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tv   Documentary  RT  March 30, 2019 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implemented. within a decade my country was ruined. it lost a quarter of its manufacturing. a million people emigrated and public debt kept arising. in twenty fifteen a government claiming to be a left wing promise to force it into. however its agreed measures that tie the country up until twenty sixty and started mess privatisation. voters
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on the lift became depressed because it had succeeded with what the right hadn't. the right was depressed because they knew they'd lost their is on death row. in this country of mass depression however there was one word that awakens the political fervor of the. venezuela. that's. the supporting cast we see. steve it is lit up up there would send them off the b.c. . of those women as well again not going to go. when
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a european country went through a crisis why were its politicians worried about toilet paper in latin america. i flew to caracas to find out. during the eleven hour flight i read all sorts of articles warning me that caracas is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. will rot in prison. venezuela's capital is indeed amongst the most dangerous cities but so are dozens of cities in mexico brazil lo columbia. however the people there do
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have fun like we do they exercise much like us. children eat ice cream and some women carry refrigerators for some reason. surprisingly nobody tried to kill kidnap or imprison me when i arrived it. just propaganda a lot of the twenty first century. not the only thing keeping out the i wanted to see life in the barrios the slums of caracas gatecrash rich winnings i have a piano and i wanted to be to young people insistent workers see what they do for
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fun what they eat how they vote what newspapers they read. until we got hit by a taxi and we were left in the middle of the street. the police who we haven't arrived within minutes. the ambulance that we did call never appeared. so i went off to explore all venezuela's public health care system . and found a doctor right away and most of the public hospitals i visited were more than decent. and some clinics medical care was offered for free by cuban doctors who were considered some of the best in latin america. however most hospitals lacked one essential element. patients.
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as to what a medicine was there's no point in going. spare parts for the x. ray machines were missing to. find those i had to go to a private hospital. and i stumbled on the first proof that socialism had failed in venezuela. as one of venezuela's most eminent economists she's never hidden her support for the bolivarian revolution of. course and. many people are mad that.
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the idea. that. there is no humanitarian crisis in venezuela looming humanitarian crisis mean yet is a venezuelans is the reason few men. crisis. crisis. crises the country's economic crisis has turned into a humanitarian one. everyone said venezuela was going through a humanitarian crisis. and to prove it they went to geneva to meet former u.n. independent expert. he just returned from caracas. people also seems to have a problem with the humanitarian crisis. that is
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a term of art. said to me most technique was. you used the term humanitarian crisis. a pretext to. humanitarian intervention. this was the argument made in libya when you wanted to have humanitarian intervention in libya. and at the same time regime change and overthrow gadhafi. is that correct but the humanitarian aid would have to be secured by guys with guns. there are certain items that are missing why because production. trade distribution is entirely in private hands it is not government directed so if you have a considerable portion of the wealth the business
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position. that does not want to cooperate with the government you are going to have a scar city and you're going to have delays in distribution that cetera et cetera. do you recall who voted to do that is not. going. to stick him will not the kid with her so so anything to help with this one hundred . seattle crew the command center said oh my god intensely out of this in the cyclo seeing my lane to the minute or so to see anything. on the up a side of a can only really have one meal and. according to the central bank of venezuela products were missing before the constitutional referendum and regional elections
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of two thousand and seven. before the presidential election of two thousand and twelve and off to chavez's death but again led to elections. american sanctions will soon be added to this artificial scarcity making the situation even worse. brought director of the c.p.r. at washington follows all economic development. when obama first imposed the sanctions on individuals because they violate so many international conventions he had to declare that venezuela poses an extraordinary and unusual threat to the security of the united states which is of course ridiculous and so this is a very aggressive thing trumpet taking a big step further and really did make it nearly impossible for the venezuelan
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economy recover temperamental that it will. know he need them to mean a woman who has a magnificent a b. and he says yeah look i'm with me coming to hide me but i'll you. lived all the facets you on the set when you said. i mean they claim that. they're not interested in knowing why there is a problem so just to be sure why there are certain medicines are not available they don't tell you for instance that although venezuela has the money to buy medicines and tries to buy these medicines often enough the countries either refuse to deal with venezuela or do not deliver.
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we had in the month of november the crisis. in the province. and. they couldn't get the malaria medicine from colombia they had to fly it in from india. so matter of fact. venezuela has been flying in from god knows how many countries to india and china etc there is a problem of course the deal insulin but that is because of the boycott i mean put the blame where the blame belongs. how can we come damn the government of venezuela. when we ourselves are causing this car city.
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center reserve bank the european central bank the bank of england the bank of japan they are fifty sixty seventy percent leveraged much more leverage than long term capital management ever was much more levers and lehman brothers or bear stearns ever was there's a most leverage hedge funds that we've ever seen in the history. skullduggery but it doesn't matter because they can print and buy back their own cycle profitless prosperity and then one day like wiley coyote over the cliff chasing the road runner there's that moment of recognition and. oh there you go it's all right. i mean more to gain is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful agency in this county or you'll be to stay if you look at it from the analogy. marc was the day that when he was five and.
