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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 29, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics. i'm showbusiness i'll see than. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand down the lose business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. questions. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes
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protect themselves. with the famous merry go round. the one. we can all middle of the room six. zero in welcome to cross talk we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle the great tragic comedy known as russia gate is slowly becoming part of history the resistance continues to resist but clearly the president has the wind at its back
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now is a time for a great awakening what are the lessons to be learned and can the liberal media recover from this fiasco. talking russia gate i'm joined by my guest ben swann in atlanta he's an investigative journalist and founder of the truth in media project in new york we have rob how he is a newsmax columnist and contributor and in chattanooga we cross the anthony bryan logan he is a conservative political commentator right gentlemen cross-talk rules in effect means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it rob you're a democrat in good standing and you're a guest on this program in good standing my first question to you is extremely simple is. what has anybody learned anything through this fiasco and i'm kind of looking at your end of the political spectrum right now go ahead rob. you know i'm
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like the team of the washington generals they play the harlem globetrotters every game and they've never won. sixty years or however long trots of existed because i'm always on conservative programs are i'm already a broken man but. i've been hearkening since the start of two o.j. simpson and i believe he was found innocent in a court of law that doesn't necessarily mean that he was an is i don't know if that answered the question that's probably the one of the best dodges in the history of this program and that's about ten years running now here basically the same question to you ben in atlanta here because i i think it really begs that there has to be some kind of learning process here because we certainly don't want to go through this again because institutions have been eroded trust in government and particular particularly the trust in the media go ahead ben yeah i think the
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media is the for me at least is the biggest issue as a journalist look politicians are expected to be dishonest because they they're in this game of of win or lose right by by any means necessary but the media is not supposed to be a part of that game it's not supposed to be taking part in this sport of picking the side that you're going to be on and unfortunately this is turned into this particular case it's turned into maybe one of the worst examples in modern history of of media not just overstepping but working diligently and not as investigators not as journalists but as partisan hacks who have perpetrated a huge hoax that some of us have called a hoax for a very long time i disagree with the connotation of o.j. simpson and tying it to o.j. simpson o.j. simpson was found not guilty by a jury during the trial period in this case a charge was an eva. brought you couldn't even get to that to that extent so they compare those to what i've seen that comparison in media quite a bit lately i don't think it's a fair comparison at all yeah but i don't even know what the crime was that's even
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worse than making leads in the o.j. case that was a dead bodies ok let's go to the heart and let's go to anthony now what do you know what is b.c. and c.n.n. going to do now because for the last two and a half years they've trained their audience to accept a bombshell bombshell closing in the. done i mean over and over and over again i mean for me it was just you know. comedy and it's worse than a even late night t.v. program is now a comedy programs aren't funny here so anthony doesn't the media have to say we got it wrong because we heard this in two thousand and three we got the invasion of iraq wrong and they said never again it'll never happen again well it's happened again in spades go ahead anthony well the media should apologize and say hey we're sorry we knew it pays two and a half years we've been saying that the ration is we're involved in was involved with duration isn't there was collusion there was corruption they should apologize
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and they should move on to something else i'm not really sure what you're going to do talk about cooking recipes video games for as they pursue grades i'm not really sure but they can't go down his role although they're trying to manage n.s.a. people like alexander ovechkin from when the hockey team is in the white house is somehow a bad thing because he is a russian now they're devolved into a straight you know phobia because their whole programs have been built on this russia today what did he do now i'm not really sure but it doesn't look too good right now but i mean they and this should really watch the initial reactions on you know particularly rachel maddow and in her orbit there they're in a state of denial right now would you what is it fair to do to characterize it as denial rob. yes look i've i've never been a fan of a rachel show and. i've always wondered if she ever considered the fact that
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she's never not only is she never going to convert a republican to a democrat she's going to drive democrats away from the party because arrogance and condescension are just are are not good. good attributes to have but for me i've i've always got on to one question i have for her for everybody which is if your child behave like donald trump would you tolerate it and i don't see how anybody could say yes i'd love my son to go to school and bully everybody and to be an abduction is jerk and i never said that the drug colluded i've always looked at it as more like incompetence i had dinner with chris christie a couple of weeks ago when he was talking about the lack of organization and the incompetence of the trumpet ministration and i think that that would be my take on it do they run an effective competent white house absolutely not is there an agenda you know that is probably the wrong thing wrong or should only not rob my friend
