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new advocates illegal violent or other extreme action looking around the world today one could say that both here in the united states and in many other countries around the world we are surrounded and even led by extremists just take a gander at our headlines for example an extremist as someone who believes poor people trying to cross a border for a better life or animals that my friend would be an extremist who holds that view extremists are folks who would push us into world war three just to prove themselves right about a political fairy tale as those are extremists that even have their own television shows on them as anybody an extremist as someone who would set fire to a sacred place of worship because they don't like the parishioners skin color and culture that is an extremist yes buried behind the latest headlines of mueller reports and birkin bag saving the resale market the new york times is reporting that three historically black churches have burned in less than two weeks in one south louisiana parish where officials said they have found suspicious elements in
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each case while there is still no official motives or suspects there is a very long and ugly white supremacy history of burning predominately black churches here in the united states especially in the southern states these latest fires come up through three straight years of hate crime increases in the u.s. including a seventeen percent rise in just two thousand and seventeen alone and here is where the twist my friends comes in because according to the a.c.l.u. at a time when violence by white supremacy this is on the rise the f.b.i. appears to be targeting black people in a secret intelligence program concerning so-called black identity extremists and extremist group that well. doesn't actually seem to exist isn't that extreme so today let's take a hard look just where u.s. law enforcement priorities are when it comes to to combating extremism as we start
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watching the hawks. already. get the. real thing it's what. they are proud of. what they like you know what i got. was that we. would. be. welcome i want to watch your hearts i am i robot and i'm top of the well listen joining us now from minneapolis minnesota to discuss extremism and u.s. law enforcement's priorities when prosecuting in combating it is civil rights attorney making me by armstrong thank you so much for joining us today. thanks for having me on the chemo well well we we we don't know at this time who or what is
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ultimately responsible for this recent round of church burnings in louisiana took place and at the end of march and early april what is the significance of church burnings historically in the struggle for civil rights here in the us in the united states. since the one nine hundred fifty s. and sixty's we've seen attacks on african-american churches and. in terms of arson that's happened bombings of churches and and some cases even folks who are armed and dangerous coming into black churches as we saw with dylan wrote from two thousand and five when he came into a black church in charleston south carolina and killed. nine african-american people during bible study and so the folks who live in say landry parish should be on high alert because law enforcement officials are not yet sure whether or not
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this rash of church burnings is related to white supremacist activity or not. tell me in august of two thousand and seventeen after the rise of the black live matter movement. the f.b.i. issued a very controversial intelligence assessment. that was titled black identity extremists likely motivated to target law enforcement officers would make him a what is a so-called black identity extremist and is there any actual evidence that a group like this even exists. well tabitha to be honest i wouldn't be surprised if i was personally on that list of alleged black identity extremists as someone who has been involved in black lives matter marches and demonstrations we were largely targeted by law enforcement during that period of time as well as activists
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around the country who were simply standing up for freedom justice and equality and calling for an end to police violence and abuse and calling for an in to police being able to kill people with impunity it's absolutely absurd that our government would target people who are standing up in the tradition of those who came before us as part of the civil rights movement as opposed to targeting white supremacists and the klux klan and folks who have engaged in terrorism throughout our history in this country you know it's interesting because after refusing to hand over any information they did a foyer request on you know how exactly black identity extremists labels being used by law enforcement the f.b.i. the a.c.l.u. is now. suing the f.b.i. to open up their records it has come to a lawsuit why is this lawsuit important and why do we need why is the public do we need to see these records and how law enforcement using this term in their
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investigations. while this lawsuit is important for those of us who have been targeted or who might be targeted in the future for engaging in nonviolent demonstrations to know how far the u.s. government has gone in terms of conducting surveillance upon african americans we have seen this in the past during the nineteen fifties and sixties dr martin luther king jr and other civil rights leaders were constantly under surveillance by our u.s. government and we are just now in the twenty first century getting a glimpse into the scope of the surveillance that was conducted during that time we know that tremendous law enforcement resources have been devoted to conducting surveillance on african-americans again who are simply standing up for freedom justice and equality and engaging in nonviolent demonstrations now i wish as an
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african-american person and as a civil rights attorney that our government would devote significantly more resources to targeting white supremacist and hate groups because we know that there has been a significant increase in those types of crimes that have happened within the last several years and so in order for us as african-americans as demonstrators as peaceful protesters to feel safe we want our government to shift their focus and the way in which they prioritize the use of resources to go after those folks who are actually wreaking havoc upon communities of color. i think that's really important to remember in this situation because as you connect this to raise these two events or these two situations when you look at how tragic these fires are and as a constant. we keep get reminded these church fires as you said you know whether it's
