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tv   News  RT  March 27, 2019 12:00pm-12:29pm EDT

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and. breaking news this hour an r.t. russia needs to get out of venezuela president trump tells moscow warning that all u.s. options are on the table. while the war between the u.s. media and president trump rages on despite the long awaited report concluding there is no evidence of conspiring with the kremlin. under school in the west bank is raided by israeli soldiers with children as young as ten held at gunpoint. from a second we said this was all a hospital. for the working watching r.t. international start this hour with breaking news to you because president trump has said that russia needs to get out of venezuela warning that all u.s.
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options are on the table the threat comes after around one hundred russian troops touched down in caracas on saturday a move called an unnecessary provocation by washington meanwhile venezuela's opposition leader is expected to announce a new plan to oust president nicolas maduro later on wednesday in the wake of a second major power outage in the country the venezuelan government seems to know who's behind the blackout with the country's fice president during the u.s. secretary of state might pompei o national security adviser john bolton and the republican senator marco rubio or as she dubbed them the trio of miss fortune perversity and criminality well on monday much of venezuela remained without electricity just two weeks after a similar blackout local media claimed that up to sixteen of twenty three states were affected including the capital caracas many people wrong. so unable to go to
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work as public transport wasn't working. i usually leave three in the morning today i had to leave at five am it's not worth going out when it's dark because you're going to be wrong but. i have to walk because there is almost no public transport and yesterday it took me two hours to walk home from work so it was an act of sabotage by so squalid treacherous thank to their president quite oh. the uncertainty that currently exists makes you question what you buy as you just don't know whether what you are buying will be a waste without electricity the communications minister of venezuela hugo rodriguez has uploaded pictures and videos of a damaged power station saying that opposition linked criminals intentionally started a fire there to sabotage the system dr michael durham a latin american politics expert at the u.k.'s northumbria university says it's feasible that washington was behind the recent black and. they've got
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a track record in this type of thing and if anybody can do this in the world they can i'm not a technical expert. electrical engineer but i'm sure the united states are capable of this and what's more i'm sure that they would like to do it is the type of thing that they would do to to get their way to get the majority of overthrow of venezuela is surrounded by people who don't wish it well. now in brazil colombia on the other side they're doing well to keep going but i think the thing that ought to be in power and that hasn't happened in the military is still true to the regime millions of millions of people in venezuela who do not walk wide or the opposition to take power we mark the end of february billionaire richard branson did organize a benefit concert on the venezuela colombia border to raise money for aid for venezuela a month home though it's still unclear where the money's gone. well
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it just really. strikes right. that this way. i'll go to waste on million dollars in sixty days. at least be with one quito who was asking for that for the well to help i decided
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to pick up the phone and speak with him my. i believe that the live eight concert that was announced in sponsored by richard branson was a complete failure they had claimed that they would raise one hundred million dollars for humanitarian aid but when the concert was coupled with the u.s. claim that it would bring in humanitarian aid which was neither humanitarian nor any it was a political weapon that was used against the venice well in government and the goal is very revolution needed for the people of venezuela to overcome the economic difficulties is for the united states and the european allies to lift the economic sanctions which are causing the greatest damage to the country's economy and.
