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elementary process bring any order at home to the cutting off well i think we're made chaos of perhaps with at the beginning of the chaos something this is something that should happen about two two and a half years ago the prime minister made a deal and had no idea who would be reacted what the actual be in parliament parliament said no this is some form of a sticking plaster to try and get the good ship u.k. away from the icebergs and what is your own preferred forward to the future one of the best ways to revoke this people didn't vote to beat themselves to it and we can see that by what was written inside of a bus the thought of getting three hundred fifty million pounds extra week people were misled badly by the whole bracks it argument in the beginning i think revoke it forget it and go back to what we were doing and give me a piece of effectively taken over in the come the government this enjoying your new rule well absolutely i mean i think i should have happened a long time ago clearly would you do a little bit better than the prime minister over let's one and we had a prime minister koizumi. but the reality is m.p.'s had to do this because the
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government went up to get in the sponsibility to consult properly so no what should happen to it of years ago will be happening someone said that the s.n.p. is campaigning rather move vigorously for a second fact supporter people's vote on the i actually for a second independence referendum vote is actually one i can see where people would say that with the attention all on breaks at the moment perhaps we had like to put it is the s.n.p. have perhaps pressed pause a little bit when it comes to independents and pushing the revocation of people's votes a little bit more and the emphasis has been on that but i think it's time for the s.n.p. to pivot away if not they should be have done the best to bring order to the chaos but you know if people frankly don't accept or don't want to continue with chaos well it's time for scotland to get on to being the safety that we see ireland denmark and whatever and be an independent country and the same in your thank you very much. the rock on which the prime minister's plan has perished is the irish backstop as this week's parliamentary exchanges show she has totally miscalculate.
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to be him and of the democratic unionist opposition to any proposal which fisk's place in northern ireland out of total alignment for the rest of the u.k. thus and probably meant to terms that westminster the d.p. have never been more influential on more successful however even as they dominate the commons alex has been finding out the big do you piece uncompromising approach starting from disquiets back home in northern islands in this show we ask stands ulster did. i was to wait dawdle welcome to the alex salmond's show and ali you're very welcome to storm and to northern ireland. you've been a practitioner of the holy but there are an irish politics since one thousand seventy one there's a very young man you stood against the bible in paisley what changes have taken place in the background in the undergrowth of thought political scene over that people over the period of time north america has been transformed we came from a relatively primitive society where there was one party absolutely dominating
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politics and fifty percent of the population of the poor no say in fact maybe sixty seventy percent of the population of the borough sized not just the catholic community that's right that's right catholic community the protestant working class were all kept out in the worst would be described as big. in the sixty's and seventy's and that's why the civil rights movement demand the fair play for everybody least days when the state was a stablished in the safe and starman parliament in the north the normal economy was that the post of the irish economy under a very significant economy for the whole of the u.k. and the empire well one thousand and twenty the northern economy was eighty percent of the economy of the whole island there was only twenty percent of the economy large their rural economy it had solar darlin which because of the republic. and yet to be that was all flipped it's almost a vast it's all but there are a whole host of nora. the power houses in the south and the south as all geared
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very heavily towards new technology biomedical technology information communication technology a lot of multinational companies a foreign direct investment for us our economy here just like they have a deal for those hundred years and looking maybe and more recent times will seem fairly dramatic changes in the rise of shouldn't fail recently and in the in the north of the quien of the. party which you once very successfully lead the fall of the conventional ost of unionism the rise of the u.p.a. but there hasn't been that much change in the two big voting blocks just only arrangement of the day chairs within them yeah well i mean the point was this that p. and ulster unionist in the late nineties to say that to make serious soccer pfizer's and we pulled together the good friday agreement the belfast agreement that the load piece to flow here and of created peace that allowed the guts killing to stop
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. shouldn't be in the day you were less excited or less enthusiastic about building that agreement in jew course though the communities on each side decided to have an insurance policy so unionism that initially through there with behind a peace process gradually. then sure policy by voting for the hardline do u.p.d. nationalism to go their insurance policy by voting for hardly ancient theon now you today we have those two groups on the top of mountains of you like showed that each other but doing very little to create the economy that we need here not about it which is why this parliament is in a beer for the past two years into this makes breaks has arrived yet how is that changing the fundamental attitudes and then all of the violent exodus changed everything because northern ireland is very vulnerable and the last one with the involvement of europe in the last thirty years. the island economy here that we had