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here but you that that's a perfect example of a pivot you do don't really want to answer the question here ok is it is trump is trouble is trump the food dish does he say stupid things is he is he the opposite of eloquence yeah you could say yes to all of those things ok but going to pan right now. he's wildly different but he wasn't a russian asset ok that's what this was all about i get it this is beautifully different a lot of people love and hate donald trump but that's not the point of what this was all about and if we don't get it for good and if we don't confronted by it it will tell you what i have never i haven't been accusing him of being a russian asset ok ok but i'm saying because of the what but we were mentioning it let's have we will get a. liberal media go ahead yes right out go go ahead ben jump in but go it goes all the way back even before matt let's go all the way back to where this started twenty sixteen and buzz feed release that dossier from christopher steele which
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never should have been released in the media c.n.n. did extensive reporting on it and it was out of that unsubstantiated piece of political hackery that a lot of these these claims came from remember back in two thousand and sixteen multiple media organizations reported that donald trump was a russian's buy that he was a russian asset and that he was it was working ad that the behest of lattimer putin and from that all of this has spawned and kind of roll downhill and the problem is is that for more than two years so much of the media has gone on the air and reported what unnamed sources were telling them what millet military sources were telling them what cia sources were telling them and they have humiliated themselves in the process jeff zucker the head of c.n.n. just said two days ago not only is he not ashamed of the coverage but he used these words he said we are not investigators so how are you kidding me are you saying
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they said no but that's a journalist is to investigate does not have the courage of going to judge not going to know his understanding of journalism is the op ed page that because that's the whole station there let me go to you know me to go to anthony bennett and then just said that the you know the the the dossier i should have never been published by buzz feed but jim comi allotted to be used in front of a five out of court i mean this is this is the second shoe that has to drop here if we're going to get past all of this because i'm very angry about all of this it should have never played out this way and it's the media's fault that it did because they could have said well if it was good enough for advice of course but it's not good enough to be published by that ridiculous website buzz feed there's something wrong here anthony they never said that anthony. also the thing about my mayor earlier talking about incompetence in the white house under trump right now
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there was a lot of incompetence in the white house before and also in the government in general are you talking about the f.b.i. i mean why would you publish a thing like that dicey which was so obviously false it was clearly false it's awkward obo are already seeing girls that and night peeing in the bed i mean come on ridiculous both going to the trump tower for weight and what do you actually get as a result of that nothing that much at all the media of course they going to play into it because they're trying to make money they're trying to have these crazy headlines salacious and linus to generate revenue a lot of what c.n.n. does and they do simply because it makes them money don't really care about really and basically gaining and find another truth they're trying to raise capital trying to get their profile increase the people that are on proud to be a down limousine which they don't really care about the reality they care about pushing the narrative and making a case for the boss jeff zucker and you know rob we you know at least the first few days after the release of the report we see a lot of these programs on c.n.n.
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an end is going down in ratings i mean like a half a million eyeballs ok i mean are they going to recalibrate because they really if it is all about money then i guess they're just going to continue down that rabbit hole but if they want to do that they really risk their viewership don't think. to really give you i'm up my column on my newsmax columns called centrist sentiments and so i take a pretty realistic view of all this and i think there was so much outrage by especially extreme liberals at how much they hated and despised low donald trump that this has snowballed into something so huge i mean to accuse him of being a russian asset and thinking that he was sitting there rubbing his hands together with vladimir putin without any proof is fairly outrageous one of the things i've done and i've done investigative journalism over the years is i've spoken to contacts and sources i've had in the cia and the pentagon and this
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is because over the course of all of this the last two years and i never got anything definitive from them about trump which is what always concerned me about you know the really intense talk from the mad aus and the the don lemon's about you know that he's going to be locked up i have a friend on facebook who always used to write cue the jaws music like you know that he's a he's about to be eaten by the shark and i think that they're all embarrassed now that we don't have i don't like to read their whole netiquette rob rob rob hold that thought we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on rushing it stay with us.
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so you know my phone line smoked my you know make an important moment in the moment one of the i'm going to november i'm going to have some company stuff to get a. lot of what. they just said they got nothing. she was even. if you are just. dumb dumb bought from the sun no money to go you got british bush that's one of them. i mean you got.
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to. take. center reserve bank the european central bank the bank of england the bank of japan they are fifty sixty seventy percent leveraged much more leverage than long term capital management ever was much more leverage than lehman brothers or bear stearns ever was they're the most leverage hedge funds that we've ever seen in the history and the hedge fund skullduggery but it doesn't matter because they can print and buy back their own debt in an instant cycle profitless prosperity and then one day like wiley coyote over the cliff chasing the road runner there's a moment of recognition and then oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh there you go it's all.