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do going to be in the sheriff's most contentious critically he is the first time i noticed something wasn't right in fleece work pretty much when he first started the corruption in palm beach county is not something that you can smell it seems like it's a nod and a wink it wasn't what i wanted to do. we've had more shootings in this county then some states have had collectively too good went to his website began featuring comments about guns as family the sheriff might then. squash you like a bug you know i wish you'd stop then you should stay and let me stop and believe what i'm doing oh so it's ok you know it's your funeral living high rated p.b.s. and critic dude in this house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia political. men they
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know bad wolf. i.v. donors holding products in times of political unrest american sanctions the queues for foods and medicines. this i've seen before. in november nine hundred seventy socialist salvador became chile's president.
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the historic day for latin america. for the white house it was a mistake by the american ambassador in santiago edward gorey. he was. maybe just a very old. but i only was elected i said that it was a grave and very serious defeat for the united states we knew that although i would act in what appeared to be a legal and constitutional manner it would be designed as a class warfare to eliminate the middle class opposition the bourgeois it would be a class war approach. top secret sensitive eyes only.
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nixon already in september called in henry kissinger. that it would not be tolerated that in latin america an alternative. and social system could take hold and therefore the economy scream. nixon gives orders that they make the chilean economy scream and cia director richard helms writes it down. they hinted at tagging. in order to become a lasting. but at the moment this in india has to see him to
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know it's the end all be any good seeing him bad well planned on the upset about. this with the sun is from the mask and underneath the. simple see is better looking than most of. the. things by any goal. but i guess i've. got
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to. go. in venezuela's case the media attacks will be based on a well used recipe. everyone has to be convinced that. a dictator is even when they held elections. in the two decades of the revolution. at least twenty five elections were held and accredited by independent experts like the. over ninety two elections that we men are monitored i would say that the election process in voters' where is the best in the world. where all the electoral process is legal and democratic.
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and twenty fifteen party loses the parliamentary election and the right wing opposition wins in the national assembly. believe the country is paralyzed as m.p.'s hinder legislative work and rejects supremes court rulings. responds with a football dribble will lose. its. instead of waiting for the hand of god as his friend donna would advise changes field in the middle of the game. of the holds a referendum on the formation of a constitutional assembly that would remove the powers of the national assembly controlled by his opponents.
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was it a constitutional move absolutely. the opposition had twice considered using the same procedure to remove chavez from office in two thousand and seven. in two thousand and sixteen. zero before the gun bill. was a decision ethical. i may not be qualified to say. in my country as well as in italy the banker was appointed prime minister. the referendum was ignored. in europe we cancelled a total of five referendums because the citizens haven't voted as the e.u. wanted them to. was those decisions constitutional maybe they were but they also ethical and
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democratic. in venezuela after the two thousand and fifteen crisis the part of the right wing opposition started boycotting elections. last the un not to send experts who could determine whether fraud had been attempted. democracy in venezuela goes into turmoil this is the government solely responsible or is it also the ghost of the two thousand and two coup. several coup instigators will never go to prison and will form the hard core of the right wing office.
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it's interesting that. many of the opposition politicians today in venezuela were involved in some way or another in the coup d'etat of april. two thousand and two. from american organizations like the ne d. . that sent millions of congress dollars to venezuela. when the political crisis hit the streets many politicians exploited public.
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the state mechanism responded cruelly and indiscriminately dozens were killed on both sides and many ended up in prison. when independent u.n. expert alfred desireless visited caracas. he persuaded the government to release eighty prisoners are. just the insists though that some should be in prison and should be considered political prisoners. on the subject of political prisoners he said we should look at europe as well. they are four persons. politicians who are.
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in jail. now these four. politicians are clearly political prisoners. whereas in venezuela many of the detainees were detained because acts of violence in. they were. detained because they were just expressing their. to be sure that there are political prisoners in spain i went to barcelona to visit a fellow journalist. public t.v. carlos pouts. he explained that
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even if the political prisoners he couldn't say so. at least not on. the. entity. who said what kinds of words we can use when we speak about people that are in prison. just said we cannot use. the terms political prisoners for example. because i honestly couldn't believe that in a european country a judge could decide what words a journalist could use. i stayed to watch the broadcast and i heard
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a breaking story. out of. the or just if you come out of. there. as joe di sanchez was not allowed to speak to journalists i left the studio and went to meet his wife. maybe list although it's kind of only of course. because he and i know him and if he had a k. and you're going from place to believe people are bad or she. has an impression on me they asked but if you.
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join me every so speak on the alex song with a short and i'll be speaking to get us to the world of politics sport this list i'm show business i'll see that. because so you cannot move from one smoke i don't like going to sit in the middle of the muslim on muslim world one of those you know demos of someone photosensitive a. lot of muslims but all but i just i think that's a woman. she was you make
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a. general but from the sun on my book you go you go british course that's one of them stop. i mean you got to. pick them up. to take. please.
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in the morning here in moscow in the headlines britain's breakfast. trees amazing deals defeated. leaving the u.k. exposed maybe a no deal divorced. from the u.s. administration. for the sanctions on russia. if keeps ignoring president trump demands for russian troops to leave the south american country. seven palestinians were wounded in a fresh bout of violence on the israel gaza border marking a year now since the start of the israeli occupation protest known as the great march of return.
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