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a northern ireland on an irish republic and for many years for about seventy years they were very very separate in the last thirty years the economies of integrated so this is i'm testing in terms of the political tensions because that the deity of the the dominant past indeed apart from one independent of the only party represented in the westminster from you know northern ireland because sinn fein don't take up the seats the bracks has put them in opposition to the majority feeling in northern ireland which voted remain in the referendum what are the consequences of northern ireland voting grimmy in. the agricultural industry the food processing industrious the most vulnerable here. you know we have a situation where the ulster farmers union even the would do would be substantially supportive of the day u.p. are at loggerheads with the b u p because the they are now facing up to the serious damage the bracks it will do to their economic futures. we're having all sorts of
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strange situations where people who would be very staunch unionists are now you setting up their businesses in the south across the border to ensure that they have access to the european market so many observers including this one have noted that the parliamentary numbers that the appear better rather successful parliamentary game at westminster but the date may be shuffling quite definitely back home in northern ireland the difficulty is that the u.p.a. have overplayed their hand in the british in the u.k. context and they've put out priority forced on their main interest is the suffering of the united kingdom the problem is that it's a totally at all do with the interest the economic interests of the man in the street to the woman in the street to northern ireland that's the difficulty i do think it's economic and social protests which will prevail at the end as a yes the economy oldest prevails in spite of everything people people people have been enough to eat that people harm them. access to education and health care then
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basically be the begin to place the software d. of the u.k. second or third in their list problem first how does the fact that so many young people know now and through europe i was not good to play when you overly against the national question young people here and those that are not so young maybe people that are young twenty years ago all were able to access a term or a period and a european university or european institute of education of some sort basically the young people in their teens not feel that the opportunities big shop dine and shut off the one taken away from them that they are being deprived that they are being disadvantaged brecht's that is to think their future not just their economic future but their potential to build the lib selves but designed for example make a youngster from a protestant community and know an island not just a unit but to the island well people are thinking outside the box and i can't speak for. young unionists or protestants who may be in the past would have
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been robustly in favor of the union but i sense my sense is that a number of them are beginning to question their own future at the end of the day quite simply people who would have been very loyal to westminster in the past and loyal to the u.k. and loyal to the british government are not finding the bizarre behavior of the british government run bracks it as deeply disillusioning them now still you've spent a lifetime in politics as a constitutional nationalist somebody trying to achieve a united ireland for strictly constitutional means if i were. to add some of the the billion dollar question put a title scale up and i have a shitty fortune estimation being a well i think people like me parked our interest in irish unity. deferred let's say we didn't give up on a budget with the for the good friday. agreement in one thousand nine hundred it
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was a byte giving and taking we made sacrifices they made sacrifices various people made sacrifices to a large space to be created in the middle and not context i wouldn't i would have seen the irish unification been the faired perhaps at twenty thirty five twenty forty i see with braxton to these things the time scale has taken significantly. i feel that if there's a bad brax that if there's not a good deal done with the european union then very quickly people will be forced economically to work on the sites i mean to put it very bluntly i can't spell it out and very specific details but i see a lot of staunch unionist piece supporting businesses setting up subsidiaries in the south to ensure that they have an insurance policy that they have a to. both ways and what do you think that tells us about the time scale for the
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potential well i think a lot depends on a lot of events they are on a lot will depend on the irish government on how they reach art it's all about reaching out it's all about persuading us all about this on their standing us all about accommodating people and on creating the tolerance necessary there and that will come a bite to twenty years time in our property for it will be a very different ireland from ireland we thought we would create forty years ago and certainly the warm up that people thought a hundred years ago will that they would create every generation has the right to write its own script and to create its own history and the generation that are now you eighteen or twenty years to be will be writing the history of this country and twenty years time allow us to my daughter i can't put a timescale they like that on but what i can say for the period now examine show your table to the quake that had. an irishman scott's gallic for love. whiskey in
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the quick only scotch whiskey and then rainbow of course friend so well thank you very much this is small compensation for the scot stealing the whiskey from bushmills you know the all these years ago we had these this recipe for a quickie four hundred years ago the scots came over. so this compensates a little but. coming up after the break we speak to some of these young people that i was stopping thought i was talking about what is their view on the future of this province.