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demanded the u.s. get its hands are then straight. to the full report of u.s. special counsel robert miller's probe into alleged collusion between donald trump and russia will be made public in the coming weeks trump though calls the investigation a disgrace to carry cred you old cred from liar to dish you never have to look for it. allows you to take it was ready to retire it could save your future record your to targeting i the report is said to contain secret grand jury material which is not usually made public meanwhile trump stepped up his war against what he calls the fake news media easing them of staging a witch hunt trying to looks now the key false claims that the us media made during the two years of the investigation. pick any year before two thousand and sixteen
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in this book and imagine someone back then touting the idea that people from here helped someone settle in here and began using him as a puppet or their agent honestly that someone would right away get labeled as a conspiracy theorist the u.s. attorney general has just made it clear to the people in here the whole collusion story pretty much amounts to conspiracy let's hear from the people who for more than two years were trying to give you the impression that collusion is not a conspiracy at all our job is to bring facts to light others make determinations about prosecutable criminal offenses will not investigate this were journalists now rules to ripple the facts as we know them which is exactly what we did pardon. facts as we they know them that little phrase could actually explain
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all we've been through with american news trump and russia what if instead of looking for facts to tell a story based on these facts the guys held on to a story so tight they tried to come up with facts is which nobody knew who the hell they were buzz feed for one reported robert miller had email and testimony proof that mr trump had made his ex lawyer michael cohen lie to congress about all the alleged trump tower in russia dealings a bombshell new report from buzz feed news certainly explosive reporting and without question this is a big one and it is breaking news perhaps major breaking news what make this a fact probably a good smell of the collusion bombshell gunpowder and the credibility of the sources. my sources are solid this reporting is accurate even bad. then when mr
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miller who barely said a word while he was still at work worried into explain the story was rubbish here's another big one that was based on what sources claimed donald trump's campaign chief sequent the met with whistleblower turned kremlin geek as someone put it anyway julian assange how does this bombshell impact the collusion part of the probe the list of stuff that was supposed to make president trump shiver and put robert miller into razor sharp mode was quite long the russians said that we had they had information that could help the campaign clinton dossier firm also supplied information used in meeting of russians from tain komi that was truly time to make the case that muller should investigate the circumstances of the encounters with the president to determine if a crime was committed what we don't know is whether there was some quid pro quo
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whether there to what extent it involved the president. and exactly what the knowledge of was in the trunk campaign about whatever benefit they were getting from russia the final result you already know it there is no smoking gun in between . the russian federation so at this point we have to say they these people that want to talk about they're still being russian inclusion and all these things are conspiracy theories they have no evidence all the evidence there's been presented points of war the opposite actually being true there is no conspiracy or collusion or anything like that although it is common knowledge conspiracy theorists could never care less about official probes i don't need them on the report to know he's a traitor i have a t.v. . but we had two from the former u.s. congressman ron paul who says that despite the findings of the report that my kratz will continue to look for ways to bring down the president. the democrats don't
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like to hear the hear the truth and if they had their way they wouldn't let anything out they're just playing politics that's all it is they've been they've been caught red handed lying through their teeth and now they're just going on and on you'd think they would just have a little a little bit of common sense or but no they just march on they've been line for two and a half years and they're going to continue to lie and even this report honors all of them but i think what drives all this is just plain old hatred they decided they were going to hate throw it in there was a coalition there was a collusion with the republicans who didn't like because he was a new cover and he didn't deserve it then you had the democrats automatically hey hating they had all the neo cons were both republicans and democrats and then you added the media and they all got together and decided with this guy's a monster we have to get rid of them whether it's true or not i think pretty soon people are going to get you know catch on and get tired of listening to their ass
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but right now they haven't let up there is continuing to go after trump and and lie about the whole mess. now another news israel defense forces have tweeted that a cyber know has deployed tanks and troops along its border with gaza after two days of growing tensions a monday rocket attack reportedly injured seven people need television and were tallied asian israel carried out strikes on k. how miss targets including the office of the head of the palestinian organization in the west bank classes at one school were interrupted meanwhile by a raid from israeli soldier is one ten year old student says a loaded gun was saying that he's had his his story. oh bill good clip of the rain heard them at the sudden change. what are the.
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i mean the last. but this is. the final. shot here one of my second side of this question. right. no one other will support a new version of the. office of the heart in the. sense of the. music and to.