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a mass shooting or another one of these places being burned down those things connect so these churches and louisiana being being burned down to me is a pretty direct relation to them the f.b.i. not taking these white the white nationalistic stream messed portion of the population that is responsible i mean i don't know anybody else except for a white nationalist or white racists that would be off burning black churches i mean that's historically that's who does it and i wonder if when you take that with the f.b.i. as long history so he has a very long history of ignoring violence against black communities in general all these church fires are another reason why the f.b.i. has a long history of these investigations as a cover for surveillance they've infiltrated everyone from you know the black panthers the american indian movement even is this a lot is this showing us that it's still happening today and how is this shape the
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fight for civil rights in the united states right now as we move forward. what is absolutely still showing up today just even the fact that there is a focus on so-called black eyed in the extremists by our us government shows that we have a significant problem in terms of seeing black power as a threat and terms of seeing activists as a threat as opposed to looking at those individuals who have consistently terrorized african-americans since the event of slavery in this country and who continue to engage in hate crimes and very. dangerous activities such as the arsons and the shootings with them black churches that we just talked about that really need to be the focus of law enforcement attention and the resources that they have i would like to see a significant shift happen i do not think that it's going to happen under the watch
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of the current president of the united states who many believe is helping to fuel a lot of the hate that is going on through the rhetoric that he speaks on a regular basis i do not feel safe and i do not feel that my community is safe as long as we continue to ignore the threat of white nationalists and white supremacy this couldn't agree with you more and you know i think it's also one of these things where you see these reports that the f.b.i. is using things like that because it's also a member black lives matter came out of criticizing law enforcement and that's holding law enforcement accountable and so naturally they're going to push back at those who would hold them accountable i want to thank you so much for coming on to be a civil rights attorney in the chemo armstrong's always a pleasure having you on thank you. thank you. before we go to break odgers let us celebrate a deportation that is actually for good rather than bad on saturday the san diego
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zoo announced that its two giant pandas will be leaving this is when having back to china after more than two decades of an international effort to bring the c.c.s. back from extinction chinese officials and the zoo announced that because of that effort the giant panda species is no longer on the verge of extinction and it's time for the zoos to pandas to return to their home country of china congratulations to the pandas and to the human beings that work so hard to create rather than destroy right and as we go to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what we're going to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter and you too. shows r t dot com coming up how about then i wonder why or why the pentagon is no longer talking to reporters and then we crunch the numbers on the staggering financial costs of our plastic bill both sins don't miss it stay tuned for watching the hawks.
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u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. we're going after the people who are killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from the circulating branches off that says we're going to attack and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money those with lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war then surely we can risk some discomfort for easiness for. joining me every thursday on the alex simon show
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and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see that. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to go right to the press this is what the four three of them all can't be good . interested always in the waters in the house. thank. you the last time we saw an official defense department
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spokesperson or defense official hold a press televised press conference with three hundred days ago and the pentagon doesn't seem to have an explanation why defense department spokesman charles summers told the press quote i can't tell you why it's been so long but i know that we will go on camera and when we're ready to do that i will let you know now the air force and the marine corps have not ceased to have press conferences but the navy the army have cut back on general officer announcements and lead to avoid cyber attacks against those officers however despite the fact that it has been not only commonplace but a longstanding practice to hold these regular press conferences the current u.s. defense department seem to be afraid of speaking to the press whatever the reasoning may be avoiding the press does not help the problem of misinformation in fact it makes it worse because the incorrect reports are not corrected in a timely manner by officials retired army lieutenant general russel honore a known best for being the commander who took control of the fiasco that happened