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welcome back across the uk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle reminder we're discussing what happens after russia. ok let me go back to in atlanta i suppose the litmus test for how the liberal media is going to move forward visa vi the post russia gate is that we you know that lindsey graham is go at the senate is going to be leading an investigation into what happened in the d.o.j. in the f.b.i. the litmus test is the following will c.n.n. and m.s.m. be c cover that critically with an open eye in an open mind go ahead ben i don't think they will and i think they are right yes they will because because again remember that everything they have built for the last two years plus has been based on this narrative you mentioned before we went to break this idea that about half
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a million viewers didn't tune in the next night to rachel maddow who had previously washing the night before because they were in such a disappointment so here's what really happened though and this is what's truly sad about this situation it's been happening the media for years is that we are in this this vacuum of being validated in the belief that we hold i believe that trump is a spy therefore i watch rachel maddow because she tells me trump is a spy therefore i can tell my friends i saw on t.v. that trump is a spy right and so it's this cycle that we go through with viewers and unfortunately what's happened now is those viewers are at a loss for where to go because they can't get validated so now you only have to double down if you're rachel maddow chris matthews if you're don lemon do you have the double down and now you have to say well maybe moeller was in on it maybe he's part of what's going on maybe this whole thing was a trick and it was a setup from trump from the very beginning it's controlled opposition that's now the claim that we're moving toward and it frankly how do we get away from this to say can we go back to actually covering the news and what actually is happening
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because peter as you know there's plenty to talk about that is actually taking place well let me go to anthony there's plenty of things that i would criticize donald trump for i could feel that you know i could fill a lot of programs with my gripes with the president. not at states but anthony this is a point of principle i'm sorry to sound like a boy scout here but you have the deal and the f.b.i. and other government agencies politicized in weaponized influence influencing a political campaign the opposite the party that's in opposition of police at the time i mean that should really put everybody's hair on fire because it doesn't the liberal media what they do is well i can't name the source i've been covering covering for these people covering for unmasking covering for leaking ok this is unconscionable we're going to have a government that people believe in go ahead and play. well see if people were gay and died in a media like such as maybe you james komi disappoint maybe to
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a lesser extent baby's mother liberal people in there maybe even hillary clinton if they were to be implicated in any kind of wrongdoing to media would not cover it with as much bigger as they do the accusations against donald trump they can't do it because like been say they've built their whole program going over the past couple of years on this whole russian narrative or its mandate there's been a whole things that it can't go back on they now they're going to kill the remaining audience rachel maddow lost a boat with half a million viewers overnight because of the findings of the new report so if she decides to now shift gears totally in cover those day people who support her like she's going to do is to lose a whole program together the program be off the air she won't be to make any money the people running the show the advertisers executives there going to be upset so they can switch course now they get to stay on it talking about alexander ovechkin talking about anything they can to keep their narrative of live you know remember
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to i can i just say the generators has a lot of getting a lot of money to be made yes not just in media but there's a lot of money to be made by think tanks and by these neo con groups who have delighted in the idea of the revival of a cold war they have delighted in this idea that russians were trying to steal our democracy and so we have groups like hamilton sixty eight and all these nonprofits that a popped up that have received tens of millions of dollars in donations and it is it is in their financial and business interest to keep this thing alive they have to find a way to keep it going think they're going to give up all this money and this revival of the new cold war they're not going to happen spot on and that's the big worry here rob there is there is talk that the attorney general william barr that people have mentioned in his orbit it's been mentioned that there may be a reopening of the investigation into hillary clinton. but what that would do is that would look like revenge i think she should see her day in court but what
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we're going to get now is we're going to get this revenge wars ok and and i did that doesn't move our political process forward i think it moves is backwards because i would actually like and you're a liberal person you and i have very civil conversations all the time and i want to get back to that kind of environment here but we won't get there because there are people that will go out and you know there's some certainly some people over at fox who i think we all know who they are would love to have this happen and i do not sure that would be healthy for the country all right because it's one which follows another and then what happens out to be a next next election cycle interest will perpetuate itself and then we get to the point where the country is so divided that you so when you does it you don't like is automatically your enemy you can't keep a country together like that go ahead rob. well you know one of the great ironies right now and this is one reason i'm really happy to be approaching gays are doing
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i'm sixty three years old i've lived through a lot i know history i lived through history besides still reading about it. we we have such an inertia in government right now it's kind of ironic that neither side really talks about policy pages yeah yeah yeah they just are yeah and we're interestingly ripping through congress that we should be talking about how about infrastructure how about health care i mean trump saying that the republicans are the party of health care is like a o z's say the democrats are the party of guns and to attack a o c she's a progressive then why does she not want to see progress and why don't you boot amazon out of new york city my god it is see that goes on i mean liberal and progressive means you want to see change and you're open to change some of the real extreme liberals are the most intractable crazy people i've ever encountered. and furthermore if you look at history. the pentagon papers i think were released in one thousand nine hundred seventy one and we were in viet nam for another three
