't make this. move to the next round for now though probably work in westminster thanks for that. the best of it is and celebrations are taking place across the crimean peninsula right now as the region marks five years since its reunification with russia our correspondent there for us. well the celebrations
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have gone into the night really and there was something of a nature's gift the weather was absolutely beautiful a warm sunny day nothing really stopping people from coming out here and marking the days out in the open in the streets in this square and really that's what they did i mean i haven't seen the official figures yet but with the naked eye i can safely say thousands of people have turned up and really five years is a bit of a long time so i took we took to some of the crimean ends and ask them how their lives changed in this half a decade yet that history as a resident of the city i'll say that it happened for the better. and over the past five years trusted changes have occurred in everything even in the general impression of the peninsula. problems have always existed so who owns it all depends on the people when we agree to reunite with russia things went calmly
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people enjoyed life and then there's those against it i have friends here who are unhappy about it but very few over time they'll be satisfied because they saw the chaos before when you could do whatever you wanted now we have the rule of law now patriotic songs on the stage behind me were briefly interrupted by the address of the russian president vladimir putin has visited the region and he spoke about the including so of the decision he had made five years ago effectively giving the peninsula a chance to become part of russia yet again i was really speaking of the problems faced by the region hopefully at least one of them has been fixed once and for all and that is elect electrical supply see crimea as being very dependent on ukraine on its well previous owner so to speak it had very well we've had very basic infrastructure very basic old infrastructure so we drew most of its electricity most of its electrical supply from ukraine and often here would be either.
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incapable. or simply not willing to provide enough energy so people's homes would go dark repeatedly of the old of the peninsula would go dark today vladimir putin launched the two power plants into the full capacity in fact they are so powerful that not only crimea is self-sufficient now but also it could export some of that power to other regions and so really the celebrations are ongoing and so this is this is a big day for crimea and of for russia and for all the people who flocked to the streets to celebrate. he goes home offering crimea now you're up to date thanks for watching your next all teen users in fairy five minute. because trump's america first agenda isolating the united states on the global
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stage sure looks like it is just easier to telling its citizens what to think again sure looks like it. i do think the numbers mean something they've mastered us little one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global will you long to be old rich eight point six percent world market those who are personal some with four hundred to five hundred three purchase per circuit and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers old rule. the only number you need to remember is one one business showed you know bored to miss one and only one book.
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through all five. gets right there's no. been a real good shots to begin murders controls all life. but sometimes our last community young people are deciding this they want to pull not like their parents not like the liberals running amok. it's always drug school again you always have problems but you are going to focus a lot it's the most ubiquitous going on out there most police departments use it almost overstayers in the school that they could get their hands on tunnels in twenty four hours. through it to chinese kids a bio racism about police brutality taking cried of them being. arks these kids all are a part of all history. what
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politicians do something. they put themselves on the line and they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or some one of the rest of. the to the right to be cross with what the forty three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the water using the color. question.
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hello welcome to seven and column says he shevardnadze tensions between iran and the u.s. pyro was washington pushing its hear a pin allies to abandon the nuclear deal and tehran unwilling to compromise can they still pull out of the nosedive while i ask dr who shanghai maria madi a three time iranian presidential hopeful and president of the american iranian council. the trump white house is tightening its noose around iran trying to isolate it in the middle east and pushing for europe to stop trading with the
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sanction his country but with iran's involvement in the region that crucial to the balance of power how far can the americans go in putting pressure on terror before it backfires with iran's new european friends to defy the will of washington and what will the leaders in teheran do in the face of yet another round of their standoff with america. doctor who is shanghai myanmar the president of the american iranian council welcome to the show great to have you with us. and thank you very much for having me speaking about the sanctions against iran foreign minister chad's every for recently said that europeans will have to get wet if they want to swim against the tide of the u.s. you're lateral anti iran route will european countries in your opinion actually go on and risk anything for sake of keeping trade ties with iran alive. i don't believe i never believed that without america europeans would be any
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effective helpful to iran in fact europeans have been playing a very. very unfair game dave want to keep iran in the j. c.p.u.'s. and therefore they keep giving iran empty promises promises that they can not deliver the purpose of european promises empty promises it's just to keep it on in the. iran so far has also been willing to listen to those empty promises because iran also one to have a legitimate reason to a stay in the j.c. . iran doesn't want to leave is afraid of to leave and therefore it is also looking for a pretext to a stay and i believe you know pens are also.


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