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us of another. book that will have. worked at an end to the level there's a certain level. oh darn we're going to ask them what. did the girl officer of the sword in the show last. year we did asked these round defense forces to comment on this incident and they did tell us today that all proper procedures were followed and that none of the students were arrested however almost a thousand palestinian children were reportedly arrested by israel. asked year according to the defense for children on governmental organization fifty six children killed by israeli forces in twenty eighteen that's more than a child week the vast majority were killed by live ammunition the ngo quotes
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witnesses stating that the children were unarmed and posed no threat. tensions along the gaza border the only challenge facing israel right now because president from decision to support israel's an extension of the golan heights will be discussed later on wednesday at a un security council meeting trumps move has been met with fury in syria with crowds taking to the streets in protest while people in the country's two largest cities have rallied against the u.s. recognizing the occupied territories part of the jewish state they were seeing burning the israeli flag and voicing solidarity with palestine. no sir no i don't we are all in the great northern roof where our boat our men are not larger mereology have been operated you learned about what to go to the prom there are no set up for how did you were part of the story out of being here what the problem but there are so many well about the. last million you know they're always about through yeah it's about how a bit you know like i had felt like drug rehab and began to come out of the rubble
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alone but yeah. the majority of you would you know not be at all want to rob or destroy or one are better but all of you know it's not all around. the. world which is this is where you look for the. work of one of them the drug they would have a vehicle for the very word from success since the control over the golan heights has united washington's allies and while it's no surprise that iran chose to back syria the whole the arab league including saudi arabia a longstanding american partner have denounced the move to the u.n. has stressed that the status. the golan heights hasn't changed while the said it won't shift its position either but it could help israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu because he has been embroiled in a massive corruption scandal ahead of a general election this april. he says that trumps recognition of israeli
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sovereignty over the golan heights of the garm heights is now clearly illegal lete it's purely symbolic because there is duly clear at this point in time that the timing of the announcement wired's deliver a in order to bolster netanyahu is campaign and is really unfortunately not much that syria can do in this situation and again because of the little guy on the part of the united states is a symbolic one and not a legal one and it really doesn't change anything about the status of the golan heights from the perspective that you're two are in one nine hundred eighty one and so practically speaking i mean just physically there's really no change it's just symbolically the recognition of gravity in weight because you know it's an important player. ok well let's go back to our breaking news this hour because president trump has said that russia needs to get out of venezuela warning that all u.s. options are on the table the threat does come after around one hundred russian troops
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touched down in caracas on saturday a move called an unnecessary provocation by washington so let's get the thoughts now of political and social commentator joins us even thanks for coming on moshe notice first what do you make of this is this a serious escalation in your view. i think is what an escalation i would want to go as far as saying serious because that would be serious you know trump has been trying to exert its influence and reach him some time now you know they don't except. they want to go i don't know. if these are pieces on the grand chessboard that he sees venezuela as being so early in my being some kind of. major global superpower. ours influence there other than the us because in between the u.s. the u.k. in the e.u. and nato there is an awful lot of weight building up on ben's wayland shoulders so divisive balance in the region isn't bad but i q the missile crisis we do not need
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right now on the us says it's a provocation an unnecessary provocation the arrival of these hundreds of hundred troops or so from russia russia says though this is actually all part and agreement that was signed back in two thousand and one i mean isn't that a valid point absolutely i mean that countries are entitled to their bilateral arrangements now a time when trump is trying to town for world business or to to pull britain away from the e.u. towards that rex it deal and so he can get his crew on a chicken here in the united kingdom because they can look to privatized things venezuela as well as other. central american countries how long had bilateral arrangements with russia and the us are going back even even beyond that time so. we know how we know we know how trump wants to play these things you must play hard part of the rules he's going into hard business dealings that the problem is this isn't regular. business this is international diplomacy and there is a strategic interest in the region of course america might be looking out for its
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own economic interest but i think right now we need some sense of can't some sense of fair play and it's for america to understand and is really going to have whatever interest it likes. so you think the international community will have some say over this too as you say it's a worrying situation that's developing now i know that russia has called for venezuela with the venezuelan opposition to speak with colombian diplomats to deceive some sort of peace can be brokered what more could be done g. think. well beyond peace talks that's going to the passport holders and we don't see an escalation of violence we don't want to see the destruction that was you know the last few months we don't want to see too much civil and social unrest pitching mature and quite as force against each other so i think having broader. american discussions is going to be sensible the problem is that. i hate to say the division lines have been drawn we know that the e.u. and the u.s.