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years so there is a process to all of this so to sort of be predicting trump's demise was a level of arrogance and hubris and ultimately stupidity because that's just never happened in the past i mean nixon was wholeheartedly guilty and he didn't just you know get thrown out the window as soon as we we have an inkling of what was going on john testified against him when he was a little wrong here later but rob watergate had a predicate crime and it came to fruition through the system and you know and but unlike rob unlike watergate the cia and the f.b.i. essential you told the white house we're not going to get involved in this we're not going to do your dirty work but now we did under obama that they quite willingly did the dirty work of the democratic party and the liberal media and this is what's terrifying here because if it is allowed to happen if there's no
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housecleaning it will happen again ban in atlanta well that's absolutely true and keep in mind you know that all the all the crazy conspiracy theorists out there right who had warned about the deep state for decades were all proven correct that there absolutely was a deep state in that word to subvert this president that that worked to move and not just in the u.s. by the way remember the dossier i know keep talk about this dossier but it is the root of all of this incident again in the u.k. there was a whole process in the u.k. where it was created there christopher still in the u.k. it was passed from u.k. services over to the united states and not even through proper channels and went directly to john brennan who was not supposed to see it in the first place who then passed it to john mccain who they shared with the f.b.i. i mean this is nonsense how this whole this whole thing played out but the other thing i think is important to remember as we as we talk about this issue is that the media has put itself in a position right now. where they have advocated for this for so long in part i
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believe because they are so insulated in new york and l.a. and washington in their own little echo chambers and they don't think the rest of the country thinks the way that they think and so they had such a betrayal and hatred for president trump when he got elected they could not number one understand how a bill through and a fool and a liar could get elected in the first place if he did not fit what they thought well could get there behold children he should live one because their poll said that he would win and that they could not understand this concept and so they've also believed that the rest of the country thinks like they do and was willing to remove him from office without any proof of our evidence of anything one less thing hillary clinton will not they're not going to go back and investigate her for her email scandal and the reason they're not overusing misusing servers is because if you do then the president's son in law jared bush there who right now is using private e-mail and what's app to conduct official business would also get implicated because it's something that they did in the obama administration and
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they're still doing it so a lot of this deadly havior even though you know again in the partisan field of which team are you on we want to say oh yeah we'll go get those guys or what they did it's not going to happen because it's bad behavior runs rampant through both parties. anthony you know washington is it to corruption is the fish is to water unfortunately here but you know we have to find a way again i want to we want to stress we have to find a way to start talking to each other again and i don't know if you've been running out of time here when will be the time for trump to pardon some of these individuals that i'm thinking of like papadopoulos some thinking of mike flynn. maybe clemency for man afford go ahead anthony papadopoulos you could do they. now betty because he's not in jail anymore you only do fourteen days in prison but as far as anybody else day maybe in jail for extended. probably i don't need to say concerned because they do point when everybody does all the mayors pardoning is
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like obama and they can pretty much do whatever because there's no need to get reelected and these people honestly are just victims of this whole which it everybody pretty much knows it does point and as we get further along the line in the current term in a second term we'll see exactly how much they were just victims of the whole thing so he can party now he could pretty morris party and anybody maybe even michael cohen him so well not be kind of this no no i wouldn't go that far. but i'm going to give rob the last thirty seconds go ahead rob well i don't know how we could call paul nana for a victim he's pleaded guilty self as michael calling him in their bad actor when you've been talking about altering the thing can partially because let me let me finish please we've got to see a release of the low report because you're trying to parse anybody there's going to be outrage that's that's fair it's fair all right gentlemen to jump in here we've run out of time many thanks to my guest in new york atlanta and in chattanooga and
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thanks to our viewers for watching us here darkie see you next time and remember. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next that the book different clips on one hand it is logical to sit in the home field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to suppressing and i saw what the t.v. . robocall cobalt.
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or also cinco is going to go. by the way what is it the fly here. is an officer of the told to get up off the ground the officer began to pet him down. and then freeze on the sounds of kind of fighting him i mean grown man like wrestling essentially the officer who. threw his. twisted away from the officer. of his crew. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then when it happened on trace one as i just didn't hit him i never saw any contact with. any kind of went back to where they were so the officers back here there try again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he bit on tree.
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time unlucky for theresa may british lawmakers were roundly reject the prime minister's last ditch attempt to force. the u.s. secretary of state claims russia has interfered in every u.s. election since two thousand and four. and german rock band run fine faces a huge backlash for the group's controversial depiction of the holocaust in the new singles video we discussed the reaction from the public and israel. hello from me on the table in moscow when i was called a break with the world news this hour.


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