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that's geysers by. the bell and. close to the zip central plank support diana cummings i'm going to call them right now say stop the madness . is an officer. to get up off the ground to serve him down. on the sounds of. the grown man mislead essentially. wish to do away from the officer. the officer did a kind of lunge for the weapon in one's midst and then when it happened on she
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swung and i didn't hit him i never saw any contact between the two any kind went back to where they were so the answer is back here there again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer his gun in the tree. welcome by joined by a group of young people have been organizing a symposium about the future of northern ireland and the future of europe though it's olivia really natalie well be i can i talk to you first you helped organize a suppose you pose the idea behind the event when we were initially came up with the idea of the event didn't involve me and others it was more a bite the young people in our area and inviting schools in our area to really have their say on the uncertainties around bragg's it but more importantly i suppose to emphasize the cultural awareness to the politicians that are there that we're not dealing with here no and small issue here in past times such
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a contentious area and with a large majority of the students who attended the symposium applying to university some die inside some over and then some abroad you know via the erasmus programme for example the symposiums and ways to get information and to get a feel from the crowd if you like from young people in general by what their opinion is and brags that and arguably be damaging a fact that it's going to hell for not only our community but communities throughout northern ireland so who was the feeling of the symposium. it was overwhelmingly you know the majority i'd say maybe ninety five percent of people there were in favor of me and it's quite telling in itself in northern ireland there's this perception that a lot of maybe unionists would be in favor of leaving the european union. with a lot of the unionist protestant schools there who are actually more inclined or more more favorable towards the union or the european union so that was a surprise for you natalie that there was such
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a unity of opinion among the gathered symposium in a way it was surprisingly i suspect given the. history of northern ireland and the fact that we're just hearing from thirty years of conflict i'm not surprised a lot of young people there. seemed to worry a boy i thought perhaps coming back around to direct it i think that a lot of young people were against leaving the european union because they didn't want to survive to rise again and therefore that we were all united in not all of us but that ninety percent of the young people were united in wanting to remain in the european union a lot of interesting you know for seventeen eighteen years old if you for what you need a vested somebody who the last was brought up but i was with are you conscious very conscious that you live your life time has been spent on the need of competitive peace less brother this with if you'd been twenty years older you've had a totally different experience oh dave i mean that's and i you know northern
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ireland years ago as a stick was a completely different j.s. to what it is no i you know lucky enough way is a group of individuals and part of our generation of never had to deal with the kind of level of conflict or you know kambalda he'd like i think thought to be increasing uncertainty all the times in which we live this idea of no hard border maybe a hard border staff and they create tensions that were perhaps underlying perhaps hushed before and daphne brings them to the four of us you know a lot of failures and young people's minds of the idea that those divisions the more one sarah could be recreated ahead i know they really i know from speaking to you have got you know i said in going to to dublin if you're going to best education when you look at that comfortingly your horizons the just so i think my
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mates the have not allowed the i'm a good dublin of scotland what else we have and you didn't get i mean that's an interesting question i mean you look here in or not and with no parliament you look over the u.k. and we've got parliament building. that's looking pretty i think today but then you can you know just suppose human lives. i mean oh yeah sure. sure the free bargains are available but no sense talked for a while. and then so we no real representation here when we look over to the u.k. parliament over the commons you such a lot of confidence you know you look at the cabinet of the prime minister and you wonder you know what are they turn to they do they really care about giving you know the young people in northern ireland as a nationalist for me i'm not actually being represented over there they're only m.p.'s we have our do you pay sylvie arm and. we've know that i think some of the champion and peace don't take their seats so for me my voice in westminster where bracks that is the real issue brought us an interesting point in empty parliament
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and a part of your not your community at least not that i'm the representative of this place in the u.k. government is going well you are made of a play city of the very few people would describe as organized over the last year or two at the sat. a difference in how young people normal regard to westminster seeing the destiny of these armies government and definitely i'd say that the lack of government organization in parliament at the minute is very very evident and not just within the government but also within the opposition and i don't feel like we have many good options in terms of government in westminster and for that reason i believe a united ireland is becoming more appealing and i feel like the government on side has it kind of more together than the government in westminster and i would have previously been a unionist before breck's it but given all the uncertainty that it brought i know i would be more leaning towards united ireland because presumably in generation quite apart from any religious divide. the impression of london strength against
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dublin weakness and political this must be a fight and beehive people judged with have to be in the union with with united kingdom or united ireland that must have been a fight why. what do you think about that livia well i think this idea that you know it was argued before that for such a long time you know westminster government is the best government for everyone and it is solved reading and speaking as a nationalist and i've never had that opinion but i mean with the of all of them and of the arch parliament i and you have these amazing figures here just such inspirational politicians and i think you know the name a few live rock or for for us our you know obviously irish politics and the dimension suppose the face of our politics is significantly changed and i think that's certainly more appealing for unionist voters here in the north but more