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with hurricane katrina response after fema had fouled it up he recalled a paper written by admiral elmos waltz regarding how to use the media to help the american people stay informed he told task and purpose magazine zumwalt told us that you can use the press to speak to the american people you've got to take into account that people loan us their sons and their daughters and they want to know what the hell we're doing with them. yes. and also let's not forget i was like this idea of the pentagon and let's not forget that building you see there everything the pentagon uses on a daily basis from the pens to the bullets to the rockets we paid for her the american people pay for these things so i really offends me actually but they haven't had a press conference. in three hundred days really but i mean this violence comes as . the iranian revolutionary guard terrorists three american service
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members plus one contractor recently killed in afghanistan correct but not a word of the pentagon officially to the press but not like in the actual room talking to reporters and it doesn't go quickly on the point of those press conferences. i think there's this idea right now as the press is just they're trying to get soundbites for clicks and the truth is part of it because you have reports that come out in the morning or the day before and they need to confirm or deny that and the idea that it's not saving any money and it's not saving any time because reporters are still going to have to go and try to follow up on that that. they're trying to do other things posted during a designated time. and you've been watching these press briefings from the mainstream press corps in the press corps and we know that most of the time it's pretty softball stuff of course we got to worship at the feet of the military industrial complex but you still would at least like some. blows my
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mind is so ridiculous about this three hundred days. it's very odd and what's actually kind of interesting this is brought up a while ago but i came back i. started looking like oh wow so apparently kingly unitas yes gerard butler has actually briefed the pentagon press corps and. taken questions from the press. rather than an official defense. so he was in the room just you know as he was in the room full of pentagon reporters during its p.r. tour for his latest film hunter killer which. the pentagon helped work with because you know it's a war movie but i think what's really funny is that the last time that there was an actual official press conference at the pentagon was on may thirty first of last year. and it was when dana white spoke on camera. and what's really interesting about that is one of the questions she answered was because they were
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recently doing one of the filming for the new top gun movie she wondered if the press wondered if it would be an accurate portrayal of. some hard hitting questions that they're being thrown at her pentagon official yeah you know . what's the you know i mean the principals have spoken on camera just not in the briefing room since then but three hundred some odd days of the televised press conference and i wondered do you think that there was a connection between what's happening in the white house and the pentagon why we're suddenly about seeing these briefings any more personally it looks like what happens when you have a manager and upper management upper management in middle management and middle management doesn't want to say the opposite of whatever management said to the press so they don't talk and because there's been so many questions about whether the generals the generals know better than trump and the white house in the white
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house really wants to you know one of the things that sarah huckabee sanders has said this really wants to to is keeping that information compartmentalize keeping the messaging of the white house and the administration in one place and i think that allowing the defense department when they're everything is about defense right now everything revolves i think it's the idea is to keep things simple but i don't think it's. i don't think it's going to be historically intellects though good and reflection back i mean almost a year without having an official press conference and the physical interaction of the meeting does not look good as the wages of what trump rightfully brought up that obama hadn't done a press conference hillary hadn't had a press conference for six eight months so if your press conferences are god. the time for you guys to work together please. the marine pollution bulletin released a report this week regarding the monetary cost of plastic pollution in our oceans
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and it shows that going green isn't just for eco warriors anti-capitalists you see the ocean provides us with a number of what they call ecosystem services and what we would call the benefits of nature from food to carbon to carbon storage our oceans are necessary for our survival as a species all of us as the study points out any threat to the continued supply of these ecosystem services has the potential to significantly impact the well beings of humans across the globe and after reviewing one thousand one hundred ninety one data points researchers were able to calculate that plastic pollution cost us over two point five trillion dollars per year yes trillion dollars per year it is estimated that the cost to clean up the plastic in the oceans can run upwards of thirty three thousand dollars per tonne putting the cost of removing just the eight billion tons of plastic that enter our oceans each year so over two hundred thirty
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billion dollars every single year. just to keep it from getting worse from lost revenue to general well being the true cost of continuing to ignore this problem of plastic could be catastrophic to this little rock we call earth and this study only scratched the surface so hawk watchers is the true cost of plastic really worth continuing to support industries that are poisoning our bodies our oceans and now our pocketbooks i ask you x. . i don't get it but i think most people don't actually understand where most of their plastic comes from and how big and what it actually also connects to the petroleum industry that's part of the whole climate change issue it's kind of hard so one of the things i think that's interesting is that people don't know is that most plastic produced today is ultimately produced from either natural gas or. by products of crude oil refinery yeah so eighty six percent and twenty seven