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have i mean they really ushered in. when he illegally announced that he was the the new president of venezuela and quite rightly many of the nations around the world a minority voice in the u.k. resource socialist movements pro tour movements all across the world actually running support him saying no this isn't right this isn't and a time for colonialism it's time for n.p.r. news and this isn't your opportunity to meddle here to go after venezuelan riches and resources so sadly we've seen the usual alliance of the e.u. nato u.k. and the us all on one side and putting russia at that big bad enemy although that is not the case here countries if trump is genuine about his wish for there to be a multilateral world where anybody can have agreements with anybody else but there's no exception in that country should have a noninterventionist policy well i don't think france really got the right to slap anybody on the hand and say back off everybody got the right to interchange with
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each other and i think from going to learn place ok most thanks for your time tonight that was my answer political and social commentator thank you. thank you. for that reason may has dodged questions about her potential resignation as prime minister she is facing growing criticism in the u.k. from fellow employees over her handling of breaks it with reports that she may step down later on wednesday however appearing in westminster today she did talk she talked about her continued sense of responsibility yet again another twenty prime minister who is willing to ride off into the sunset and some of the lights when the crisis in the u.k. cause the prime minister feel nor sense of responsibility for what she is opposed to do. crisis and it is my sense of responsibility and duty that as men and i have kept working to ensure that the it while breaks it was hotly
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debated in westminster the case exit from the also top the agenda at the european parliament and strasburg today because will make is there slammed britain's handling of brakes in negotiations. you cannot be truly the six million people who signed a petition to revoke article fifty the problem of humiliation and punishment is because of the mass in the tory party there is the you mediation of the british people get control over your stability get control over your lies and apologize to the prudish people for what you did to in the last days. i said to some of you that if i were to compare great britain to speaks the sphinx would be an open book by comparison. that's the place of britain to be inside european union not outside the e.u. . but it does come after a dramatic few days in westminster which did see wrest control of the process from
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the prime minister theresa may they will later vote on a series of breaks and alternatives in the hope of finding a way out of the current deadlock meanwhile may is trying to rally support for her brakes divorce deal which has already been defeated twice by parliament and examined hearty host and former scottish first minister says the prime minister though looks increasingly isolated. well it was very interesting poll last week which said to people who did the blame for all this chaos the blame europe the blame westminster now normally when the british public is asked a question to the blame you look they always say yes whatever the question has in this case they said ninety percent said it was westminster normally ten percent blamed europe i could probably sum up the popular mood in two worlds which is fed up which is fed up with the shenanigans that westminster are fed up with on able to come to a conclusion on the backs of process when there is
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a considerable saying that the pro europeans are starting to get some traction but as the prime minister stock could not pass this law and seemingly clueless simply a fight a plan and keeping everybody else in. dispensible the house of commons serving the policy of westminster which is a royal promise i know but i'm the boy in your policy revolution because the m.p.'s have been fed up with two weeks of me trying to deal with it in the absence of any decisive government from the prime minister so that brings you up to date so far today we're back with more of the headlines and today stories and often. on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you there.
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i was going to. play through. this.
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because i was going on the phone line why don't make a name for the made in. your name my schmidt thing from long post machine but let's . just say. put me in the middle of the base that is off the bat if you saw them on the end of. the figure last. night you get a. little cold i want to song it to those kids to shred the blue zones about when i decided to side because yes yes well you know why should the bus stop when the stone in charge off the show could put them on a plane if one wants. to .
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question one if. welcome to the circus. so we're now going into what we call the go to song sometimes. good means flower son means storm. sun means flowers that can grow even on storms. the circus country which is located in afghanistan but i think it's very different. than the rest of. the route from denmark because one of the founders of the couple circus which is barely bigger than the average afghan backyard. in afghanistan things everything is designed made organized. so adults decides i don't think. i don't know what is the right thing his office is . now we are practicing for. one of the very big shows
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we do a lot of shows in schools and different places but the big shows takes of course a longer time to practice for not going on not. just the. most you know. we made this center. two years ago after we had to move from a place that was near to the parliament and there was a rocket that was coming directly into our compound. that. circus artist most the bar is also one of the co-chairs his goal is to popularise performing arts in afghanistan.
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