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importantly it's a painting on a brags that the suspect is i think the economic fears of what's going to happen here definitely accelerate the desire for united art and even among unionists and really you think they're the day for young people they can all mix will prevail because it will translate economics into opportunity which obviously is uppermost in all see if you apply you know what i'm going to do with my life yeah even just basic travel opportunities you know you know my i just want to go and explore the world explore europe on them in those options are being kept on going to talk of the economy you know they want to jobs that maybe european provided about thirty forty fifty years ago and across europe. on both ways you know european citizens coming over to the u.k. and u.k. so it's going to be your. problem if i don't to the economy but again those things often as you've been talking so much let's just imagine this building was occupied . at the present moment who would your message be to the political leaders of
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northern ireland well i would tell the political leaders of northern ireland. they should put all their divisions aside and try and be cohesive and work together to provide the best future for northern ireland this is a crucial time in our country's history and really. well let's say the franchise that of having to wait till you were eighteen sixteen scott would be eighteen to vote limited the franchise is. over twenty five was allowed to go what do you think then just the under twenty five voting no about what then would have to do that the society would change dramatically yeah obviously the younger people have more liberal views you know you look at parties like the you can see they're represented by an older generation you know a generation to be stuck in the past stuck in the troubles with you know some bitterness here should you know you look you look at the young people today i mean the notion posy and we saw that you know older generations look and i think that young people shouldn't have a voice because they don't know what they're talking about but we saw that people
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do you know people understand politics you know they want to have a voice in a positive and so it's a levy a. point when we look at the changes have been taking place in the public the social changes the equal marriage legislation that i thought in the secularization of southern of the society is that an influence and hope people regard ireland the northern island and the south well i think you know you definitely get the sense of stasis some paralysis in the north compared to the site i mean there's a precedent for. you know the repaying of the if amendment. you can say there that there's a demand for change and there's a demand for liberalization and progress which it to me it's just it's certainly stimulating and quite upsetting when you see the difference you know a border makes and the sense of progress for society and i think that certainly in the last three years living here in northern ireland you tend to get this vision of
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everywhere else progressing and certainly being stuck in a time of. c.m. clash to free a few the. elsewhere across the world you know schoolkids have been on strike to save the planet and you've been all good. but it could be both of course but of course the basics to do you think is the symposium of the strike i think we have to deal with the current and open our eyes in the sense that this is not going to go away it's not a case of you know it's such a worry and it's being pricing on a certain day and the anxiety that brags it brings it's an issue that needs to be dealt with no i presently i mean of course there's so many important political issues that young people get their tongues and to every day but at the end of the day i think we all feel that this is i think a crisis is an appropriate word for the situation that we find ourselves in the
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hospital with appropriately called here and in the world has changed color i would say open your eyes and that's good change coming i think so i think you look around you look at young people you know they're they're well respected they're well they're in the trend and so you know and then five years time not to leave your kid to hold another symposium with the look at a totally different perspective hopefully there is a nice perspective with a northern ireland and i just like to say that young people are the problem young people are the solution to this crisis and that case not to leave go to libya thank you very much thank you. a little over a decade ago i had the last the assembly people in that building behind us in the senate part of the building at the invitation of the revenue in paisley as first minister of northern ireland and his deputy martin mcguinness and at that time the democratic unionist party and shouldn't fain would just achieving dominance over their sections of the political communities of northern ireland and they remain
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dominant to this day so when we talk about no nile and di interview pm piece from the green knight site the house of commons campaigning for breaks or reinterview shouldn't fane from dublin campaigning for a united ireland. and these programs we're looking at what's happening below the surface and northern irish politics at the very substantial implications that bracks it is bringing to various parts of the community how business people are looking at the future of people looking at the border they should put out of the fog most of law and i want to definitely the unionist bulwark are still thinking in that direction given the fret the livelihoods and above all will spoken to some of the young people and when we speak and engage with them that i've got a very distinct to blast that if they want to not assemble in a few years time then they're back to just deaf perceptions and their vision of the future of this province would be entirely different from what i saw ten years ago i think better certainly different. so for me that myself and all of the show here in
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belfast that's goodbye for now. i. see. myself going on the phone line smoke i don't like coming to them in the muslim world i'm going to know them better than once i've got something about.
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it was. just that they had nothing to me. she was even. more of the industry in. general but from the time know my first book to go to the british post as one of them. i mean the guy do . you think. it's ok. if ukrainian presidential elections are just days away but a quarter of eligible voters still don't know who to support with thirty nine candidates in the race is the choice too broad hop's to come shifted.
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the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been only implement from the inside venezuela things look different we're going to announce sanctions against. venezuela so soon. have a son of the moment who's. down person that. the people of. the whose story is a new nixon called henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. the economy scream.
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making the economy of venice when school. was one of the richest companies certainly and now it's one of the poorest countries there was. no water company no country did this for the president. but as well coming up. also molting forces take control. ship that was hijacked by a group of rescued migrants. they are not castaways they are pirates that online campaign demands the u.s. drugmaker to billions of dollars of allegedly overcharged.


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