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hundred eighty six percent of. the things that make it so you need them from the major major they call them feed stocks actually it's the thing that you give it to make the chemicals and process of making us think so in the united states eighty six percent of them were were natural gas from gas project processing and the u.s. department of energy projects that ethane which is the building blocks of plastic this stuff exports will increase to three hundred ten thousand barrels a day this year which is up from a hundred eighty thousand so we're not only putting more plastic america's murder more plastic and sending it around the world in ships into the ocean and this is because you see you see all the time you know the pictures of you i mean you get the great pacific garbage patch you see the pictures of them opening up a way to one find you know plastic red solo cups and tell me you know everybody
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really ridiculous that we've let it go this way but you don't want two point five trillion dollars you know that's a serious number but it's not to mess around with the we're not talking chump change and that's frightening it's literally i think the thing that was interesting about the study is looking at it in a holistic approach it's that what does it cost to our health what does it cost for everything and part of that is by taking what they did was take the. what the value is the resource as the resources we get which have also declined by the way over a lot the last ten years the mount of race. sources we get from ocean life and from the ocean has decreased up to five percent so we're not getting as much out and we're putting in more things that hurt it than ever before whom fleetly and as i was saying was something that it's all it's all jenga you know if you pull out the wrong block and the whole everything comes crashing down and the ocean i'm sorry is a pretty big makes up a lot of blocks and that down in the jungles we call life here on earth i mean dr
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nicola beaumont environmental economist the marine laboratory who led this study told the guardian quote recycling a ton of plastic cost us hundreds against the cost of thousands if we let it into the remote environment that simple couple hundred bucks to recycle some plastic rather than the thousands that we let get in there that's re-import the bend i think what's important to you is learning how we can make plastics from other things you can and we do make plastics from plant material there are things that are made out of soy and there's whole like very very very lots of options out there as we talked about in the show there are so many options of things to make plastics from other things we can still have a plastic quote unquote single use plastic but what if we made it from five products things that breaks down and but i think the biggest thing is is really making a point to say that we have to get this out of the ocean but we have to keep it out
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yet not repeating that because it's like look if you're just a cold hard capitalist you're losing money. one time use plastic loses money for everyone you're literally ruining the market i don't want to have humanity's tombstone be that we die for our convenience. we decide it can hire us was more important but another so keep an eye on the petroleum oil industry because that means they're not only bringing more in in order for us to refine here it's also how can we sell off all those pieces to make more plastics and around the world while we ban it here. on the fossil fuel industry. if if we all learned anything in science class growing up that we can remember it's that no matter what things can only exist as a liquid a gas or a solid until now that's right the rules of physics are being broken and
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a team of researchers at the university of edinburgh caught it in the act with some help from some artificial intelligence they found that in some situations potassium atoms can exhibit the properties of both a solid and a liquid at the same time and while it would probably only exist in this state naturally in the deep into the earth's mantle if you were able to pick it up research are underway as herman says quote it would be like holding a sponge filled with water that starts dropping out except the sponge is also made of water. two of the scientists who made this discovery possible i say you matter. you matter so basically you matter a little bit right you very sickly it's the same it's as if you're holding a robot know exactly the same so you are using the words you are the banana as this gala you should go if i remember that answer for it to others are so pretty bad remember everyone in the world we are not told that we are above the all the items i rolled into and out of the list keep on watching all those walks over the great
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big. or loose but you took note this is you and you it is the first one to the worst we just finished for the. others and. let you listen to this we're doing. your thing it was national guard. patrolling it. covered a little. bit some of those are from the posters. will support scoop one of these critics one of google's musical getting it on because they've been. pushing into life for the smear. hello this is.
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a post someone into believing it wasn't us the most elegant place at eighty. six. i do think the numbers mean something they've matter to us with over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent world market grows thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and that when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business showed you know board the mid one
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and only boom box. you came here where did you work before you came here when you live. in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they did have given up their rights as live among us some even proven innocent up to years on death row and how many more exonerations is a kind of tape before we as a suspect. i realize that this is not working and we actually do something about.
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it. so. thank. you. crisis talks at the u.n. security council see russia and the united states clash over a political and economic strategy. with all due respect mr ambassador you shouldn't be here. you should return to venezuela. and tell nicolas maduro that his time is up. it's time for him to go. it is.


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